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Posted on: June 5, 2018


Okay, here’s’ the deal:  We’ve all got shit to do so here’s a new post to go wherever you wish to go with it. The Cali primary is today along with those of several other states so perhaps that’s something to talk about.



Excellent Charles Pierce piece right here. He’s been off for a week and he ain’t holdin’ back nuthin.

Trump Has Access to Everything a Dictator Could Want

Just a great big ole “Awww” here.

Here’s a song I’ve been listening to once again, although this is a different version. Yeah, the state is ranked about 50th in everything considered good and we have a Dem governor there with a Repub lege so nothing is really getting done because…well because politics. But being a son of the south I haven’t lived in too many of those “good” places. But it’s home and whatcha gonna do?

“We’ve all got shit to do”


I have one (of several) closets that was supposed to take a day to sort through and pack up. Hah. This story does not have a happy ending.

Just saw on the news that Mueller filed a thing (that’s a legal term, right?) on Manafort for witness tampering. And in there it points out that the FBI has been combing through the scumbrain’s iCloud data.

There may not be anything left of the country by the time Mueller is done, but when he’s going to have some of the goons so dead to right even the Repub Congress will be convinced.

(that last sentence :rollseyes:, “but when *he is* he’s going” etc)

And as for the Deep South, I don’t know about B’ham, but New Orleans is one of my favorite places in the world. How’s the move going? Or shouldn’t I ask? (Def don’t ask me. Just :endless screaming: over here.)

@7: but when he’s going to have some of the goons so dead to right even the Repub Congress will be convinced.

Never. Read that Charles Pierce article I linked to above.

@9: How’s the move going? Or shouldn’t I ask?

Well, I wined and dined my friend to just about beg him to drive the Uhaul down there. That depends on whether he can get a day off from his job. And never mind that he told me he was bi although definitely with a tilt to the gay side (yeah I would like that because I’ve admired him from afar) Nevertheless he’s a good friend; he’s the one who took me to the oral surgeon to get the tooth cut out. Had to stay there bcuz they gave me Versed for that

In the event he can’t get time off I’ve asked another person if they could drive the truck. (her and her ex-con husband) If that has to be then I’m sending out messages to my friends that if I don’t arrive in Chalmette to start calling cops to start looking along I-59 through I-10 on the way to Nola.

Aren’t you glad you asked?
Edited this because I had taken an Ambien around 2ish in the morning and I think not going to sleep kind of made me goofy!

@9: New Orleans is one of my favorite places in the world.
There’s just something about the damned place, isn’t there?

Here’s another version of Randy Newman’s Louisiana 1927 with some historical pictures of the 1927 flood. That event led to the Corps of Engineers trying to *tame* the river and also led to the idea of the fed. govt. getting involved in major disasters in the country. Of course good luck with that with this crew in charge of the country.

This is the video I sent to you quixote.

Let the blue tide roll: Go Dems!!!!!!!!!!

I feel both of your pain, Fredster and Quixote! We are moving next Wednesday, all the way across country. So many things to arrange! Plus we are selling our house, so we are doing open houses, showings on request, etc. We have a couple coming today who seems to be very serious about the place. This will be their third time coming. Fingers and toes crossed!

Good luck with that maybe truck driving maybe friend, Fredster!

@15: Good luck with that maybe truck driving maybe friend, Fredster!

LOL, it’s him or the ex-con and wife. On the whole I’d rather the other choice for a number of reasons.

Yes, I read that Pierce column just now. I wish I could write like that. I wish he didn’t have to.

The reason I think even some of the Repubs may have to shut up is that their reaction when they came out of that FBI briefing on evidence re Dump’s crap surprised me. They looked like they’d seen ghosts. Even Nunes took a day or so to start spinning again. Given how self-centered they all are, probably what they’d seen is that the evidence stretches all the way toward them, personally. But who knows. It’s all taking so long, there won’t be a country left to save. which is kind of what good old C Pierce has started saying too.

And his regular refrain is “I pretty much still love New Orleans.” Anybody with any sense does! (Fond memory: Krewe of Zulu, pouring rain — monsoon pouring, not just some drizzle — everybody soaked to the skin, and all of us out there in it jumping up and down yelling for coconuts.) There’s no place even remotely like it.

MB, I’ve sold a grand total of 2 houses in my entire life (the one I’m moving out of now being one of them) and from what I’ve seen, when they come back a couple of times, you’re getting real close!

Thanks, Q! We have only sold one apartment. It was during the peak market of 2008, so things are a bit different now. Thanks for the encouragement. 😀

Did you all hear Kate Spade committed suicide? She was 55. Very sad to hear that.

Quixote, I didn’t know you were moving this summer also! Wow, four of moving this summer. . .what a coincidence. I’m also having frustrations at the process.

Yes, very tragic about Kate Spade.

@18: I just saw that, that she died. Didn’t see that it was a suicide.

@17: LOL, Zulu coconuts! People would go crazy trying to get those, wouldn’t they?

Dump had this dumb idiots-for-patriotic-songs-fest at the WH today, and one brave guy took a knee!

The funny part was that dump doesn’t know all the lyrics of SSB & GBA. He was fairly good at fake singing SSB, but just bobbed his ugly head during the parts he didn’t know for GBA:

Fredster, that’s a nice song. I don’t remember hearing that one before. Newman is certainly a prolific songwriter.

@25: I think it was also orchestrated very well also.

Okay, so did all of our Cali Widdershins vote today, or early vote?

My dad said that when he went to vote in the primaries today, Gavin Newsom and DiFi were both missing from the ballot! He reported it to everyone he could. If there is no news about it tonight, he’s going to the media.

“Printing error” well, maybe, but come ON, people. Enough already.

Yup, voted weeks ago. I’m one of the vote-by-mailers.

Polls have finally closed here. Sounds like some good people made it through to the general in New Joisey.

Same thing the Chinese did. To be fair, though, Americans do it too. Harley Davidson, for instance. Didn’t give the tiniest poot in a high wind about saving the jobs of all those Wisconsinites. They seemed real shocked that “their” brand could throw them over like that.

It’s like that old Onion headline. “But I didn’t think leopards would eat *me*, says woman who voted for the Leopards Eat People Party.

Hey. Where’s NWLuna? Haven’t seen her around in weeks!

God Almighty and All Her Camels, does the Dump ever look like a buffoon in that puffed-up-patriotism video. If he didn’t know the words, he could have just kept his mouth shut and nodded, as if that was all he meant to do all along. But opening his mouth like a goldfish now and again — ooh hey I remember this bit — purple mountains! majesty! — just makes it so obvious he’s an idiot.

And that overripe bananabrain is going to go talk nukes with zero prep because he knows everything already. Just like he knows the words to the anthem.

But Hillary was “overprepared.” That would have been so much worse.

@33, and of course Drumpf didn’t understand that he was inviting trouble with open arms with his tariff idiocy.

I beg to differ with Krassenstein about all those exported products being from Trump-voting states, and must stand up for the honor of Washington’s official state fruit! (lol, but I have no idea about any other state’s official fruit!)

The 10 top apple-producing states are: Washington, New York, Michigan, Pennsylvania, California, Virginia, North Carolina, Oregon, Ohio, Idaho.

Washington produces about 42 percent of the apples grown in the United States (and 60% of those are grown for fresh consumption). … Washington State is the top producer in the U.S. of certified organic apples.

Grrrr. I should know better. I put 2 URL refs in my comment @37, so of course it’s in moderation.

@31, “…printing error…” Riiiiiiight. And CA is one of the good states. This has me worried about November.

@35, quixote, Hi! And hi to the rest of you Widdershinners!

I’ve been offline for a while, even off home email, due to a depressive episode, aka, a desperate need to not read or hear about the death of democracy by a thousand presidential* tweets.

Damn. The slime-demons are all still in office.

@38: Comment is out now. Just saw it flagged on admin side and didn’t even notice the two links.

@36, “overprepared”

*endless screaming*

The 7th level of Hell awaits the voters who wanted an “entertaining” president.

@41, Fredster, thanks. I’m obviously tetchy about my state’s apples.

@11, Fredster, sending good wishes that your appealing friend gets a day off work! Or two, or three….. (smirk) Reciprocal lust is good for the soul. And body.


Breaks are healthy.

I am happy Feinstein is in the general election an Gavin is in the lead, so far.

I am off to kidney surgery tomorrow…fingers crossed. This woman is freaked out about it.

@45, Shadow, I’m keeping fingers crossed for you too. Sending healing thoughts to you.

Hip, hip, hooray!
Diane kicked everyone’s ass, bigly.

Thank you Luna, sending the best of vibes to you too, my friend.

Best wishes to you Shadowfax! Stay focused on a positive outcome! We’re all pulling for you!

Luna @42, DITTO!

MB @29, I didn’t see or hear anything about this.

Gavin and DiFi are both in the lead for their races.

I hope she wins. First Native American woman in Congress?!? (There are two men from OK) Cmon New Mexico!

Fredster @28, LOL!

@40: I know exactly what you mean. I have basically turned off the political shows and usually keep TCM on for background noise. It is literally too fucking depressing.

@45: OMG Shadow! Fingers crossed that all will turn out okay.

@44: Fredster, sending good wishes that your appealing friend gets a day off work! Or two, or three….. (smirk) Reciprocal lust is good for the soul. And body.

Ha! I do believe that if we hooked up he’d need those two or three days cuz I wouldn’t turn him loose!


Luna @37, good point; also, don’t cranberries come from blue states?

One more cute pic to end the day:

Nite all! I have an early day and must hit the sack!

I must say, I am glad that Gavin came up on top- I forgot how eloquent he can be. His rival in November is a carpet bagging schnooks, but he is running on repeal of the gas tax. Schwarzenegger ousted Davis on a similar bogus platform. Democratic Cali has a habit of periodically voting in Retrograde repubs for governor, so Gavin isn’t out of the woods yet.

Good wishes to Luna and Shadow with all my heart.

Hi, Luna! 😀 Good to see you again! 😀

And all the best, Shadow!

Headdesk. This is how a bigly stable genius thinks:

Trump signs veterans health bill as White House works against bipartisan plan to fund it

The VA Mission Act authorizes new health care programs for veterans, but the bill does not reserve federal money to pay for those programs. A group of powerful Senate committee chairmen aims to remedy that by amending a separate measure to pay for the new $50 billion law, saying that adding the funds is the best way to ensure the new programs give veterans access to medical care.

But the White House has engaged in a quiet effort to thwart the senators’ plan, encouraging lawmakers to vote it down and instead asking Congress to pay for the veterans programs by cutting spending elsewhere.

@52, Hope she wins!

@64: I love it when they pull that crap.

Congress Critter: “We passed a YUGE V.A. bill for our veterans”.

Citizen: “Yeah but you didn’t fund it!”.

Well we knew Trump was kinda cheesy and now Kellyanne Conjob agrees.

@Shadowfax – Sending you good healing vibes and positive thoughts! Let us know how the surgery goes!!!

Thank you for all the kind thoughts, today ended up a bust.

I was there for 2.5 hours preparing in the hospital for the procedure, and at the last minute, they checked my blood pressure and it was over 211 and they pulled the plug on the surgery. They were prepared to send me to the emergency room and gave me an iv of some Bata blocker and whatever and it finally brought my blood pressure down to 185. They said it was too dangerous of a surgery to do under these circumstances, so my son just brought me home. I was given low dose blood pressure pills and have to talk to my doctors tomorrow to find out what to do next. I was so close to having it done, minutes away and now I am so upset.

Shadow, i am no doc but if your BP was that high, sounds to me like they made the right call. I know you are in pain, but we don’t want to lose you! Maybe Luna can tell us what to expect. I am sure the first thing obviously is to get your blood pressure down, no idea how long that would safely take though.

Lililam, how’s your big guy Norton doing?

Shadow, it sounds like your medical team was being cautious and that’s good. Still, preparing yourself for something like this and, then, having to prepare yourself again sucks. I’m sorry.

Cats and Sue, you are right. It’s just so frustrating to have to start all over.

Shadow, a systolic of 211? Yikes! I agree with the medical team — it could be dangerous to do surgery with BP that high — possibility of a stroke or aneurysm. The high BP could be from stress (and anyone would be stressed before a surgery and with all that you’ve had to endure already) or a side effect from other meds or a combination. High BP is nearly always something you can’t feel, either. Understandably you’re frustrated with all of this.

If your BP has been good before this, you probably don’t have to be on BP meds that long. There are several classes of BP meds, so you have options, and at least one of them should work for you.

@66, Fredster, it’s a good thing Drumpf hasn’t seen the Seattle VA medical center. They have a huge rainbow “Pride Month” sign at the entrance. giggle And as usual, they’ll have a contingent with banners marching in the Seattle Pride march later this month.

@77, I don’t know if that’s usual for all VA centers or not.

Shadow, so sorry to hear that! Must be very disappointing, but your bp is scary, so better to wait. I hope you can get it down and keep it down soon.

@77 & 78, could be due to AFGE wanting to do something.

@80, Could be. There’s also an official LGBT Coordinator there who does a lot of outreach and education.

Hmmm, just checked. Apparently it’s a nation-wide program. Cool! But they’d better not let the president* know.

Poignant article here on RFK and what might have happened. The other day I listened to the recording of the speech RFK made the night he got the news of Martin Luther King’s death. He wrote the speech himself only a few hours before he was due to speak. Amazing. He also quotes some lines from Aeschylus. I can’t imagine any politician doing that these days — they’d get ridiculed by the press for showing intellect.

Um, yeah….. here’s the link I should have put in @82.

annie, I love all your critter pics!

I’m sorry everyone that I’ve been so MIA. Working long hours at work. 😦

So sorry for your health troubles Shadowfax!!

I’m enjoying all the articles about RFK. I’m glad RFK Jr. finally spoke up about it. My son made me watch the documentary, “The Second Gun” and it was amazing. Laker was in a short play about the assassination earlier this year, and the weirdest thing happened. We were out eating pizza one night in another town and I got up and went outside to answer my phone cuz hubs was calling, and left Laker to pay the bill. So I was sitting in my car chatting with hubs and waiting on Laker. And waiting. I finally got out and looked through the window of the joint, and Laker was in animated conversation with the foursome at the next booth. It turned out that Laker overheard them discussing RFK and one of the men said, “as you know, I was the boyfriend of the girl in the polka dot dress.”!!!! So Laker told them about his play and invited them to it, and they chatted for 10 minutes or so. Laker doesn’t think any of them went to the play, but it was a weird coincidence. Anyway, I wish the truth would finally come out. Hubs knows Paul Schrade btw, and he told hubs all about the assassination from his point of view (I think he was next to, or in front of RFK) and how he’s been trying to get the government to reinvestigate it for decades.

DYB, missed ya, but glad you have lots of work!

Oh good god:

@84: When I don’t see you a lot here or on twitter I figure you’ve got a lot of work stuff going on.

LOVE this response to the nra:

NEW POST! Bring those bananas Trump things upstairs!

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