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Activist Tuesday: Democrats Finally Do Something

Posted on: June 19, 2018

From New York Magazine, 06/18/18

[Note: There is a national day of protest against family separation on June 30th. Here’s the info.]

Hello from the West Coast, Widdershins! The good news is that Mr. MadamaB and I have managed to lug ourselves here successfully; the bad news is, our furniture hasn’t. We are drumming our fingers in a hotel waiting for the truck to be loaded and driven across country…and we just found out our delivery date is later than expected, so, shelling out more money than we wanted to. And, my first work day is Friday. SIGH. All part of the process, I guess.

While I have been fully preoccupied with all the logistics of The Big Move, our national Dumpster fire has been raging on the topic of the Mango Moron’s policy of ripping children from their parents at the border, and never returning them. (Yes, never, unless something changes.)

This has been a story that has stuck, like the Russia treason, the Stormy Daniels/Michael Cohen obstruction disaster, and Hillary Clinton’s Twitter vindication over her emails being nothing but an actual witch hunt. There is so much bad out there, it’s hard to know what will capture the country’s attention. I’m glad it has, and I believe this is worthy of our focus for two reasons:

  1. Because it’s such a strong signal that the Party of Drumpf truly is following the Nazi playbook by putting people it considers racially inferior into concentration camps; and
  2. Because it’s kids, FFS.

Now it’s hard out there for a Democrat, when you are the minority party and your opposing party is bought out/compromised by Russia and/or billionaire plutocrats like Sheldon Adelson, Paul Ryan’s master. For far too long, Democrats have been trying to work the old, pre-2000 Bush v. Gore, bi-partisan way. They have been trying to work with people of conscience in the GOP to make policy that benefits Americans. Unfortunately, they are only now just starting to realize that these Republicans have no consciences any more, and that Democrats need to work against them, not with them, in order to make progress.

What’s a Senator or Representative to do to show We the People that they truly care about this issue?

Well, how about not letting business as usual proceed, as the Republicans make a mockery of everything the Constitution stands for? Such as, due process, for example?

Today, the Democrats and female activists disrupted the 9,871,297,432th Republican hearing on Hillary Clinton’s emails. Yes, they actually roused themselves to protest during the hearing, and here’s what happened.

With the sound of a young child crying in the background, the top Democrat on the House of Representatives Judiciary Committee, Jerrold Nadler, broke from traditional protocol and started reading from a statement, saying “these children are not animals.” His Republican colleagues tried to shout over him “Out of order!”

Nadler’s comments at the hearing, which was meant to be about the FBI’s handling of a probe into Hillary Clinton’s emails, were followed by protests from the audience, as women with young children stood and shouted “Families belong together!” before they were escorted out by the Capitol Police.

There are many people who suggest that Democrats just walk out of Congress and stop honoring this illegitimate pResident and the Party that enables him and his many crimes against the Constitution. I don’t agree with this, although I understand it, because I feel once the Democrats aren’t there, the Republicans will have no constraints whatsoever. They will complete the evisceration of the New Deal and the destruction of our status as the leader of the Free World in record time. The plutocrats and Russians will take over, and we will no longer recognize our country.

I support these tactics by the Democrats; they garner attention and get our message out there, without handing even more power to the GOP. I hope that Pelosi and Schumer are planning a similar disruption every single time the Republicans hold a hearing. It doesn’t matter what the hearing is about at this point; we must, finally, be done giving the Thugs the benefit of the doubt. We need to finally start calling the other side evil and be done with it.


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57 Responses to "Activist Tuesday: Democrats Finally Do Something"

“we must, finally, be done giving the Thugs the benefit of the doubt. We need to finally start calling the other side evil and be done with it.”

MadamaB for President!

Glad to hear the Dems are f.i.n.a.l.l.y starting to drop the act that this is all some garden party and everything is fine.

Oh and welcome to the Left Coast! 😀

A shame about the furniture, but I hope it arrives okay soon.

Welcome to the Left Coast, madamab! Hope that truck arrives pronto.

I’m glad more Dems are realizing you can’t reason with unreasonable people (Rethugs). Bipartisan = sellout. The UN is calling the US out for human rights violations. This is not a time to be polite.

This will be well worth listening to!

Yes, Ted Lieu is continuing to swear.

Sen Hirono is swearing too! Keep up the fire, Dems!

Oh, there’s lots of us women this could be! (Especially if you don’t limit it to “young.”)

MB, enjoyed your post, and hope you both enjoy your new life here in the West! Hopefully, the furniture will arrive soon, that must be frustrating.

I love Ted Lieu, he’s fearless.

The Capitol police are seriously looking for this woman? What for?

@10, don’t they realize there are many, many thousands of women in DC who could be this person of interest?

And Wong’s tweet is hilarious!

Considering what they’re doing to little kids, no one should be surprised they’re not really willing to do anything for Dreamers. Paul Ryan is a deplorable coward. He’s not seeking reelection so there is no excuse for this except he’s scared shitless of Trump and the TeaParty gang.

Ryan blocked a bipartisan bill that would have given the Dreamers protection from deportation and given them a pathway to citizenship. The measure also would have provided money for more sensible border security than the expensive and inefficient Trump wall.

The bill, sponsored by Republican Will Hurd, whose South Texas district covers 800 miles along the Mexican border, and California Democrat Pete Aguilar, easily would have won a majority in the House. But Ryan took his marching orders from Trump, who sees immigration-bashing as a big campaign issue in the fall campaign, and prevented a vote.

Instead they’ll vote on this:

The hard-line bill by Representative Goodlatte of Virginia creates more repression. It would provide very limited protection for Dreamers. As for the 11 million undocumented immigrants in the U.S., it would make their presence here a criminal, rather than a civil, offense. It would mandate government approval of all new hires through the E-Verify database.

It would also cut back legal immigration, blocking some people who have waited for years, and fully finance construction of the insane border wall, authorizing extensive use of the National Guard for that purpose. Relief for the Dreamers would be tied to the wall funding.

OMFG. ‘Tender Age’ facilities.

I think that ‘young white woman’ was very polite when she referred to him as Mr. President. That’s more than he would have gotten from me. Never ever.

Pete Strozok was escorted out of the FBI building Friday pending an internal review. Here’s an article from his lawyer defending him against Trump’s name calling tweet. (Notice it says Strzok wanted more aggressive action on the Clinton investigation than the Justice Department’s ‘cautious approach) Also, this little tidbit.

Other accusations leveled at Pete are just as absurd as the text-related attacks. There is no truth to the suggestion that he “back-burnered” the analysis of Anthony Weiner’s laptop as part of the Clinton email investigation. As the IG report noted, Pete considered the Russia investigation a priority at that point. But as the report also noted, when he learned that the laptop might contain relevant Clinton-related emails, he immediately directed two of his most experienced investigators, neither of whom was working on the Russia investigation, to go to New York to determine its content.

The New York office told the agents their trip would be premature because the laptop was still being processed, and they ended up not going. But subsequent delays in the forensic examination were entirely the result of bureaucratic snafus and had nothing to do with any action by Pete.

Glad y’all made it, madamab!

It’s highly likely this guy is going to be the next Gov of GA. He was recorded admitting he pushed through a bad bill to keep his main primary opponent from getting $3 million dollars from a pro-charter school ‘group’. That group was the Walton (Walmart) Foundation.

Clay Tippins wanted to know what led Cagle to “hurt” his uncle this year by pushing the bill through despite his opposition.

“Why? You turned on him,” Tippins said. “And there are reasons for that. Why did you have to have it?”

“Exactly the reason I told Lindsey, that you need to listen to,” Cagle said. “It ain’t about public policy. It’s about fucking politics. There’s a group that was getting ready to put $3 million behind Hunter Hill.”

“They wanted that $100 million SSO,” Cagle told Tippins, referring to the abbreviation for the tax credit program, Student Scholarship Organizations. “And, you know, I was the only guy standing in the way. Is it bad public policy? Between you and me, it is. I can tell you how it is a thousand different ways.”

“Tender Age” Facilities? ?? Really?

@20 Rachel Maddow was trying to report this news at the end of her show but couldn’t speak from crying. Here’s what she was reading and unable to say:

@21: I saw that.

This shit has got to end.

Kirstjen Nielson forced out of a Mexican restaurant by protesters. I repeat, a Mexican restaurant. Imagine the conversation with her dinner companion. “What do feel like for dinner tonight?” “Let’s do Mexican”… *evil laugh*

Oops, Fredster. You beat me to it!

@25: I”ll delete mine.

Thanks for the warm welcome to the West Coast, all!

Rachel Maddow cried for all of us tonight. If your heart isn’t breaking at the thought of these kids being incarcerated, FOREVER, then check to see if you still have a pulse!

By the way, I was nowhere near DC at the time of the “incident.” (brushes back brown hair from face)

Looks like the outcry may have been effective. I don’t trust Drumpf, but it looks like he may be doing something about this today.

Check out this post in the U.S. immigration vibe:
Trump says he’ll sign order ending child-parent separation

The Dump is 100% pure bully. Always seeing how far he can push things, how much damage he can do. Crawls back when his poll numbers tank, while bullhorning about some distraction, and never stops hurting people any more than he absolutely has to.

The place he should hold in history is next to Caligula.

Everyone needs to accentuate Stephen Miller’s influence in this. After all, he learned at the knee of Sessions. I want his ass kicked out of the White House. I hope some VIPs really start the ball rolling. Throw him out!

Personally, not my first choice of things to wake up to in the morning.

People who say that we should not be comparing anything to Nazism or the Holocaust need to shut their traps. Even Michael Godwin – the man who gave us the Godwin law – suspended the damned law last year. He tweeted that yes, people should by all means compare Trumpists to Nazis. The Auschwitz Museum has subtweeted Trump. Today the Pope did. Yes, Trumpers are Nazis and when they start building concentration camps for brown children – it is, frankly, already too late.

MB, great post and welcome to the Bay Area. Beautiful weather, huh?
Enjoy your time before you start work on Friday and go to the wharf to see the water, great food and sights.

Hope we can some day meet up when I am back in good health.

Quixote @30, well said.

DYB, you are so right. This whole past year, I’ve felt like a character in “The Winds of War,” this group is so Nazi-ish.

GAgal @14, 17, very interesting info, thanks!

Here’s tweet DYB was talking about:

@38 – this just gets worse and worse. The Trumpists are full on Nazis. And of course, there are still no plans to reunite the kids with their parents. Horrific!!

Thanks Shadow, let’s do that!

@33, that’s why I’ll never live that far south.


Zayas identified the seven pills named in the court filings ― Clonazepam, Duloxetine, Guanfacine, Geodon, Olanzapine, Latuda and Divalproex ― as medications used to control depression, anxiety, attention deficit disorder, bipolar disorder, mood disorders, schizophrenia and seizures. The injected medications were not identified in court records.

JFC! No wonder they’re somnolent and rapidly gaining weight. Guanfacine might also be useful in PTSD, which the kids certainly have, but I’ll bet they’re using it for nefarious reasons instead. The only one which could be helpful is duloxetine, for depression and pain — but it is not approved for use in children under 7.

Medical clinicians are supposed to go into this field to help people — not to give concentration-camp children harmful drugs. All I can say is again “my heart hurts.”

Everyone needs to keep pushing back until those kids are reunited. This is not over. There needs to be as much outrage that they have no plan to reunite these families. More outrage, signs, protests! Give back those kids! They don’t just get to keep ’em. They admitted they screwed up. Now fix the results of your screw up!

This is how far in the gutter Trump & Co are. They’ve subpoenaed Trump’s National Enquirer buddy, David Pecker.

Federal prosecutors have subpoenaed the publisher of the National Inquirer as part of their probe into Michael Cohen’s business dealings, including the hush money payments he brokered with women who claimed to have slept with Donald Trump.

The Wall Street Journal reported Wednesday that officials in the Southern District of New York want information from American Media Inc. about the $150,000 August 2016 payment they made to former Playboy Playmate Karen McDougal to catch-and-kill a story about her alleged affair with the President.

so sick of winning. How about you?

@46, Sue, I’m sick.

Dangerous toddler-in-chief. We need a mutiny.

They’re not even trying to hide it anymore.

GAgal @44, spot on.

Luna @48, Oh My God. What a fucking asshole. An embarrassment to us all.

Luna @50, ??!?!!

I will bet one meeellion dollars that every Senator going to Russia is a dirty, traitorous Rethug.

Anyone wanna take that bet?

MB, it’s wild seeing you here late at night! Can’t take the bet, can’t think of any reason for those traitors to go.

What a beautiful dog:


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