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It’s that time again…

Posted on: May 13, 2018


Good Weekend Widdershins!

Time for some strange, funny, or odd  news.  While the vulgar yam, lawyers, porn stars or anything related to them is not in this post I know y’all are gonna talk about ’em.  But we’ll have a respite for the amount of time it takes to read this.  And away we go…

It’s made in Jersey so you know Chris Christie will love it

And besides, it has ham in it.  So what is it that has ham and also has French toast in it?  Why it’s ice cream!

A New Jersey ice cream company announced the first in its line of “Only in Jersey” flavors — French toast and pork roll.

Windy Brow Farms announced the first of its “Only in Jersey” line of flavors contains actual caramelized Taylor ham and challah French toast.

“Doesn’t get much more Jersey than this!” the company said on Twitter.

Jake Hunt, managing partner of Windy Brow Farms, told he determined that pork roll-only ice cream would be “gross,” so he combined it with French toast and maple flavors to make a “really good balance of super sweet and super salty.”

I’ll just have to take your word on it Jake because I definitely will not be sampling any of that.

Look at the pretty kittehs

Looking would have been fine (y’all have probably read about this) but just don’t try to rescue these kittens.

Animal authorities in Texas said three people are recovering from bites after a woman brought home a pair of “kittens” that turned out to be bobcats.

Officials said a resident found the small animals Saturday and thought they were Bengal cat kittens. She took them home, where she and some visiting friends from Austin attempted to bottle-feed them.

The group’s suspicions were raised when the kittens’ aggressive feeding style shredded the plastic bottles and left the three people attempting to feed them with bite wounds.

Yeah blame it on those hipsters from Austin, uh-huh.

Okay so maybe this is kind of Trumpian

This guy in Wisconsin likes McDonald’s burgers a lot, especially Big Macs.  In fact he has now eaten his thirty-thousandth Big Mac.   Okay so tRump likes the quarter pounder instead, big deal.

Don Gorske a 64-year-old retired prison guard from Wisconsin, ate his 30,000th Big Mac at his local McDonald’s in Fond du Lac, Wis.

“This one is a biggie for me, something I have been looking forward to,” Gorske told the Fond du Lac Reporter.

Gorske said he has been eating Big Macs everyday since 1972 and broke the word record in 2016 when he ate his 28,788th burger.

“I love the patties, I love the sauce, I can’t get enough of it,” Gorske told the New York Post.

Gorske said there have been only eight days where he hasn’t eaten a Big Mac since 1972 and his mission hasn’t had any ill effects on his health.

“I’m healthy as a horse. I weigh 190 pounds, and my cholesterol is 165,” he said. “I’m better than normal.”

And from his local paper in Fond du Lac:

The Big Mac maniac gave a half-hour presentation to the crowd, which gathered to watch him take that first bite of the 30,000th all-beef patty, with special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions, on a sesame-seed bun. He showed off his record books and how he keeps track of thousands of receipts, sandwich wrappers and containers


Gorske has obsessive compulsive disorder and a meticulous memory, which lends to his Big Mac habit and his penchant for details.

Well I hope to hell I never develop O.C.D. if it leads to a desire for eating Big Macs.  But perhaps that explains tRump’s penchant for the Quarter Pounder?


I don’t think this is the way to pass this test

Yes I’m sure it had to be warm, but no darling, you can’t nuke it.  I’m just gonna paste the entire thing in here:

A Colorado woman has been cited by police after a container of what appeared to be urine blew up as she was heating it up in a microwave at a 7-Eleven.

Police say the incident occurred in the convenience store chain’s Aurora location last week when the clerk heard a loud bang and saw 26-year-old Angelique Sanchez take a white plastic bottle out of the microwave.

A police report says when confronted by the clerk, Sanchez wiped a yellow liquid that smelled like urine onto the floor and walked out.

Police located Sanchez at a nearby clinic where she had planned to take a urinalysis test for a potential employer.

The Denver woman was issued a summons for damaged property. She could not be reached for comment.

Uh, no hon, that wasn’t gonna work.  But still I wonder what, if anything, the lab result would have shown.

* * * *

I have a couple of youtube clips for ya.  The first one is of an Airbus A380 behaving badly fighting a cross wind in a landing.  If something this big gets bounced around like this I’m just glad I wasn’t onboard.  (watch the tail rudder as it descends and lands)


* * * *


For those of you who may not have been around when I used this before, this next video is with Sister Unity Divine of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence-Los Angeles chapter.  Here Sister Unity deconstructs the fairy tale of Little Red Riding Hood and:
The Classic Grimm’s Fairy tale told by Sister Unity in one of her post-modern deconstructionist moods. Feminist overtones with a deep examination of gender roles, gender archetypes, gender symbols, hegemony roles, forests and baskets. 

* * * *

Okay that’s all I have.  Open thread of course.





81 Responses to "It’s that time again…"

Did the woman in 7/11 think that microwaving her urine would kill all traces of drugs?? I bet she did. Someone should introduce her to Trump! They have something in common.

The kittens that were bobcats – LOL. I mean, it’s nice that they tried to help, but yikes.

The ham ice cream – hard pass. I don’t like mixing things like that with desert. People love chocolate covered bacon and hot peppers and all kinds of weird things. And I prefer my chocolate by itself, thank you. Same with ice cream.

@1: I figured the woman probably had someone else’s pee for the test and wanted it to be warm to turn it in. Didn’t think about her thinking it might remove any traces of drugs.

seconding Fredster’s theory @4.

The video of that Airbus 380 landing :big eyes staring: Give that pilot a whole handful of gold stars!

And I’m with DYB on mixing dessert and not-dessert. Seriously, people. Stop it. Stop it right now. That is just wrong.

shredded the plastic bottles

This ain’t my momma!

an Airbus A380 behaving badly fighting a cross wind

That’s why Boeing doesn’t design bloated airplanes.

Ham and ice cream….Makes me think of the Nouvelle West Coast cuisine, where they do things like wasting wild Chanterelle mushrooms on poached pears with red chili syrup and a slice of rutabaga. Urgh.

Good job Fredster! Watching the Airbus made me queasy. Agree with you all about about mixing main course items with dessert. Ham in ice cream? Blech.

Dump tweeted today that he’s helping a Chinese phone company get back on its feet, because it’s lost too many jobs. You can imagine the shitstorm:

This company, ZTE, supposedly stole or violated American technology in some way, and also their phones can be used to spy.


So, a month ago, we’re cracking down on ZTE, but today, Dump is all out to help them:

@5: Yes, I thought he did a phenomenal job there. I’ve seen other vids where the pilot was dealing with crosswinds and they would just do a fly around and try again. Still, don’ think I would have wanted to be onboard.

To all: But yeah Chris Christie would love that ice cream and not just because it’s made in Jersey.

DYB @13, these people are all freaks. They will never get anything worthwhile done. They’re like a horde of nasty little vermin, jockeying around with each one just looking out to score $ for themselves.

Did Kushner invest in ZTE, is that what’s happening?

NY Times published another op-ed today blaming liberals for being too rude and condescending to people who voted for Trump. It’s the libruls’ fault! And I see some of their straight reporters tweeting agreement, saying if Democrats don’t reach across the isle, they will lose in November and in 2020. And I just can’t with these people. This is their reporter, not an op-ed writer, writing this tweet.

Could this really, really happen?

@21: Lordy I hope so.

Here’s a gaggle of geese going after…an alligator!

@21 – yes it could, especially now that people are seeing for sure that the electoral college is putting traitorous and corrupt people in power. Whether it’s Dubya or Drumpf, I think America has enough evidence that the EC is a force for plutocracy, not democracy.

Love the posts, D, Fredster and Quixote! Speaking of air travel, I was out of pocket all last week because of it. It turns out I have gotten a job in San Francisco! I will be moving in about a month. West Coast Widdershins (SoCal, NWLuna and Quixote), I will soon be on your side of the continent. 😊

Good for Benedict Cumberbatch.

BTW, I loved “Black Panther.” It was a very affirming movie for men and women of color, plus it was beautiful to look at. The chief science officer of the Panther’s advanced technological home, Wakanda, was his younger sister. And the greatest warriors were these amazing bald women.

Way behind on the posts, hope all you mom’s had a wonderful day yesterday.

CNN was taking about ZTE this morning on the drive to work and one talking head said X, Y and Z about how Dump has made a 180 with China and this company that is an effin’ risk to America…then she did the same thing when she said, “…or this move might be absolutely brilliant by the pResident!”

I am so darn sick of the MSM making up excuses and lies to cover their and Dump’s butt, making every nitwit tweet and blunder into some normal or brilliant move!!#$$%@%$#@!!

The idea of eating ice cream with bacon, hotdogs, cheese, chicken or any other meat, breakfast food, pickles or oddity, just turns my stomach at the thought.

Congratulations, madamab!

The images coming out of Jerusalem are appalling.

17 socalannie
May 13, 2018 at 5:59 pm

This is so typical for the deplorables that feed at the Trump trough. They believe all of his lies, his bs and they are lacking in brains and class.

23 Fredster

That is so cute. Trying to learn a small gator.

MB congratulations!

Welcome to our side of the country.
SF, where will you live? I am just across the Bay.

29 DYB

I wonder how Big Rump will adorn his name on the new embassy?

Maybe there will be 10 foot tall photo of his ugly mug and a diamond trimmed crystal box on a golden pedestal, with a lock of his orange hair in it….with a kneeling pillow for visitors.

I stay away from the news for a weekend and the day I come back, all the bad news just winds me up.

Leader of the State Department team that investigated Hillary’s emails says Comey is full of shit. (Using different words.)

“What was Mr. Comey’s third option on Oct. 27? Wait and see. Monitor the progress of the review closely. Do nothing until there was something to report.

Even a delay of a few days would have afforded the F.B.I. investigative team time to get a very good idea of what most likely was and was not in the new evidence. As it turned out, the team was able to complete its work days before the election, and Mr. Comey informed Congress in his Nov. 2 letter that the F.B.I. investigation was again closed.

If he had waited a few days, Mr. Comey would have made a better-informed decision. The F.B.I. would have done meaningful due diligence.”

Your neighbor has a pet Llama, where the heck do you live? It looks beautiful and Earl has such a pretty face, until his haircut.

MB, welcome to the Left Coast! We must have a West Coast Widdershins meet-up sometime!

@36, Um, Mr. @atchurch14, that’s not a llama, that’s an alpaca! Maybe that’s why Earl doesn’t like you.—alpaca-vs-llama-what-are-the-differences

@35, That’s in the NYT? Oh, now they come out with it.
*angry face*

I like the way alpacas look and I like the name llama better. 😉

Melania Trump undergoes kidney surgery at Walter Reed medical center, while Big Rump stayed in the White House during her surgery.

Isn’t he a real Prince Charming?

I love the llama “banana” ears better!

Thanks Sue, Shadow and Luna!

Shadow, I will be living in SF. Not sure where – going there tomorrow to see some rentals and figure it out all out. 🙂

Would love a West Coast Widdershins get-together!

What is going on in Israel and Gaza? Is the Israeli military just firing indiscriminately into unarmed Palestinian protesters? If so, holy f*cking sh*t! Absolutely horrible!

You can absolutely 1000% blame the Great Orange Turd, Bibi Netanyahu, Russia and the American evangelical movement for this awful turn of events. None of this had to happen.


SF, wonderful. The City is expensive…the entire Bay Area is..,hope you find a great place to live.

And Melania is having surgery? Jeez. That’s too bad. I guess if she wanted compassion in her time of need, she probably should have married a human being instead of the AntiChrist…

Luna loves Banana Ears….LOL, LOL 😉

I saw somewhere that the Orange Dump’s sudden pivot on ZTE, against the advice of the whole US intelligence community, was because the Chinese Premier dangled maybe buying US soybeans again.

Makes sense to me. Then the Dump wouldn’t be sure to lose a bunch of Midwest counties, and might not lose the House and might not get impeached.

Fits his MO.

If I had to have surgery, I’d pay good money not to have the Pile o’ Rotten Mashed Potatoes anywhere near me.

South Africa and Turkey have recalled their ambassadors to Israel.

@34 Shadowfax> To answer you question how Trump will adorn the embassy.

54 DYB

Of course he would want everyone to know he did this as President of the US. Wait until they take him away in cuffs.

Shadow @34, LOL! Hope you also had a nice Mom’s Day.

@56, Lordy, that’s mean, but funny!

Congrats MB! I looove San Francisco. Lived there for a while in the 70’s, and spent a lot of time there afterwards. It is a bummer that its become so insanely expensive. It wasn’t that way at when I was there.

We are planning to move ourselves this summer. My hubs is now a consultant and working a lot in one of the beach communities, so we were planning to move there, then last week he just got another offer with a sizable raise, so now we’re checking into that. I promised hubs that we would move close to his work this year.

Yes, agree a West Coast Widdershins gathering would be fun. Maybe we can swing it later this summer.

@ 56: Ha,ha, DYB: Most likely a face lift patient who had an automobile accident on the way home.
Still, my husband would drop everything to be by my side if I were going under general anesthesia or twilight sedation.

Hey Sue! How are you doing?

Hey, socalannie. Not so good; I thought the last round of vancomycin had knocked out this goddamned infection but, five days after the last pill, it came roaring back with a vengeance. This disease has dominated my life for six months. Tomorrow, I have an appt. with the nurse/practitioner and will really push the fecal transplant. Thanks for asking, my friend. Hope all is well, healthy and happy with you.

My God! That’s awful. Sue, I’m so sorry you and your husband are going through this. I hope they give you the FMT and that you get relief soon! (((Hugs)))

Oh Sue, I am so sorry to hear that. Big hugs and healing vibes are being sent your way!

Congrats Socal! I hope you and hubs find a great place to live, closer to where he works.

@62: Oh Sue, sorry to hear that. I hope you get a resolution to this soon!

That was in response to this:

@67, that endorsement would certainly have me voting for the other one.

“Fight to transform America” They bloody well already did transform America — into a kakistocracy.

Sue, I hope you get a solution very soon! The transplants have a very high rate of success if standard treatment hasn’t worked.

@51, Apparently the Chinese are about to invest $$$ into Drumpf’s hotel in Indonesia, so Drumpf is taking that bribe and in return letting China import their espionage phones into the US again.

Heh. This is Sally’s reaction on seeing that Bernie endorsement for Cynthia Nixon:

Oh this is hilarious! Writers’ Tears Whiskey, and it’s Irish to boot!


“OurRevolution, an organization spun out of ” out of BULLSHIT

62 Sweet Sue

Oh Sue, so sorry you are still fighting this terrible illness. I hope you talk to some good doctors and not just nurse practitioners.

When I broke my frickin’ arm, Kaiser kept setting up my appointments with Doctor’s Assistants…and when my healing really slowed down and they were wanting me back in 6 weeks I insisted on seeing an Ortho surgeon…thank God that young, handsome doctor finally put me on a bone stimulator and things really turned around for me.

Sue, did the doctor’s rule out a form of colitis or what do they think caused it???

Sound like the procedure you hope for will try to replace healthy bacteria in the colon?

I send you lots of hugs!

Sorry, a little confusing, I should have added a few more words and said this…
‘Sounds like the procedure you hope for will try to replace harmful bacteria with healthy bacteria…in the colon?’

I have a Google search on Hillary and today I saw a lot of negative reporting on her, knowing that this happens whenever Hillary speaks out or is in the news in a favorable manner.

Isn’t it too damn bad that 30some % of our country is so afraid of this competent, intelligent woman…that they need to spit hatred every time she says or does something. May they all rot in Hell.

I just got this email from Hillary and it breaks my heart that she had to write this as the woman the Russian’s, GOP and deplorables, just couldn’t let be our President!

“Last week, I traveled a little far from home, visiting with friends and supporters in Australia and New Zealand. I was thrilled to be there, not only because both countries are incredibly beautiful, but because both have elected women to their highest offices, including current Prime Minister of New Zealand Jacinda Ardern.

It was wonderful to hear women across both countries talk about how having a female prime minister not only influenced policy, but made them more likely to be engaged in politics. As the old saying goes, you can’t be what you can’t see.

Our friends at Latino Victory know this, too; they’ve been working for years now to elect Latino candidates across the country and make sure that young Latino people can see themselves reflected in our government. I’m proud to be their partner through Onward Together, and I hope you’ll learn a little bit more about them today.”



Big Pink has really gone off into the twilight zone. They love them some orange Rump and think that he didn’t go to the new embassy because his fashioned plate wife was going to have surgery… I just wish they would change the name of their site, and eliminate Hillary’s name altogether.

Banana ears……………hahahahahahaha….

@75, shadow, *cough cough* Depending on the specialty, nurse practitioners know 85-95% of what physicians do. Many NPs have doctoral degrees. If I see something that’s beyond my scope of practice, or something that’s really unusual, I have no problem referring to someone who knows more than I do. Physicians refer to other physicians all the time. I’ve had a physician tell me I had only a “bad bruise” but it was the physical therapist who told me I had a torn rotator cuff. Turned out I did have a torn cuff plus an avulsed bone fracture. Of course, there are less than stellar clinicians in any profession. I think NPs are far more apt to admit when they don’t know something compared to physicians.

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