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Activist Tuesday: Those Uppity Wimminz Are At It Again

Posted on: April 24, 2018

Hello Widdershins! While the whirlwind of putrescence continues to swirl out of the White House, some good news is coming out of red states despite themselves. As has become the norm since #theResistance first formed, the day after Drumpf was illegally inaugurated after stealing the election from Our Girl and her 3 million-vote popular vote majority, it is women who are leading the charge.

Along with the wave of blue that is sweeping through the special elections this year, there is a wave of strikes by teachers in states where Republicans dominate the political landscape. As we at TW have discovered, Republicans hate any public programs that help the vast unwashed instead of their oligarch buddies in Russia.  Hence their obsession with destroying the New Deal, as well as any Democratic contributions which added to it (such as the Affordable Care Act). And there is no more effective way to erase artificial barriers of race, gender and class than to provide the public with a good, free education. Don’t believe me? Just ask ‘Enry ‘Iggins of “Pygmalion”/”My Fair Lady” fame.

Teachers have been striking quite a bit in the last few months. Even though it’s mostly uppity wimminz doing it, somehow, New York Magazine noticed all the activity.

Spurning a pay raise offer from Governor Doug Ducey as too narrow and inadequately funded, Arizona teachers voted to walk off the job on April 26. Of the 57,000 teachers and school employees who participated in a vote organized by the NEA affiliate (the Arizona Education Association) and the grassroots group Arizona Educators United, 78 percent voted to strike.

The planned action is the culmination of weeks of protests by teachers (under the rubric “#RedforEd,” as supporters were urged to wear red to show solidarity) who decried low pay and years of tax-cut-driven education funding cuts. As in states where earlier teacher protests and walkouts have occurred (West Virginia, Kentucky, and Oklahoma), the Arizona action is a direct response to the fiscal policies Republicans have pursued in states they firmly control.

If the strike takes place on April 26th, it will be the third red-state teachers’ strike in 2018. And it’s only April!

As Fredster noted in comments a while back, there’s more. Teachers aren’t just putting themselves and their livelihoods at risk to gain a living wage. They’ve decided to try to make their red states just a bit more purple. D*mn those ladies and their scary parts!

The same spirit of activism that’s leading teachers to walk out in West Virginia and stage protests from Oklahoma to Arizona is driving many of them to run for office themselves. The debate over school shootings and whether to arm teachers or other personnel at schools has also put teachers near the center of political debate.

“I’ve always thought teachers make incredible candidates,” says Andrea Dew Steele, president of Emerge America, which trains Democratic female candidates. “Our women run because they want to impact their community, and teachers are innately driven to do that.”

I’m searching for good news a lot these days. These brave teachers and patriotic teachers seem to qualify.

There is so much to talk about that…of course this is an open thread.

58 Responses to "Activist Tuesday: Those Uppity Wimminz Are At It Again"


MB, great post! I admire these brave teachers and liberals demanding change in their red states.

DYB @2, That’s horrible! Those poor people. I got to go to Hong Kong in 1987, 10 years before the Brits handed it back to China, and I remember in my conversations with various locals, several of them told me their families had sent their sons to Canada, USA, or Australia to get a college degree, get a job or preferably start a business, and then start the process of moving the whole family over to join them. They wanted to get out before China took over.

Betty Bowers is so entertaining:

I think this young man is remarkable:

Well done, madamab. To continue with your theme of women on the move, i wanted to cross post this wonderful speech and interview for Pen America. Hillary is like no other, she is there for US. She is introduced by a former member of her staff at State, who shares her personal impressions of our girl and highlights her exceptional attributes and accomplishments. She referred to a 24 page memo detailing Hillary’s myriad human rights efforts, GLOBALLY. Who can you think of that can match that? Come to think of it, why hasn’t she won a Nobel?

@4, Annie that is priceless! Bowers and Goodall, both keen observers of primate behaviors….and need I say, humans of the female persuasion?

Even though it’s mostly uppity wimminz doing it, somehow, New York Magazine noticed all the activity. Haha! Good one, madamab!

I hate to wish away time, but I’m ready for the November elections even though we haven’t had the primaries yet! So much can happen in 6 or 7 months. And so much more damage from the Republicans.

Walked by the TV just in time to see Macron air-kiss both of the Orange Turd’s cheeks. It’s still gross!

Thanks for all the linky goodness, Widdershins! What a day it has been.

On top of everything else, there is a special election in Arizona today. I understand that odds are heavily in the Republican’s favor, but if the Democrat comes within single digits, it is another signal of the incoming blue wave.

Yes, the Democratic candidate is an uppity wimminz as well!

And here’s a shocker…the lunatic who killed so many people with his van in Toronto “may have resented women.” Do we need any more evidence that active misogyny is a reliable indicator for violence?

@6 Thanks for the speech link, Cats! Even included the interview.

@12, compliments of VotingHillary over at Uppity’s, GAgal. Glad you liked it. She never ceases to amaze. I wish i could spell/pronounce the name of the lovely Nigerian woman who interviewed her. It was so sweet that her mother called Hillary a “fierce warrior.” It is truly sad that Hillary gets more respect, love and admiration in other countries than she does here.

Cats @ 10:30: “It is truly sad that Hillary gets more respect, love and admiration in other countries than she does here.”

Amen, Sister.

There’s another Bernie thing going on. So, a few days ago, Cory Booker announces he has a plan to experiment with offering anyone who wants a job, a guaranteed job with the fed gov, paying $15 per hour. Booker wants to try this in 15 different areas to see if it will work. He has plans that he worked out. Gillibrand supposedly had something to say on the subject over the weekend, but I didn’t catch it.

So today, out comes the Bern, announcing his “idea” to give everyone in America that wants it, a federal job @ $15 per hour. He doesn’t have any plans yet. But he’s “working on it.”

There are some funny tweets about it:

@15 – he never fails to steal the best ideas!

The Dem in Arizona is currently within 6 points of the Repub. That is Blue Wave news!

Beautiful shot of our Girl in happier days:

@17 – Love it!!!

Looks like Lesko won by only 6 percentage points in deep red AZ-8. This is a 31-point swing since Drumpf’s “election,” since the previous Congresscritter won by 37 points. Good article in the Times below about the consistency of the huge swings towards Democrats in every 2017 – 2018 special election.

I keep thinking that the Repubs are going to pull out all they’ve got against the blue wave in November. All the propaganda, vote suppression, downright vote machine rigging, etc. I think (some of) them are smart enough not to try anything that would be very obvious in a special election with all eyes on it.

And it just occurred to me what we have here is a huge field experiment in how much cumulative effect the Repub shenanigans have. There’s a 31 point swing in the AZ election, big double digit numbers in most of the other ones.

So if, let’s say, there’s an average 20 point swing, and then in November it’s magically down to a 10 point swing. That’s actual numbers on how much our democracy is being jimmied by cheating.

Hopefully, it won’t be enough to do real damage to the blue wave. With a 30 point swing and lots of us working for turnout, we’ll stop the scum.

Behind on the posts, but am sick and tired of the media and it’s love affairs being pushed off on us American’s as reality.

Now the media is falling all over themselves because Melania wore a pretty white hat. How they now swoon like she is Jackie’O and talk about what a perfectionist she is, how she planned a dinner for a month/s. Perfectionist forgot that she stole parts of Michelle’s speech and disgraced herself out of the gate.

This article is about how the beloved President Obama made Michelle smile.

When is the last time CNN or others made a big deal out of something small that Hillary did, that made them swoon???




I’ll probably go for longer than 5 minutes…

@21, funny because i thought the hat was ridiculous, way too big, plus her wearing white bothers the hell out of me. Re the next Jackie O, they did the same thing with Michelle and 9 times out 10 my eyes said, say what?

@22, i have been doing the fusillade daily since election night, sans the chardonnay. With chardonnay, i would be an alcoholic. The media pandering to our baser, vulgar instincts that Shadow addresses as well as the GOP metastasis that is trying to destroy us, trigger me multiple times a day.

I started What Happened yesteday, and yes i sometimes get weepy but it is a fascinating autopsy of her campaign and an intimate look at the real Hillary. I am less than 100 pages in and I am more in awe of her than ever. She knew what she was up against but she wanted desperately to help all Americans, to resolve as many critical issues as she could through bipartisanship and to position the nation, as a whole, for the technological transformation that is heading towards us like a tsunami.

Where has Fredster been the past couple days?

Regarding the hat, I thought the whole ensemble was not good. The cut of the suit was nice, but the bright white shade was garish. The hat was ridiculously big. I looked at some fashion blogs and they also didn’t much like it. I like a lot of Michael Kors designs btw.

Someone tracked down Melania’s outfit as being identical to something Michelle Pfeiffer wore in “Scarface.”

On the AZ results. One of the Cohns, not Nate Cohn, the other one, made an interesting point. He said that while the press won’t cover it that way, the AZ result is actually the most devastating special election yet for GOP because you did not have a Roy Moore type on the Rep side and you had a fairly liberal Democrat. So GOP can’t blame it on a particularly bad candidate from them and they can’t claim that the Democrat is a Republican (as they did with Connor Lamb.) This was a standard issue Republican vs. a liberal Democrat in a deep red area – and the liberal Democrat came within 6 points. Fingers crossed for November.

Addendum: The Republican who won in AZ just announced she will join the Freedom Caucus.

@26, because of course. Freedom for racist straight upper-income whites.

Michael Cohen … is pleading the 5th! Bwhahaha!

Michael Cohen, the longtime attorney of President Trump, told a federal judge on Wednesday that he will invoke his Fifth Amendment right not to incriminate himself in a lawsuit brought by adult entertainer Stormy Daniels.

The rethugs did not participate in the chris Wylie questioning today re Cambridge Analytica interference. One has to wonder who exactly they represent. It sure ain’t the American people.

@Cats – they knew everything he was going to say, because they were in on it.

D – I had the same take on AZ. Honestly, most of the Dems running have been liberals. It’s because there are so many women running.

More idiocy on the part of Chozick. The rest of us would pay money to hear Bill talk policy and plans. (You have to click thru to the tweet Fecke’s replying to.) This sort of “journalism” brought us Trump.

@32, never mind having to click thru. The referenced tweet showed up. Sometimes they do, sometimes they don’t. Twitter is weird sometimes.

Hey folks. Just dropping by briefly. Lot’s of things happening IRL.

GAgal, pls check email when you have a chance.


I’ll have a post Thu afternoon about Chozick…

@36, How far we have fallen, those outside our borders see it more clearly than half this country. I understand Merkel is also going to try to knock some sense into trumputin, but alas she has lady parts.

Never a good sign when your opponent’s lawyer thanks you for your help!

Does anyone else find this “sidling up” and “put my hand on the luscious satin” creepy? Plus the snide remarks on Chelsea’s hair.

…and now I will stop reading Twitter for the day…

Whaddya mean “you *would* never do this to a successful [or any] man”?

They never did it about the far more bizarre orange superstructure on the dump. It’s happened. No need for a conditional tense.

Does anyone else find this “sidling up” and “put my hand on the luscious satin” creepy?


Super creepy!

Bill Cosby

Guilty, guilty, guilty.

Bye, bye sexual predator. Hope the rest of your short life is in jail.

@29, only in Australia! Funny tweet with that awesome photo. Never heard the word “rooting” in that context….

@38, I think I am in love with Mike Avenatti.

@41, very creepy indeed, Luna. Her book sounds like a teenager’s diary. What was the publisher thinking? I guess as long as you are slamming one or more Clintons, it is expected to be a money maker. Can’t wait to see DYB’s post on Chozick.

Haven’t seen one of these for awhile.

President Donald Trump admitted on Fox News that he’s been too busy to get a birthday gift for his wife, first lady Melania Trump, who turned 48 years old Thursday.

Said he gave her flowers and a card.

Melania, wake up girl! He pays to sleep with other women, he is too ugly to sleep with and he is a disgrace of a human. Is his money worth this to you?

Wow, that Chozick quote is so incredibly sad and massively narcissistic. Since Chelsea’s curls subsided, Amy felt personally affronted. How do those two things relate at all?! Chelsea’s hair has zero implication for Amy.

As for Melania, I feel nothing for her. I think she made her own bed. Too bad there’s an orangutan in it.

@46, “smile if you are not a lamp.” ROTFLMAO. Thanks for that DYB.

@47, can you say iron clad pre nup? Her only hope of escape is if he keels over dead, sooner rather than later.

@48, actually a real orangutan would be many steps up. I bet they haven’t shared a bed or had sex since Barron was conceived.

@49: Uh, that would be me who did that embed cats. Just call it a hit and run.

@50, apologies, Fredster. You both make me laugh, forgive my mistake? How is your mouth doing? Healing well i hope.

@51: No biggie cats. I’m stopping by as I can and have time, so since I’ve been scarce it’s an easy thing to do.

The mouth is healing s-l-o-w-l-y. The oral surgeon said it would be around 4 months or so before I could take a look at doing anything like a bridge or implant.

@46, eurmmmm, that could have been far more hilarious. But they did get the lip movements to match the words; that was weird. I also know my Sen. Cantwell, may she continue in office for many more terms, does not talk like that.

Anyhow, time for another critter video!

@45 Cats @ 38, I know, I know!

He has the look of a very intelligent, very composed satyr. And that sly grin! 😛

(had to look up saturnine but that word did not mean what I thought it meant)

Luna, that dog was so cute!

@54, yes PDXPat, a very sexy man….and at least at the moment, a righteous defender of aggrieved women. I do hope he gets to depose agent orange and we get to see it.

@53: eurmmmm, that could have been far more hilarious

Really? Suggestions?

(Note to self: ixnay on the BLR vids – this crew is too rough)

NEW POST! A day late!

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