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Musing Tuesday: Russia, Russia, Russia

Posted on: April 17, 2018

Good Tax Tuesday, all. Today, no activism, because all of my thoughts are about Russia. Michael Cohen? Stormy Daniels and Sean Hannity are distractions from the fact that he very likely went to Prague to pay off Russian hackers to steal emails from the DNC. Collusion is a mild word for behavior that criminal and traitorous. Syria bombings? Russia was warned first, and no real damage was done. Sanctions? First yes, then no. Sorry, Nikki Haley – maybe the Mango Moron doesn’t love you as much as you think he does.

And then, of course, there is the sanctimonious partisan hack, James Comey, going around the media circuit trying (and succeeding) to sell his self-serving version of why he felt so honorably honor-bound to honorably leak the non-story of #ButHerEmails on October 28th.  He’s given quite a few reasons for this, none of which hold water. Clearly the present danger in 2016 was the Russians, not a private email server from which a few classified emails may have escaped, several years before!

My opinion is that Comey wanted to damage Hillary. Honestly, what other explanation is there? He said he thought she would win, and he didn’t want her to be “illegitimate.” What in the world does that mean, when you know the guy running against her IS CHEATING with the help of RUSSIA?! Remember, the FBI had Christopher Steele yelling and screaming in their ears…and they didn’t listen or act on the information. In fact, according to “Russian Roulette,” the FBI knew in 2014 that Russia was launching a cyber war on us.  Here’s an excerpt from an excellent WaPo article about Steele and the FBI – check the out the last sentence:

Steele’s last report for Fusion was submitted on Oct. 20. The Post reported that the FBI had reached an agreement with Steele to pay him to continue his work after the election but that the arrangement fell apart after his research became public. He may have been reimbursed for some travel expenses. [Update: In his testimony, Simpson revealed that Steele at one point broke off communications with the FBI after the New York Times published an article saying the agency had found little evidence of ties between Trump and Russia.]

Steele also provided a copy of his dossier to a national security official in Britain and to an associate of Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), who in turn gave it to Comey. Presumably it was not newsworthy at that point to the FBI director. [bolding mine]

So let me get this straight. A guy with an impeccable reputation for knowing what’s up with Pooty-Poot and Russia shows up at your doorstep and says, “Yoohoooooo, Mr. Comey! Did you know the Republican nominee for President is compromised by Russia?”…and it’s not newsworthy to you? On what planet is that likely?

Of course it was newsworthy, and of course it should have been disclosed. The American people deserved to know, and because Comey is, indeed, a Republican partisan hack, he instead decided what we REALLY needed to know was that there were three new emails on Anthony Weiner’s laptop (out of 49,000, not hundreds of thousands), none of which indicated the slightest bit of wrongdoing. No one needed to know anything was going on at all, UNLESS THEY FOUND SOMETHING!

Now, do I believe that Comey is telling the truth about Drumpf? Yes, I do, partly because he’s done it under oath already, and I see no reason to think he would be so brazen as to lie in that circumstance. In the main, though, his story deeply fits Donnie’s (lack of) character. I also think Comey is a model of rectitude in his own mind, so he is unlikely to lie in general. But it’s a huge mistake to think that he isn’t a Republican. He is, and as a Republican, I believe he wanted to cripple Hillary’s presidency from Day 1, giving new life into a non-scandal that the Republican Senate and House could then use as an excuse to impeach her. No more uppity Clinton female in the White House! Bonus for Comey, because ya know, TJSAHIDL (from Jennifer Palmieri’s book, this acronym stands for “There’s just something about her I don’t like,” code for the understanding that powerful women are always disliked because of that whole vajayjay thing). Yup, he did it because he’s a Republican, and he would do it again in a heartbeat, even though he knew he helped Drumpf get elected. Can you believe this f*ckwad?!

One interesting thing came out about Jimmie’s Great Adventure in the past few days…Comey has claimed that Drumpf won’t criticize Putin even in private. He certainly hasn’t said anything critical about the suspicious death of yet another Russian journalist, now, has he? Maybe that’s because, Lordy, he knows there are tapes…and Michael Cohen has them! And now, the FBI has them too. They seem to think it’s newsworthy now, don’t they?

Scout’s honor, Widdershins: this is an open thread.

96 Responses to "Musing Tuesday: Russia, Russia, Russia"

MB, great post and I agree that although Comey is probably telling the truth about Big Rump, he destroyed Hillary’s chance of becoming President because HE needs to be in control and his little whimpering that he hopes he didn’t cause Hillary to lose the election, as if we would feel sorry for him.

He and Rump are at the top of my $hit list.

Comey said this:
In the lead up to the election, Comey was around Clinton supporters in his own home, too, saying that in addition to his wife, Patrice, “at least my four daughters, probably all five of my kids, wanted Hillary Clinton to be the first woman president.”

“There was a lotta passion in this house for Hillary Clinton. And … I get that. But again, I hope it illustrates to people that I really wasn’t making decisions based on political fortunes,” he said, in reference to criticism from Democrats that his public announcements as then director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation regarding the FBI’s investigation of Hillary Clinton’s handling of emails may have cost her the election.

As far as Hillary goes, I think this little book is his self imposed confessional mixed with ego and excuses.

I’m going to put this link to a Charles Pierce article on Comey here again because I added it so late last night/early a.m. on the previous post.

Cuteness tweet!

@4, I WANT HIM!!! Did i beat out DYB?

Wonderful post madamab! Your title made me flashback to the Brady Bunch, was that intentional?

@5 Cats – Yes, it was! 🙂 You are good!!

@3 Fredster – the whole “not gonna do sanctions” thing is pretty mind-blowing. I think Drumpf really is unable to understand that the Cohen threat and the Mueller threat are both existential and both about Russia. The optics of throwing Nikki Haley under the bus (Nikki is one of the saner and more competent members of the Administration, not saying much of course) AND doing it on behalf of Russia, while all of this sh*t is hitting the fan, well…hard to believe the Mango Moron doesn’t get how bad this looks. And yes, the little kangaroo is SUPER CUTE!!

@1 Shadow – See, if he wasn’t making decisions based on political fortunes, then why did he admit that he was expecting Hillary to win, and so he felt he didn’t want her to be “illegitimate”?! This is why none of what he says makes any sense.

After I wrote this last night, I noticed many of the MSNBC contributors were saying they didn’t believe Comey on Clinton. I think his inconsistencies are starting to become problematic in that area.

I don’t think history will be kind to him, even though that’s clearly what he’s going for. He deserved to be fired for what he did to Hillary. The only reason we care about his firing is that it was clearly due to the Russia investigation, which makes it obstruction of justice.

@2 – very good article by Charles Pierce.


Ahhhh, a baby roo.

6 MB

I actually think Comey is hated by most Americans right now. He thinks American’s will give him a free pass like Obama did…he is dreaming.

Took a little while to find this but Ari Melber sez Comey still doesn’t get it (and he’s right)

Yay for this. Hope it works out.

I’l add in the other tweet which I *thought* would show above at 12:

@6: “…hard to believe the Mango Moron doesn’t get how bad this looks.” I am beginning to wonder if 1) he fears Putin more than he fears Mueller, Congress or the American people; and/or 2) he believes (wrongly), since he has gotten away with everything his entire life through bullying and filthy lucre, that his usual MO will ensure he lands on his feet yet again while everyone else slides beneath the ooze. I honestly don’t think he understands fully the jeopardy he is in; he may be sly, but he ain’t no genius. I saw a clip a few weeks ago and somebody asked him something like, “knowing what you know now, what would you do differently.” With a straight and possibly sad face, he said, “Not run for President.” Alas, so true. At the time, i think he was just weary of his latest celebrity reality show which he really didn’t want in the first place. Running was just a stunt to brighten his fools’ gold brand.

Congressman Charlie Dent (R-PA) announces he’s leaving Congress. He originally said he would retire at the end of the term but now says he’s leaving in a few weeks; won’t even finish out his term.

Another one bites the dust.

@10, great Ari video, Fredster. He hit Comey with so many truth arrows, Comey could be an art class model for St. Sebastian. Comey is digging a very deep hole for himself that will eventually bury him.

@15, keep ‘em coming, GOP. We appreciate the assist with the clean up.

What’s the deal with all these brainless stumps not filling their seats until the end of their terms? Are they afraid if they’re in DC Mueller may notice them and start asking about Russian campaign contributions? (I gather there were something like 23 Congressmen who got Russian money & help, but haven’t bothered to see if there’s overlap between resignees and bribees.)

I just don’t understand why the sudden five-alarm abandonment of their posts. I don’t recall ever seeing that before. Congresscritters who didn’t finish their terms were terminally ill or the like. What’s going on here?

I don’t think Comey’s media blitz/book tour is going the way he thought it would – at all. Isn’t Rachel interviewing him on her show tonight? Wonder what new questions she’ll ask. (I didn’t read the entire 5 hour transcript so I don’t know all of what’s been covered)

@18, Thursday’s show GAgal.

@19 Thanks, Cats!

RIP Barbara Bush.

MB, excellent post, really loved it.

@2, great article, I really like his stuff.

@13 – that is AWESOME! Hope they can contain and use it, There was a Scorpion episode where they created something similar to that enzyme, and it ate through a giant trash island in the Pacific.

Charlie Dent resigning should make the GOP shake in their boots. I’d assume his seat should be flippable.

Thanks Annie! Yes, RIP Barbara Bush. Did you know she was a strong supporter of Planned Parenthood? Somehow none of the stories about her have mentioned that. I found out on the Twitter machine.

Quixote, I have no clue. I think what they’re doing instead of holding Drumpf accountable?

@10, Fredster, I had to turn off the sound at the part when Comey gives his BS spiel about the Clinton investigation.

Amazing that Melber does this good of a job analyzing Comey’s failings. Where was this level of insight from the media in 2016?

@15> Charlie Dent told Judy Woodruff that he was leaving because when a wave comes, you should leave the beach.

On the Russian sanctions: best part so far was Larry Kudrow saying that Nikki Hayley was confused when she made the announcement. Hayley shot back that she doesn’t get confused. It seems that the White House wanted Hayley to take the fall on this and say she misunderstood the instructions – and she refused.

And did you see that Pompeo travelled to North Korea and met with Kim Jong Un over Easter????

Comey can go fuck himself. The explanations he offers on why he did what he did make no sense. They made no sense when he testified to Congress and they make no sense now. He should have kept his mouth shut. But in various interviews he’s admitted that media coverage influenced his decision to speak. So – as a few folks like Melber and Nate Cohn and Greg Sargent – have pointed out, Comey was playing politics and trying to cover his own ass. It had nothing to do with integrity.

Linda Sarsour and Tamika Mallory are livid at Starbucks for including the ADL in their list of organizations that will work to improve their culture. NAACP is there too, but they are calling for a boycott of Starbucks over inclusion of ADL. Meanwhile Farrakhan is cool with them…

The other thing with Comey: he literally went over the two top people of the Justice Department to break the rules and deliver a public rebuke to a Presidential candidate. And he did so twice. And who were these top two Justice Department people? Loretta Lynch and Sally Yates. And the Presidential candidate? Hillary Clinton. All women. Coincidence?

DYB @29. An excellent post by Leila Al-Shami, “The anit-imperialism of idiots.” She’s talking about the British Left protesting UK anti-chemical-warfare strikes in Syria, but Sarsour and her ilk fit right in.

This ‘anti-imperialism’ of idiots is one which equates imperialism with the actions of the US alone. … They turned a blind eye to Assad filling his gulag with thousands … [and] the continuing protests held in liberated areas in opposition to extremist and authoritarian groups such as Daesh, Nusra and Ahrar Al Sham have been ignored.

This pro-fascist left seems blind to any form of imperialism that is non-western in origin. It combines identity politics with egoism.

Farrakhan, black, anti-Western, good. ADL, whites, Western, bad.

If someone had told me when I was marching around for peace and justice in the ’60s, ’70s, that it would end in this, I wouldn’t have even understood what they were talking about.

@32 – I truly believe Comey has a problem with women, especially women who are clearly smarter and more full of integrity than he is. He must be the mansplainer, now and forever! And, I love the Dent quote!

Barbara Bush — the first thing which comes to my mind about her is that she called Hillary Clinton a bitch (using that oh-so-coy-I-can’t-use-bad-words euphemism of “rhymes with witch”) during the 1992 campaign.

@4, Cute baby joey!

Yeah, I know “baby joey” is redundant.

@32 and 30: Yes on the women deal. Someone had a tweet about that and I added it on a previous post.

And yes he “broke” two rules that had been in effect at the Justice Dept. when he made those announcements. It’s on his conscience that he probably flipped the election but Jamey boy, you fucked over the rest of us in the country too.

@33, i believe she was also called a “mugger in pearls.” I never cared for her, but others did.

Madamab @13 – that is AWESOME! Hope they can contain and use it

Everyone should read “Slow River”. I’ve never been so mezmerized by garbage in my life.

This is what it’s like when corporations control the microbes that control your environment. There’s some bondage sex, which I fiercely hate, but Griffith’s overall premise, over twenty years ago, is breathtakeing and incredibly precient.

(I tried to bring this up to the (of course) all-male administration of the southern “flagship” U where I was a lowly female database programmer, working on specifically enviornmental facts, but it flew past their historical and statutorialy enforced white male ears. BY LAW, they let all males in as students after the 1960’s, regarless of race, after a shameful history of exclusion, but waited until after the 1980’s to let any of us wimmins in)

I forgot about that statement about HRC by Barbara Bush, but they seem to have patched things up over the years. BB also said that awful thing about Katrina survivors in New Orleans. But she had her virtues too.

@27, DYB, Pompeo was in NK last month? I shudder to think how that went, but at least nothing’s blown up yet.

@39, Fck you, Comey.

Hmmm. Clinton/Inslee? I can always dream.

Ronny L. Jackson, President Trump’s pick to lead the Department of Veterans Affairs, is privately pledging to Democratic senators that he would oppose efforts to privatize veterans’ health care in his bid to lock down bipartisan support to lead the agency.

But Democrats are far from being won over by the veteran White House physician, who began his gantlet of courtesy meetings on Capitol Hill this week ahead of his April 25 confirmation hearing. They remain unpersuaded that Jackson, a one-star Navy admiral, can successfully fend off a conservative push to outsource more veterans’ care away from VA and are seeking a more firm commitment publicly that he would block such efforts.

“He was convincing enough to me for now, but I want to see him after he talks to the American Legion and Disabled American Vets and Paralyzed Veterans of America and the VFW and all,” said Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio), who met with Jackson on Tuesday. “He needs to convince them, and then he needs to convince all of us in a public setting that he will stand up to the president and to the Koch brothers when they try to privatize.”

Somehow I doubt that an M.D. who says Trump has “great genes” and “could live to 200” if he quit eating hamburgers is the right pick for the VA.

@42: Plus he’s never had any experience leading a large organization such as V.A.

WOO HOO! The New Orleans Pelicans won their second game of the playoffs beating the Trailblazers in Portland.

@42 Luna> Part of the problem is: can one believe anything that comes out of that White House?

An excellent, excellent piece by Rude Pundit on his – Comey’s sanctimonious, bullshit piece of a book.

A sample of it:

What we’ve learned now is that the former director of the FBI, James Comey, was also grabbing his ankles. In an interview with NPR’s Morning Edition today, part of his “James Comey is gonna make a fuck-ton of cash” tour, Comey was questioned about why he made a statement about the conclusions of the FBI’s investigation into Clinton’s email server in July 2016. He admits, as he implies in his book, Higher Royalties…I mean, Loyalty, that, at least in part, he was influenced by the noise of cable news over things like Bill Clinton’s visit to then Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s plane on the tarmac in June 2016.

Go check it out.

@46, Rude Pundit nailed it. A Comey interview with Pundit would be must see TV. Of course the verbal violence against the twit would be profuse, causing many to fall on the fainting couch, but it would be so worth it. Thanks, Fredster.

DYB@39, Fck you, Comey.

Ditto, ditto!!

33 @NW Luna, Barbara Bush’s “…rhymes with rich…” description referred not to Hillary but rather to Geraldine Ferraro who was Walter Mondale’s VP running mate in 1984 against Reagan and Bush, Sr., running for their second term.

Roz in NJ/NYC

@51, roz, I stand corrected.

Geraldine Ferraro’s candidacy as VP was what woke me out of voting apathy to go register to vote. I still think Bush’s comment against an accomplished, smart woman was despicable.

Queen Elizabeth II loses her last corgi, Willow, marking the end of a scrappy canine dynastyNever easy to lose a pet. Getting a little weepy even typing that sentence. Reports from the palace say Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II is absolutely gutted by the loss of her beloved corgi Willow, the last in a royal line of loyal, nippy dogs who have kept the monarch company during her entire reign.

The Daily Mail’s correspondent says the 91-year-old queen was hit “extremely hard” by the death of good ol’ Willow, 14, who died on Sunday — was put down, actually — after suffering a bout of damnable cancer.

The British press reported that the breeding program quietly ended a couple of years ago. The queen did not want to leave dogs behind for others to care for after her death.

For company, Elizabeth still has her dogs Vulcan and Candy, both “dorgis,” a corgi-dachshund mix. …

The Queen’s corgis are dead: long live the ‘dorgis’

52 @NW Luna, I totally agree!

Roz in NJ/NYC

There’s an entire thread on this.

Oh gawd. tRump gonna speak soon at Mar-a-Lago. I guess we paid to fly his ass down there.

Okay I’ve babbled enough but wanted to share this tweet also.

But really, what will be done about it?

A federal judge has ordered that Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach be held in contempt of court for disobeying her orders in the proof-of-citizenship voter registration case.

Judge Julie Robinson in her decision Wednesday bashed Kobach’s failure to send postcards to voters whose registrations were restored by her previous move to block the proof-of-citizenship requirement for the 2016 election.

Hope this shows the link to the pdf of Schneiderman’s letter.


Scott Pruitt Is Now Being Investigated By The House of Representatives, Senate, White House, Office of Management and Budget, Government Accountability Office, and EPA Inspector General

Good article on the female pilot who managed to land that damaged Southwest plane.

And this is where Captain Shults’ background came into play. She is an ex-Navy pilot and one of the first women to fly the “Top Gun” F-18 Hornet, eventually becoming an instructor. Landing supersonic jets on the decks of aircraft carriers is one of the most demanding skills in military aviation. Now, flying on the one engine called for her to use all of her “seat of the pants” instincts to nurse the jet to the runway.

Damn Trump for interrupting Ari Melbers show!

@59, and who pockets the money from all those press and security people that are there as well. This self enrichment has to stop and such monies returned to the US Treasury. Thieves and scoundrels all.

@65, you said GAgal, turned it on, saw the stage set for the dump, turned it off.

@66: Turned to TCM, Passage To Marseille, Bogey.

@67, wise choice, never saw that one.

@69: Neither had I cats. Cast: Bogey, Claude Rains, Peter Lorre, Sydney Greenstreet.

Funny thread.

Whoo! That Rude Pundit is fabulous.

I love all the cute critters! The “dorgi” is adorbs.

Fredster, you’ve really been on top of your game today. So many entertaining comments! Love RP, and all the pets!

Hiya Roz! Good to see you. Yep, Barbara B. did have her snippy side.

I want to see Passage to Marseille. I saw about 15 minutes of it once and had to go someplace. Another old Bogey movie that is good is Across the Pacific. (Weirdly enough, no one in it goes across the Pacific. Would have been better titled Down the Atlantic. Anyway, great flick. Amazon has it.

You’re right, the Hoarse Whisperer thread was a hoot!

I want all those dogs!

@76: But what you gonna do when all of those dawgs have to be walked?

I want this one too.


@79,DYB, Komodor? The sheep guard dogs? I’ll click through and see. They might be hard to keep in a small NY residence, though.

@81: I think he’s seeing that as a possible means of transportation instead of the subway.

@74: Just had/have some breathing room now that taxes are done.

Fredster, lots of cute doggie pics; thanks!

@78 Who wrote that for her? Hell, maybe she wrote it her goddamned self with the advice of actual foreign policy experts. Guess that never occurred to him since so much is written for him. By Stephen Miller. It’s a coup,Trump!! Someone should tell him that so he can further melt down. You tend to think narcissists aren’t capable of a meltdown because they have no feelings, but… it’s worth a try if we can 25th amendment him out. 🙂

Are y’all familiar with Benjamin Wittes? I’ve seen him on either CNN or MSNBC a couple of times. This is looong but check this out if you have time. I’ll remember this if I see him on TV again. (and who hosts him) My bold.

And it was a rather selective outrage, one that ignored an important feature of the story: the conduct of the U.S. attorney general. Loretta Lynch was a compromised figure with respect to the emails “matter.” There was classified material that, almost certainly falsely, impugned her conduct with respect to the investigation; Russian hackers had stolen emails from a Democratic operative suggesting that she would keep control of the investigation and prevent it from getting far.

WTF? Comey admitted it was most likely Russian disinformation and he suspected it at the time as not credible. He had to admit it was an email that never happened between Debbie W Shultz and a Hillary staffer (can’t even remember her name now) who had never emailed each other. It was fake and Comey fell for it. (or just used it as an excuse)

Then, to make matters worse, she allowed Bill Clinton to get on her plane in June 2016 while the Justice Department was getting ready to end the investigation of his wife, sparking a firestorm. Yet Lynch refused to recuse herself, even as she also said she would accept the recommendations of her investigative team—a kind of non-recusal recusal that all but guaranteed that the investigation would not close credibly.

Again, bullshit. She absolutely said , if need be – the FBI recommended charges – she would recuse and accept their findings. Also, Comey testified that they had already determined there was no case against Hillary when Bill talked to Lynch on the tarmac – they just hadn’t bothered to tell the subject of their investigation – Hillary – yet.

Her deputy, Sally Yates, did not persuade her to step aside. In October, when Comey decided to inform Congress of new investigative steps, both women contented themselves with staff-level messages objecting. And Lynch responded after the letter in a fashion that suggests she was only too happy to have Comey fall on this particular grenade. Comey writes about a private exchange with Lynch following a wider staff meeting. After the others had been dismissed, she offered him an awkward hug and asked a surprising question: “Would they feel better if it leaked on November 4?” After commiserating privately for a few minutes, she held the door open for him and told him, “Try to look beat up.”

I believe the last two sentences are a total fucking lie. Period. As I’ve said before, Barack Obama and Loretta Lynch should have fired Comey in July of 2016. He claimed she had been “extremely careless” but nothing illegal in a press conference he never should have held. Lynch should have fired him for insubordination that minute.

@81/82> Hahah yes, give me a ride doggy! I’ve never seen that kind of dog. Imagine the shedding!

@88: Imagine the shedding

Conditioner, lots and lots of conditioner.

@87 GAgal> Yes I follow Wittes on twitter. He’s friends with Comey and he is a Republican. His attempt to blame things on Lynch are not surprising. According to him Comey is a decent man who did the best he could and Lynch was compromised and it’s all her fault. It’s bullshit.

Cohen dropping bullying lawsuits, the Dump starting to settle to nullify his bullying NDAs. I get the impression that even for the lawyers at this point there’s enough evidence to prove what was obvious in 2016:

money laundering, election fraud, conspiracy against the US, sexual crimes, mafia connections, fraud, fraud, and more fraud, etc.

Meanwhile, the Good Guys™ have to get their papers in final form while the country burns.

We need the equivalent of what happens in drug trials. When the indications show that something cures cancer or kills people, they take the appropriate action IMMEDIATELY.

tl:dr; Hurry up, Mueller.

64 GAgal
April 18, 2018 at 6:43 pm

Good article on the female pilot who managed to land that damaged Southwest plane.

….Captain Shults’…She is an ex-Navy pilot and one of the first women to fly the “Top Gun” F-18 Hornet, eventually becoming an instructor. Landing supersonic jets on the decks of aircraft carriers …


Yeah, time to shut this news down, after all, there are no real female hero’s in history…only white men like Big Rump.

Captain Shults’ is amazing.

76 DYB
I want all those dogs!

No baby roo for you?

You need a farm, where we can come an visit you and all your pets.

Stormy Daniels to donate $130K to Planned Parenthood in Trump and Cohen’s names

That’s good. Hahahaha.

My son and a lot of young adults donated to PP in Pence’s name awhile back.

NEW POST!! Bring your last messages upstairs!

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