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Mood: More Than Mild Nausea

Posted on: April 13, 2018


Hello Widdershins,

My apologies for a short post. It’s difficult to type with one hand after my bagel-slicing injury. Who would have thought something like a bagel would send someone to the ER? (And I don’t mean blocked arteries.)

Two stories I wanted to highlight from the last few days.

James Comey published his memoir in which he tells us how awesome he is. The most relevant part might be the one where he says Trump and his entire cabinet expressed zero interest in learning more about Russian hacking and influence on the election. But the part we are all probably most interested in is: what does Sanctimonious Jim think about throwing the election for Trump? Turns out – not much. While he admits that perhaps he should have been less abrasive in his press conference over the summer 2016, Comey does not regret the content of his presentation which violated department rules. As people pointed out, if he truly thought Loretta Lynch was somehow compromised (something he repeats in the book), then his next course of action should have been to speak to Deputy AG, Sally Yates – not to throw everything into chaos with the press conference. And the Comey Letter to Jason Chaffetz which changed the outcome of the election? From the NY Times:


You see, Comey was just trying to help Hillary! And she went and screwed it all up by not winning. Lame! Comey (who did not reveal that Trump was under investigation while revealing that Hillary was because reasons) then goes into detail of how Obama told him he was not mad at him and how honorable he – Comey – is. Comey says he was quite overcome with emotion. And he claimed other Democrats in private meetings absolved him too. So he’s happy. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The other story that caught my eye is Ronan Farrow’s new piece in the New Yorker about how the National Enquirer squashed stories about Trump. Included there is a tidbit that one story was squashed with the help of Lanny Davis. Farrow made sure to connect Davis to the Clintons; he called him their “confidant.” While I question Farrow’s motives for making the connection – and the response of some twitter people now making it all about the Clintons (Jon Favreau nastily tweeted “The Clintons have some top-notch friends”), it is worth noting that Lanny Davis was working with the National Enquirer to squash negative stories about Trump even as the National Enquirer and Trump were conspiring to destroy HRC. With friends like these, who needs friends?

What are the odds on Mueller getting canned?


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The Lanny Davis thing had me thoroughly confused as to who he was working for and why and what the hell. But ya know lawyers…their loyalty lasts as long as the next cashed retainer check.

As for Comey, won’t be bothering with that book. He can try to assuage his conscious as much as he wants but he’ll still do down as the one who cost Hillary the election.

Poor Lanny Davis has been trying to sell his book and cannot get any traction. (No one can get traction in this shitstorm).

As for Jon Favreau… never forget…

On December 5, 2008, a picture of Favreau grabbing the breast of a cardboard cut-out of Hillary Clinton was posted on Facebook.[25] Favreau called Senator Clinton’s staff to offer an apology. The Senator’s office responded cheekily, joking that “Senator Clinton is pleased to learn of Jon’s obvious interest in the State Department, and is currently reviewing his application.”[26][27]

In June 2010, the website obtained a picture of Favreau along with Assistant White House Press Secretary Tommy Vietor, playing beer pong after taking off their shirts at a restaurant in the Georgetown neighborhood of Washington, D.C.[28] This event attracted criticism from the press because of its timing during the height of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill.[29][30][31]

Obama’s speech writer.

OMG, it’s a Friday – what will tRump do? Even more, it’s Friday the 13th

@2, Fredster, yikes, Very Big Brother watching and taking notes. I’ve never done Facebook, but I am worried about Google. I’ve used other emails in the past, but ended up using Gmail the most and lost passwords or access to other emails. Yahoo said my account had expired and there’s no way to get Yahoo to answer questions on how to reactivate. I’m ready to pay something for an email service with more privacy features. I use Ghostery, have ad blocking & do not track on Firefox, but some sites don’t honor the do not track preference, or let you view articles unless you turn off blocking or turn off the delete cookies on leaving site feature. *scowl*

Oh for crying out loud:

Trump orders review of Postal Service’s business model

President Trump, who has assailed and falsely accused the online retail giant of cheating the U.S. Postal Service by taking advantage of bulk delivery rates, on Thursday night ordered a sweeping overhaul of the Postal Service’s business model.

Trump issued an executive order forming an administration task force, to be chaired by Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, and directed it to evaluate the Postal Service’s finances and operations. The order also directs the task force to issue a report outlining proposed changes within 120 days.

The order states that the Postal Service has incurred $65 billion of cumulative losses since the Great Recession ended in 2009 and that it must make changes so that it operates under “a sustainable business model.”

Does Trump’s idea of a “sustainable business model” mean one that declares bankruptcy every few years and stiffs contractors and customers the rest of the time?

Lordy, it looks like no one at TW likes James Comey much. 😂 That man gets zero pennies from me!

I am very worried about what Drumpf is going to do today too. But why would he fire Mueller now? It won’t do any good. The NY DA’s office has all Cohen’s emails and recordings. They can’t be touched by the federal government. And Ryan is now resigning. Does this mean he doesn’t care about protecting Drumpf any more?

Some men I know will be helping with the brick-throwing.

@9 – So true!!
@10 – O.M.G.!!!!!!!!! [expires from cuteness]

I realized I hadn’t commented on the ERA passing the Illinois Senate. That is really amazing!! If it passes the state lege, just one more state to go.

I realized I hadn’t commented on the ERA passing the Illinois Senate. That is really amazing!! If it passes the state lege, just one more state to go.


Only one state sort of passing the ERA nationally????

That is great news.

What would be even better is if the ERA passes while Hillary is our President. Is there any way possible that she would reconsider running when it is proven that the election was stolen from her in 2016?

I just can’t let it go that she deserves to be our first female President.

10 Luna

That blond seal baby is wonderful.

DYB, great post.

One handed typing…I know how that goes.

@8, i have heard pundits say that it is 1) unclear whether a sitting prez can be indicted; 2) it is more likely that Rosenstein will be fired, replaced with a trump lickspittle who will in turn shut down all trump related investigations; and 3) as you alluded to, pardon indicted/convicted minions of all their federal crimes. Congress under repub control will do nothing as the republic slips away. As to state crimes, don’t know how long that process will take but even if they go to trial something tells that there will be enough judges to acquit…. Wasn’t javanka under investigation in NY and the charges dismissed?

Shadow – I have no idea what will happen tomorrow, much less what will happen in 2020! All I know is, I trust Hillary. If she decides to run again, I’ll be behind her 1000%. If she doesn’t…same thing. 🙂

Let’s make sure if Rosenstein is fired, we are all ready to march. Here is the link again.

I hope Mueller has an exit strategy if he is fired. He knows it’s a high probability. And if he has seen things that he considers a danger to the republic, I hope he has an ace up his sleeve in some way. Whether it’s state charges or something.

catscatscats> The charges against Javanka were never brought. The Trump-Friendly DA – same DA who did not prosecute Harvey Weinstein even when he had a witness willing to testify – didn’t go forward with charges. It’s interesting that the District Attorney who Trump interviewed and appointed after firing Bharara has recused himself from the Cohen raid and investigation.

Shadow – I have no idea what will happen tomorrow, much less what will happen in 2020! All I know is, I trust Hillary. If she decides to run again, I’ll be behind her 1000%. If she doesn’t…same thing. 🙂

Ditto. I have waited for Hillary since she was First Lady, I am not going to give up supporting her after all these decades.

I hope Mueller has an exit strategy if he is fired.

I think this is why Mueller is spreading pieces of this investigation in NY and not putting it all in one basket.

I guess congress can’t protect Rosenstein?

James Comey is no hero. I’ll say.

That asymmetry is illustrated painfully in the parade of Democrats Comey trots out to reaffirm his decisions. According to Comey, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer tearfully told the former FBI director, “You were in an impossible position”; former President Barack Obama told Comey “nothing—nothing—has happened in the last year to change my view” of Comey’s integrity; Attorney General Loretta Lynch told him to “look beat up,” after a private meeting, implying that she agreed with his decision. The list of affirmations is Trump-like in its self-aggrandizement: For all Comey’s disdain for Trump, the former FBI director has a Trumpish tendency to talk up other people’s high opinions of him.

Comey has a long record of public service, and Trump has none to speak of more than a year into his presidency. Yet there’s another way in which the virtuous and forthright Comey resembles the degenerate and deceitful Trump. Both are the main characters in their own cinematic dramas, the heroes of their own great epic stories, a mindset that blinds each of them to the consequences of their actions on other people.

Fuck you Comey.

@8: The NY DA’s office has all Cohen’s emails and recordings

I believe it’s the feds in the Southern District of N.Y. who may have all of those things:

@24> Yes, NY authorities conducted the search and the Trump-appointed DA has, I think, recused himself.

It really looks like everyone expects Trump to fire Rosenstein today. I feel like he’d do it late on Sunday because people have to go to work on Monday.

@18, thanks DYB, my memory sucks and I’m at sea with legal stuff!

@21, totally agree with that analysis.

@22, also totally agree that NY FBI office behavior was outrageous, to include salivating Ghouliani. I believe Comey BELIEVES he is honest and the whitest of of white knights, but no way do i share his belief. Rather, he is untrustworthy, arrogant, pompous, self serving and in many ways deluded to the point of being dangerous. I’m getting a bad vibe from McCabe and it pisses me off that they raised over half mil for his retirement on Go Fund Me. Will he take the money raised? Will he take it but return it if his pension is reinstated? Also heard he might sue for defamation.

@26: DYB, I don’t think tRump can appoint the District Attorney of New Yawk. Do you mean the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of N.Y. ?

@26: It’s correct (from what I’ve read) that yes the tRump appointed U.S. Attorney recused himself and other attorneys in the U.S. Attorney’s office handled the referral from Mueller.

Great post, DYB! Like that southpaw tweet.

Sounds like Lanny Davis is desperate to be relevant again. Why can’t these weirdos just retire and enjoy their golfing? He’s turned into a real pos.

21 GAgal
April 13, 2018 at 3:46 pm

James Comey is no hero. I’ll say.

The only people that think Comey is a hero are people that didn’t care that he made sure to derail Hillary’s PRESIDENCY.

That would probably be Bernie and Stein supporters….and the damn media.

Cats @28, right on!

Love the cute little seal! Did you guys see the horse & dalmation tweet I posted on last thread?

White House just announced a “dinner lid” until 7pm.

As if anyone cares and is watching their clock.

Oh Trump, go jump off a cliff, and take all of your deplorables with you!

I don’t like Comey or McCabe, and think the fact that they were fired by dump, whom they both seem to have protected while they went after Hillary, is karma in its truest sense of the word.

Good article by David Corn here on why the Libby pardon is important.

@36: Yep, saw that annie. That was sooo cute.

Oh I just hate this stuff.

The Wx radio will keep going off until I get so angry I want to pitch it against the wall.

43 Fredster
April 13, 2018 at 7:20 pm

Don’t worry about it, not even a remote possibility.

Fredster, that douchebag tried to get voters to vote on turning California in 5 states before and it went nowhere. I read that he’s doing this because he wants to pay less Cali State tax! He doesn’t give a shit about the state. From one of the articles you linked:

“Maviglio criticized CAL 3 as a “a colossal waste of time.”
“It’s completely unworkable and ridiculous,” Maviglio said. “It’s kind of a shame with so many important issues facing the state that this wacky idea might appear on the ballot.”
If voters were to approve Draper’s ballot, it would still need to be approved by the state legislature and the U.S. Congress.”

Bummer about your weather again. Stay safe and dry!

@45:Oops shadow. My bad. I should have directed that to both of you.

@46: I’ve been reading the discussions on the nat’l wx service website. It doesn’t look like tornadoes will be a big possibility, at least for now.

I hate tornadoes.

Oh fugh…Trumpster to address nation on Syria tonight says the chyron on CNN. Glad I’m watching LSU on Sling TV.

We’re watching the Dodgers and racing to get our deductions totaled up. Tax appt. tomorrow.

So yeah, we’re now bombing Syria. Welcome to Wag the Dog meets The Apprentice.

@50: I’m doing the same thing in just a little while. Thank goodness they’re not due to be postmarked until Tuesday the 17th. I’ll finish them up this weekend (hint-brief post this weekend), then go to the bank Monday for a cashier’s check for the payment and then to the P.O. to make sure that postmark of the 17th is on the envelope.

Interesting that the White House generals are saying they’re bombing chemical weapons factories. Chemical weapons somethings, anyway. Meanwhile the twittermachine has eyewitness pictures of some kind of explosions in Damascus.

I’m not enough of an expert to know whether those could conceivably be antiaircraft fire or something.

But to this rank amateur it looks like the usual: drop bombs wherever, say it was all about chemical weapons.

And all, as far as anyone can tell, to get Comey and Cohen off the front page. That’s not the motive for UK and France, but I wonder if they’d be bombing without the US egging them on.

I haven’t even thought of doing my taxes yet…I don’t want to give one red cent to the Dump dictator.

I can’t bear being an American (USian) any more.

Yay! Look what the teachers in Kentucky did.

This year, all 100 House seats are up for grabs, as are half the Senate seats. “Forty-three current or retired educators are running as Democrats for the legislature,” said a party spokesperson. And several Republican teachers are primarying the GOP legislators in their districts.

@55 – Sue! I truly hope we can survive this circus clown wannabe-dictator and his enablers in Congress. We must all be in the streets should Drumpf try to remove Rosenstein and rein in Mueller.

That being said, if Rosenstein is replaced and some incompetent put in charge of the Mueller investigation, I don’t think anyone the Mango Meerkat knows could possibly outthink Mueller. Besides which, it’s being reported Dump is more concerned about Cohen than Mueller right now. The feds in NY have the evidence he’s truly worried about…firing Rosenstein doesn’t change that.

@56 – GREAT NEWS! You go, Kentucky!!!

I swear there is a lot more blue in those Southern states than we know about. Now that white suburban women are mostly done with the Repubs and Drumpf, who knows what could happen in 2018? They have been swinging the Southern special elections to Dems, along with historic turnout from AAs.

@57: Let’s hope some retired teachers in Oklahoma also decide to toss their hats into the political ring there.

@57; I swear there is a lot more blue in those Southern states than we know about.

We’re commonly referred to as “blue dots” in that god-awful sea of red.

Perhaps when some of these folks realize that their “god-fearin’ ” ministers and pastors are a bunch of low-lifes such as this one, then perhaps they’ll be able to start thinking on their own.

Incidentally, he’s from Etowah county, same as Roy Moore. It must be something that’s in the Coosa River that flows through there.

Excellent piece by Lamar White on Steve Scalise from La. who may still decide to run for Speaker of the House.

This is one of the things Trump is worried about in the NY investigation. He can’t pardon anyone for this.

Read this thread:

Fuck Comey:

@61: The FBI seized
DYB, if the FBI is seizing anything then the Feds are involved in it. If the Feds are involved then it’s something that concerns some type of Federal charges or the possibility of same. Mueller found “something” which he or his staff referred to the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York. That would be Geoffrey Berman. Berman recused himself from this and turned it over to assistant U.S. attorneys in that office.

If there is any type of trial from anything discovered from all of this it will be a trial in a U.S. court. If that happens and Cohen is found guilty, then tRump could pardon him.

annie, I loved the spotted horse and dog on the last thread!

Can you believe this asshole?

“I guarantee you somewhere in Kentucky today a child was sexually assaulted that was left at home because there was nobody there to watch them,” the Republican governor told reporters Friday afternoon.”

@64 & 65, Jan 2002. That would be only a few months after 9/11 with the chaos and thousands dead when the twin towers went down. Comey, did you ever think the NY Senator might have been be a tad busy then?

@70, annie, “guarantee,” huh. How does the Repug gov know for sure? Did he do it?

Also, since there is no affordable child care in his state he should do something about this.

I don’t think I like this tech development:

A suspect tried to blend in with 60,000 concertgoers. China’s facial-recognition cameras caught him.

@68, so cute! I’ll take doggo and bluebonnets!

Because of course.

@74: Wasn’t that precious?

@66, Here is the vid of the panel Hillary moderated at the Women in the World conference where she made this statement (VotingHillary posted it at Uppity’s). They had a woman from Georgia, Russia, Turkey and the UK (BBC reporter for China). It was very sobering to hear what they experienced and observed and their opinions of right wing populism (glide path to authoritarianism). Hillary blended them beautifully and her broad experience and intelligence were on display. At the end, Tina Brown commented that, based on that panel discussion, Hillary should have a talk show called, “Brain Sex with Hillary.” Please watch if you have the time.

Yesterday I saw a big sticker on the back window of a new, black truck. One of the really expensive ones. This is what it said and it made me really angry:

‘Little girls cry.

Big girls, carry a gun.’

66 DYB

God, I love our Hillary.

I was able to meet and hold Hillary’s hand at a rally in 2016 and tell her how very proud I am of her. It as a long pause as we just looked at each other and she thanked me. Makes me want to cry just thinking about how much she deserves to be our President.

VotingHillary also posted the WITW interview with Sally Yates. Must watch. Can you imagine what it would be like to have Hillary as Prez and Sally Y as her AG…..

Just another reasons why funding to the FDA and CDC shouldn’t be cut:

E. coli outbreak in 11 states linked to store-bought chopped romaine lettuce, CDC says

The Food and Drug Administration announced Friday that romaine lettuce grown in the Yuma, Ariz., region, near the border to Southern California, may have caused the recent outbreak of Escherichia coli. The agency said it has not identified specific farms or companies that grew, supplied and distributed the contaminated vegetables.

None of the 35 people who have become sick since the outbreak began last month have died. But 22, including three people suffering from kidney failure, have been hospitalized, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Health officials said these people became ill between March 22 and March 31; the majority of them reported that they ate romaine lettuce within a week before they became sick. Many said they ate salads with romaine lettuce at restaurants, and these businesses told health officials that they used store-bought chopped romaine lettuce.

@77, cats, and Hillary’s doing all this with her right arm in a cast!

Cats, thanks for posting those two WITW videos! They were great!

@82, she never ceases to amaze, does she?

@83, my pleasure GAgal! Glad you liked them.

77 Cats & Voting

Thank you for bringing over this wonderful “Women’s Brain Sex” video.

Cats, thanks for posting those two WITW videos! They were great!


@84 Judith Miller is writing opinion pieces for Fox “news” now? Oh well. It’s where she always belonged.

Cats, thanks for bringing those videos over here.

GAgal @89, LOL!

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