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Lazy Weekend Music~Summer’s here

Posted on: July 8, 2018

Good Sunday Widdershins!

I don’t know about elsewhere but here in the south summer is definitely here. And I know that because when I see the temps shown they also show that awful heat index.  Then add in the humidity and ugh!

Below I’ve added some summer time “classics” .  I’m sure y’all have some that are your faves also so please add them in the comments.

Open thread of course.

(1) Summer in the City~Lovin’ Spoonful

(2) Summertime~Ella Fitzgerald/Louis Armstrong

(3) Summertime Blues~Eddie Cochran

(4) Hot Fun in the Summertime~Sly & the Family Stone

(5) Summer of ’69~Bryan Adams

(6) The Boys of Summer~Don Henley

* * * *

There you go Widdershins – six nice “summer” songs.  Share some of yours below.

Open thread of course.



86 Responses to "Lazy Weekend Music~Summer’s here"

Nah, Fredster, it’s not a dumb post. And you’ve already posted the songs that first came to my mind!

@3: Being self-deprecating. LOL

This is actually pretty funny.

I was going to post that song ‘summer time, summer time, sum, sum, summertime’. Then I listened to it and it’s annoying as hell.

When I went to college in Hawaii, every night a little outdoor pub on the beach would play this song. People would rush to get there before the sunset. It was wonderful.

I love all of these songs!

Can you all believe Michael Avenatti talking about running for prez if the Dems can’t come up with someone he thinks is good enough? Another egomaniac. Although, I could tell that about him before he announced his presidential aspirations.

Fredster, that drink and the beach in your post pic look really wonderful right now.

I love this comment:

Okay y’all, I have a question for ya:

If you are in a texting conversation with someone and you are ready to end the convo, do you just abruptly stop texting or do you send one final thing like “okay gotta go, later”. ?

I contend it’s polite and courteous. He says “nah, you don’t need to do that nor should you”.

What say y’all?

Here’s a fascinating cover of “Summertime.”

@14 socalannie, yes, Avenatti’s head has gotten really huge. He just blocked me when I tweeted that he was attacking Democrats now. That’s all I said; no insults, no cursing. Sadly he believes his own hype and this will bring him down eventually. It will bring us all down with him too.

@17 Fredster> I think it’s courteous, yes. If you are literally having a real time back and forth, it’s polite to let the person know you’re going away.

Fredster, I always let the person I am texting know that I am leaving the conversation…except for my son, because we text multiple times a day.

The only time I don’t let someone know is when they make me angry…

Not strictly a summertime song, but one of the best summertime videos:

@20: And guess what D, it’s you-know-who. Quell surprise?

@22: Thanks Shadow. To me it’s just courteous. He contends he’s wasting keystrokes and he texts too many people each day. So what.

Avenatti has turned out to be garbage.

@14 & @19 Avenatti OMG I’m done with him! Joy Reid actually put a poll out asking if he should run. I said Hell NO. I was reserving judgment on him. Really disappointed.

@29: Nice selection!

I loved him. He’s very shy as a performer. I had this album on vinyl, back in the day

I was so looking forward to that balloon floating over London.

28 DYB

I could be wrong, but he was saying in an interview that the person running against El Dumpo has to be a street fighter, can get down and dirty to give back as much as Dump gives out.

The only thing I didn’t like about Hillary’s campaign is that she was too nice at the end. Too much love over hate stuff which made her a sitting duck for Rump’s nastiness. She was better in the debates and yet, some of the media actually said he won.

I don’t like Avenatti basically implying that the most qualified isn’t as important as a MAN that is egotistical and dirty as Rump. I doubt he would even say that Kamela is hard core enough. Screw the right experience.

I actually don’t think there is a chance in the world he will run.

Ditto what Shadowfax says @22, except also my husband and sibs.

I hope that Mueller takes Rump down before his first term ends

@33, Fredster, I bet he cancelled because of floating dump baby.

You all put up an amazing selection of songs. Widdershins rock!

Fredster’s little countdown thingie on the sidebar is down to 2.5 years. (hopefully sooner)

Jesus, Mary and Joseph, you have to read the article in the tweet.

@40 That is the loongest, yet most succinct article I’ve read yet. Bookmarked and will share.

Of course you should text a “Bye; gotta run” or “Later” or something like that. It’s only polite and it adds clarity. That’s IMO for conversational-type texts. OTOH, if it’s something like “Reminder you have a dental appt tomorrow 3 pm” then you wouldn’t need to add a text saying “Bye.”

Avenatti? I’m so over him too. Egotistical jerk. Hillary, the most qualified ever, “lost” because of Russian hacking. Hard to win when your opponent cheats.

“Witch” hunts/Olympics. They need to stop slamming Wiccans.

@41: Yes GAgal it was a bit long and I skimmed some of it but all I can say is “WOW!”

@40, I think it’s exceedingly plausible that Drumpf has been a Russian asset for quite a while. Any graphic of the spiderweb of “coincidences” (that article has a great chart) makes it appallingly obvious.

Yet when news of the hacking broke, nobody raised the faintest suspicions that Russia wished to alter the outcome of the election…

We fcking told you so!

@42: I agree totally and he doesn’t. He didn’t use the word but he probably thinks it’s superfluous. I mean hell, even a “ttfn” is good.

Of course this is a southern guy who does not read fiction. He told me that and I said “Wait, you are a southerner and you don’t read fiction? You are a disgrace to your heritage then.”. I asked “No Faulkner, no Wealty, no Tennessee?” He said “nope”.

Of course this is also a guy who when he wants to use “meme” he says mee-mee. Told him he was wrong, he said no he wasn’t. Told him to google it and go to one of the dictionary sites that has the audio clip and to listen to it. Never heard that brought up again.

@45, well, some people do think it’s superfluous to strive for clarity when communicating with other people.

Wait — someone who doesn’t read fiction? I don’t care if they’re from the south or the north; to be a thinking human and to have a shred of appreciation and understanding of human dreams and capabilities you need to read fiction. It’s not so much the genre of fiction — it’s to immerse yourself in a creative, imaginative art and expand yourself; or to experience new or heightened ways of being in the world. Yes there’s a lot of crap fiction yet also some which will stay in the mind for a lifetime. (Rant over.)

@37, I think so too. The Brits should ship that balloon over here so we can use it! *Snicker*

Brexit is blowing up too. ‘Leave’ is found to be a Russian action and people are resigning. It will be interesting to see what they do.

@44 Remember many months ago when I said I started a flow chart? Then I said I gotta get a bigger flow chart? I had no idea…

@46: And to admire how a writer can create a scene or craft a dialogue and yes to appreciate and understand human dreams.

So wait: He told me one time he was reading Livy’s histories of Rome. So me being the smartass that I am I asked if he was reading it in the original Latin. His reply was no a translation. So then I asked which one. His reply was “what’s the difference?”. Me thinking “Oh Curtis me boy, you know sooo little”. I explained that different translators uh, translated the texts differently. ianua might could be door or entryway. And the fact that the different interpretations might go further than “door”.

For the helluva it I dropped the fact that in Latin class I read Caesar’s “Commentaries on the Gallic Wars”, in the Latin. He wasn’t impressed. LOL

He apparently has a few friends who think he’s some type of intellectual. My goal at times was to dissuade him of that idea just for shits and giggles.

@48; Yeah that one was kind of surprising wasn’t it?

Fredster, that article was excellent.

Baby flamingo

Too cute. Even with his huge feet and thick legs…he still has to learn to balance.

@40 that article is like a summary of David Corn’s book. After I finish it I have Clappers book to read.

I don’t see an end to the crap our country is in. I’m just sick

@45 Luna – Yes! Studies have shown people who read fiction have a greater capacity for empathy to others. It saddens me the kids I see that never get interested in fiction.

I have a google search set up for ‘Hillary Clinton’. Today there are a ton of articles about Hillary considering another run against Rump in 2020.

None of the sources are normal media sources, wonder if it’s Putin trying to get Rump all worked up and distracted???

@57: Shadow I saw something on twitter (?) that said there were lots of tweets about Hillary 2020 and they were apparently coming from Russian bots.

Heh. Notice one of the meds being Pfizer is increasing price on.


I hope they have lots of these made up, so if this pops, they can still tour the world.

I’m trying to imagine if I had never read fiction in my life. My mind just can’t go there.

I was at the apartment of a guy I’d met years ago. I asked if he minded if I turned on the stereo. So I did and said ‘Is this station okay with you? Do you like this type music?’ He said ‘I don’t care. I don’t really like music.’ I said ‘What!? No type?’ He said ‘not really’. I left.

@40, read that long article about Trump being a Putin plant. The only thing that bothered me was the disbelieving tone. Maybe it’s news to Chait, but the writing has been on the wall since 2016. See Kendzior and others. Here’s me, Dec 26, 2016. 20-effin-16.

Moscow on the Potomac (Dec 21) provides a detailed, very well sourced article on the appalling level of the Dumpsterfire’s entanglement with Putin. …

That’s an existential threat on the order of climate change to democracy and the rule of law, to say nothing of the US way of life.

The only appropriate reaction is to charge at the danger with your hair on fire.

It’s an attack on — and apparently successful takeover of! — this country. Ordering a rerun of the election, now, is essential. Obama could appropriately declare martial law if that’s what it takes to redo the election. Because that’s what martial law is for: extraordinary measures in defense of the country when it’s been attacked.

Instead he’s on vacation and the Dems are trying to figure out how to “work with” that shambling disaster.

Chait has way more evidence, given the benefit of time. But this stuff feels kind of like global warming. By the time we’ve crossed every t and dotted each i, it’ll be way too late to save ourselves.

@65: Mostly agree with you quixote. To me it was just confirmation of everything we’ve thought about trump and putin. However, I was surprised by that date of 1987.

I swear I don’t want to watch or hear anything with this Scotus pick that will be on tv tonight.

I keep thinking of all those damn young women that didn’t think being a feminist and voting for Hillary to protect a woman’s right over her OWN damn body was important.

Tonight the will find out what supporting Bernie, Trump or not voting will cost them for at least the next 30-40 fucking years!

I am so pist right now………………

Sorry for cussing…

@69: It’s okay, totally allowed.

Okay, it’s Brett Kavanaugh.

@72 – Meanwhile the British government, also aided and abetted by Putin to go Brexit and Tory, is completely imploding. Russia is winning for now, but the tide could be turning.

Boris Johnson’s resignation is interesting. He was, of course, one of the leading Brexit cheerleaders. And his resignation seemed sudden. But they must proceed with Brexit anyway.

The woman who was poisoned with Novichok has died. I have seen zero reaction from the UK government about this. This information has barely registered on the radar.

Kavanaugh – yes. There seems to be a strong swell of No’s from Democrats. But we will see if the Democratic coalition holds and if Collins/Murkowski vote No. (I’m sure they will vote Yes, btw. Kavanaugh will be appointed. The only thing Democrats can do down the road is change the number of justices and appoint liberals.)

@75, DYB, sad to hear about the death of the woman poisoned by Russian novichok. Her partner remains critically ill. The Guardian has an article on it headlined on their website front-page today:

@49, Fredster, “no difference between translators” *snort* *eyeroll*

in Latin class I read Caesar’s “Commentaries on the Gallic Wars”, in the Latin.

Whoa! I’m impressed! But then I’m smart enough to know I should be impressed ( if you know what I mean).

@59, lol, is Drumpf mad because one of his meds is pricier?

@65, yes. People like Sarah Kendzior, Adam Kahn, and others were sounding the alarm well before the election. So tired of saying We. Told. You. So.

@77: It was 2nd year Latin and it was required. LOL!
Still though, it gave a good basis for learning the Romance languages, in my case French.

At least some good world news, all the boys, their coach and all but one diver that died, are out of that effin’ cave.

Not sure if you would think this is funny, my son sent it to me and if it makes you chuckle, that’s a good thing these days.

@63, Wise decision. That guy would have been an insipid companion.

All of us who thought something was fishy about Judge Kennedy’s retirement timing were right.

Not sure exactly what’s going on with MB’s post but it’s her Tuesday Activist thing but she has it scheduled for Wed.

Sooo, I’m gonna go ahead and set it to publish in just a few.

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