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Busy Weekend/Short Post

Posted on: April 15, 2018


As I said in the comments to DYB’s post, I’ll be busy this weekend doing my taxes and getting ready to send the forms and money to the I.R.S.

Nevertheless, I have a couple of funny or amusing, or sad stories for y’all.

* * *

This first one comes from…Floriduh and concerns a new high-speed rail line that runs between Miami through Ft. Lauderdale to West Palm Beach.  This is a private rail line that provides the service.   It seems however that people there can’t seem to be able to…well…stay away from the tracks.  (It appears that one of these cases may have been a suicide)

Sunday’s victim was the fourth person to be struck and killed by a high-speed train since service began in January. Among the other deaths: a 51-year-old man on a bicycle, and a 32-year-old woman, both of whom tried and failed to beat oncoming trains after the gates had lowered, police told the Palm Beach Post.

Honestly, I have never understood this “trying to beat the gates” thing that folks do around trains.

Patrick Goddard, Brightline’s COO and president, said in January that the company was working with transportation officials to raise awareness about the train/

“We implore the public to be patient and not circumvent the safety devices in place to keep you safe,” Goddard said. “Your life is worth more than waiting a few extra seconds for a train to pass.”

As I said, I don’t get it with the awareness thing.  It’s a train.  Those are tracks.  In this case the train goes real fast.  Don’t argue with the train.

* * *

Okay this next one is truly amusing.

So you think you’re being a whole lot safer and “cleaner” by using those hand air dryers in the restrooms?  Well, think again.

A study done by the University of Connecticut School of Medicine found that nope, that’s not true.

It turns out that those dryers in the bathrooms will help to spread around bacteria in those bathrooms.

Scientists comparing normal bathroom air to that blasted from hand dryer nozzles have found far more bacterial colonies develop in samples exposed to the latter. The results were published this month in the journal Applied and Environmental Microbiology.

And what type of bacteria do we find in bathrooms?  (Need you really ask?)

“Bacteria in bathrooms will come from feces, which can be aerosolized a bit when toilets, especially lidless toilets, are flushed,” study author Peter Setlow told Newsweek. The simple movement of lots of people in and out of the bathroom, shedding microbes from their skin, he said, adds to the messy picture.

Hand dryers suck up bathroom air and spew it out at speed. So, in the brief moments your hands rest below the nozzle, they’ll be exposed to far more air than usual—and far more bacteria.

So what’s the solution?

For now, Setlow (the study’s author) is sticking to paper towels—as is the University of Connecticut, which has added them to all 36 bathrooms surveyed in the study.

Lastly, since I’m working on taxes, here’s a very old Top Ten List from David Letterman on Top Ten Ways To Annoy An IRS Agent.

Open thread for this, of course.







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89 Responses to "Busy Weekend/Short Post"

Fredster! That cartoon! I’m still laughing. Although, of course, it’s the sort of thing that would not be at all funny at the time.

And the link, re “end stage” of Camp Runamuck, if only. Can we hurry up and find the silver bullets for this whole pack of werewolves?

Ah, taxes. The last year under the current law. Hubby and I will probably sell our house and start renting. Not sure there will be a benefit to owning anymore in my state.

I like the break from Drumpf news, although it is sad about high speed rail and people being dumb enough to fight with a train.

Off to read your link!!

Here’s some music for Fredster, me and anyone else working on those 1040s today, by one of B.C.’s fine Celtic/folk bands.

Here’s some music for Fredster, me and anyone else working on those 1040s today, by one of B.C.’s fine Celtic/folk bands.

I am emotionally throwing a fit and don’t want to give birdbrain my hard earned money to pay for his lawyers and side pieces of buns. Damn it!

4 NW Luna

Wow, I love this group…thanks for posting Luna.

They remind me of the Kingston Trio, but larger and pure, sweet voices.

Once again, I have fallen down the rabbit hole of YouTube, checking out the group that Luna posted, Tiller’s Folly…and found this song.

For a little comic relief, here ya go….fun song, funny photos to go with it.

Damn, sorry…it won’t post the song I wanted. Please delete if possible.

The song I tried (twice) to post is called,

Twenty-Three Camels (Tiller’s Folly)

@8, shadow, was it this one? I do love the River So Wide song too.

Ha, shadow, we posted almost at the same time!

@6, shadow, I first heard of them when they opened for a band I can’t remember the name of now (lol). I bought two of their CDs at intermission.
I need to get look up where they’re playing and hear them live again.

For some reason BC has a lot of Celtic/rock/folk groups and most are very good.

OK, one more and then I’ll stop.

@3: I didn’t pay that much attention when that abomination passed, but didn’t they keep the home interest and property tax deductions in there?

@14 – Only up to a certain amount. Taxes in NY are much higher than the national average. It really penalizes blue states, of course. 😦

@15: Oh that’s right. I remember it now because NY, Cali and some other states were talking about that.

Thanks Paul Ryan, you can’t get your skanky ass out of there fast enough.

Oh and here’s his house in Janesville Wisc.

@9: How ’bout we leave one of those up here?


@17, will it be served at the reception?

Rainy day in NYC. And cold!

OMG taxes are due on Tue.

@18: From what I read, totally illegal in England. Not sure about the rest of the U.K.

@19: It’s turned cold here also, after those storms moved through yesterday and last night.

OMG taxes are due on Tue.

LOL, where have you been?

Why oh why is anyone giving this person any airtime?

Trying to write and watch baseball game at same time.

New “pitcher” over on the right. (actually two of them)

It’s very sad that Putin is getting away with murdering so many brave Russian journalists. In the WITW video that’s posted on the last thread, they talk a lot about how evil men are taking over. I never thought that could happen again after WW2, but here we are.

@23, I loathe her.

@26: I pretty much agree with you there.

Even funnier.


One “good guy with a gun” can stop a carjacker ….

@34, heartbreaking.

@30, she is so freaking funny!
@31, love it!
@32, holy crap.

The Cleveland Plain Dealer endorsed Dennis Kucinich as the Democratic (Bernie) candidate for governor instead of Richard Cordray who might have a freaking chance of winning. Nina Turner’s all in for Dennis. My friends, beware the purity ponies.

@37: Incredible.

Ugh, got the taxes done. I’m like Shadow and I hate the idea of sending any money to this group of hustlers and grifters.

Kinda, sorta cute.

@34 Can’t read the article without answering a survey. How did it happen a man thought his son was a carjacker?

@41, GAgal, that’s weird; I didn’t get that from the newspaper site. Apparently the gunner got a call from neighbors that his older son’s place had a lot of car traffic even though older son was out of town. Gunner parent drove over to his older son’s house around 1:45 a.m., saw someone driving older son’s pickup, and shot at it. Turns out his youngest son was the driver.

Why couldn’t he have shot at the tires instead? And assuming it was a carjacking seems odd. Looks more just like stealing the truck. Truck-owner son was out of town so couldn’t get carjacked back at his house. Also why was 13-y.o. out at quarter to 2 in the am? Not sure gunner dad told the whole story.

The E.O. route circumnavigates Congress. Bastard. How much has Trump ever worked in his life?

Lordy, imagine that!


This thread on Comey is a must read:

@43: Shades of Regan’s Welfare Queen driving her Cadillac.

I asked my Alexa to sing the Star Spangled Banner the other day. She actually had a really good voice.

I wonder how she will do singing some rock and roll songs? 😉

@42 Thanks Luna. It sounds like the 13 y.o. was out sneaking around at night taking advantage of his big brother’s truck while he was gone. What a terrible shame.

@37, Sue, Kucinich? Oh, hell to the no! That way lies disaster.

@47, Fredster, exactly what the Trumpites want people to think. Those lazy bums, like the teacher who doesn’t earn a living wage, the WalMart worker who needs food stamps, the mother at home doing full-time care of her disabled child, the person with MS who can’t balance safely and has lost dexterity in hands and would like to at least work part-time but can’t find any employer who will give him reasonable accommodation (even though it’s supposed to be the law), the senior who’s worked a labor job all her life at low pay and now has arthritis in every joint, the….

The inhumanity burns.

@46, DYB, Agree, Comey’s only loyalty is to what makes him look good. And he has problems with smart, accomplished women.

Luna @52, agree 100% He’s a pompous blowhard. I’m glad so many are calling out his hypocrisy.

Kucinich sure turned out to be a weirdo.

@46, Luna, you nailed it but it is not just trumpsters. In casual conversation my repub friend said, “If i were Czar I would refuse all welfare and unemployment payments until every position in this country was filled. Her husband (also a repub) and I were dumbfounded. I said what if you had MS, were mentally incompetent, or medically/physically unable to work (your examples are way better)? She thought for a minute and then said everyone can do something, even in those cases. To her, if you got govt assistance or didn’t have a job, it was only because you didn’t want to work and wanted something (from her) for nothing. She has been programmed, if she doesn’t agree with what you are saying, end of conservation. Earlier i tried to make a joke by saying it would have been so much worse if Hillary had been elected (my friend voted for Stein because she hated both Hillary and trump) and she AGREED with that sarcastic statement. I asked her why she thought that, she responded with, “I don’t talk politics.” Discussion ended. As to “today’s” teachers, according to her, they have the easiest job ever, summers and weekends off, they are overpaid, useless lay abouts. She is very smart and an excellent friend, but VERY close minded and cold hearted toward anyone she does not know or like.

@48: Just don’t ask her to put biscuits on your shopping list.

@45: OMG. I don’t know if that’s sad or just funny as hell.

@55: Your friend sounds very sad, or rather it’s sad that that is her worldview.


@55, I’m not sure there’s any getting through to people like that. She could try living on a teacher’s salary if she thinks it’s so easy.

@58, Fredster, she will do anything to help an animal, its most people she doesn’t like, totally oblivious to what is going on in the world, very limited view of the world by choice. She is a recycling nazi but couldn’t care less about Pruitt or the administration’s mission to sell off or rape public lands. Go figure.

@55 &60, she could also try doing a teacher’s work if it’s so easy.

@62: cats, I’m not trying to intentionally knock your friend. However, you’re right: very limited world view.

@63, quixote, LOL! A teacher’s work is nowhere as easy as that person thinks. Plus lots of hours in the evening, weekend, and summers, and a higher chance of getting shot with an AR-15.

@61, Fredster, that’s cool, and will be very useful. Competent CPR is hard physical work. I passed my re-cert Thurs afternoon and my forearms and hands still ache (though I have chronic tendinosis and it gets easily flared up). Plus you can’t do anything else when you’re compressing and counting.

The woman wasn’t clinically dead, though. Brain activity has to stop for that. What that article didn’t say, but I think was crucial to the woman’s survival, is that a bystander started and kept performing CPR until the medics arrived. That can take a while. If the brain goes without oxygen for more than a few minutes, then yeah, you might restart circulation and breathing but the person will have substantial brain damage or even be brain dead. Still, it’s always worth doing CPR.

@66: Plus you can’t do anything else when you’re compressing and counting.

I think that’s the important thing they were trying to get across; it frees up EMTs to take care of other life-support issues.

@67, you know I can’t help but critique everything else in medical terms!

@64, Fredster I didn’t think that you were knocking her; you made a comment based on the minimal info I gave you, and I agree with you, it is a sad world view.

@65, LOL is right, she is also a gun owner and would probably love to take a gun to class! My best friend’s daughter and son-in-law are extremely bright and very dedicated HS teachers. I know from what they share with us that teaching effectively is no cake walk. I suspect the low opinion of (public school?) teachers is a Fox thing. You know, another waste of tax payer dollars.

An American woman won the Boston Marathon for the first time in thirty odd years and the Media is MIA. Do the achievements of women count at all? Cats, you’re a very generous friend. Your Republican lady’s worldview would be a deal breaker for me.
Luna and Annie, Kucinich is, indeed, a self serving weirdo, now, much like Bernie Sanders. The Plain Dealer endorsed him because they are desperate to see Republican Mike DeWine succeed Kasich.


The Boston Marathon runner-up is a 26-year-old full-time nurse.

Sellers crossed the finish line in second place at the prestigious 26.2-mile race, in rain-soaked conditions, as a virtual unknown. Few online road-race results existed for Sellers, and she was not listed among the elite field for Boston. In the wet and windy conditions, Sellers wore a nondescript outfit, with no visible sponsors, and crossed the finish line by simply clicking the timer on her watch.
…She only signed up for Boston because her younger brother, 24-year-old Ryan Callister, was running it. (Ryan finished in 2:48:20.) Plus she’s also a nurse anesthetist who works full-time in Tucson. She doesn’t have an agent, or any sponsors, and has to fit in her workouts at either 4 a.m. before work or 7 p.m. after her 10-hour shifts at Banner Health Center.

Over the past few months, Sellers mainly trained by herself, running six days a week and up 100 miles…. She earned $75,000 for her second-place finish, money she said would go toward paying off her and husband’s student loans.

Brutal conditions? A nasty head wind? A chilly rain? None of those things stopped Desiree Linden, who became the first American woman to win the Boston Marathon since 1985, streaking away from the field as American women nabbed seven of the top 10 spots at the finish line.

Brutal conditions? A nasty head wind? A chilly rain? None of those things stopped Desiree Linden, who became the first American woman to win the Boston Marathon since 1985, streaking away from the field as American women nabbed seven of the top 10 spots at the finish line.

Linden, a 34-year-old from Michigan, overcame the heartbreak of 2011, when she finished second in the marathon by two seconds, and won in an unofficial time of 2:39:54.

I saw the NYT had a small lead-in on their front web page, way at the bottom. I haven’t checked other papers. I’m sure an American man winning first would have gotten much more attention.

This doggo!

@68:Oh I know that.

And I think the Chief there was just trying to show that this could be a biggie by having LUCAS doing the compressions and then freeing up the other responders to do the other things like getting a line going, establishing an airway (I watched lots of E.R. episodes.) and all the other necessary things. Plus as you said, relieving some poor EMT from getting sore arms. LOL

Some good news!

Hmmm, I posted and my comment vanished. Twice.

@70: The Plain Dealer endorsed him because they are desperate to see Republican Mike DeWine succeed Kasich.

Ewww, that’s a nasty name from the past that I somehow recall.

Luna, for whatever reason they were in trash. I release one but since the other was a dupe I deleted it. (Please tell me you did the same comment twice.)

Phew! Taxes are done, printed and ready to take to the P.O. for Tuesday. And this is me now and perhaps through tomorrow. I’m not going to even venture a guess as to Wedensday.

@56 Fredster, what happens if you ask Alexa to put biscuits on your shopping list?

GAgal, see @40.

Excellent Charles Pierce right here, in which he takes Comey to task “bigly”.

@72: “… as American women nabbed seven of the top 10 spots at the finish line.” WOW, that is sensational yet for some reason (snark) totally ignored. I guess all the good male runners stayed home… gave the ladies a turn.

I try to watch Rachel every weeknight, but i refuse to watch this Thursday when she interviews Comey. That man is dead to me. And his quotes in the Pierce article? I can barely figure out what he is saying, totally inarticulate. He will have my attention again if someone decides to discipline him for his poor judgment and violation of protocol or maybe charge him with election interference. Yeah, orange is his color.

@78, Fredster, yes, I at first thought I hadn’t actually hit “return” — I work back and forth between Safari and Firefox, or between 2 tabs, from Twitter to the blog, so I can get confused, lol. That’s why I posted the same thing again. Thanks much for fixing!

I feel for you and that squashed-faced kitteh the same. Finished last night. We actually get a smidgen back which startled me. The spouse-person did a better job last year of paying estimated taxes (he’s self-employed).

@80, GAgal, I’m sure Hillary will read Comey’s book and analyze it intelligently. I, OTOH, will not read it.

@85, Fredster, agree bigly.

@86, cats, agree. And that “nabbed.” That’s how you describe someone grabbing the last piece of chocolate. Those women sweated and worked and *flew* through the rain and wind to earn their top places. sigh. At least it was mentioned.

Lololol! Front page of WaPo now:

IRS electronic filing system breaks down hours before midnight deadline

The agency said it was struggling to accept returns from widely used software programs such as TurboTax and Intuit — as well as from H&R Block. Officials said taxpayers would not be punished if their returns arrive late because of the glitches.

Putin’s pet hackers, or just insufficient funding? We sent ours off last night, so we probably got in just in time.

Is it just me, or does it look like Trump’s sniffing coke off that paper?

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