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No Exit (Break Some Doors)

Posted on: April 5, 2018

33750_463348759760_4746600_nWe are slouching towards some kind of reckoning. The past 48 hrs have seen some notable activity by Bob Mueller. He revealed, in filings to counter Paul Manafort’s attempt to have charges against him dismissed, that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein has given him the necessary permission to investigate Manafort’s collusion with the Russians. And if Manafort colluded – so did Trump. What that means in the long run is unclear. Mueller can’t impeach Trump and he can’t prosecute him. Mueller says he will write a report outlining his findings about Trump and Rosenstein will have discretion on what to do with the report. He has to provide both the chairs of the intelligence committees and the ranking members with the report – this is good news because ranking Democrats (certainly people like Schiff) won’t let the report disappear into the night (wanna bet Nunes will try?) But this doesn’t change the fact that Mueller has no power over Trump himself. And the current GOP will do nothing to control Trump. A blue wave in the midterms will be essential. Democrats may be able to impeach Trump, but removing him from office – requiring 2/3 of the Senate support – will probably fail even with Democrats in charge. There are simply no Republicans who would vote to remove Trump. So where does that leave us? I don’t know…

It leaves us with evil men like Mitch McConnell. McConnell just bragged to Kentucky Today that refusing to hold nominations hearings on Merrick Garland “was the most consequential decision I’ve made in my entire public career.” He is proud of this. It gets worse though. He is also very proud of keeping Obama from appointing judges to the lower courts.

McConnell cited the subsequent wave of Trump-nominated judges as a lasting legacy. Recounting a conversation with the White House counsel soon after Trump’s election to Kentucky Today, McConnell said he suggested Trump nominate young judges.

 “I said ‘we’ve got a chance to transform the country in a very significant way for the next generation if we can get our act together,’” McConnell said. 

If ever you feel like giving up from exhaustion – think about Mitch McConnell being proud of these things. And then go out and vote to erase Mitch McConnell and his cabal from our consciousness.

And now for some laughs:

91 Responses to "No Exit (Break Some Doors)"

Bringing over the discussion about the rifts and the floating continents from the last threads: it is rather astonishing that we can actually witness the beginning of such an event. And yes, I do wish we could live longer (sort of) to witness the changes. But millions of years is a long time to wait! Let’s face it, humanity won’t be on Earth in millions of years anyway.

@1: LOL! Very true.

Your post is very interesting–but, is there really nothing a president can be arrested or charged for? Are they really above the law?

Loved the tweet in the last thread about Hillary & Bill being invited to the royal wedding. Heh. Trump will be gnashing his teeth, kicking the floor, and tweeting nasty things about the U.K.

@1, DYB, well, living practically on top of a fault line, I’d like it to stay calm for at least the rest of my lifespan. As far as earthquakes go we are overdue for The Big One.

The volcanoes here are pyroclastic aka the explosive type. When I climbed Mt Hood, Mt. Baker & Mt. Adams it was eerie seeing steam come up from crater-caves in the snow near their summits. Smelling the sulphur fumes while already feeling somewhat nauseous from the altitude didn’t help. May Pele keep her fires banked low.

(About rifts, big things really do start kind of small — not sure I’d feel that crack in Kenya was small if I was next to it — but it always feels astonishing to notice it in real time.)

About the level of criminality a Prez can get away with, given a compliant Congress. My flabber has been gasted about this for decades. No, wait, it’s been months.

The poor old Founding Dads never imagined a criminal takeover of government so they had no clever clause for that. And the body politic has lost the ability to deal with reality. If they can’t go by the Book, they can’t seem to do anything at all.

And here we are. I don’t see how this ends well either. With all the built-in vote rigging, Dems need +11% to get to a mere majority. The Repubs haven’t even really started up their election season propaganda wurlitzer yet.

But, as madamab and Fredster point out, you do what you can regardless and live in hope!

Depressing but great post DYB.

I don’t know why, but I am somewhat optimistic that El big Rump will not be someone’s President in 2020.

I guess I have faith in the majority of our population, that all forces will somehow come together and kick his butt out of office, one way or another, (Muller + leakers + Stormy + stolen data from Facebook to Cambridge Analytica + Dems + everything else), They may not put him in jail, but he will not be a two term Prez.

I don’t know why I feel this way, maybe that cosmic justice does rule, but sometimes, it takes awhile. I just wished that this same sort of justice could set the record straight and put Hillary in as our President.

@6, i hope your optimism prevails.

DYB, your insights are spot on in my book and boy did you push my outrage buttons, i detest McConnell but honestly there are too many despicable actors to choose from.

I need some confirmation here because i came in on the tail end of the segment on Velshi and Ruhle, but it sounded like the Mango Menace has been given a legal way to remove spending lines in the spending bill he just signed. Presumably, any spending wanted by the Dems would be at risk, with clear sailing for removal in the House and possibly a little push back in the Senate if the cut would hurt their repub constituents. I feel like a dead hostage.

I hope your optimism prevails.

Me too, Cats.

Maybe it’s because I can’t believe that when a menace is in the WhiteHouse, that our people will just let his endless destruction prevail. 50% of our population isn’t that stupid nor evil. At least, that is my hope.

It’s going to come down to turnout. Will Democrats come out in November? I think a lot can happen between now and November. And Republicans haven’t really even started their assault.

Very interesting read on a twitter-famous white supremacist, as his identity is finally revealed (by another white supremacist.)


11 | DYB
April 5, 2018 at 1:46 pm

Very interesting read on a twitter-famous white supremacist

This social media manipulation of some people, doesn’t surprise me in the least. How far it came and destroyed our 2016 election makes perfect sense.

Some people will believe anything fed to them and many adults know nothing of critical thinking.

“And Republicans haven’t really even started their assault.“

There is an awful lot of gerrymandering and voter suppression that has to be dismantled. Too much corporate money in campaign financing. Repubs have quite the advantage already.

Some happy news for a change!

This guy…

16 DYB
April 5, 2018 at 4:09 pm

What a sweetie to not chase the other dog out of his bed and think that if his circling technique is tight enough, that somehow he will fit in the little bed.

Manafort news: he authorized “black ops” to support Ukrainian (and Pro-Russian) president Yanukovich that included attacks on Hillary Clinton as SoS.

Oh DYB…..

@22, that’s how I feel without the benefit of an intervening coma. Just somehow translated to this alternate universe where it’s all, “Wait! Whuuuuuut??”

@26: Just about everyday whenever I see that creature (and I don’t mean the bunny or Melania) I think “Oh shit, what a nightmare! Am I awake?”

The “do” is trying to make an escape again.

Fredster, keep your dental pain at bay. Mooches smooches, Sue.

@29: Thanks Sue. I covered some of that in my brief post for Saturday.

(sigh) Better living through chemistry.

Only the best people.

Great thread everyone. Glad I have such interesting internet friends. That yellow lab was adorable. Was that a doxie that took over his bed? So cute.

Luna, I read an article some months ago about the earthquake that is overdue in the Pacific NW. Really scary. I don’t like to think about it. When I lived in Bellingham in the 80s, I got to take a few flying lessons and we flew over Mt Baker once and I flew the plane in a tight circle over the crater and snapped some shots of the steam coming out. It was quite exciting to see it fairly close.

Re: tweet I posted @33, Brennan is responding to that stupid tweet of dump’s, bragging about his high polling numbers from the shitty Rasmussen poll.


Joy rocks:

Here is the Thurs evening interview with Stormy’s atty Avenatti (?) and Ari Melber. God, trump is sooo stupid. How did he ever to where he is? He can’t think on his feet to save his life.

Great post D!

I too am optimistic. Yes, turnout will be HUGE in 2018. Everyone gets that the only way to rein Trump in is to get control of Congress.

I agree they haven’t started up their national propaganda machine yet, but, they have certainly spent beaucoup bucks on messaging for the special elections. They tried touting the tax cuts, their only accomplishment…and they saw and admitted that it tanked. Seriously, what else do they have? What is THEIR message to excite voters? The tariffs are hitting the Rust Belt hard, the wall will never be built, foreign policy is a total disaster, and they aren’t getting another Justice to retire till the Democrats take control. And let’s not forget they are openly trying to take all health care away from everyone, and Social Security as well. Why vote Rethug?

I also agree Mueller can’t indict a sitting President. But after his report comes out, Drumpf will lose even more of his support. By the time the Dems take back Congress, and impeachment starts, he may do a Richard Nixon and resign. The Resistance will be doing a lot at that point to help make that outcome happen.

The “do” is trying to make an escape again.


Transplanted armp!t hair must be so difficult to control without enough hairspray.

A bear in a national park refuses to stop hibernating.

That’s me, every morning. Odd, I wasn’t this way before Nov 2016.

@28, The hair — “hypnotic” or “disgusting” Note he tries to surreptitiously get up a hand up there to try to hold it in place. And all that waving — hey, don’t bother, they’re all glad to see the back of you for a while.

@31 — Pruitt wanted sirens? What an overgrown toddler! And selected by the biggest toddler of them all.

This is encouraging:

In reaction to Trump, millions of Americans are joining protests and getting political

Tens of millions of Americans have joined protests and rallies in the past two years, their activism often driven by admiration or outrage toward President Trump, according to a Washington Post-Kaiser Family Foundation poll showing a new activism that could affect November elections.

One in five Americans have protested in the streets or participated in political rallies since the beginning of 2016. Of those, 19 percent said they had never before joined a march or a political gathering.

Overwhelmingly, recently motivated activists are critical of Trump. Thirty percent approve of the president, and 70 percent disapprove, according to the poll. And many said they plan to be more involved politically this year, with about one-third saying they intend to volunteer or work for a 2018 congressional campaign.

@42 – YES. That’s what I’m saying.

@38: What is THEIR message to excite voters?

Their message is MAGA.

Sadly I really think you’re underestimating the efforts of not only the Repub officeholders, but also the behind-the-scenes efforts of groups like the Kock Bros., C.A. , the Mercers and the rest of their ilk. And don’t forget the religious fundies in so many of these states who are willing to give the serial abuser a “mulligan” on his sexual antics.

I mean, when the Republican woman governor of Bama says yes, she’d still vote for the Gadsden Mall Creeper over a (shudder) Democrat you realize how hopeless some of these folks are in the red states.

I’ve lived in these red states for a long time; since before many of them became red states so I can’t share the optimism of my coastal friends. I’m more like the oncologist to the cancer patient: Hope for the best but prepare for the worst.

@45, I also use that line but with a modification:

Hope for the best, prepare for the worst — and do what’s possible to help the best happen.

@47: If that makes you feel better, then okay.

But Fredster…MAGA isn’t happening. It was nothing but a campaign slogan and none of his promises have been kept.That’s why voters in red states are depressed and not coming out to vote. This is happening in real time. Red states and districts are flipping in real time. Almost every week. What am I missing? Seriously, I really want to know. I can’t think of a single thing they could pull out of their asses that they haven’t tried in special elections. But I am a damned Yankee after all. LOL

I hit embed video instead of embed tweet and video.

@50: But Fredster…MAGA isn’t happening. It was nothing but a campaign slogan and none of his promises have been kept.


That’s why voters in red states are depressed and not coming out to vote. This is happening in real time.

That’s happened in isolated cases in special elections. We haven’t seen it yet in a statewide race. Don’t get me wrong. I’m hoping it does.

Okay I’m going to watch


Jennifer Rubin has been more consistent in opposing Trump and placing the blame on Republicans for not controlling him than some Democrats and certainly more than Bernie Sanders and all of his believers.

I’m sort of between madamb’s point and Fredster’s point and Luna’s! I agree that we are seeing some Trump supporters flipping on him, and Democrats are flipping formerly red seats by huge margins. They are flipping seats Trump won by 20 or more points. That’s a sign of Democratic commitment (at least for now) and Republican indifference. BUT, I’m also a generally pessimist (I’m from Eastern Europe, after all) and, as Fredster said, I hope for the best but prepare for the worst because a) I don ‘t overestimate the American voter and b) we can’t underestimate the depths to which Republicans will sink to steal elections. This is where I agree with Luna that we should all do something other than hope for the best. The results are not predetermined and we can chip in to bring about a better outcome. Whether it’s phone banking or going door to door or donating to candidates – spreading the word and really making sure people vote in November: that will be vital. Being in NYC I will be less useful in that regard than our red states friends. You guys – and if you have families in other states – have to make sure people go out to vote. Vote vote vote in November. I think that might be the last stand. If Democrats lose in November – game over.

@51 those are good comments from Michelle. What matters now?

DYB, have you seen this? Кандидат от района Солнцево. Что связывает Трампа с российскими ОПГ in The Insider by Anastasia Kirilenko. The most complete exposition of the Dump’s Russian criminal connections I’ve seen anywhere. Most of it, but not all!, are things I’ve seen before, but the relationships are particularly well laid out, I thought. But I live under a rock, so I may be missing a lot.

Anyway, looked like an amazing tour-de-force to me. I’d be curious about your take. Also, I don’t know anything about The Insider. Reliable? Bogus?

If Mueller has all this charted on some Huge Wall in his offices, and has shared with Schneiderman, I don’t see how the Dump gets less than 500 years.

@51, gee i guess Hillary wasn’t the most qualified person to ever seek the presidency in 2008. That didn’t happen until 2016? I guess that is why Michelle made disparaging remarks about her back then and the “campaign” used the race card against both Clintons every chance they got. Hillary has been making that speech longer and better than Madame Michelle. Sorry kids, i still can’t stand her, she is very articuate and gives a damn fine speech, but I am not a fan.

I understand, Fredster. I think DYB put it very well too. We do all need to do our part. Luckily we Widdershins are an active group !!!

In fact. I will bet that Contrask is now on strike with her fellow teachers in Oklahoma. Go girl!!!

Yeah, I’m with Cats. Until the Obamas, both of them, give a real apology in the style of Al Franken (when he was actually, as it turns out, probably being smeared, but that’s another issue) for the crap they threw at Hillary, all they get from me is side eye.

Yes, there are much worse people than them out there. Yes if it was a choice between Michelle and, say, Pence, I’d be working the phones for her. But that doesn’t mean she doesn’t set my teeth on edge when she starts making pretty speeches. And the same goes for her hubs.

The thing that gets me about the blonde-flowing-locks-Repub-ladies? Half the time I honestly have to work to tell them apart. It’s like those puzzles they used to have in the Sunday papers: find three different things in these two pictures.

At least those three are different ages (or different stages of meth) but otherwise, clones. Just clones.

Omg! So sweet:

@51, Love Michelle for saying that.

@64, I saw that. I hope the journalists, and the aclu go after them any way they can.

I hated the Obama’s for a long time, but its passed. I don’t have the energy for it anymore. Of course I would rather have had Hillary win in ’08. But these days there are more pressing issues and real villains (dump, bernoid, gop), so I’m trying to direct what little energy I have left towards them.

Fredster did your team win?

@67, now that is a magnificent sight! Thanks DYB!

Quixote @62, I’ve never been able to tell those blonde harpies apart.

@57 quixote> I’m not familiar with that web-site, so I can’t say how real or fake it might be. Flipping through it I see they do publish the sort of stories that should not be receiving righteous attention in Russia, the published a translation of the BuzzFeed story on the murder in DC of RT’s founder, and the article you linked to that outlines the Trump relationship with the various Russians. So theoretically it seems like it might be a site for the Russian Resistance. They’re just not stories Putin wants to be read in Russia.

@67: For y’all in the tri-state area:

@68: No annie, the Tigers lost this one. It’s a three game series and they won Thurs. night and A&M tonight. They play the third game Saturday and whoever wins that one wins the series.

I don’t know if this is real or not, but it probably is.

@58 cats @63, quixote, agree. My antipathy has mellowed with time, but I still think Obama was too “can’t rock the boat” when it came to warnings about Russian involvement in 2016. Yet I’m glad Michelle is speaking out.

@77, hear, hear.

I have many problems with Barack Obama; he didn’t do anything to warn the republic about Trump/Russia. But it’s worth noting that some of the information was coming out and nobody believed it. I don’t think he would have been believed either, especially when McConnell came out and said it was all just partisan politics. The media would have sided with the Republicans. Does it mean he shouldn’t have spoken out? I think he should have done it anyway and let McConnell go on the record. But no-drama Obama always erred on the side of caution.

With Michelle’s remarks, I don’t hold her accountable for her husband’s actions and whatever she might have said in 2008 I don’t blame her for either. Her husband was running, what was she supposed to say? And these comments now make her one of only about 2 people I can think of who have not come out blasting HRC, telling her to go away, that she was a weak candidate, etc., but praised her. (Corey Booker was the other.) Every other Democrat has gone out of their way to bash Hillary, to distance themselves from her and to declare that he would have won. It’s been quite disgraceful. Even during the campaign they were all doing it, qualifying their endorsement of HRC – which did not help anyone. Michelle did not do any of that qualifying. So I respect her for not falling into the trap all the other Democrats fall in.

@79: fair points, DYB.

@82 Luna> I wonder if any valuable documents accidentally burned in that fire.

I guess Dump tweeted that Trump Tower is well built, so the fire wasn’t a big deal. Except one person did die. But we all know how Trump is.

@83, DYB, we all know how he scoffs at — and ignores — regulations he doesn’t like. Appalling that a person died due to Trump’s disregard for safety regs. There are also reports that some tenants did not get any warnings about the fire, when warnings were supposed to go out. I hope he gets taken to court and has to cough up a few hundred million. While getting impeached.

@79, “With Michelle’s remarks, I don’t hold her accountable for her husband’s actions and whatever she might have said in 2008 I don’t blame her for either. Her husband was running, what was she supposed to say? And these comments now make her one of only about 2 people I can think of who have not come out blasting HRC…”

Yeah, her husband was running, but she made demeaning remarks about Hillary that i doubt she would have made about a male. She should have stuck to the issues, but i guess Barack didn’t bring enough to the table to do that. I also think the campaign’s use of the race card was disgraceful. I believe Michelle’s remarks were made at a women’s conference and, surprsingly, they got a tepid response. To me she is a self serving opportunist and a player, just like her husband. You and Socal are way more forgiving than I.

Story in the WaPo.

fire at Trump Tower in New York

[Commissioner] Nigro said, “It’s a well built building. The upper floors, the residence floors, are not sprinklered.”

Fire sprinklers were not required in New York City highrises when Trump Tower was completed in 1983.

Subsequent updates to the building code required commercial skyscrapers to install the sprinklers retroactively, but owners of older residential highrises are not required to install sprinklers unless the building undergoes major renovations.

@63, humans can be so cruel. Leave it to the animals to show us the way. Thanks, Socal, even if i was bawling at the end!

@89: She really pisses me off. Beyach.

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