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Lazy Weekend Music: Playlist for the Irish High Holiday

Posted on: March 17, 2018

Happy St. Paddy’s Day Widdershins
(note:  this is a repost of a post written by our chatblu for St. Patrick’s Day. )


 “I suffer from Irish-Catholic guilt. Guilt is a good reality check. It keeps that ‘do what makes you happy’ thing in check.”
– Irish American actor and director Edward Burns

Erin Go Bragh, Widdershins.  ‘Tis  St. Patrick’s Day, and time to get our playlist together.  Despite my iffy back, I will venture out to celebrate my maternal ancestry with those of the ilk, which pretty much includes everyone by 9 p.m.   So, load up on Bailey’s, Jameson’s and room temperature Guiness, and prepare to party.

Irish music is wild, sweet, and emotional – some bouncing and happy and others more than a little melancholy .  She has a troubled history,  and a terrible beauty.  26+6 =1 remains as much a political difficulty as it is a mathematical impossibility.  Truly, it is a nebulous concept at best. The ongoing upheaval is well reflected in Ireland’s traditional music.  Oddly, some of the songs sung lustily at Irish bars are word for word the same as those belted out at Highland games, with both sides vociferously claiming credit for the tune. Go figure, but since I had a parent from each line, I sang them loudly and proudly, as either way they are all mine.

Here’s my abbreviated list.  Add yours to it, please, as well as anything else that strikes your fancy in this open thread.

(1) Wild Rover – The Dubliners

(2) Whiskey in a Jar – The Dubliners

(3) Back Home in Derry –  The Young Wolfetones

(4) Wild Mountain Thyme = Don Williams and the Chieftains

(5) Molly Ban – Allison Krause and the Chieftains

(6) The Soldier’s Song – Irish National Anthem  (Try this one with a wee drap of Jameson’s and a Southern accent.)

(7) The Sick Note –  The Dubliners

Have a glorious day, and my Mother would have reminded you to pray for Ireland.


129 Responses to "Lazy Weekend Music: Playlist for the Irish High Holiday"

McCabe is certainly not going out quietly.

@5 Fredster> That’s frightening. Trump is clearly taking the necessary steps to fire Mueller. (Sessions and Rosenstein, then Mueller.) And GOP will not save us. Nunes, Burr, Graham, Grassley – they have all been preparing the necessary paperwork to justify Mueller’s firing when it happens. That’s what the entire Nunes investigation was about and that’s why Graham and Grassley and Burr do what they do: they are preparing the case to justify Mueller’s firing. Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell are complicit in that too. Entire GOP is.

@5, Fredster, Of course Trump’s lawyer is paid to say any process which might hurt his client should be shut down. But that sure looks like Trump’s trying to obstruct justice through his lawyer.

@6, DYB, I’m all on McCabe’s side. Trump’s never pleased with anyone unless they grovel at his feet. I’m sure there are procedural regulations which are in McCabe’s favor, designed to protect civil servants from this sort of political retaliation.

Just noticed that Bromwich’s statement calls Trump’s action “deplorable.” Hahahaha!


Canadian-Celtic, not Irish, and not about St. Paddy’s Day, but about hard times for the people.

@11, “unfairly maligned in the media.” Welp. “Fake Media!” That’ll make Trump pardon him.

And just for fun:

Next time my flights delayed, I want these boys along!

Another fun episode of Irish music in a transportation venue.

I don’t know if Madonna ever sang an Irish song…

Message for Shadow from Uppity (I sent her your condolences as you asked).

“Uppity Woman, on March 17, 2018 at 7:17 PM said:
Cats, tell shadow thank you and that Tosca has ordered me to not be an asshole and unblock her. It shall be done.”

@21, awesome smack down! I’m sure the Malignant Maggot will not be pleased with this defiance.

@19: Well there’s this D:

Happy St. Patty’s day all.
I have been in my house all day, doing art. Didn’t take the time to find something green to wear, although I am 1/2 Irish…so, I have a green post-it on my sweater to keep the leprechauns happy.

20 Cats
Thank you for passing my message on to Uppity.

@24 Fredster> Haha, thanks! I’m surprised the show started when it was still light out. Typically Madge is 3 hrs late. (The last tour she actually showed up on time both times I saw it in NYC.)

Irish music…

Irish twinkle-toes…

Irish singer (Boy George) with English singes (Pet Shop Boys), from a movie set in Ireland.

Beautiful song by Patrick Wolf from the movie “God’s Own Country.” Sounds and looks like it’s set in Ireland, but it’s not. I’m including it because it’s a beautiful song and a beautiful movie. And title suggests it’s Ireland. So close enough!

John Ireland was British. 🙂

John Field was Irish. Field’s Nocturnes were the ones to inspire Frederic Chopin to composer his own famous Nocturnes.

Isolde’s Liebestod from Wagner’s “Tristan und Isolde.” Isolde was an Irish Princess.

Fredster, nice songs, I love Irish music. And they often have such beautiful voices. I miss the Corrs:

DYB, when I lived in Washington State in the mid-late 80’s, I took my young sister and her friends to see Madonna at the Kingdome in Seattle. She wasn’t late and the show was great (her earlier stuff, obviously), but the Kingdome was a horrible place for concerts, it was all concrete and had the most horrible acoustics you can imagine. The sound just ricocheted around. It was worse than the Forum in Los Angeles. Anyway, they finally tore it down and built a new one…was it the new football stadium Luna?

There was a shooting at my favorite mall–The Oaks, which is in Quixote country. It’s a smaller mall, and classier than most. Some man went to a store where his wife worked, argued with her, and shot her dead, then shot himself, but the bastard lived and is in the hospital. They have children and he killed his children’s mother. Evil. Of course people heard the shooting and screamed and ran and the mall went into lockdown.

Oh good lord, United strikes again with canines but at least they made it right.

Don’t read the comments:

Hiding rent-controlled apartments inflates the value of the building.

@39, “mistakenly” At least the poor dog didn’t die this time. Someone needs to put United’s CEO on a plane and “mistakenly” fly him to some hellhole.

@41, what a vile man. And those actions fit right in with everything else we know about the Trump & Kusher mob families.

socalannie @38: Whaaat? Christ. I’ve shopped there! (Once or twice. Bit pricey.) Did this shooting just happen? I haven’t heard anything about it.

@38, annie, Ah, the old Kingdome. A perfectly good sports stadium which we the taxpayers were still paying on, and continued to do for some years after it was blown up — or rather, imploded — when enough dolts voted to build a newer and bestest-er stadium. I hear there was a ton of lobbyist money going around then. IIRC there was a one ballot measure which was defeated, then the sports tycoons spent more money and the second ballot measure squeaked by.

I wish major-league sports did bring in more money than they take out of cities. It’s an urban legend that they do.

The Ventura County Star has a headline about it. “Tragic Case of Domestic Violence.”


It’s not tragic. Tragic does not mean “especially sad.” Tragic is horrible things that you knew you would do unless you changed your behavior and you didn’t change your behavior anyway. Climate change is a tragedy. A murder because some misogynist had a gun as a consequence of a halfwitted gun policy makes it stupid and senseless, not tragic.

And “domestic” violence? Really? She was his ex-wife. She wasn’t even in the same house any more. And the house committed no violence in any case.

“Idiotic Case of Misogynist Murder.” There. Fixed it for them.

@47, quixote, you speak for me.

Quixote, I know, how awful for those poor kids. People outside the store heard the shots and naturally panicked, but the store next door, Vans, took them in and locked the doors, turned out the light and hid people in the back. Otherwise, people ran screaming, stores went into lockdown. The store were it happened is called Paper Source, it’s in the outdoor section, they sell stuff like expensive gift wrap. .

Luna @46: I hear ya! There are various contingents around Los Angeles that want to tear down Dodger Stadium and build some ghastly new thing with malls and stuff in the parking lot. Angelenos L O V E Dodger Stadium. For decades, sports writers would say it was the finest ball park in the country. We don’t want it torn down, and we sure as hell don’t want to pay for a new one.

Hello shinners, still working on getting the new laptop setup with my stuff.

Tried to install Office 2007 since I had the disks, but that didn’t work since it was an upgrade version and I didn’t have anything acceptable for the install to find. So, had to go to amazon and buy a version of office there.
Just thrilled about that.

@41: I just read about that D! What a jerk!

An interesting read over at The Guardian about the young guy who was very instrumental in creating the analytical tools that Cambridge Analytics used to hack Facebook and create the algorithms they used to target groups.

The young man is having a serious case of buyers remorse. He should.

@38 socalannie> Outdoor arenas are tough. I’ve only been to see a concert at one, Yankee Stadium. Madonna, of course. It rained! The show went on. It was remarkable to see a show like that, which is non-stop dancing, go on in the rain. But being a baseball field it has a weird layout. The sound was ok though. Madison Square Garden and Barclays (in Brooklyn) are much better for these things. And they’re climate controlled!

@53 Fredster> I hate when I was stuck with upgrade versions of something and no more access to the original disc. It’s happened more than once!

The Cambridge Analytica stuff is really crazy. Earlier today, the guy who blew the whistle on them, had his facebook account suspended. So facebook is publicly punishing him.

In the UK Channel 4 is doing a whole series on Cambridge Analytica. Including undercover videos. Apparently they went in posing as clients, which included a meeting with the CEO. CA is desperately trying to stop the airing of this footage. Not sure how that’s working out; I suspect Channel 4 will air it. It’s amazing that more than a year since many of us have been ringing the bell about Cambridge Analytica, the media and investigators catch up and find something very seriously wrong.

There was an interesting tweet from Sara Kendzior a day or two ago. Someone asked her for her opinion on some latest scandal because she hadn’t commented yet. She responded that she’s on vacation and regardless, it’s something she’s tried to tell people about for two years and nobody listened. Frankly, she added, she was tired of saying the same thing over and over and over while investigators and the media catch up.

@57: Yes it was irritating. And I didn’t even recall that it was an upgrade version. Duh!

@58 & 59: I wonder if that will be available to view online? Would love to be able to view that.

Fredster, how frustrating! Grrr, I hate it when companies update software or hardware and make them so they don’t work with stuff that worked perfectly fine a little while ago. Planned obsolescence.

DYB & Fredster, most of the shit is out in the MSM now, but it was there and obvious back in 2016 (if not earlier) as we know. And as anyone who bothered to look and had half an analytical mind knew.

Just finished reading an article by Garry Kasparov that Kat linked to on SD.

March 18 elections are nothing but a sham—the Russian dictator will serve just as long as he pleases

It’s still unfathomable that Russia went from joyously celebrating the end of totalitarianism to electing a KGB lieutenant-colonel in just nine years. Never take your liberty for granted, and be careful whom you vote for because it may be the last election you’ll ever have.

This on the front page of the WaPo now made me see red. Bloody dripping red. That fcking tinpot small-handed dictator with his weaselly hairpiece is going to be in prison well before 2020.

In N.H., flurry of activity stokes speculation that Trump might face primary challenger

President Trump is set to visit the state on Monday, following visits this year from fellow Republicans Sen. Jeff Flake (Ariz.) and Gov. John Kasich (Ohio). Trump’s trip is billed as an official visit, but it is also an opportunity to shore up support and stave off a potential challenger to the sitting president — something that hasn’t happened since 1992.

I despise Bernie Sanders and his progbro trolls.

@66 Luna> Insane! This has blown up on twitter over the past couple of hours. Just incredible that Sanders and his people think this is a good use of their time. Jeff Weaver released a statement saying OurRevolution is separate from Bernie. LOL. I posted a joke that this is Bernie saying that OurRevolution is just his coffee boy.

Sidenote for Fredster, you may want to give Libreoffice a try. ( You can have it installed alongside MSOffice, and see whether it works for you. Then you’d never have that stupid upgrade aggro again.

Whether it works or not tends to depend on whether you have to collaborate on complex docs with MSOffice users. Simple works. And complex works so long as you can stay within LO, but formatting sometimes screws up if you have to go back and forth between LO & MSO. Anyway, just thought I’d mention it.

The saddest thing about the social-media-propaganda operations is that it hardly matters whether people know about them or not. They still work. Look at the progbros. Being dangled on strings like puppets, and totally convinced of their own savvy.

At this point it’s obvious as hell: if Putin wants it, work for the opposite. It’s that simple. And yet Berndbrain is still in there mucking about. The dumb-left is still falling for every divide and conquer tactic out there. There are oceans of centrist Repubs still thinking that it’s more important to own women’s bodies than save democracy. And on and on and on.

Goethe said it. Against stupidity, the gods themselves are helpless.

@69: quixote I thought about that and open office (?) but I had sooo many documents in the Word format I was concerned about how they would open and if they would format. And fwiw, I didn’t fool with that Office365 crap! Nahgonnahappen.

Ho boy, what I have to look forward to later today:

Charging up the cell phone and making sure the flash light and battery lantern are ready.

@72, Fredster, Tennis-ball-sized hail??? Yikes. Stay inside.

@69, I started using LibreOffice a couple of years ago when I could not get MS Office to work on my MacBook Air (forget what version the OS was then). The MS help people were very unhelpful and told me they had no idea what to do. I got my money back. I’d been using AppleWorks for a few years prior which I liked better, but work uses MS Office and I often work on projects from home and email them back and forth. Oh,and then Apple quit supporting AppleWorks and came out with Pages. (groan) Anyhow, with LibreOffice documents seem to translate well back and forth with MS Word, although sometimes I get odd messages about incompatibilities but I can’t find any. Only document that did not translate over very well was a very complex spreadsheet, but that could have been me not knowing how to navigate the hell around an Excel document.

@67, DYB, and no one likes Hillary any more or wants to listen to her, so they had to find a larger venue as the tickets sold out so fast!. Lolsob.

Someone tweeted that John Oliver declared on his show tonight that nobody likes Hillary Clinton. So.

@76: Except it was a joke that John Oliver was doing concerning the Russian election and Hillary winning that one. He threw the “nobody likes Hillary” in as an aside. Once again people selectively pick up just parts of things.

@73: Oh trust me, I’m not going anywhere outside. I just hate the tornadoes thing. Those s.o.b.s just drop out of the sky and then on you. No or very little advance notice with them.

I’m going to go over to the S.P.C. (Storm Prediction Center) website and see what they’re saying, plus the discussion over at the NWS/Bham website.

Fredster, if you go O365, this will be the last version of MSOffice you will have to buy. However, you are going to have to convert your documents by opening and saving as the new version. No matter what version of Office you get, you will have to do this, because unfortunately, Microsoft made significant code changes between 2007 and 2010. Your version of Office is too old to have these changes built in, and is no longer sold or supported.

I suggest you bite the bullet and get O365.

Re the Facebook revelations, I am deleting my account today. People can find me on LinkedIn. No way I am supporting that platform any more.

@80: Well I did buy the regular Office and not the Office365. After I survive (?) the wind/hail/tornadoes today I’ll try moving some of my Office2007 docs onto the new drive and see what happens.

I created a new doc in Word 2016 tonight and I see it has a docx extension which was the default in 07. And, when I was first using it I tended to save files with the old *doc extension. I’ll see what happens with those.

@81: I had a Facebook account with another email and closed that one out. A few months back I thought I’d try to create another fb account but use my yahoo acct instead. Well Facebook got all pissy, wanted more info to prove who I was. So I scanned my d/l and redacted some info they didn’t need. Tried logging on after that was submitted and this time they wanted a phone number to contact me with. Uh no, not gonna happen.I replied to them with that same phrase and said they had enough info to verify who I was. I basically told them to shove it and now I’m glad I did after all of these recent revelations. I hope all of this leaves Facebook and Zuckerberg hanging out to dry and wither.

Fredster, Libreoffice is the new version of OpenOffice. They’re pretty much the same thing, from a user standpoint. You can choose which format to save into, LO’s native (.odt), old MSO (doc), newer MSO (docx), and about 15 others. Not Office365, though, as far as I know. Word of caution about O365: it’s on the subscription model. Yes, you never have to worry about upgrades. That’s because you’re renting it, and MS upgrades it for you when they want to. Some people that works for. Me, I get annoyed.

Stay safe Fredster, I feel your pain in setting up a new computer and running into the ‘Mircrosoft Office’ updating for big bucks problems.

I like to use Google’s free apps, Docs (like Word), Sheets (like Excel), Drive, Hangouts (Texting and more), etc. Luckily, my work email is privately developed by Google too, so everything ties together with gmail.

Facebook didn’t know anything about CA’s vile business, nope, didn’t help them at all. /s

Facebook employs psychologist whose firm sold data to Cambridge AnalyticaThe co-director of a company that harvested data from tens of millions of Facebook users before selling it to the controversial data analytics firms Cambridge Analytica is currently working for the tech giant as an in-house psychologist.

Joseph Chancellor was one of two founding directors of Global Science Research (GSR), the company that harvested Facebook data using a personality app under the guise of academic research and later shared the data with Cambridge Analytica.

He was hired to work at Facebook as a quantitative social psychologist around November 2015, roughly two months after leaving GSR, which had by then acquired data on millions of Facebook users.

Chancellor is still working as a researcher at Facebook’s Menlo Park headquarters in California, where psychologists frequently conduct research and experiments using the company’s vast trove of data on more than 2 billion users.

The Guardian asked Facebook several questions about its recruitment of Chancellor and any action it had taken in light of the data harvesting scam conducted by GSR. Facebook initially promised to respond to a set of questions by Sunday, but then said it had nothing to say on the matter. Chancellor did not respond to repeated requests for comment.

This is the BIG Channel 4 story on Cambridge Analytica: on hidden video they confess to using bribes and prostitutes to entrap politicians.

Remember, the Mercers are major investors in this and Steve Bannon is the former VP.

Fredster> Thanks for clarifying the John Oliver comment. I had only read the tweet about it from someone. I was surprised because John Oliver didn’t seem that reactionary.

Hillary’s statement about her comments in India.

@79, Fredster, thanks for the clip, I hope someone tweets it as a rebuttal to the (deliberate) misinterpretation. I like that in Oliver’s world, Hillary ran against Putin in Russia and won!

@89, Oh gods I love her! AND did she NOT apologize for what others incorrectly thought she said???? I heard: “No, I am not going away and I most certainly will not sit down and shut up. You need to hear what I have to say.” GAgal, you and Hill just made my day!

Samuel Alito has again (second time) refused to let GOP in Pennsylvania challenge the new electoral maps, drawn by PA Supreme Court. That’s how bad those maps are. Freaking Alito rejects the GOP challenge for the second time!

Great news about Pennsylvania! Yeah, it must be REALLY bad if Alito said “hell no.” Of course, we saw what #PA18 looked like. It was like uneven floppy ears on a spaniel! That Allegheny piece somehow magically cut out Pittsburgh, which would have turned the district blue.

So just like you might think, Facebook made it impossible for me to delete my account. They requested that I enter a Captcha, which they then kept telling me I did wrong. (I can see doing it wrong once, but 4 times in a row?!). I settled for deactivating, but wow. This company is horrible and no one should patronize it I’m using LinkedIn from now on, and I won’t be putting anything political on it either.

madamab> Here’s an article from a little more than a year ago on deleting facebook accounts. Don’t know how up-to-date it is. When I googled all the articles the came back were *from* facebook and I don’t trust them.

DYB @58: “It’s amazing that more than a year since many of us have been ringing the bell about Cambridge Analytica, the media and investigators catch up and find something very seriously wrong.”

Thanks for posting this. I agree with her. There were so many things that were against dump, and the media just let it slide while they ravaged Hillary over innocuous emails. I am so sick of them. They own this.

Fredster, how was your weather today? I hope its lightened up by now.

That’s great news about Alito and Pennsylvania.

Afternoon and evening to everyone.

Probably won’t be around much bcuz the SPC in Norman OK upgraded us to “moderate” on the convective outlook. They’ve also issued a P.D.S. for us – Particularly Dangerous Situation. I refer to it as “Pretty Damned Serious”. LOL

And also, I’m trying to get my Wx radio set.

Did I ever mention I hate f*cking tornadoes?

@98: Nope annie, it’s just getting started.

Cambridge Analytica sounds like its pure evil. I thought I read someplace that MA is going to investigate it? Is Mueller investigating it, I wonder?

MB, I joined fb many years ago, when some friends asked me to, and in a few weeks some weird pictures popped in my personal space to add pictures. This seriously pissed me off and I announced to my “friends” that sorry I was quitting, and good grief, what hassle it was to get out of it. I’m sure they kept all of my personal info though.

Laker is the only one of us on it, (I asked him to dump it) and the only reason he stays on it is that it makes his autistic friend happy. The young man doesn’t like emailing or texting, just FB, and laker is such a true friend to him that he stays on it for his sake.

Fredster, omg. Do you need to go to a shelter? Hope you have everything you need. Tennis ball hail? My god, the weather is just completely unpredictable now. I only saw severe hail once. In ’89 or ’90, when I worked at Malibu Country Club. It was morning and we made the golfers get off the course when rain started and closed it altogether. I was in the pro shop doing inventory and some of the golfers were still hanging out in there, when suddenly there was a clanging noise and a deluge of hail fell all over the place. In a couple of minutes, the whole course was white, like it had snowed. We were all stunned, and stuck there until we were sure it was over. That golf course is in the Santa Monica mountains and we didn’t want to go driving through the curvy narrow roads with that kind of weather.

Tornadoes sound utterly terrifying. My mom lived through several in her youth in OK.

Did you guys see this?

Isn’t Zephyr Teachout a Bernie bot, or anti Hillary or something? How do you NY’ers feel about this?

I guess this was separate from SCOTUS?

@105 annie> Yes, Zephyr Teachout is a Berner. She was one of his candidates in NY in 2016 – and she lost. She’s become a big figure in Bernie-verse. I saw a few people get excited that she’s on Nixon’s campaign, but I don’t see how that changes the fact that a) Nixon knows shit about shit, b) Nixon is starting her political career wanting to be the leader of America’s 3rd largest economy, c) Zephyr Teachout lost the only election she’s ever run.

Also, no more celebrities in politics unless they’ve built their political careers from the ground up. Why do they always want to start at the top? If Nixon cared about any of it, she would have run for the local board first.

Andrew Cuomo is an asshole. He enables a breakaway faction of Democrats in NY who caucus with Republicans, thus placing Republicans in charge of the state. He does it because he’s an asshole. He’s also corrupt as fuck. There is a long history of him tangling with Preet Bharara. As a NYC resident I need a governor who will start fixing NYC subways, which are a catastrophe, and Cuomo intentionally does not do anything about it. I would love to have Cuomo replaced by another Democrat, a real Democrat. Cynthia Nixon is NOT THAT DEMOCRAT.

@107 – Amen D! She is completely unqualified and inexperienced. No thank you. Maybe Hillary should run. She would win in a LANDSLIDE. But she won’t primary another Dem.

And thanks for the link to how to delete the account. I will check it out!

Fredster, oh my heavens. STAY SAFE!

We are getting yet another Nor’easter tomorrow through Thursday. Hope we keep the power on…

@102: There’s no public shelter in this little burg. Now the littler burg a couple miles down the interstate has two public shelters. They would probably ask for i.d. if you tried to get in one of them.

So far, the worst of the weather has been about 30-35 miles north of me and moving east.

I’m watching the local channels and the worst thing they’ve shown so far has been the hail that came down. One channel showed the new cars at a Nissan dealership and man, a couple of them looked like they’d been smashed with a baseball bat – windshield, side windows, hood and front end of the car.

When they say “baseball” sized hail, they mean it.

89 GAgal

I absolutely agree with you and with Hillary.

The only person in my family that voted for Rumpy is my older sister, the one with the lowest IQ and she completely bought into the cr@p my brother-in-law told her. This is the freakin’ man that said if Hillary lost some weight, he might consider voting for her. This was on a long distance phone call, and I got into a huge fight with him over it. I also told off my sister and it was kinda ugly for awhile.

He died and never got to vote for Rump…

104 Thanks Annie.

A British company…disgusting. I hope the US takes them out of business.

@35: Thanks, DYB. I can definitely hear the influence. Lovely.

Is Cuomo so bad? It seems to me that he’s done a lot of good things but I don’t live in New York. I used to and adored his father.

@110, Fredster, stay inside unless you’re in an armored tank!

@112, DYB, Oh to be a fly on the wall there. Is FB complicit?

FB stock plummets. Bwahaha!

@119, although too bad for the ordinary people who had it in their stock portfolios.

In Mississippi, women are incubators.

Mississippi imposes 15-week abortion ban; nation’s toughest

Mississippi’s governor signed the nation’s most restrictive abortion law Monday — and was slapped with a lawsuit less than an hour later.

The law’s only exceptions are if a fetus has health problems making it “incompatible with life” outside of the womb at full term, or if a pregnant woman’s life or a “major bodily function” is threatened by pregnancy. Pregnancies resulting from rape and incest aren’t exempted. [emphasis added]

OK, now I will get off Twitter. I will get off Twitter…. I will….

@118: Fortunately for this area, the line of storms stayed north of us as they moved through. One of the tv mets said those things were moving at better than 50 mph.

@107: Don’t live there but would agree with you on all of it, especially about celebrity candidates.

I need the eye bleach.

@126, I’d rather see him broke and humiliated than naked!

@126: A combo of all of those?

@128, well i guess if i could throw shit at him….Cersei definitely has bigger balls than the Mango, again surpassed by a female.

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