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Lazy Weekend Music~More faves

Posted on: June 17, 2018

Good Weekend Widdershins

So to continue on the theme of last weekend’s post of some favorite tunes (and also because I don’t have the foggiest idea of what to write [and that’s because I’ve probably been doing this too long] ) I’ve decided to share some more of my favorite songs from a long time ago and probably in another galaxy.

So away we go.

(1) Janis Joplin~Me and Bobby McGee

(2) Eagles~Lyin’ Eyes

(3) Janis (again) Mercedes Benz

(4) Boston~More Than A Feeling

(5) Eagles~Hotel California

(6) E L P (Emerson Lake and Palmer) Lucky Man

(7) The Moody Blues~Tuesday Afternoon

* * * * *

Okay shinners, a few more of my faves.  Feel free to share some of your own in the comments.

Or not.

Open thread.


45 Responses to "Lazy Weekend Music~More faves"

Thank you, Fredster. No one can be expected to keep up with madness. Your choice of music soothes my soul.

Oh hell, I lost a long comment trying to post it on the last thread. Thought I copied it before hitting ‘post’ but I just highlighted it and didn’t copy. grrrrrr. I went on for a couple of paragraphs in response to Quixote’s comment on critical thinking, but overall the point of what I was writing simply showed I was not the average voter. Sigh. If most of Americans could see through Foxian lies and one-sided “information” we wouldn’t be in this nightmare.

Hmmm, my last 2 youtube links vanished. Maybe WordPress didn’t like my choices. Maybe it’s my computer.

Instead of Trump’s propaganda, how about a nice ‘truth sandwich’?

…Lakoff proposes a radical reimagining of how the news media reports on Trump. Instead of treating the president’s every tweet and utterance — true or false — as newsworthy (and then perhaps fact-checking it later), Lakoff urges the use of what he calls a “truth sandwich.”

First, he says, get as close to the overall, big-picture truth as possible right away. (Thus the gist of the Trump-in-Singapore story: Little of substance was accomplished in the summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, despite the pageantry.) Then report what Trump is claiming about it: achievement of world peace. And then, in the same story or broadcast, fact-check his claims.

That’s the truth sandwich — reality, spin, reality — all in one tasty, democracy-nourishing meal.

Avoid retelling the lies. Avoid putting them in headlines, leads or tweets, he says. Because it is that very amplification that gives them power. That’s how propaganda works on the brain: through repetition, even when part of that repetition is fact-checking.

Meanwhile, the video accompanying this article has the description “I hate it’: Trump blames Democrats for separating immigrant children from parents”

Another example of playing into Trump’s tactics is exemplified in this WaPo headline:

Roger Stone, longtime Trump confidant, met with Russian who offered dirt on Clinton

This leaves the reader thinking there is indeed “dirt” on HRC. The headline should have just said “Stone…meets with agents of hostile nation.” Or at least “meets with Russians.”

“…exemplified by…”

Now I’m going out to play!

@7 Also, when is anyone going to acknowledge for all the various Russians etc. offering ‘dirt’ on Hillary, there never was any!! If there was something there, it would have come out! Why don’t the pundits include that little tidbit in their headlines?!

Russian offered imaginary dirt on Hillary

Was Roger Stone under oath when he lied to the House committee? Probably not. Mueller’s going to have to after him for his ties to Guccifer 2 and WikiLeaks. It’s got to be illegal to aid in the dissemination of hacked emails. Please, please, please.

GAgal @10, hell yes! @11, I didn’t know you could testify (or give info) to Congress and not be under oath, that’s an interesting point.

Fredster, love the tunes!

@10, I like your truthful headline!

@12, yes, you can testify to Congress without being under oath.

Sadly, I remember Franken and his questioning of Sessions: “So, were you lying then, or are you lying now?” An apt question for any of Trump’s henchmen and -women.

@11 GAgal> I remember someone saying once that whether under oath or not – it is illegal to lie to Congress. I guess kind of how it is illegal to lie to the FBI?

It’s amazing how many meetings with the Russians Trump and the people in his universe forgot. How do these people remember to put their pants on in the morning?

And you are right GAgal that so many offers of dirt – and none ever materialized. Because there wasn’t any. That makes me…angry!!!!

Mirella Freni and Luciano Pavarotti shared the same wet nurse when they were babies. Obviously there was something in the milk.

Sorry I am not feeling up to par to keep up with the blog, news or anything else right now.

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for all the kind words of encouragement. You guys have no idea how much that means to me.

Take care of yourself Shadowfax and post when you are feeling better!

Even Laura Bush said something (a rare statement from her):

NWLuna earlier: “If most of Americans could see through Foxian lies and one-sided “information” we wouldn’t be in this nightmare.” Word.

On our current concentration camps — even Laura Bush has come out of purdah! — all the younger kids I saw today out and about with their families, obviously doing Fathers’ Day, all those kids had a superimposed ghost of children under foil, children on redeye flights being taken a continent away from everyone they know, children with no shoelaces, children clutching their only picture of their mothers.

It has to stop instantly. All the children have to be reunited with their families, who should be given citizenship as compensation (although by now they’d probably burn it). And I have about as much power to accomplish any of that as the little spider up near my ceiling. It’s awful.

This is awful. I can’t believe they’re doing this to children and their parents. This is apparently some sort of blackmail to get money for the wall, with the children as collateral damage. There seems to be no end to how low Trump will go.

Except the Japanese/American families were kept together. Whatever you can do, do. Do something.

Quixote @20, well said and agree they should be compensated.

Branjor, yes, the children are hostages and dump & rethugs are terrorists.

Sue, yes I also thought of that after reading her comment.

Evangelical says ‘we white evangelicals are the problem… pimps of evil’. He’s pissed.

@24, excellent tweet!

Here’s something fun to end the night with:

Okay, after that brief respite, here’s a must read thread:

This makes me insane with fury.

Oh god. The look on that little kid’s face. He’s what? Maybe six?

I keep bumping into quotes about Melania saying “So sad. Both sides.” Bullshit.

The best film I ever saw on Hitler’s extermination of Jews (and other Untermenschen) was Ein Deutsches Leben (A German Life). It’s about the career of a good SS officer, one who spent his life following orders. He gets married because he’s told to. (She’s obviously also good at following orders.) Later in the film they live at the camp he’s the commander of (Dachau?) in the posh section, of course, where she doesn’t see (doesn’t want to see) what’s going on. A visiting SS officer talks about it, so she finds out.

She spends a week locked in her room, won’t speak to her husband. But they have a baby, etc etc etc. So after a week, there she is, out with the baby carriage, waving in a stilted way to her husband watching from an upper floor who waves back, equally stilted.

Although both those characters probably had more humanity than the current POTUS / FLOTUS. The distance between them and the historical pair is time and the strength of US commitment to rule of law. We live in way too interesting times.

I read that a border patrol agent has said the stories are untrue and that the immigrants all get an information sheet explaining the process that is to be undertaken and that they are reunited with children in the end. How can they be so dumb? I saw a picture of the information sheet. It is in English and most of the immigrants only speak Spanish. Also, I know from working at Catholic Charities that not only do most of the immigrants not speak English, many are also illiterate in Spanish, able only to speak the language, not read it. So how does a blasted information sheet, in English no less, help the situation any?

Annie @25 and 28 – Love the animals, thanks! Much needed therapy in grim times.

@31, of course a piece of paper full of lies written in a foreign language doesn’t help. It’s just more BS intended to distract us from the issue.

Uh oh. They’ve got Ted Lieu cussing now. That’s new.

By the way, has anyone here heard a pundit or reporter refer to Trump as ‘polarizing’? Has anyone asked him why 59% of the public sees him as ‘unfavorable’? Has anyone polled to see if he’s ‘likeable’? I’d bet a lot of his supporters don’t think he’s likeable at all, but they just don’t care.

I just watched Kirstjen Nielsen and I’ve never seen such a stone, cold bitch. Just terrifying. We are being governed by people with no souls.

“Likeable” ………… hahahahahaha.

The question would have to be more like “Can you see pictures of him without throwing up?” (Me, I’m in the “No” group.)

Nielsen was also the one who felt that McCain should be ignored because “he’s dying anyway,” right? She’s a real piece of work.

Our girl’s statement with donation options for the orgs trying to help the children and their parents.

@37: No, that wasn’t her but all of Trump’s monsters-female or male-are beyond belief. I’m glad that I’m old. I could lay down my life for these babies.

@38, thanks for the link & quotes.

The other thing about abusing kids to stop migration, forget about the morality of it for a second. Who are you selecting for? Now we have families crossing over, not hiding from La Migra, going to them to ask for asylum.

Once the news of the atrocities reaches people (probably not much cell phone service when you’re on the long trail), guess what will change. The people making the crossing will be single men hiding from Border Patrol.

And that will be an improvement how exactly? Aside from the screaming horribleness of it all, this is the other thing that gets me. Their atrocious policies don’t work on their own terms.

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