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Apocalypse Now

Posted on: March 23, 2018

gado.jpgSaturday Night Massacre is really a 2016-2020 Massacre in Trump years. It’s better for the ratings. The latest victim of our slow motion descent into chaos is National Security Advisor H. R. McMaster. He was one of Trump’s beloved Generals. His predecessor in the post was Michael Flynn. Flynn is trying not to get locked up and McMaster is probably looking to get his 4 stars and retire ASAP. Stories are that Trump thought McMaster was too serious and talked too much. That must have been especially galling, to talk more than Trump. What is Trump supposed to do when a National Security Advisor talks too much? Listen? LOL. McMaster’s replacement – who needs no confirmation from the Senate – is John Bolton. Dubya first put Bolton in power as a U.N. ambassador, even though Bolton detests the U.N. So never forget that no matter how bad Trump is, Dubya was awful, awful, awful. And it’s only fitting that Bolton get a fancy new job the week we celebrate the anniversary of the Iraq War! It’s a nice present to one of the architects of that catastrophe.

Speaking of great ratings being delivered by Trump: Jeff Zucker, head of CNN, had some harsh things to say about Fox News.

“What has happened to that network in the last 18 months, especially the last year, is that it has just turned itself into state-run TV,” Zucker said. “TASS has nothing on them,” he said in reference to the Russian news agency.


Zucker said that Fox has “a handful of good journalists but they get lost in the propaganda machine.”

“The idea that they are a news channel is really not accurate at all,” he said.

This is all hilarious because Jeff Zucker made a choice during the election: he chose to elevate and normalize Trump and everything Trump stands for. Hours of uninterrupted and unchallenged speeches by Trump aired live on CNN for months. And everybody missed the Russian story and, now we learn, Cambridge Analytica story; because of “her mails.” It’s not an exaggeration to say that Zucker is one big reason we have Trump. But that kind of self-awareness does not exist in the media. To date not a single reporter* has stepped forward and said: “Maybe her emails were less important than Trump/Russia.” Not only has no reporter done that much self-reflection, many have dug in and insist that they did nothing wrong. Some pick fights on twitter with anyone who even suggests that they might have spent too much time on unworthy subjects. Ken Vogel of the NY Times, who wrote extensively about the Clinton Foundation, and has tweeted extensively practically foaming at the mouth with rage that the Foundation is a sinister money laundering scheme, tweeted that Cambridge Analytica story is overblown. That the company is harmless. That’s the state of modern journalism.

*The only reporters who have made the point that the media covered the wrong story were already saying it in 2016. People like Soledad O’Brien, Josh Marshal, Charles Pierce and David Corn. I would give 1/2 point to Matthew Yglesias, but only 1/2 point because his Clinton Derangement Syndrome is otherwise rabid.

A final word about Facebook: the story of Cambridge Analytica harvesting profiles and data of 50,000,000 Facebook users is only beginning to hit the front pages. For most of us it’s not a new story. The name of that company has been discussed for a a couple of years and Hillary Clinton talked about it publicly as far back as Spring of last year. At the time she was trashed by every pundit and reporter for refusing to take enough (all) blame for her loss and instead blaming everyone else. Once again, however, we see that Clinton was ahead of everyone else. What she was saying wasn’t so much blame-shifting as warning. Warning that there are layers to the treachery that are still to be uncovered and explored. But the very smart people in the media let their CDS get in the way. That will never change, of course. If Hillary had won the electoral college in addition to theRelated image popular vote she would have been buried under countless Republican investigations (no doubt she would already have been impeached.) Jason Chaffetz would still be in Congress and Trey Gowdy wouldn’t be resigning either. HRC’s administration would have been testifying on something every day of the week and the media would still be blasting her emails on the front page, in addition to some new scandal Alex Jones made up. She would also have been crushed by Democrats, who are incapable of standing by their own. (Trump really did manage to build a wall: a wall of Republicans protecting his every sin.) The Left would have been screaming that Hillary hasn’t given them a unicorn yet and the Right would have been screaming that she is taking away their rocket launchers. Trump would be starting his own media empire accusing HRC of stealing his election and whipping up right-wing paranoia of astronomical proportions. (Ok, the last part happened anyway.) HRC’s life is far more peaceful not being in the White House. Except I know that Hillary Clinton wishes she was saving us from the Apocalypse, even if it burned her first.

This is an open thread.

53 Responses to "Apocalypse Now"

Well said DYB. What bloody nerve that Zucker has. I hope your doggie will be better tomorrow.

Great post DYB. We have now merged Fox News and the Presidency. Drumpf wants it on 24-7, and what better way than hiring the people he likes best to yell in his ear 24-7?

He is being driven to some heinous act by his own psychological demons and the rage-fueled conspiracy theories of mediocre white men in the right-wing media.

The addition of John Bolton to the team is utterly terrifying. It’s happening on April 9. If anyone here has a Rethug Congresscritter, now is the time to call. And let’s get “impeach” trending on Twitter.

I totally agree about Hillary. The only way her Presidency would have worked would have been for the House and Senate to be Democratic. The first woman President in history would have been persecuted and hounded out of office because of that missing scrap of flesh between her legs.

“Except I know that Hillary Clinton wishes she was saving us from the Apocalypse, even if it burned her first.”

Exactly. That’s the thing that boggles me about her. She truly has a calling to public service. Which I can understand a little bit. As a teacher you go out of your way for your students and you both want to and it’s your duty. Sure. Right. Fine. But that’s people who want to learn, people with hope in their eyes. Have you met some of the public? And she’s still willing to do what she does. As I say, boggling.

@3 – Especially when the Democratic Party does nothing but undermine her and stab her in the back. I wanted her to form her own Party in 2008, but that wouldn’t have been like her. And probably dumb as well.

Wonderful post and as sad as it is:
HRC’s life is far more peaceful not being in the White House. Except I know that Hillary Clinton wishes she was saving us from the Apocalypse, even if it burned her first.

I also hate that she was not given the place in history as our first female President. No one else, come Hell or high water, deserves that title like our Hillary does.

What ticks me off even more, is when Orange Rumpy is impeached and/or sent to prison, they will not automatically place Hillary in the Oval where she should have been all this time.

she would have been buried under countless Republican investigations (no doubt she would already have been impeached.) Jason Chaffetz would still be in Congress and Trey Gowdy wouldn’t be resigning either.

I’m afraid you are exactly right there D. She would have never been able to accomplish any of the things she wanted unless she had a Dem. majority in Congress.

Oh man. The Brits are going to find a treasure trove. Or a terror trove. Is that a thing?

Love the sledding doggie Fredster!!

12 Fredster

Nothing sweeter than seeing an animal play in nature, for his/her own pleasure.

@12 OMG Fredster! I want that dog!

@17: You’ll have to contact his owner. Speaking of dogs, how’s your doggo doing? Is he better now?

Tom Benson was the owner of the New Orleans Saints and NBA Pelicans. He died last week. Today was his funeral mass at St. Louis Cathedral in the Quarter and there was a second line afterwards to celebrate his life.

The Saints quarterback Drew Brees made a little instagram video.

@20: So I wonder, even if these judges are impeached, will the new map from their decisions still stand? If it does, then look for a lot of these state Repub leaders in Pa to be voted out next election. I certainly wouldn’t vote for any of them.

@18 Fredster> He seems to be better today. No blood in his poop. Thanks for asking!

@24: Sounds like good news to me!

@22 Fredster, I was wondering the same thing. I can’t imagine their decisions are annulled because of an impeachment. They’d have to annul all of their decisions? All unanimous decisions? How would that even work. I’d assume the ruling will stand, so I’m not sure what they think they will achieve besides vengeance. And then do they hold special elections to replace the judges?

@26: I’d have to say, like you, that I’m *guessing* their decisions would stand but really have no idea. The only thing that makes me think otherwise is that these idiots say the state Supremes overstepped their authority. So if they did, and they were impeached it could possibly nullify that decision. I dunno, guess we’ll have to wait and see.

IIRC, it’s not certain if the judges can be impeached. Or if impeached, removed from office.

The Rethugs can’t accept that day is day and night is night. They’re obviously emboldened by Trump. Dangerous spoiled brats.

@26: From NPR:

But late Thursday, House Republican Leader Dave Reed released a statement indicating the [impeachment] proposal won’t get far.

While he believes “the state Supreme Court’s decision to draw and implement their own congressional redistricting map is wrong,” he said, “disagreement over the outcome of any particular case should not be grounds for impeachment.”

@29 – That’s what I figured. Our courts are the only institutions left that work.

Al Franken on the McCabe firing by Sessions.

@31 GAgal> Very interesting, thanks for posting! It’s a shame Franken was forced to resign so hastily. He was a strong voice against Sessions.

Don’t forget Stormy Daniels interview is on Sunday. Her lawyer tweeted out a photo of what appears to be a CD-Rom (remember those??) in a safe. Now everyone is freaking out. There’s also a fear that to change the subject from Daniels, Trump will do something really crazy (crazier than usual.)

@33 – Shameful and very suspicious. If Russia can compromise politicians and promote fake news online, is it really that hard to imagine that they have compromised the media too? Along with complicit misogynistic and right-wing bad actors, many of whom have been brought down by the #MeToo movement?

MSNBC has great coverage of the #MarchForOurLives today. It’s an amazing moment. The kids are so inspiring. I got food poisoning on Thursday night, and am still recovering, so I decided not to go. I do feel that the Women’s March was the seed of this movement, though. We got America in the habit of protesting in mass numbers again. 😀

I hope you feel better soon, MB.

I am not physically up to a long march today so I have been watching the DC march and speeches. These young people are doing a wonderful job.

A young female survivor was reading a poem about the shooting, she became overwhelmed and threw up behind the podium, took a few minutes on stage, and went on with her speech, then asked the crowd to join her in singing happy birthday to her friend and classmate that just died in front of her, it would have been his birthday today.

I couldn’t help but cry with them.

37 Fredster

The comments seem to be talking about having the FB app on their phone, and this is why it happens. Many apps want you to click a set up page asking if you allow this app to share your location, photos, etc.

I don’t have facebook on my phone and I hate ever using it on my computers. My darn young family members use FB a lot, and I am debating if seeing their photos on FB is even worth having the corrupt program or not.

@38: I have no idea since I don’t have FB on anything. However I did hear someone (Maher himself?) on his show saying pretty much the same thing. I saw this tweet in a twitter email so I went to the tweet and copied and pasted.

The marches were amazing weren’t they? So inspirational. I have two H.S. age nephews at the march in DC!!! Their Dad thought it would be a good experience for them and flew them across the country to join their peers. Can’t wait to hear about it.

We didn’t make it to a march either. Hubs had to work, and I broke a toe last night and hobbling today.

Charles Pierce is so funny!

Ouch, Annie! Sorry to hear you broke your toe…hope you feel better soon.

That was a wow, DYB.

Good luck, Annie, and there’s really nothing to do but limp for a while. I’ve broken (I will go barefoot and dance around) eight of my toes and they all curve down, now, but I get along alright! Kisses.

Thanks ladies! ❤️

That’s terrible Annie! Be careful and heal quickly!!

The marches today were amazing. There was a big one in NYC too. NBC estimated a million people in DC? That’s definitely more than Dump’s inauguration.

On the facebook stuff: I did those instructions and checked to see what they have on me. Some of it is expected (yes, they have all my photos and videos.) But some came as a surprise: they have my phone book, which isn’t part of facebook. They have phone calls logged – again not part of facebook. And nobody in my address book consented to have their names and numbers preserved by facebook. This includes people whose numbers I deleted ages ago. There was one person who was a bit of a stalker and I had him blocked. It’s all there. I’m sure somewhere I clicked on something that allowed it without realizing it and Facebook does not reasonably expect that many people knew the extent to which it was happening. They really do need to be regulated. They are a menace and they can not be trusted to regulate themselves. They clearly do not.

@49: D, I’m guessing that’s on a mobile device/phone or tablet right?

And nobody in my address book consented to have their names and numbers preserved by facebook

Multiply that by tens of thousands (millions?) and I wish every one of those people would contact facebook threatening to sue. Better yet would be a bunch of them getting together to make it a class action lawsuit. Then watch that stock price drop, and drop, and drop. LOL

Yes, we need to flood Facebook with lawsuits. Crap. I wonder if they have my phone book even though I deleted my account years ago.

@51 Dunno. I only had it on my laptop and never had a phone book with them. Of course I had the friends info in there, i.e my friends. I’m glad I got rid of that shit.

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