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Posted on: June 21, 2018

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I have spent the last 2 days thinking about what the subject of my weekly post here would be. Honestly – I’m just at a loss for words. The revelations about the concentration camps Donald Trump is building for children – including babies – just kind of takes my breath away and leaves me speechless. Over the last couple of years, as we have watched Trump rise, many of us began comparing him to the Nazis, seeing parallels between his rise to power and Hitler’s. There are many who really believe in Godwin’s law that comparisons to Hitler are inevitable and once you compare someone to Hitler you’ve lost the argument. Except we’ve now jumped the shark and even Mike Godwin himself has cancelled his own law. “By all means, compare these shitheads to Nazis. Again and again. I’m with you,” he tweeted in August 2017. I don’t think you need to have millions of people burn in ovens before you say: “You know, maybe it’s not too early to call them Nazis.” As awful as Trump has been, I just was not ready for “concentration camps for babies” awful. Though it should be noted Hillary Clinton warned us about that too: in one of the debates she said Trump intended to take children away from their parents. But who would believe such a thing was possible! All the pundits who laughed at Hillary, called her “over prepared,” and openly shilled for Trump are now dismayed that Trump would do such a thing. Well, she tried to tell you. When Hillary said “I’m the last thing standing between you and the apocalypse” – perhaps the hyperbole wasn’t that big.

So here we are, with baby concentration camps courtesy of Donald Trump. Kirstjen Nielsen, who was at the center of Dubya’s catastrophic Katrina response, has thrown herself into this with body and soul. Trump will wrap this disaster around her neck and throw her overboard soon. She will be the latest casualty of Trump’s magical ability to grind people and their reputations into dust. People like Reince Priebus, Sean Spicer, General MacMaster, Rex Tillerson, James Comey, etc. etc. Don’t feel bad for them. Each and every one was a willing participant in this charade. So it will be with Kirstjen Nielsen when Trump blames her for everything and fires her. The disgraced secretary who had no idea most people in Sweden were white will crawl away licking her wounds and not peep a bad word against Trump. And let her crawl away all the way into hell. I am not a religious man, but times like these make me hope there is, in fact, a God who damns evildoers to hell. Because that’s where people like Donald Trump and Kirstjen Nielsen belong: in the fires of hell, for all eternity, amen.

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The Auschwitz Memorial has subtweeted Trump. I’d say Nazi comparisons are appropriate now. The Pope has had several tweets today.

Welp, so much for that prize. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

He’s going to bomb Norway, isn’t he?

@3: That or put some kind of tariff on Norwegian fish.

You know the line about “the kingdom of heaven is within you”? Well, so is the kingdom of hell. Can you imagine living inside these people’s heads?

Pure hell.

(I’ve always considered it evidence for the existence of free will. They could stop doing atrocities right now and start on a different path. You see what I mean? Hell is a consequence of free will.) (And, by the same reasoning, heaven, too, of course.)

I’m going to make a print of that effin crow.

Re: the psychotropics given to the children, discussed on the last thread, I have also been concerned about all of the possible health related problems that may exist among these kids. I used to work in pediatrics in areas with large migrant populations and we saw many very disabled children who were brought here, in some cases, by families who were seeking better medical care for their precious children. I would not be surprised if a large number of these separated children have significant unmet medical needs and no parental advocate to point them out.


Pizzagate conspiracy delusions, Take 2. Sorry I can’t un-embed the nasty video of Herr Trumpf.

@12: You beat me to it but there’s this:

Congratulations on New Zealand’s new First Daughter!

@15, I was worried you posted Randy’s latest just before I did!

I saw some articles accusing Avenatti of simply wanting to steal the limelight. Steal it, steal it, Michael!

It. Really. Is. Fcking. Real.

Break time — Doggo pose thread!

Rats! Let’s try this:

@19, saw that. Sad.

This is a great article. It’s not just about Stephen Miller.

Denying Petition” is the title of the government form dated “14th November 1932,” to which it is attached, the one in which Miller is applying for naturalization as an American citizen.

And beneath the photo, the reason given for his denial: Ignorance.

Nison Miller is the great-grandfather of White House adviser Stephen Miller, who has taken credit for being one of the chief architects of the administration’s family separation policy.

Two days before Kirstjen Nielson had her bad dining experience, somebody screamed ‘Fascist!’ at Stephen Miller in a … wait for it… Mexican restaurant.

@2 What do they mean by “no ‘longer’ the moral leader of his country” anyway? When was he ever? I think it was Tea Pain who tweeted – Trump won’t get the Nobel Prize, but Mueller will give him the no-bail prize.

Time for another nice animal break:

DYB, excellent post, I feel the same way.

Does anyone know why Melania wore that jacket? WTF?!?

GAgal @24, I saw that. Seth Abramson (twitter) seems to think they did it on purpose:

GAgal @25, LOL! That guy can be pretty funny.

Luna @21, what a beauty! I’ve been really into white dogs lately.

Fredster @15, I hope he has good security. Also hope he really does help bring down dump.

lililam @8, Thank you for posting that. I am so horrified, I don’t know what to say, except that I hope there are severest punishments for everyone involved.

Ok, dump just posted a tweet as to why Melania wore the jacket. You can click on the link below to see dump’s tweet.

At first, I really thought that the jacket was photoshopped. I really did. Either she’s the cruelest or stupidest “First Lady,” ever.

Fredster, GOP: the Pro-Life Party: so much concern for fetuses, so little concern for babies.

PLUBs. Pro-Life Until Birth. After that, the losers can die.

Yeah, and then I hope that Pope Francis excommunicates Kellyanne.

Frankly, I don’t think Melania should wear that jacket ANYWHERE. It’s not appropriate for a First Lady. Imagine any other FL wearing that while she’s in the WH.

I bet Jeff Session’s shriveled black heart is breaking tonight. And I hope Stephen Miller is curled up in a ball sobbing. Who am I kidding? They’re probably together plotting their next diabolical move.

@38- I totally agree. And I agree with David Jolley on Brian Williams’ show just now. There is no excuse, it is unforgivable. I could have imagined that a poor understanding of English syntax in a non-native speaker may have explained the departure trip, but wearing it on the return trip was unforgivable.

@36, odd, Wikileaks publishing stuff that hurts people carrying out Herr Trumpf’s & Putin’s bidding.

Nikki Haley: ‘It is patently ridiculous for the United Nations to examine poverty in America’

U.N. ambassador Nikki Haley criticized the report for critiquing the United States’ treatment of its poor, arguing that the United Nations should instead focus on poverty in developing countries such as Burundi and Congo Republic.

The U.N. report also faulted the Trump administration for pursuing policies it said would exacerbate U.S. poverty.

In May, U.N. special rapporteur on extreme poverty and human rights Philip Alston released a report saying the United States has the highest rates of youth poverty, infant mortality, incarceration, income inequality and obesity among all countries in the developed world, as well as 40 million people living in poverty. Alston accused President Trump and the Republican Congress of deepening poverty and inequality in the country, citing the Republican tax law passed last fall.

Trumpf really hates having the truth be known.

LOL. Just say a clip of Ana Navarro on CNN say if the peeps in the Trump administration who supported this policy on baby jails ‘want to have Mexican, they need to get used to GrubHub’.

@42 should instead focus on poverty in developing countries such as Burundi and Congo Republic.

Oh yeah. Because the US is *just like* Burundi and Congo Republic and the UN is ignoring them, I suppose.

Sweet Sue @33, love that!

Fredster @36, too funny!

GAgal @38, Agree. I wouldn’t be caught dead in that tacky thing. First Ladies are supposed to embody grace, intelligence, and kindness. Melania Antoinette has neither.

Oops, added “intelligence” as an afterthought and forgot to change the “neither.”

Annie, I love Melania Antoinette.

Stephen Miller must be fired. Escorted out. Lindsey Graham has said so over and over again. They all know it. They just won’t do it… because of their racist base. I want him out. I will not stop harping on this. Trump will still be a horrible racist anyway. Miller is a Jeff Session protégé. He has to go. I won’t rest until he is gone. I take that back. I won’t rest after he’s gone either.

Steve Schmidt tweet:

But they do have the authority to stop you and ask for your “papers”.

@51, Fredster, I had no idea it was legal for Border Patrol to stop anyone they wanted to! Or that “race” or cultural appearance could be an allowable factor. Border Patrol = Gestapo force.

@49, excellent indeed.

Republicans can shit in the face of babies, but if a Democrat say, “Whoa, that’s messed up,” all of a sudden the entire structure of the government is shaken to its core.

When they go low, we should go for the carotid. It’s better than the jugular because it has arterial pressure behind it.

254, DYB, Good for Rep. Lieu! Nevertheless, he persisted.

Hope the nested tweet shows too. I want to move to Ireland.

@52: Luna that blew me away also. I was reading something somewhere else and a blurb on the side with that article grabbed my attention. Let’s me use one of my fave words: gobsmacked.

If any of you have Amazon Prime, I was looking for a movie to watch the other night and saw this one:


Excellent cast and it’s about the Wannsee Conference and the “final solution”. It’s included in the free movies with an Amazon Prime subscription. With the deal going on with the kids right now it was bone-chilling to watch it. Too many similarities.

@61, Hilarious! They’re helping to turn the U.S. into a Russian puppet state and all they can worry about is that it’s hard to get a date? Ahahahaha. Tiny violin crescendo.

These kind of people should not pass along their genes anyway.

@63: Seriously!

The four times Trump signed tax returns for his foundation that contained incorrect information

For years, President Trump personally signed the tax returns for his charitable foundation, scrawling his signature just below a stern warning from the IRS: Providing false information could lead to “penalties of perjury.” But a lawsuit filed last week by New York Attorney General Barbara Underwood alleges that four of the tax returns Trump signed contained incorrect statements, confirming previous reports by The Washington Post.

It is a felony to knowingly file a false tax return, with potential penalties of up to $100,000 in fines and up to three years in prison.

If federal officials do not pursue a criminal case against Trump, legal experts said, the tax agency could face its own quandary. Why should other taxpayers be punished for violating the same rules that the president has now been accused of breaking?

Apparently the defense is saying they didn’t understand the law. Or it was the coffee boy’s clerical error. Or both. Or the fault of the Dems.

Awwww. May they be happy and live long together.

British royal family will make history this summer with its first-ever same-sex wedding

…the royal family announced plans for yet another historic union: Lord Ivar Mountbatten will marry James Coyle, his partner of two years, in the monarchy’s first-ever same-sex wedding later this summer.

In an interview with the Daily Mail, Mountbatten said the wedding would be held in a private chapel on his estate in Devon. While the members of the core royal family — meaning Queen Elizabeth II and her direct descendants — are not expected to attend, the couple has the full support of the royal family, Mountbatten told the Mail.

Mountbatten, a third cousin of Queen Elizabeth II and descendant of Queen Victoria, became the first royal to publicly identify as gay in 2016. He has three children with his former wife, Penny Mountbatten, who has been openly supportive of her husband’s relationship with Coyle. She said last week that she plans to walk Mountbatten down the aisle at the suggestion of their daughters.

Trump flips on North Korea, declaring country still an ‘extraordinary threat’

Donald Trump has declared that North Korea still poses an “extraordinary threat” to the United States, just days after saying that the country’s nuclear program no longer constituted a danger.

In an executive order on Friday, the president extended for one year the so-called “national emergency” with respect to the nuclear-armed nation, re-authorizing economic restrictions against it.

Any bets on when he flips again?

It ain’t never gonna stop with this orange turd.

@71 He’s making it worse. At this point, we can only hope Kim Jong Un is more stable than Trump. Sad to say, I think he is.

@69, I hope he’s right.

@69, “The members of the governing party, uneasy about the prospects for this year’s midterms anyway, are fairly trembling at the moment, seeing in their mind’s eyes a hundred 30-second spots of weeping toddlers behind chain-link walls.”

I do hope so.

@73, So how do you like those “moral conviction” exceptions, hmmmm?

@74, that’s so cute!

@76, Finally, more and more people are saying what should have been said during Trump’s campaign.

Completely off-thread:

Game of Thrones’ Kit Harington and Rose Leslie marry in ScotlandThe couple, both aged 31, met in 2012 while playing on-screen lovers – Ygritte and Jon Snow – in the TV drama.

Well. It appears Jon Snow does know something after all.

New post coming up in about five minutes. Gonna post it early.

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