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I’d like to speak to the manager!

Posted on: April 19, 2018


I suppose there are many games of 3D chess one can play, but I often wonder what kind of game Democrats are playing. As the country continues to spiral out of control with full cooperation of the Republican party (Mitch McConnell will not allow a vote on a bipartisan bill to protect Bob Mueller’s investigation), and the institutions are taking on more and more water, virtually all Resistance to Electoral College Baboon has been grassroots driven. (Real grassroots, not astroturfed like the Tea Party 10 years ago. Kochs literally paid for the Tea Party; Soros has not cut any checks.) So while the public is engaging in resistance, organizing massive marches and voting in special elections to kick Dumpists out (in Texas Democrat Beto O’Rourke is within margin of error against Rafael Cruz), I have seen so very little Resistance from our elected officials. If we have one name politician leader it may be Maxine Waters. Maybe add Ted Lieu and Adam Schiff. (Not counting HRC because she is a private citizen.) But almost everyone else is very careful not to rock any boats. Mark Warner told Democrats that if Rosenstein is fired they shouldn’t do anything.

Sen. Mark Warner, the top Democrat on the Intelligence Committee investigating Russian interference in the 2016 election, told a group of Democratic colleagues on Wednesday that they should adhere to a one- or two-day cooling-off period if Trump fires Rosenstein, according to three congressional sources. Rosenstein met Thursday with Trump amid reportsthat the White House is preparing an effort to undermine the deputy attorney general’s credibility.

“The first 24 to 48 hours, if and when that happens, we should stay calm; we should do our best to reach out across the aisle and talk to our colleagues and say, ‘Seriously, we cannot allow this to happen.’ Just don’t go immediately to DEFCON-1,” said a member of Congress who attended the meeting but asked for anonymity to discuss it candidly. “We should not say anything—let the dust settle for a minute. What I took from it is it’s better to build a coalition across the aisle than just to come out guns a-blazing saying, ‘We’ve got to impeach him now.’”

I don’t know what Mark Warner is smoking, but it’s almost like he has been in a coma for the last 20 years and hasn’t seen Republican behavior going back to Newt Gingrich. “Cooling-off period” is something Democrats have been doing for a long long time and look where it’s got us. And Warner he is far from alone. Chuck Schumer went to Kentucky to yuck it up with Mitch McConnell because:

“Actually, the Senate is a pretty collegial place. We don’t dislike each other,” McConnell said. “We have to work together.”

The problem with this is Schumer goes to yuck it up with McConnell while McConnell has virtually single-handedly destroyed the Senate and bipartisanship. But “we don’t dislike each other.” Actually I’d say Republicans have shown nothing but contempt for Democrats for about 20 years and Democrats continue to yuck it up as if we were all just playing a friendly game of Charades. The word “impeachment” has not entered elected Democrats’ lexicon. Many Democrats actually fear that impeaching Trump would just make Republicans really mad and will mean Republicans will try to impeach the next Democrat president. It’s as if none of these people know that Bill Clinton was impeached for lying about infidelity, Republicans spent 8 years trying to impeach Obama, and that President Hillary would have been impeached by March 2016. Meanwhile Republican Pres commits treason, profits off presidency – and “Let’s not overreact because we don’t want to make Republicans mad.” I am so so so disappointed and angry at our political leaders. There are actually no leaders. The Democratic base is angry and afraid of the insanity coming out of DC. And Democratic officials are Treebearding their voters to death. I don’t know what kind of rose-colored glasses they are wearing, but they truly don’t seem to recognize the seriousness of situation we are in, and they are not recognizing the anger of their voters. They think they can harness the grassroots led anger to win at the polls, but they may find themselves consumed by the fire, just like Republicans got scalded by the Tea Party in 2009 and beyond.

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Here are Republicans starting the paper trail which Trump will use to fire Rosenstein. But Chuck Schumer tweets at McConnell and then goes out drinking with him.

Great post DYB.

Freakin’ Democrats, as a whole, are too worried about their own image and let the ball drop, time after time. Rump would never have ‘won’ if Dems were on the ball. Electoral votes, Reed’s info about Russia involved in our election, problems with voters being tossed off the rolls and not able to vote for many reasons, Obama, Joe and the rest not campaigning for Hillary until the end of the election, etc, etc.

Hello Congress, get freakin’ WOKE!

Generally they want to appear open minded to all views, but are just plain cowards. Gilibrand is a prime example, screw your own colleague without a hearing, and pretend you are the Queen of the moral police.

Hillary has more courage and smarts than all of them put together.

And, I might add, she had the most experience!

But oh no, they were like bickering jackals, trying to figure out if the Give-away-the-farm, dumb$hit, not a Democrat, Uncle Sandbag….should get their support cause the kids wanted a free education and pot for everyone.

And in 2008, we all know what $hitheads the Dems were to push their golden boy into the Oval, and tell Hillary to work for him and wait her effing turn.

Rant almost over.

One regular commentator on CNN last night was comparing Rachael to Hannity, how she isn’t really covering the effin’ news, but is more just an opinion show like Hannity. I was in a rage over that one…


God, yes. Perfect.

Except that the Dems don’t do it from slowness but from plain old ass-covering.

At least, that’s what they think they’re doing. Someone needs to tell them that it all shows through that shredded Constitution they’re using.

Charges for McCabe as a result of the IG review and DoJ to release Comey docs to House repubs. I am getting tired of fastening my seat belt on this bumpy road to the cliff ahead.

DoJ to release Comey docs to House repubs.

How the heck can they just release the docs to the Rethugs and not the Dems?

Giuliani is going to join Big Rump’s legal ‘team’.

@4 In the high and far off times when I read about the Soviet Duma behaving like that for Stalin on Beria, I knew they risked a gulag if they didn’t and even so I thought they were spineless. All the Repubs risk is the same sort of twitter stream that women get all the time. Probably not as bad even. What are they? Trying for the World Champion Flop-eared Sellout with the game at nightmare level?

@5, Shadow, it was the repubs that asked for them. I initially heard Gowdy, Goodlatt and Nunes demanded them. Speculation was that it was an effort to fire Rosenstein, if he refused. I doubt that that means the Dems can’t see them too. What I don’t get is that these docs are considered evidence in an open investigation and as such are not normally released, even to Congress, especially one that can’t be trusted. Personally, Comey’s memos are just that, his version of what happened. Telling others what was said and writing it down is not the same as having corroborating witnesses or recordings of what was actually said. But I am not a lawyer and have never even played one on TV. This is the new norm and the institutions are teetering IMHO.

Excellent post, DYB. The Dem party is embarrassing, and has been even before they let Bernoid hijack the party so as to better screw everyone in America. Thank you for mentioning our terrific Los Angeles area congresspeople.

I think the only way to get spineful Dems is to elect them in November. All those regular people who are running and winning all the special elections will be a fantastic gust of fresh air and common sense.

PS, great post D!!

What do you guys think of this?

Another new item today:

So cute!

This article is really about Comey badmouthing Ghouliani in his book, but check out this part.

In his interview with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos, Comey did say he was aware that Giuliani was on TV in 2016 predicting surprise developments from the FBI just before the November election. Giuliani’s comments suggested he was privy to the discovery of more Clinton emails on a laptop belonging to former Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.), which the FBI got while investigating him on charges of sexting with a minor. “Yes, I saw that,” Comey said. “It’s part of what I ordered investigated.”

At a Senate hearing last year, days before Comey was fired, he was also asked specifically about leaks to Giuliani. Comey was careful not to accuse Giuliani of anything and said it wasn’t clear whether people at the FBI were leaking to him.

“I don’t know yet,” Comey told Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.). “But if I find out that people were leaking information about our investigations, whether it’s to reporters or to private parties, there will be severe consequences. … It’s a matter that I’m very, very interested in.”

First of all, the Democratic leaders should already have a plan in place for either Mueller or Rosenstein’s firing! With comments like Warner’s, he better not bet on those grassroots to elect him again. They are just as likely to primary him with shit like that.

8 Cats

Thanks for splainin’ Cats.
Turns out that the notes have been leaked, so everyone can read them.

Annie “The Dem party is embarrassing”

I couldn’t agree more.

MB, Yes…some new energy should show up this year in congress, especially the women and some men that are running because of Hillary’s encouragement.

Hopefully the Dems at least take back at least one house, and some of the Gowdy types hit the golden years, on social security.

These memos don’t say what Republicans hoped they would say. But some lawyers have pointed out it sets a bad precedent to have Congress interfere in investigations and DOJ handing over classified evidence on a whim.

Okay I was watching NBA playoffs with the Pelicans. Don’t want to watch Maddow and Comey so did O’Donnell cover anything about the memos? If so I’ll watch him.

“Treebearded?” Uh, what does that mean exactly? Treebeard and the other Ents were deliberate and thoughtful, but after 3 days (IIRC) debate they were ready to tear down Isengard.

Would that more of the Dems were like Treebeard.

@24, LOL!
@26, Cute!

DYB @22 & 23, very interesting!

I want all of these!

Oh how cute! Fredster will love the doxie.

A quote from the Vox article I linked to upthread. Forgot to include it.

“Yet though McCabe has been harshly criticized by President Donald Trump and his allies for months for supposed anti-Trump bias, he’s been investigated for and may be charged about a different topic entirely — that is, his purported attempts to mislead about his role in a leak at Hillary Clinton’s expense.”

Merkley and Murphy introduce Medicare buy in for all bill – including employers.

@37 – WITCH HUNT11111!

I really recommend people read David Corn’s book, “Russian Roulette.” The extent and magnitude of the connections between the Trump Crime Family and Pooty-Poot’s Russian friends are truly mind-boggling. It also gives you a good sense of timeline, and just how much he was trying to befriend Putin starting in 2013 so his Trump Tower for super-rich people could be approved. Apparently the entire reason for the pageant in Moscow was for Drumpf to meet Putin and get his approval for the project.

32 NW Luna

So darn cute!!!

The bunnies act like they haven’t eaten in a week while the doxie, blink, blink, blink…can’t believe they are eating that cold, green thing. (-; 😉

Black kitty doesn’t seem to like snow any more than he likes a bath. Little tail sticking up though the snow…so cute.

@27 Luna> I was thinking of Treebeard more as the “let’s not be hasty” creatures, which is what Warner is telling everyone. I read the books age ago and only once so not sure how it is in the books, but in the movies the Ents decide that man and hobbit problems aren’t their problems, and they will not march. Treebeard then agrees to take the Hobbits closer to home and Pippin (or Merry?) tricks Treebeard to taking them close to Isengard. That’s when Treebeard sees the destruction Saruman has wrought and calls on the Ents to attack. But before he saw the destruction Treebeard and all the Ents said “Don’t be hasty little Hobbits” and “this is not our fight.”

Also GAgal above said that at this point Democrats should already have a plan of action fo when it happens. It’s appalling that they don’t seem to. (Unless it’s a secret.)

There is no money for schools or healthcare.

39 MB

About time the Dems started fighting back. Wish they had included Comey.

I don’t know if they will ever be rewarded any money or paid, but attacking them, keeping them off balance, letting people know their are consequences and helping Hillary in any way possible, is better than it is now.

Also, having as many groups attacking all of these global thugs at one time, is important.

May the force be with them.

28 Annie, thanks for posting that link.

42 DYB

Wow, you have a great memory. I read the books when I was young and had forgotten most of that info you just mentioned.

43 DYB
April 20, 2018 at 1:14 pm

There is no money for schools or healthcare.

And there is a perfect Dem ad campaign for the midterm election.

Amy Chozick’s book is out. It seems complicated. On one hand she explicitly says journalists became Putin puppets by disseminating stolen emails. On the other hand, she still hates Hillary.

@42, DYB, and @46, shadow, I only saw the movie once and didn’t care for it — too many things different from the book. I’d forgotten the episode with the Ents was so off-base in the movie.

In the book, Treebeard meets the hobbits, listens to their story, and in return tells them that Saruman and his orcs have been felling trees — good trees! — and turning Isengard into a desolation of machines and foul smoke. Treebeard does often say “let’s not be hasty” but now is even more concerned after hearing the hobbits’ story. Treebeard calls an Entmoot (meeting of all the Ents), they deliberate over 3 days and then march to destroy Isengard.

@38, MB, also Trump sucks up to powerful thugs because he wants what they have.

I have to read this article in pieces, it breaks my heart.

Hillary, “They Were Never Going to Let Me Be President”.

Covering Hillary Clinton’s campaign from before it started to the very last moment.

(Sample of the article)

Robby Mook, the drained and deflated campaign manager, told his boss she was going to lose. She didn’t seem all that surprised.

“I knew it. I knew this would happen to me,” she said, now within a couple of inches of Mr. Mook’s ashen face. “They were never going to let me be president.”

@51. Hillary always had clear sight. She was talking about the right wing conspiracy in 1992 (or thereabouts) at a time when most people still had to look up the word. It’s why she would have been one of the few great Presidents. It’s why they were never going to let her be one.

@51, @52, now I’m about to cry all over again.

I saw the headline “Democratic Party sues Russia, Trump campaign and WikiLeaks over 2016 election” and for a moment my brain and heart said Yes! yes! And then Hillary will be our rightful President.

Oh DYB, sorry, I didn’t know you already posted the NYT article.


There were parts of the movie I loved, the Elfs like Legolas, Oorah!
Gandalf and his beautiful horse, Shadowfax…of course.

Gollum and most of the photography. The storyline wasn’t as good as the books.

@56, I assume Hillary and Bill will be there…..

My heart breaks for Hillary. If you read her book, she says at the beginning that it was tough for her to make the decision to run. She knew from Day One that she might lose. Yet…SHE DID IT ANYWAY. That is the glory of Our Girl. She never, ever lets anyone tell her she can’t. And, look at the glass ceiling she broke for future women who run. She cares about things like that.


“Never give up, keep on going. If you hear the dogs, keep going.”

This is printed on the 2008 t-shirt I bought to help pay off her debt when Obama was anointed Pres over her. I still have it and wear it, I just want to be able to wear, “Madam President” t-shirt…I have been saving.

I want the path cleared, Russia, Trump, the FBI and media pushed out of the way…and have her run, one more time.

Never give up Hillary!!!

We knew it would be harder for you to win, after 2008, it took Russia, the media and the FBI to roadblock you.

I just don’t have confidence in the Dem party, that they would stand behind her.

She’s too old.
She falls too much.
She needs…
She ….x, y, z.

@60, “She’s got too much baggage.” Like winning more votes than any white man has? Like winning the popular vote despite Comey, Bernie, Russia, emailz & sexism?

She’s too damn smart and she’s got ovaries. That’s her “baggage.”

Here is a WaPo article about the NYT’s ‘No Clear Link to Russia’ article. And Baquet’s excuses instead of admitting their FBI source lied to them. From a Comey interview:

Remnick: In fact, didn’t the FBI already know about George Papadopoulos’s involvement with the Russians? The intelligence agencies knew that the Russians were engaged in efforts to meet with members of the Trump campaign and do damage to the Clinton campaign. CIA Director [John] Brennan at that point strongly believed the Russians were supporting the Trump candidacy in many ways. Why would the FBI push that story on the New York Times a week before the election?”

Comey: Yeah, that’s a hard one to answer. I don’t know who the FBI is in this context. The FBI didn’t, at least to my knowledge, push any such story. By that point, we had concluded that there was an ongoing effort, that it had three goals: To dirty up the American democracy, to hurt Hillary Clinton and to help elect Donald Trump. And so, I don’t know who was talking to the New York Times, but that’s my reaction to it.

Remnick: You’re saying the Times’s FBI sources, on that story a week before the election, were wrong.

Comey: I don’t want to react to all of that because I’m being careful to abide my earlier rule where I’m not going to talk about details of the investigation. But at least with respect to the bit about what the goals of the Russian effort were, it’s just wrong. And that’s the challenge of an organization of 38,000 people. I don’t know who the FBI is in this context.

So the Repub talking points on the Comey memo: There was no collusion, Comey must be lying because he never wrote memos to himself after meeting with Obama, Hillary(huh?) or Loretta Lynch, Comey never considered a special counsel to look into Lynch’s objectivity – and the funniest and biggest lie of all, the memos showed Trump wanted the investigation to continue.

I have to say this part is hilarious. (I mean, how stupid can they be to include this?)

These memos also lay bare the notion that former Director Comey is not motivated by animus. He was willing to work for someone he deemed morally unsuited for office, capable of lying, requiring of personal loyalty, worthy of impeachment, and sharing the traits of a mob boss. Former Director Comey was willing to overlook all of the aforementioned characteristics in order to keep his job. In his eyes, the real crime was his own firing.

Love all the critter links!

Yes, Shadow! And @63, sooooooo true!

Chozick’s book is getting a lot of heat; the WaPo review is pretty harsh. She basically comes across as a Hillary stalker. Like Gollum – she hates Hillary, but needed her approval and never got it, which made her even angrier. Chozick sounds to me like she just needs to talk to her shrink about her mommy issues. And that alleged line from Hillary that they would never let her be President is picked up by the right-wing and the alt-left of how privileged and entitled Hillary is. There’s no way to verify that line; the only person who could have told Chozick is Robby Mook. He hasn’t denied it, though others have already pushed back on several assertions Chozick makes (including Chelsea and Bill via a spokesperson.)

State Department strikes reproductive rights, ‘Occupied Territories’ from human rights report

The State Department’s annual human rights report released Friday drops references to reproductive rights for women and stops using the phrase “Occupied Territories” to describe Israel’s presence in Gaza and the West Bank. The report, which covers 2017, focuses less on societal attitudes and discrimination than in previous years and more on governmental actions that encourage or reward violence and bigotry. It is the first human rights report to reflect the Trump administration’s views and priorities.

In what is likely to be the most controversial change, the report strips a section labeled “reproductive rights” that outlined access to contraception and abortion, as well as maternal mortality rates, for every country. In its place is a section for each country called “coercion in population control,” documenting involuntary or “unethical” sterilization.

Separate sections on reproductive rights were introduced during the Obama administration in the 2011 report released the following year, at the end of Hillary Clinton’s tenure as secretary of state.

“It’s not a diminishment of women’s rights or the desire to get away from it,” said Michael G. Kozak, a senior official with the Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor, which issues the report. “It’s a desire to get away from using a term that has different meanings.”

No, no, no, not a “diminishment of women’s rights” because we Rethugs think that women shouldn’t have rights over their own bodies in the first place.

@71. Love it! Perfect.

@72, Mueller tape? Oh-ho-ho! Lot of use potential there…

@74: DYB, I’d say that blurb is a real testament to how the role of “First Lady” hasn’t changed at all.

This is a great tweet by David Hogg (I’ve actually seen this at a couple of marinas back in my sailing days in the 80s):

The mob has borne me aloft (metaphorically, of course) with their torches and — in their infantile gulosity — devoured everything I worked to build. My voice is trapped in a seashell in the grip of a NARAL-affiliated sea-witch, and I swim haplessly through the world, bipedal but voiceless. No. Voiceless is not the word I want. Sponsorless. Except for my ability to type and publish this now, the world has excommunicated me and barred me from public spheres, where I cannot exist in safety. I am like a mime (I once saw a mime on the streets of Chicago; I think this image speaks for itself).

Erik Wemple is the only MSM journalist who keeps pursuing this – and Dean Baquet is not backing down. Even though Comey said the column was wrong.

NASA released a new image and a virtual tour of the Lagoon Nebula, a celestial body 4,000 light-years away.

These are beautiful shots by Hubble…

@78, annie, the sea lions are *that* afraid of dogs?

@74, DYB, amazing. There’s no CDS there yet.

@80, DYB, Weaselly NYT. Never mind what Comey said or the facts; we’re sticking to our story.

@79, that is hilarious! Poor widdle straight white guy.

@86, yeah, Hillary Clinton, the woman they love to hate until they meet her and realize she gets shit done, and surprise, surprise she is actually a nice person…. Then again Ghouliani’s opinion is worth spit. I heard a clip of him at a rally where he was firing them up with the out of context, “What differnce does it make?”, from her Benghazi testimony. I hope Mueller nails his oily ass.

Did i hear this morning that dump went after Haberman in a tweet and called her a Hillary lover???

Cats, well said. I’ve loathed Giuliani since before 9/11. New York was lucky to have Hillary at that terrible time. Haven’t seen a tweet like that yet.

Here it is:

Haberman a Hillary flunkie? In what world? He’s so nuts, apparently he spelled her name wrong earlier:

Luna @82, yes, I saw dogs chase the occasional sea lion that would plop up on a dock several times. Especially my sister’s boyfriends Border Collie! I think the dogs figured they were protecting us from the big scary beasts.

@89 and 90, thanks Annie. Yeah, i bet Maggie thought the “Hillary Flunkie” part must be the most abhorrent, cutting insult she has ever received. Tee hee…

Catscatscats, yes no doubt being called a Hillary flunky is a grave insult to MAGA Haberman.

That’s an interesting observation about Trump’s tweets being identical. So he does have them written down.

Giuliani had many fans in NY. My parents loved him and wanted to vote for him for President. But he was trash. His cleaning up of NYC was overdone. He tried to ban street food vendors. He bought homeless people one way tickets out of town. He tried to shut down museums that displayed art he didn’t like. And don’t forget, under Giuliani there were several notorious police shootings and tortures. 23 year old Amadou Diallo was died in a hail of bullets by cops. There was NYPD torture of Abner Louima. Many others. Giuliani always sided with the cops. He forced Time Warner Cable to start airing Fox News in 1996! On 9/11 front pages of all NY papers were of Giuliani’s divorce. He informed his second wife that he was leaving her for his mistress at a press conference. Giuliani was and is garbage.

DYB, I remember all of those things about Giuliani.

Re: Mrs. Betty Bower’s tweet, I wonder who is scripting dump’s tweets? If its someone else, why don’t they make him sound like a thoughtful human being instead of a ranting imbecile?

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