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Hello Widdershins! While the whirlwind of putrescence continues to swirl out of the White House, some good news is coming out of red states despite themselves. As has become the norm since #theResistance first formed, the day after Drumpf was illegally inaugurated after stealing the election from Our Girl and her 3 million-vote popular vote majority, it is women who are leading the charge.

Along with the wave of blue that is sweeping through the special elections this year, there is a wave of strikes by teachers in states where Republicans dominate the political landscape. As we at TW have discovered, Republicans hate any public programs that help the vast unwashed instead of their oligarch buddies in Russia.  Hence their obsession with destroying the New Deal, as well as any Democratic contributions which added to it (such as the Affordable Care Act). And there is no more effective way to erase artificial barriers of race, gender and class than to provide the public with a good, free education. Don’t believe me? Just ask ‘Enry ‘Iggins of “Pygmalion”/”My Fair Lady” fame.

Teachers have been striking quite a bit in the last few months. Even though it’s mostly uppity wimminz doing it, somehow, New York Magazine noticed all the activity.

Spurning a pay raise offer from Governor Doug Ducey as too narrow and inadequately funded, Arizona teachers voted to walk off the job on April 26. Of the 57,000 teachers and school employees who participated in a vote organized by the NEA affiliate (the Arizona Education Association) and the grassroots group Arizona Educators United, 78 percent voted to strike.

The planned action is the culmination of weeks of protests by teachers (under the rubric “#RedforEd,” as supporters were urged to wear red to show solidarity) who decried low pay and years of tax-cut-driven education funding cuts. As in states where earlier teacher protests and walkouts have occurred (West Virginia, Kentucky, and Oklahoma), the Arizona action is a direct response to the fiscal policies Republicans have pursued in states they firmly control.

If the strike takes place on April 26th, it will be the third red-state teachers’ strike in 2018. And it’s only April!

As Fredster noted in comments a while back, there’s more. Teachers aren’t just putting themselves and their livelihoods at risk to gain a living wage. They’ve decided to try to make their red states just a bit more purple. D*mn those ladies and their scary parts!

The same spirit of activism that’s leading teachers to walk out in West Virginia and stage protests from Oklahoma to Arizona is driving many of them to run for office themselves. The debate over school shootings and whether to arm teachers or other personnel at schools has also put teachers near the center of political debate.

“I’ve always thought teachers make incredible candidates,” says Andrea Dew Steele, president of Emerge America, which trains Democratic female candidates. “Our women run because they want to impact their community, and teachers are innately driven to do that.”

I’m searching for good news a lot these days. These brave teachers and patriotic teachers seem to qualify.

There is so much to talk about that…of course this is an open thread.

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