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Lazy Weekend Music~Suspicions or Paranoia?

Posted on: April 22, 2018

Happy Weekend Widdershins!

Suspicion and paranoia (?) seem to be ruling the W.H. these days.

Trump, according to Comey, was fixated on the “pee-pee tape” thing to the point of asking Comey to investigate it so that Melania would be reassured it didn’t happen.  Personally I could see it happening despite tRump’s protestations that he’s a “germophobe”.  His  hatred of Obama  is so strong that I could see him wanting to watch two hookers urinate on the bed that Obama and Michelle slept on in that room.

There’s his fixation on the 2016 election and the electoral college.  It’s been more than a year since he

Trust no one

became (ahem) President yet he keeps babbling on and on about it.  And then of course there is “Russia, Russia, Russia” and “no collusion”.  Add in his fixations with Sessions, Rosenstein and Mueller, plus the possibility that Michael Cohen might flip and the guy truly trusts no one.

So…let’s take a look at some songs about suspicions and add in a dash or two of paranoia.  Of course your contributions are welcomed.

(1) Suspicious Look In Your Eyes~The Hollies

(2) Gonna Be More Suspicious~Robin Trower

(3) Different Finger~Elvis Costello

(4) P2 Vatican Blues (Last Saturday Night)~George Harrison

(5) Another Town~Keith Whitley
“Somehow I’m a little bit suspicious in my mind”

(6) Paranoid~Black Sabbath

There ya go Widdershins – six songs of  suspicion and paranoia.

Open thread and your contributions are welcomed and appreciated.




73 Responses to "Lazy Weekend Music~Suspicions or Paranoia?"

I didn’t realize this… I didn’t think I could hate the NY Times more. I remember when this happened and it took days for the Times to acknowledge the mistake. I think at that point even the public editor went after the reporters for their behavior.

Great theme Fredster and songs.

Here’s a real oldie…


Yes, the NYTs waited a darn long time to even endorse Hillary. All of the media would rather report great vibes for the Sandbag or Big Rump.

@2, No. Words.

@2, never read that before, but I am not surprised. Just like all the security failures in the trump admin don’t matter a bit. Private emails just aok for govt business, full access to a classified info for people who don’t have permanent security clearances, prez publicly giving the Russians classified info from an ally, all of that pales in comparison to what Hillary risked by using a secured private email server. The hypocrisy is malodorous putrefaction at this point. I want justice for Hillary, it may be the only thing of value to come out of this orange cesspool.

I had thought Hillary was NOT under criminal investigation in the email “scandal” despite the media’s hyping it 24/7 during the campaign, but then read that Comey said recently she WAS under criminal investigation for the emails. So which was it? Was she or wasn’t she?

I’m under the impression she was NOT. They were going over everything — everything — with finetoothed delousing combs hoping to find something anything they could start a criminal investigation on.

And they never found one thing.

So afaik they were looking for a criminal investigation, but there never was one.

Didn’t dick wad say in July there was insufficient evidence to charge/prosecute her which was not a determination he was as in a position to make (job of the prosecuting attorneys?). My point being wouldn’t there have to be a “criminal investigation” on which to base that conclusion or would that investigation begin when they had reason to believe she had committed a crime? Does Judicial Watch watch Rethugs too?

Really the email issue started from JW’s FOIA requests, then was picked up by the Benghazi nuts when they realized she had a personal server. It was considered a ‘security review’ to check if server was secure. (It was)
They had no basis to believe a crime had been committed so, therefore no criminal investigation. They were also checking to see if her emails had been archived correctly. They could have checked that through her top aids with their State Department .gov address, but I guess that was too much work.

And while I’m at it – why doesn’t (didn’t) the media report that government employees are suppose to delete their personal emails when leaving office? Or that they are expected, even charged with destroying their old devices? What do they think they do – throw them in a drawer somewhere or just leave them laying around? Another media failure. And somewhat Hillary’s campaign for not blasting this over the airwaves.

@13, thanks GAgal, great info. I think Hillary gave up explaining/providing facts because so few ever listened or even wanted to hear. It was far more delicious to scorn and malign her. I just learned this week that the Goldman Sachs “speeches” were in fact Q&A sessions between GS execs and other personnel with Hillary speaking extemporaneously. And of course she was out of office at the time. The transcripts were really not hers to give, there was nothing she actually wrote to present. i still remember how gobsmacked Hillary was when Anderson asked her why she accepted so much money from GS for those “speeches”and how smug Andrea Mitchell was implying that there had to be something to hide there if she didn’t release them. No matter what she did she was wrong.

@14 catscatscats> I had no idea about the speeches being Q&A. Do you remember where you read that?

HRC delivered a speech at PEN and there are some amazing quotes. See thread.

I was just reading that and you beat me to it! Fabulous! Hope there is video.

Fredster, excellent post. Like the songs, and the doxie is gorgeous. Hubs likes Robin Trower. Fredster, sorry couldn’t get here earlier, had a busy Sunday.

Just glancing at twitter. Is this a good sign?

Republicans want to change the rules when it looks like they might lose.

Arizona Republicans seek law change in case John McCain seat in play

Arizona lawmakers are debating legislation that would keep John McCain’s Senate successor off the ballot in November’s midterm elections, should the seat become open before the end of next month.

The bill, which could come up for a vote this week, would change the state’s process for replacing members of Congress who resign or die in office.

Critters! No video, alas.

‘Very angry badger’ causes part of Scottish castle to be closed

Parts of a Scottish castle remain closed to the public after a “very angry badger” took up residence. The cellar tunnel at Craignethan Castle, in South Lanarkshire, was initially closed last week after the animal arrived, and remains closed while the damage it caused is repaired.

It is thought the animal had become lost, and staff tried to lure it out with cat food and honey.

@15, DYB i had googled it and found this link, another opinion piece but I can’t remember which newspaper and I just now glanced at one Investor Daily hit piece that acknowledged that it was Q&A but of course it went on to say her responss were “banal” and “pabulum” and therefore a “payoff.”

This the newspaper article DYB but it was behind a firewall so this link may not work. It was “pro” Hillary.

@13 GAgal said:

They had no basis to believe a crime had been committed so, therefore no criminal investigation.

That’s what I thought – that there had to be cause in order for a criminal investigation to be undertaken and there was no cause. Then Comey comes along and says in his book that it was a criminal investigation and that the original NY Times story was closest to the truth, and I was thinking that as the director of the FBI at the time he should know. The Times story (which I just read yesterday) had Hillary massively mishandling classified material on the private server, but with no “intent.” If that is true I find it amazing that they couldn’t find anything prosecutable in all that. Then I also read a Rolling Stone article about the reopening of the investigation just before the election and find it hard to take it seriously. According to that article, “tens of thousands” of Hillary’s emails were found on Anthony Weiner’s laptop and the agents told Comey it would be impossible for them to look at all of them before the election. Then they turn around and complete the task, announce there is no “there” there and re-close the investigation in a mere 9 days (48 hours before the election.)
Anyway, there are so many contradictions and conflicting accounts that it is almost impossible to know the real truth and that pisses me off a lot because I need accurate information to judge for myself. Also, I like Hillary a lot and I think she deserves better than what she’s gotten.

Branjor, what people have said above, plus about that “massively mishandling.” The only thing she did that was not according to protocol was having the emails on her own server.

Which is the same thing Colin Powell did and Condoleeza Rice and, I gather, practically everybody because in the 00s IT depts hadn’t caught up to reality and it was the only way to get work done.

Colin Powell, I seem to remember,just used some account for his. Clinton in contrast used the one set up for former Prez Bill with security out the wazoo.

And she “mishandled” nothing. Out of tens of thousands, three — count ’em, three — emails were marked with a (c), the lowest level of classified. And this is the kicker, either 2 or all 3 (don’t remember) were marked classified after the fact.

So she’s supposed to clairvoyantly know what some bureaucrat will take into his head, months after the fact.

I bet the reason she never shouted about all this is because every time she tried to point out the truth all she got was, “Whines! Complains! Won’t accept responsibility!” etc etc etc ad nauseam.

Catscatscats> Thank you so much for finding those! I literally found out from you that those were not speeches. Says a lot about our media.

@26> And isn’t (c) actually stand for Confidential, not classified? Confidential is the lowest level of classification. Comey lied about the thousands of emails in his testimony to Congress and then had to send a correction that it was only 3. But the damage was done. Again. As always.

As far as their claims that they couldn’t have possibly gone through all those emails in time – that was a lie from the beginning. I remember when it first happened someone asked Edward Snowden (!) how long it would take and he responded that on his very outdated laptop it would take a few hours.

This is being blasted on many news sites.

The GOP plans to use Hillary as one of their major pinatas.

A big middle finger salute to all of them and everyone that participates.

Neo Nazis held a rally in Georgia. Two dozen Nazis, 100 anti-protesters, 700 law enforcement. A few anti-protesters were arrested for not removing their masks (maybe antifa?)

@26, quixote, i seem to recall Colin Powell also advising her how to avoid FOIA and she declined to follow that advice. I also recall reading the IG report that went back to Albright which was pre-email. They went back that far to determine if there had been similar instances and, if so, how they were handled. The IG didn’t want to persecute her and give, let’s say, Powell a pass for the same offense. Got to love the careerists who do their jobs without bias.

@27, DYB, I am over the moon: I actually stumbled on something you weren’t aware of! I only saw that a week or so ago myself, but NPR posted that in 2016 and WP in 2017. No media bias, right? Just bury it. Cherry picking statements she made and taking them out of context is another fav ploy of the media.

@29, i have to screw up the courage to read that one, Shadow.


I shutter when I think of these people as US citizens. Wish that they had caught the dried grass they were standing on, on fire.

Branjor, this is several links down in the least offensive coverage from September, 2016: a Vanityfair piece I’ll post a link to in another comment.

Cummings Issues Statement on Revelation that Classified Information Found on Personal Email Accounts of Colin Powell and Immediate Staff of Condoleezza Rice
Feb 4, 2016
Press Release
Cummings Issues Statement on Revelation that Classified Information Found on Personal Email Accounts of Colin Powell and Immediate Staff of Condoleezza Rice
Washington, DC (Feb. 4, 2016)—Today, Rep. Elijah E. Cummings, Ranking Member of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, issued the following statement in response to new disclosures that former Secretary Colin Powell and the immediate staff of former Secretary Condoleezza Rice received classified national security information on their personal email accounts:

…. “In fact, none of the emails Secretary Clinton received was marked classified, and we have seen no evidence that any previous Secretary of State used an official email account.

“Last night, we were informed by the State Department Inspector General that former Secretary Colin Powell and the immediate staff of former Secretary Condoleezza Rice received classified national security information on their personal email accounts. The emails apparently had no classification markings, and it remains unclear whether the information in the emails was or should have been considered classified at the time it was sent. ”

The memo explains that the Inspector General is reviewing the email practices of the five previous Secretaries of State. As part of that review, the memo states that on December 29, 2015, the State Department determined that 12 emails obtained by the Inspector General contained classified national security information, two of which went to the personal email account of former Secretary Powell and ten of which went to the personal email accounts of the immediate staff of former Secretary Rice.

More here:

The fact that it is still extremely difficult to establish the truth of Hillary’s use of a secured private server, that it was in no way criminal, and certainly not unprecedented, is one more indication of the hatred people from every tier in this country have for women as effective adults and not permanent semi-children.

I had to wade through everything from outright lies from Wired to the usual mainstream media articles that were 3/4’s taken up with false blame and hatred, to get to the Vanityfair piece with the relevant links.

This is the Vanityfair article that shows Powell outright lied about his advice to Hillary, and that has a lot of actual fact-based links:

It ends with:

Two weeks ago, Powell was seemingly growing frustrated with the Clinton campaign pointing a finger at him for the Democratic nominee’s decision to use her private email account and, in his words, the attempts to “pin it” on him. But after reading this exchange, it seems Powell got off easy.

Quelle surprise.

@29, read it Shadow. I am sick of the demonizing. She is not going away, she is a private citizen with Constitutional rights so I say, to both bankrupt rethugs and purist Dems, “Bring it.” We have nothing to lose at this point, except our country. I refuse to believe that her approval rating is the same as Agent Orange’s. If you are running, address YOUR policies, what YOU bring to the table and let the person who best represents you, win. If you vote for either party out of some archaic view that “your” party is always right, and the other party is always wrong, you ARE “backward” and “deplorable” in the actual meaning of those words and the Republic is lost.

@33 and 34, well dug PDXPat, great info to have.


I agree, Cats.

@29, shadow, the Rethugs plans:

“I promise you that you’ll continue to see it — Hillary Clinton starring in our paid media. She’s a very powerful motivator”

Lololol. She’s a powerful motivator for our side! This is gonna backfire hugely on them.

@33, 34, Pat — Thank you! I knew I’d read this before, back sometime in the last few years, and now you found a reference for us.

38 Luna

They will lose at least one house, and we can laugh again at their stupidity.

Two critters, and one lost!

Thank you, Cats, Shadow and Luna.

@41, any idea why the otter’s feet are in the air? It almost looks photoshopped; it is such a weird pairing and that conger looks heavy!

Thank you quixote, DYB, Cats and PDX Pat for the Vanity Fair link. There’s a huge difference between “massive mishandling” of classified material and a mere 3 with the (c) inside the body of the email. I remember reading about most of what you said, how secure Hillary’s private server was (it was never hacked, but the state dept servers were), Powell’s and Rice’s use of personal emails with classified national security information on them and Powell lying about his advice to Hillary, but it sort of threw me when I read that COMEY recently said in his book that the investigation into Hillary was criminal. Was that another lie then? What is criminal is how much misinformation and downright lies are still flying around.

Given that Comey was a lawyer (I think?) and isn’t stupid, I suspect he says something that sounds a lot like there-was-a-criminal-investigation but when you read it in the original legalese you’ll find he’s saying that it actually wasn’t.

Or maybe not. In which case, yes, lying.

@43, cats, that tweet is from a legitimate outdoor guide in the U.K. Looks to me like the otter was leaping either in the act of heaving that eel out of the water and hopping farther away from the shore, or is tussling with a heavy strong eel and is throwing itself and eel down to get body weight over the jaws. But that’s a guess. I’ve never seen otters close enough or catching something that big! Apparently the European conger eel is the largest eel specie in the world. The average weight range per Wiki is anywhere from 5 to 55 lbs.

@46, Luna i assumed he was a legit guide. The otter must be muy strong to catch and land that eel! Your explanation makes sense. Thanks.

@45, quixote, I vote for “lying.” I think writing that book just made plain exactly who Comey is and it ain’t pretty. He definitely is not the White Knight he thinks he is.

@47, beautiful DYB, what a lovely thing to say to our girl.

@47 – That is wonderful! I’ve enjoyed reading all the comments about Our Girl too.

Apropos of media bros that are annoying and against HRC…I really wish Chris Hayes would be replaced by Joy Reid. He almost redeems himself by having Aunt Maxine on from time to time, but then he has to have Amy Chozick(!) and #TheBernout(!!). Fewer white boys, more strong women of color, please and thank you!!!

@49, cats, Comey lied by insinuation. Sanctimonious dickhead.

Posting this re-tweet as it’s an excellent thread on HRC’s work fighting for the rights of POC. Also shows what a problem-solver she is.

Now this I can get behind!

A bunch of clips in this thread:

madamb> yes, Chris Hayes is a big Bernie Bro as I understand it. I don’t watch his show, but it seems like Bernie is basically a co-host. One thing I have liked from seeing Hayes’ tweets is he has been very vocal in criticizing the media’s distribution of stolen DNC and Podesta emails. I don’t know how he covered it (I think Joy Reid flat out said she wouldn’t cover them because they were stolen?) So I don’t know how Hayes covered them on his program, but multiple tweets from him have said: Every media member who defends distributing DNC and Podesta emails should publish password to their email Inbox and then see how that works out for them.

If the allegations are true, Ronny Jackson may have destroyed his career, or at least his WH doc gig, by flying too close to Agent Orange. Excessive drinking on the job? Improperly dispensing meds? To whom, exactly? Hostile workplace? Oh, my.

Catscatscats, I just saw that. Bananas! How long has this been going on? He’s been the White House doctor for a while. I saw some Obama staffers previously tweet that they thought he was an honorable man based on their experiences with him. So…when did all this start. And would it have come out if he did not decide to join the cabinet? Yet another example of proximity to Trump and self-destruction.

“Improperly dispensing meds” Uh-huh. To himself? To the Orange Caligula? Oh my, I wonder what type of meds they were?

Also, what amount of drinking on the job is not excessive for healthcare clinicians? I want to know how much Irish single malt I can bring to work.

Grrr. There’s no reason for a Dem to switch from “opposed” to “present” just because a Rethug is out of town, even if it is for a funeral.

Senate panel narrowly endorses Mike Pompeo for secretary of state after Trump intervenes with key Republican

Secretary of state nominee Mike Pompeo narrowly eked out an endorsement from the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Monday after President Trump and a Democratic senator intervened at the last minute, all but guaranteeing that he will be confirmed by the full Senate later this week.

…one of those 11 Republicans — Sen. Johnny Isakson (R-Ga.) — was not present for the vote. He was out of town delivering a eulogy at his best friend’s funeral, senators said.

At the urging of panel chairman Bob Corker (R-Tenn.), Democratic Sen. Christopher A. Coons (Del.) volunteered to change his vote to “present” — making the vote 11 in favor, 9 opposed and 1 present, and enabling the committee to quickly push Pompeo’s nomination to the floor.

@59 Luna, yeah I noticed that. Not drinking on the job, excessive drinking on the job.

@61 GAgal, just the kind of drunk we want running the largest department in the Federal government. Not that veterans’ lives might be at stake or anything like that, oh nooooo.

Was Jackson drunk when he assessed “Twenty piece bucket” Trump’s health?

@60, Luna, Coons was just on and he said he voted “present” as a courtesy to his colleague but still intends to vote “no” on Pompeo when the Senate votes on his confirmation. He cited concerns about his previous positions on gay rights, human rights, Muslims, preference for military action and regime change. Still some hope there i think and it was a kind thing to do.

@63, Sue, sounds right to me. He sure looked medicinally amped when he delivered his glowing med eval of a man who has the eating habits of a raccoon. At least raccoons are smart, adorable and they have amazing “hands,” unlike the Dump.

@47, Yes! She said what I’ve been feeling, but never articulated as well. “Auntie” (in the African / South Asian sense, which is sort of like godmother+friend+mentor+best relative all rolled in to one) indeed!

47 DYB

That’s great. I have similar feelings…

“You’ve made many choices for the good of others, out of kindness and wisdom, to do what is best for the American people.
I’m still very protective of you. In my mind I call you my hero.
💞 @HillaryClinton

I love that so many on this blog refer to Hillary as, ‘Our Girl’.


“Improperly dispensing meds” Uh-huh. To himself? To the Orange Caligula? Oh my, I wonder what type of meds they were?

Also, what amount of drinking on the job is not excessive for healthcare clinicians? I want to know how much Irish single malt I can bring to work.”

You crack me up.

If I ended up working for the bloated, orange humpty…someone would have to bring me some happy pills and duct tape for my mouth, to keep the job.

63 Sweet Sue

Hahaha…he might of been drunk, unless it was the gun that was held against his head.

How are you feeling? Are you any better. I sure hope so.

GAgal, how are you feeling? I hope you are doing better.

Is this for real? I hope Trump sees it!

@71, well, it is real but merely clickbait to get you to the Reuters site. Still funny IMO.

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