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Lazy Weekend-no, no it’s not

Posted on: May 20, 2018

Good Weekend Widdershins!


Yes, yes it’s a busy time for a number of us here at T.W. And for at least four of us it probably involves trucks and relocations.  So here’s a brand new, fresh post to “talk amongst yourselves”.  Lordy knows there’s plenty to talk about:

  • North Korea and Kim Jong-Un playing tRump for the fool he is
  • tRump’s expense report that showed payments to Michael Cohen
  • The quid pro and definitely quo of the Chinese ZTE “flip-flop”
  • The new U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem and the violence in Gaza
  • Meghan and Harry
  • Whatever else you can think of

So tawk amongst yourselves.  You know you want to, amirite?



Okay I wanted the Coffee Talk with Madonna for DYB, but we have to take Roseanne too.  Sorreee!




40 Responses to "Lazy Weekend-no, no it’s not"

That’s when Roseanne was not yet insane! BTW, she announces she was leaving Twitter. Stupid cow. ABC said season 2 of her new show will be less about politics. I wonder if the plummeting ratings have something to do with that decision. Of course, they also promised the new series wouldn’t be about politics at all. They lied.

There was a time when Roseanne wasn’t insane?

I loved the wedding! Everything was wonderful and it was a huge breath of fresh air to not be fuming over another stupid tweet or worse.

I haven’t check in in weeks now – hope everyone’s good!

@2: Hey contrask!!! So good to see you.

We still have some Widdershins having some health issues.

Don’t be a stranger; we’ve missed you.

Oh – that’s not good!

@71 from the previous post. GAgal, don’t worry about it. No biggie at all.

Hope everyone is well or getting better fast!

Goodness, who’s moving besides MB? Moving is a pain. Confusing, messy, disorganized, time-intensive. My sympathies.

Warning: Do not stand close to actively flowing lava.

Lava spatter hits Hawaii man and shatters his leg in first known injury from Kilauea volcano

Hawaii officials on Saturday reported the first known injury related to heightened volcanic activity from Kilauea after a Big Island resident was hit by lava spatter while standing on a third-floor balcony.

That person, identified only as a homeowner on Noni Farms Road, shattered his leg from his shin to his foot when lava spatter struck him, a spokeswoman for the Hawaii County Mayor Harry Kim, according to Reuters.

Lava spatters “can weigh as much as a refrigerator, and even small pieces of spatter can kill,” the spokeswoman told Reuters.

@2, hi contrask!

@7: Well, me too – trying. I got some estimates on a pro moving company and just about needed the fainting couch. So now I’m trying to see who, if anyone, I can round up and do a u-haul move. Fingers crossed on that one.

@11, Standing ovation? But– but– the NYT sez nobody likes Hillary!

She’s so gracious. I would have said something about the 7 “no difference between the parties” jerks who voted 3rd party.

@9, Fredster, hope something works out for you. The last time we moved we hired a couple of day labor guys to muscle the heavy stuff in and out.

Department calls for inquiry after Trump demands probe into whether FBI ‘infiltrated or surveilled’ his campaign

Stephen Vladeck, a law professor at the University of Texas at Austin, said that while Trump has the authority to order Justice Department officials, those officials also have the right to quit rather than follow his direction.

Um….got any other options?

@13: I also need someone who can drive the rental truck while I drive my vehicle or vice versa. I simply cannot see me trying to drive one of those trucks with the trailer attached and my vehicle on it. That’s just an accident waiting to happen.

@15 Fredster, yeah don’t do that. It’s even worth the extra drive. I just helped my sister move but I’m not able to do the heavy lifting. But, get me some sturdy boxes or containers, some newspaper and a little bubble wrap – and I can pack and label an entire china cabinet in ten minutes flat!

My sis has a guy who does repairs around her house. When he heard the “professional movers” price, he and his son offered to do it. In the end, they bartered with tools and equipment that she didn’t need at her new house anyway. It worked out good for her.

IMO Hillary should lay off the Russia investigation and 2016 election for awhile. Especially in situations where she is not asked a question about it directly. It bothers me she uses it as the ‘joke’ in otherwise serious and inspiring speeches. Let Mueller do his job. We’re stuck here. THEN, there will be plenty to say.

@16: Yep I know my limitations. I consider myself a good and defensive driver. However, driving one of those truck/trailer deals is simply beyond me and I know it.

I do have a friend up here who has said he could drive the truck (we’re only talking the 15′ one). The issue for him is he is on a fairly new job and he would have to ask the boss about getting a day off. My thoughts were if he gets it okayed, I could have the truck loaded and ready to go to leave on a Friday. We drive down and if time’s left, unload then or on a Saturday. He said he would assist in unpacking and things. After that I could put him on the train back to B’ham (he loves trains) and he would be back for work Monday. Naturally I’m compensating him for missing a day of work. Plus I told him I would feed him while there and considering we’re talking about food in Nola, perhaps he should pay me for that.

Fredster, that sounds like a good plan.

Weather is amazing here in Hawaii, not too humid, not too hot. Am exhausted from swimming and walking.

Good to see you Contrask!

Hillary is endorsing Andrew Cuomo for NY governor instead of Cynthia Nixon. RIP my facebook feed.

“Bernie’s party is in disarray” LOL

“Sanders’ email list, the envy of the Democratic Party” WTAF? The list he stole from Hillary? If it’s his own list, full of 3rd-party and Trump voters, nobody wants it.

Here’s Hillary’s Yale speech that Voting Hillary posted at Upps. I liked the way she laced her speech with Yale factoids from her time there. Apparently, Yale has this hat tradition (as you can see with those seated behind her) and her hat was a Russian hat. Not thrilled with the choice or her comment after:”If you can’t beat them, join them.” Oh, hell no on that one! Generally a good speech, but not her best. Sober but encouraging, quoting Eleanor, Dickens, Albright and former Yalies. She did say flat out that she is not over 2016 but a major theme of the speech was resilience, failure was inevitable but that is okay, everyone falls down, what is important is to get back up. Also, addressed the perilous state of affairs in this country and how important it is to fight for your beliefs and what is right for all the people not just a select few. She also said that the middle has collapsed, more people identify as left or right, not centrist. Wasn’t aware, consider myself a left leaning centrist. I am an endangered species!

@22, LOL! Right on!


Hillary is endorsing Andrew Cuomo for NY governor instead of Cynthia Nixon. RIP my facebook feed.

Not sure I understand why.

@25, Fredster isn’t Nixon a Berner or at least endorsed by him?

@26: Yeah, she is.

Anyone know who dogswithswag is? Whoever, they liked the post. LOL

@25 and 27, sorry Fredster, didn’t realize you were being facetious! I am terminally literal….

@31: Hey it’s difficult online sometimes to be able to “get” what people are saying,writing, tweeting.

@19, glad your vacation wasn’t ruined by the erupting volcano!

@34: That’s not directed at anyone or anything. Just funny effin’ birds.

@35, Just the phrase Effin Birds is funny.

@33, we watched the local Hawaii news last night and it was mostly about the volcano. We were astonished at how big this eruption is, so many rifts, so much lava. Its really scary. Some guy got hit in the leg with a bit of flying lava and it supposedly destroyed his leg. He was on a balcony! We go on a trip with my sis and her husband every five years and next year is the next one and they wanted to go to the big island, but I doubt if we will. btw, I have a step sibling that lives outside Hilo, but he hasn’t had to evacuate. Anyway, it hasn’t had any noticeable effect here on Oahu.

@36: To me Effin Birds was probably coined by some guy who had just washed and waxed the car only to see the boids beginning to hang on the utility wire right above his car. LOL

@37, Urgh! I hate when that happens!

The US has become a nation of hicks.

Proud mom orders ‘Summa Cum Laude’ cake online. Publix censors it: Summa … Laude.


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