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Danger, Will Robinson!

Posted on: July 3, 2018


It will be here sooner than we think. Trump announcing his pick to replace Justice “I really don’t care, do you?” Kennedy on the Supreme Court. McConnell says he wants to schedule hearings in September. I suspect the process will be quick. McConnell wants this victory as much as Trump does. The ongoing degradation of America and a functioning government by Mitch McConnell is, well, ongoing and will keep going until he’s all dead. There’s nothing really Democrats can do to stop him. There are no secret rules that they can whip out. Josh Marshall published a letter he received outlining the danger of Trump’s pick, dangers outside of Roe v. Wade and whatever other established laws Republicans want to kill. The danger is Mueller’s investigation. I’ll just link to the article and you should read it in its entirety (it’s not very long.)

I think the only two options Democrats have going forward are 1) change the number of justice on the Court and pack it with liberals and 2) impeach and remove the justices Trump appointed because an illegitimate and criminal President should not appoint anyone. Of course chances of Democrats doing that are about negative 100%. They are always civil to Republicans. (Far more civil to Republicans than they are to fellow Democrats.) So what does it mean for the future? Does anyone know a really good psychic??

MadamaB is busy with her move (post move actually), work and is also sick! So this is an open thread (as always.)



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Very timely post DYB, feeling especially lost in space at the moment and in dire need of a robotic protector! After reading the linked article, I emailed my Dem Senator (Casey only, Toomey, the Rep Pa Senator is a total ratfucking GOP drone) begging him to stop the nomination process until Mueller has completed his investigation AND to pass legislation to protect Mueller until his investigation is complete. This conflict of interest argument that i first heard articulated by Corey Booker is our best plan of attack (or is it defense, both?) IMHO.

P.S. have you seen the Netflix reboot of LIS? I love it. Dr Smith, now a woman, is far more evil and craven than the original. Judy is a beautiful, highly intelligent woman of color, Penny is a renegade with a wicked sense of humor and a penchant for mischief, Will is sweet, clever and adorable and Mom is a genius science geek. Dad is a hunk and former SEAL, Judy’s future husband (Don?) is a quirky street survivor with a sensitive side, he saved and adores a chicken! Fantasy is my salvation.

DYB, great post.

I don’t have anything positive to add. May Mueller destroy Rump and his administration and prove the election was stolen from Hillary. Kick his ass out of our WhiteHouse…anything less will not do.

All those poor nitwits that voted for their big rump are going to feel the pain of their stupidity too…

Phuck Trump and all of his damn family. Get out of OUR HOUSE!!!!!

Great post D. I am feeling slightly better today. California has different germs, I think!!

I believe the Democrats, after taking the House, will have a lot more spine than before. Remember how many new Dems there are – a lot of them are women, too. We are fired up!

Sadly, there is not a single Republican who will stand in the way of Drumpf and his desire to be Emperor of the US. Not even sometime swing vote Justice Kennedy.

@1 Catscatscats> I havet not seen the new Lost in Space. I’ve heard petty good things about it from friends though. I have such a long list of shows to watch!

This is the only decent article on Hillary supporters that I have read in a long time, here are a few good lines:

Trump’s worst enemy: Middle-aged moms

..Middle-aged women have never been treated as an exciting or newsworthy political force.


But now, they’re so organized and loud it’s impossible to miss them. It’s women who are leading the protests against President Donald Trump’s cruel immigration policies — some with their own children in tow as they protest separating families at the border. They’re getting involved as political organizers, attending meetings, canvassing for candidates they believe in and making phone calls to pressure their elected officials. As Michelle Goldberg recently detailed in the New York Times, these are the women doing the thankless work of pounding the pavement.
And yet they still aren’t featured in news and magazine articles about their podcasts. They are, as one of those young male podcasters derisively referred to the Hillary Clinton supporters now opposing the President, “the middle-aged hysterics who make up the Resistance.”
But the hysterics are getting stuff done.

More impacts from the tariff mess. I hope every one of these states that went for tRump has massive repercussions from this. They voted for that thing and now suffer!

@5, those middle-aged “hysterics” know a thing or two. And they’re so over that “Am I cool or what” of the young dudes. No wonder they don’t get the attention of journalists. *snarl*

@6, Good for BMW! Though it’s too bad for their workers. I only wish we could relocate all the Trump voters to a few states and let them tariff themselves into oblivion.

@8, important article. BB had that posted over at SD. Out of several thoughts running through my head as I read it was “Oh, so back then you didn’t think there was anything to the Russian election hacking, eh?” Also noticed her dis of HRC. Too many people woke up too late (as I’ve said too many times).

@10 Luna> Yes she was pro-Edward Snowden and thought there was nothing to the Russia investigation. Until that happened. (I’m sure she’s still pro Snowden.) I’m really really really curious who the person is that sent her that text message. (I’m sure everybody is.) Whoever it is must not have been publicly revealed yet to be part of the probe because otherwise there’d be no reason to hide the name.

BTW, did you also see this? Check out the photo: the man in green is Tad Devine.

The Daily News is on fire.

The abolish ICE surge smells like Putin.

This guy’s been a folksinger and street singer around Seattle and the NW for several decades, never getting much exposure. Maybe because he’s too realistic (read cynical). Hey, so I like folk/protest songs. I was looking for one of his with the refrain “ know why; it was the fourth of July…” but can’t find it, so this will have to do.

@12, DYB, I remember reading back in the early primary days about Devine’s history helping Russia wrap its tentacles around Ukraine. Plus he was getting paid an enormous monthly sum by Sanders (out of those $27 donations, hmmm). Something always smelled off about him.

#SecondCivilWarLetters is trending on Twitter – you know, Alex Jones said Liberals are starting the war tomorrow

“Dear Mother,

The Red Hats pinned us down until we were saved by the cavalry: women of color on horseback charging into battle.

Afterward, despite having no horses or expertise, some of the white males in our unit demanded to be in charge of the cavalry.”


Our troops fought bravely but were captured, proving that they aren’t heroes. Today, I wonder if there are good people on both sides.

I can go no further. The bone spurs are just too severe.
They said this war would be easy to win. Sad! “

Shit, shit, shit. And none of the Republicans are up in arms about this? Not much of the media, either.

@19: Is that really surprising anymore?

I’m still pondering the fact that Kennedy suddenly resigned the day before a news article came out that his son was head real estate creditor at Deutsche bank, who loaned Trump over a billion, when no other bank would. There’s more to this, although I don’t think it will hurt Kennedy himself. Unless he was pushed out.

@21 hahaha! These are great!
@22 – I’m with you on the Kennedy deal. It’s stinky all around and I don’t see enough public outrage about the potential conflicts of interest

Those second Civil Wars tweets are hilarious. Twitter is such a good place for news and entertainment.

A couple of good tweets:

This is really nuts. Dump going after Harley Davidson.

I usually make homemade ice cream on the 4th, but having a hard time working up the energy for it.

Hubs & I on the road all day, but Laker stayed home to clean house and patio (Yay!).

We also got our tax return auto deposited to our checking acct today and it was over 5 grand more than we expected!?!? No explanation. What the hell? They better not charge us penalties or anything. I hope we can get hold of our CPA this week.

Excellent Charles Pierce article, right here.

@29: I won’t hold my breath, Fredster.

@30, Haha! Ditto that.

Oh my, our Fuzzy here:

I remember Fuzzy Bear. Fredster, we’ve been doing this for a long time!

I remember Fuzzy Bear too!

That Charlie Pierce article —

…the iron in his spine and to the granite in his character.”> Obama? The bipartisan no-drama Obama? No, not much granite there. And I’m with all of you in not holding my breath. He hasn’t done much yet, and he’s not going to get involved further.

Several of Obama’s cabinet picks were questionable for someone who came in with a Dem majority in Congress, as he had during his first two years. Though I don’t hold him at fault for the rabid conservatism which spread among the deplorables during his terms. Most of that was racism rearing its ugly head.

@29, i am with the ladies on this one Fredster, Obama is not a fighter, he is a schmoozer, a man of pretty words. In a way, a salesman like his putrid successor. He looks, sounds and smells better, but the product he sells is himself just like trump. I also do not consider him a public servant or someone with strong feelings about the fate of this country. He’s got his.

Fredster, I am curious as to why Pierce uses the asterisk after prez; trumputin is certainly illegitimate in MY eyes and it should be so noted in the record books, but did Pierce write an article on why he chose to do this? If so, and you can find it or point me to it, i would like to read it.

@39 Catscatscats> Pierce always has the asterisk there for Trump; I don’t remember if he announced why he was doing it though. Anyone else remember?

And I agree with you on Obama. No drama Obama is fine, but we’re living through some drama now and in part it’s because he didn’t want to make drama with Mitch McConnell. We needed a fighter for the 8 years of the Obama presidency. HRC said that in 2008, we needed a fighter. Nobody listened then either.

Apparently Michael Cohen changed his Twitter bio to remove all references to Trump.

@40, HRC has been erased (again) for all but her faithful followers. I will never forgive the DNC and the media for installing Obama. Bless her, she won’t shut up and she won’t back down. She will always be the Queen of the Grizzlies to me. Fierce, protective, awesome.

@41, he can run but he cannot hide. I wonder what’s on Putin’s to-do list for his benighted bot when he programs him in Helsinki….

Good lord. Someone on twitter is saying Michael Avenatti is running for president in 2020 if there is no one running he feels can challenge Dump.

Apparently, there were trump-types back in 1792:

Hope you all have an enjoyable day and night. Have to get to work, catch you all later!

@40: He has done that since the election. It’s his way of saying “President – uh-right”. In other words he’s not a legitimate president.

@33: Fredster, we’ve been doing this for a long time!

Too effin long it seems sometimes.

@39: Look: Go back and read that piece again. Pierce said in there that he only gave Obama a “B” on his presidency. He was writing what Obama should do. Will he? I doubt it.

@44 Avenatti running. Following that without comment right now.

@49, I would give him a C, tops, He gives Obama too much credit in thinking there is even a chance he could fight his way out of a paper bag, let alone salvage the republic. Michelle has bigger balls than he does, maybe because she has ovaries. Obama was just a scab over the abscess. He let it fester til it exploded and we got pus puss and one party rule 4 years ahead of schedule (Gingrich predicted it would be 2020). 2020 was also his prediction for the complete dismantling of those terrible social safety nets. Long live the white patriarchy.



Hey all, happy 4th!

I agree with Hillary, we are still working on that perfect union. I really hope we learn from Drumpf and ensure that our rule of law is never in danger again.


I see the right wing is touting a poll that shows Trump more favorable at this point in his presidency (ew) than Obama was. Guess they forgot about that little recession thing happening during Obama’s years.

Forgot to say Happy 4th everyone! I made BBQ, tater salad and baked beans. I’m stuffed. We have a bag of fresh GA peaches that I’m going to make into a cobbler, but I guess I’ll wait ’til tomorrow.

Well, you could say Avenatti doesn’t have the experience to be President, but on the other hand… Trump. It would be a helluva debate though. Trump probably wouldn’t show up.

Trump didn’t have the experience to be pres either. For that matter, neither did Obama. Only Hillary did. But I’m sure a lawyer is better qualified to be pres than a reality show host / failed businessman.

Avenatti would sure look good on teevee!

@59: madamab, Did you mean Avenhottie?

UrghArghDamnthe4th! Went out for a nice long hike today, lots of wildflowers, waterfalls, bird calls in the forest. Now back in town it sounds like a war starting. Gets worse every year. Allegedly fireworks are banned in Seattle but it’s never enforced. One kitty hiding under the bed, shivering. Me thinking about the research showing blood pressure shoots up with loud unexpected noise, also the air quality — particulate matter in the air spikes to significantly unhealthy levels on the 4th. I put my boots out on the back porch to dry and a rocket launcher lets fly. “Fuck You!” I shout to the neighbors with the rocket launcher. Back inside I turn on the ocean waves ambient noise CD as loud as I can (for the cats), grab the ear plugs (for me), and chug a glass of liqueur-spiked hard cider.

I hope my car parked on the street is intact in the morning, and that my garden’s not burned. Fck the Fourth.


Winter Is Coming.

But! She’s so unpopular!

@62: Luna, the kids in our hood have mostly grown up so there’s not as much of that dangerous nonsense, now, but I remember what it was like to feel under siege every Fourth and how much I hated it.

@67, Sue, glad to hear you weren’t under siege! It seemed worse in our area this year. New neighbors.


For Fredster:

Pruitt is out!

@71, Finally!

@72 – but Bill Shine is in 🤮

Yeah, I was thinking it was good that Putrid is out, but a coal lobbyist as head of the EPA is Rump’s middle finger to everyone that doesn’t use our planet as their own personal ashtray or resource to rape.

May he rot in Hell and suffer a long time before his time is done.

That white pup is a beauty.

Shadow @77, exactly. Although I am glad to see Pruitt get his just desserts.

We don’t have too much of a problem with the firecrackers and stuff where I live, fortunately. Last night we just heard a couple of firecrackers. They are totally illegal here, obviously due to fire hazard. My family in Washington has it pretty bad though. I don’t know if they still sell fireworks everywhere (they did when I lived there in the 80s), but they do sell them on the reservations, and there’s a Lummi reservation in Whatcom County. My sis lived there for years in a nice house right on the water (Puget Sound — so close, they would get flooded if there was a surge), but the young people that lived around there shot off fireworks for d a y s around the 4th. She said it was hell on earth. She finally started going to my moms, which is not nearly as bad, but still too much. My mom lives in Fairhaven (S side of Bellingham Bay). My other two sibs also get a lot of firecracker/fireworks noise; they live in Nooksack and by Lake Whatcom.

When my son saw this, he said “aww, that fills my black heart with sunshine! Now, can we send Donald Trump Jr out there?”


What? Michael Cohen has hired Lanny Davis as one of his attorneys? Didn’t see that coming.

@82, as that second “dog” came trotting up it started to look more and more feline…. What a beauty! Would sure like to know the story behind this.

@82> I hope that “dog” doesn’t eat the dog.

@83> I saw Haberman tweet that Lanny Davis was hired by Cohen. She naturally pointed out that Davis was a Clinton associate.

So what do you guys think Cohen is going to do? Is this just a show? If he knows as much as we think he does, it seems crazy that Dump just threw him overboard like that.

Oh and this asshole died. (Sorry, not sorry.)

I don’t care, do u?

GAgal @83, apparently Lanny has turned into quite the douchebag. He has associated himself with a lot of bad guys. Joy did a piece on it today.

Luna @84, would also like to know, there are a lot of comments, maybe the story is in there. Will look at it later.

DYB @86, I saw that Haberman tweet. Of course she linked him to Clintons. She is such a bitch.

@87 & 88, you guys are so funny!

Will def read the Sarandon article later.

Luna, that doxie pic you posted upthread is gorgeous.

@92 Troll Level: Epic!

Made the best damn peach cobbler that’s ever been made this evening. It would rival Grandma’s.

@70: Awwww…

@94, Yuuummm! And I made homemade vanilla ice cream. The real kind where you scald half n half and whip egg yolks and do the spinning container with the rock salt and ice. What a pity we don’t live close to each other GAgal! Imagine that dessert! Divine!

@92, Hilarious!

Ed Schultz…

Karma caught up to you.


Congrats, Ms GA peach.

73 DYB

Funny –


@73 – That is epic!

Good riddance to Schultz and Pruitt.

NWLuna, I had no idea the Fourth was like that for you and others in the Northwest. We were on a rooftop on SF, and it was spectacular. But, we heard a lot of very loud firecrackers and other explosives till about 11:30 that night. Not sure where they were coming from. It was manageable though…no rocket launchers in sight!

Sweet Sue…Avenhottie works for me! I wouldn’t vote for him over Kamala though. ☺

@79, annie & @103, madamab, the 4th is not that bad in all areas of the NW. In some it’s fairly quiet except for official city-sponsored events which have more visual than auditory effects. But in some rural areas it’s probably even worse, as in anyplace a bunch of guys (they usually are male) who like explosions hang out. There are a couple of Indian reservations within an hour’s drive and dozens of booths selling fireworks.

Seattle has a fireworks-ban ordinance but virtually no enforcement. All it takes is a few yahoos in a neighborhood. I have a low tolerance for noise, and a strong startle reflex. *angry face* At least people keep it to the 4th. We don’t hear the cannon going off for days like it was pre-ban. I read that some cities are using only visual displays with lighted drones, so no explosive noises, in consideration of the many vets with PTSD.

Article mentions her “stunning loss” to Trump and then goes into the history of candidate comebacks.

Hillary 2020? Trump better hope not. Why Hillary Clinton would be well-positioned to win in a rematch

Clinton and her husband, former president Bill Clinton, have numerous financial backers willing to support her campaign, and the former nominee has a vibrant, large, motivated base of supporters angry at Trump, Russian interference in the election and former FBI director James B. Comey — in their minds, the collective robbers of Clinton’s presidency. Moreover, as Trump hates to be reminded, Clinton won the popular vote.

Wow – I wasn’t sure the media remembered her name! I wish she could get t2020. OMG how I wish

@106, contrask, Yassss! We need experience, not a “fresh face” newbie.

GAgal & annie, I’m making blackcap & raspberry frozen yoghurt in my electric (so my hands with chronic tendinosis don’t wear out) ice-cream maker! The blackcaps are wild native black raspberries and are smaller and seedier than the cultivated red raspberries. Maybe an acquired taste, but I picked lots of them as a kid for jam and pies and still love the taste.

Just imagine — a Widdershins picnic would be fabulous!

105,6 & 7

I am almost afraid to hope, then again, our Hillary has not been a wilted flower and she knows that to run again, she would have to run against all the damage Rump has done and will do in his second term, if he isn’t impeached or in jail by then.

Come on Hillary, to get the ticket to the Oval stolen twice, as the FIRST woman nominated by a major party, you have it in you to do it one more time.

Never give up Hillary, pick yourself up…you can lean on us.

Luna @108, yum, that sounds delightful! I use an electric ice cream maker also. When I was a little kid, I would sit on top of our old wooden crank one to hold it steady, while my older sis and cousin would take turns doing the cranking. Good times.

Are blackcaps the wild things that grow all over WA? I thought they were blackberries? I guess what I’m asking is, are there blackberries and blackcaps, or is what I thought of as blackberries really blackcaps? My mom makes cobbler out of them, and I think jam.

I think that article about Hillary is from last year. I would love it if she ran again, but trying not to get my hopes up.

@111, annie, oh drat, that article is from October 24, 2017. It was linked in someone’s tweet today, and I didn’t remember seeing it before. Agree with you and @109 Shadowfax.

Oh, as far as tasty black berries in WA state — blackcaps (Rubus leucodermis) grow wild and so do the little West Coast Trailing Blackberries” (Rubus ursinus). The latter are more common. Neither are as common as the nonnative invasive Himalayan blackberry, (R. armeniacus/(R. discolor), and Evergreen or Cutleaf blackberry, (R. laciniatus) both of which have rather insipid taste compared to our natives IMO.

To tell the difference in the field between raspberries and blackberries: If it’s a raspberry, the berry drupes come off the core when picked, and if the core and drupes together come off when picked it’s a blackberry. Quixote, pls correct as appropriate!

Annie, vanilla ice cream is so good with cobbler – any kind. I remember making homemade ice cream in the churn with rock salt and all, but I’m not familiar with the scald half and half and whip egg yolks thing. I’ll have to look that up.

Luna, I helped my grandmother pick blackberries from this huge thicket in the pasture for her cobblers. We have a few here but not enough to make a pie. The Japanese beetles usually beat me to them anyway.

@110 Fredster> Yep, it’s humiliating. Those Rethugs who went to Russia on the 4th of July and got humiliated by Putin and co…. And several of them tweeted out messages insinuating they were in the US on July 4th. That was a blatant lie. It’s pathetic and it reflects on the whole country.

I had an ice cream maker for a brief time. Then I realized it was a lot easier and cheaper to just buy ice cream! LOL It never came out as good as the good ice creams either.

Fredster, how is your back?

Luna @113, ah, thanks. I will be able to tell them apart then.

GAgal @117, you’re so right about ice cream and cobbler. I bet yours was amazing. I make the ice cream my mom and aunt made when I was little. It’s the old fashioned kind made with half n half, cream, egg yolks, sugar & vanilla. Its very rich, tastes wonderful, and has a great texture. Its my favorite, but its so much work, that I usually do what DYB does and buy Haagen Daz or something good.

Fredster, I hope you’re feeling better.

@120: It’s progressing Luna. Just trying to take it easy with it.

@124 – Most people with brains!!!

Who is paying off the Beltway press, and how long has it been going on? They are not this dumb.

Sarcasm doesn’t transcend print, for sure. And you are right about the beltway press, madamab. They have gotten worse rather than better since the election. Very discouraged

a guy wrote on twitter: I”m a liberal Democrat. I live in Oklahoma. Somebody come do a story on me. And here’s a reply:

@121, annie, the wild blackcap and wild NW blackberry are about 1/3 to 1/2 the size of the invasive Himalayan and evergreen blackberries. I have a variety the large cultivated blackberries in my garden — they are a thornless variety! Tasty but not as good as the ones bought by scratches.

@ buying vs making ice cream/frozen desserts. Somehow I have a low tolerance for sweetness, and the commercial kinds are much too sweet for me. This way I can control the sweetness level. I usually make frozen yogurt so it’s easy — yogurt, fruit, and maybe some lemon or vanilla flavoring, with a little bit of sugar. Sorbet is easy to make with fruit too. If I had to do the whole egg, cream, etc. I’d make it less often!

@GAgal, fresh peaches! Yum. Can’t grow those here.

Hope his days in D.C. and politics are numbered.

The rescue mission to save the lives of those Thai boys and their coach has begun. Very dangerous, and I hope they all make it out alive.

They, their families and the divers must all be terrified, especially after one of the experienced divers died when his tank ran out of air.

New post coming up in about fifteen minutes or so.


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