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Tuesday NewsDay

Posted on: March 13, 2018

MB In the Snow

Good morning, all. Here in the wilds of Noo Yawk, I am on my third week of big snowstorms, and I must say that I am rather over it. Everything is being disrupted, planning is difficult, power goes out.

Since it’s been such a crazy few weeks, I decided to do a newsday today. Here are just a few choice excerpts:

  • I’m bitching about days of power out…there are 185,000 people in Puerto Rico still without power.
  • Special election in #PA18 today, where a Democrat hasn’t won in over 20 years, and where Drumpf won by over 20 points. Looks like the Democrats could be flipping this one, too, even if people don’t turn out in droves as they have been.
    • The extra sweet parts about this potential victory:
      • Democrats forced Rethugs to spend over $10M on a losing candidate. We are competing everywhere again, instead of ceding ground to that out-of-control fascist organization formerly known as the Republican Party.
      • The steel tariffs did not materially impact the race. So much for making national policy to sway voters in one district, in one state. Who knew trade policy was so difficult? (eyeroll)
      • According to Politico, the tax cuts were **gasp** not resonating as a positive message with voters. Republicans have “abandoned” it.
    • So I’m confused. What are Congressional Republicans going to point to as an accomplishment in 2018?  And I’m not talking about being racist, fascist, corrupt thugs, which only appeals to their ever-diminishing base. I’m talking about actual policy, in the real world, not the fake one Fox pushes every night. The only thing they’ve done is that awful tax bill, which people clearly don’t like. Why should people vote Republican? Maybe the ever-negative media should ask THAT question instead of consistently hammering Democrats, claiming they have no message. Gee, for a Party with no message, we are certainly flipping a lot of f*cking seats.
  • And leaving the most explosive for last: Rexxon is out. Pompeo is in.
    • It’s clear to me that Tillerson was not on board with the general supine posture of the Administration towards Russia. Yesterday and today, he backed up Prime Minister May’s statements that Russia tried to kill defectors on British soil, and should be punished for it. When you’re Putin’s puppet, and tasked with ensuring Russia destroys everything good and democratic about our country, that’s not okay. Off with his head, says the Mango Meerkat!
    • What’s not clear to me is how Drumpf thinks Pompeo will be friendlier to his agenda. Pompeo has already called the Russians out on their cyber war on America’s democratic institutions, and has stated Putin will certainly strike again in the mid-terms. My guess is, our pResident is running out of useful idiots, and has been reduced to appointing anyone with an R next to his/her name, who hasn’t bashed him in public yet.

It’s going to be yet another interesting day. Everyone enjoy, and tawk amongst yerselves, while Seth Myers documents the recent insanity. It’s the most open of open threads.



76 Responses to "Tuesday NewsDay"

MB, I certainly understand your being over the winter storms and even making snowmen with deep set, blue stained eyes doesn’t give ya a thrill.

I guess this is part of the results of global warming and El Rumpster is doing his part to rape and pillage mother earth as fast as he can.

There is one thing I like about Tillerson, he called Rump a moron to people in the Pentagon and his big daddy found out about it.

Great post MB, hope the storms end soon for you NYers.


Nice song posted on the last thread, pretty. First time I have seen young Plant not strut around a stage in painted on pants… 😉

Well well well, remember that Oakland mayor I wrote about, who warned her community that ICE was coming? And she was blasted by ICE and Sessions – and then Trump at the rally – that she let 800 criminals get away (Trump said 1,000). Turns out they lied. The spokesman for ICE resigns because ICE and Jeff Sessions told him to lie.

Thanks, Shadow! 🙂

@4 – It’s all coming apart now. Drumpf will probably fire more people this week. If the Rethugs don’t start jumping ship now, plus after Conor Lamb wins, I don’t know what it will take. I mean, I know they are bought off and compromised, but at a certain point, isn’t it finally enough?

So, Rex Tillerson is fired one day after going off White House script and naming Russia as the obvious culprit of the gas attack in the UK.

Mike Pompeo, current CIA Director, is set to replace Tillerson.

Pompeo will be replaced by a woman, the first woman to lead the CIA. She is a war criminal, naturally.

@7, DYB, that says loud and clear that Trump is a Putin puppet and traitor.

Drumpf isn’t even trying to hide his allegiance to Russia now. We really, really cannot allow him to meet with Kim-Jong Un, who is also a Russian puppet. Who knows what damage they could do?!

GAgal, your post @81 last thread … the Rethugs ignoring evidence that the Russians tampered with voter rolls…they are either taking bribes or being blackmailed.

Ok folks, hang on to your bonnets. There’s more:

Undersecretary of State Steve Goldstein released a statement that Tillerson did not know why he was fired and had not spoken to Trump.

White House just fired Steve Goldstein.

AP says John Kelly told Tillerson to watch out for a tweet about himself, without saying what the tweet would say. Trump tweeted that Tillerson was out.

Lol, a biting parable from the doctor-governor.

Pompeo will be replaced by a woman, the first woman to lead the CIA. She is a war criminal, naturally.

Of course, first woman and a rotten one at that.

A good woman like our Hillary is too big of a threat to weak, evil men and their followers, the deplorables.

Come on Muller, giddy-up!

I don’t mind waiting longer if you end up putting Rump in prison or at least give reasons to impeach and nail him for at least tax evasion, like Capone.

Isn’t the Isikoff/Corn book, “Russian Roulette,” due out today? I see squirrels.

@16 Shadowfax, yep. A torturer in charge is who Trump wants around. Decency has no place in his administration.

Today is really nuts. Days like today make me afraid, to be honest.

This is an important point. Trump’s see-sawing on issues – and the turnover in his administration – would make other countries hesitate to even consider US position because it will change tomorrow. And will be announced in a tweet.

@13 – Wow. He’s on a rampage.

Rampage is good description. How much longer will this go on? I remember being angry that Bush admin was unstable and corrupt. Dump & his crooked cronies are far worse. And our congress! I’m praying Lamb wins today.

My poor hubs is trapped on one of our busiest freeways becuz part of it is closed off for dump’s visit. Omg, he is livid. His tweets are hilarious though.

Ugh, he ruins everything!!

Some good news, Lamb, the Dem in Penn is winning. 52.2% to 47.2%

Could Dems take back the House and kick-start the investigation again???

I hope the recent predictions are right, that if Lamb wins in Penn, then there will be a stampede of boomer GOP that will retire and leave before Dumper destroys their ‘party’…(too late, it’s already happened).

Oh I hope so, Shadow!

Wow, this thing is close.

This is following the pattern of just about every recent election I’ve followed down to the wire. The Dem lead narrows and narrows. Then the last few precincts, which aren’t even very Repub, somehow add enough votes to push the Repub over the top by two and a half votes.

I mean, I HOPE that doesn’t happen here, but it’s now a 200 vote difference.

And it’s truly bizarre that the Dem margin never *widens* toward the end. Even though it’s Dem precincts that supposedly vote late.

My bad. It did widen from 200 to 500+. Hold that thought!

I think,this is more the Doug Jones model than the one you’re talking about, Quixote. With the absentee ballots from Allegheny County, it will be tough for Saccone to catch up.

Lamb’s lead has widened!!

95 votes!! The absentee ballots will decide. This is incredible.

Lamb back,up to 847 votes!!!!

2 precincts left to report. I think somebody needs remedial how-to-count classes!

Allegheny, with most of the people, was done half an hour ago.

I can’t watch this election any more, it is making me a nervous wreck.
Lamb is winning so far but it is very close and they are counting the absentee ballots.

Good Rude Pundit right here.

He writes about tRump’s trip to Cali to look at sample border walls, tRump dissing Brown, and (again???) HRC. Then he talks about having a “space force”. WTF?

Stephen Hawking has died.

Oh, how sad. RIP Stephen.

He lived a very long time with ALS. My uncle died of ALS two years after being diagnosed.

It seems like Lamb did win. At least he’s claimed victory. I’m seeing a lot of Republicans on twitter saying it’s not a big deal because Lamb is just a Republican-light. Maybe Republican 30 years ago? Not modern Republican. They’re obviously trying to spin it, but Lamb is pro-choice, pro-union, pro-Obamacare, anti-Trump tax cut, anti-cutting safety net. He’s soft on guns. But, I guess nobody’s perfect. Trump won that district by 20 points.

One interesting side-note to this is that PA18 was gerrymandered to be safely Republican. So gerrymandered that it no longer exists on the PA Supreme Court drawn electoral maps. Literally, it doesn’t even exist anymore, so it’ll be interesting to see what happens when they run again for this seat. Which I think is in November??

RIP Stephen Hawking. I was just reading about him. The doctors did give him only two years to live after his diagnosis. It’s amazing that he lived for so many decades afterwards.

Interestingly, he lost his voice due to a respiratory infection, not ALS.

People on Twitter are trying to claim Lamb is one of theirs so they can claim victory. Fact is, he is a Democrat who will help us get rid of Trump and his fascist enablers. He claims not to support Pelosi. Whatever, Conor. We’ll see what happens after November.

The UK has called for a UN Security Council meeting in the wake of Russia’s nerve agent attack on British soil. WWTD?

I know Hillary would have been front and center on this. Just makes me so sad and angry.

@39, shadow, how sad about your uncle (and you know I’m using sad in the real sense and not in the drumph sense). We still know so little about ALS and nothing about a cure. There are a couple of investigational drugs being researched now which might slow down disability but not by much.

Hawking was a great mind. He also used mechanical life support for far longer than most people with ALS decide to do. It’s a very individual choice. He had the wherewithal for those mechanical interventions and for around the clock care — someone was there every minute of every day to provide care and intervene if necessary. Very few people can afford that for very long.

His wife cared for him for 20 years and then “a grant from the United States paid for the 24-hour care he required.”

45 Luna,

Thanks and thank you for all the additional info on ALS with Steven. I think he was well worth every penny spent to keep him alive and part of humanity.

He is such an inspiration to millions of humans.

So Lamb won by a little less than 700 votes and no one is saying he’s the winner. What bs. I don’t care if he won by 1 vote, a win is a win.

I agree that the Dem party needs it’s blue dogs back and I am not for tossing out anyone that doesn’t kiss Sandbag and Warren’s freakin’ ring.

I am a centrist, and I am sick and tired of the left wing trying to define what a Dem is, how old or young she/he needs to be…how progressively pure one has to be. It’s a load of cr@p that turns people off and lets a deplorable like El Rumpo become Prez.

Well I am probably to the left of #TheBernout (since he has done nothing for women’s rights, LGBT rights or the rights of people of color, and is a pet of the NRA), but I can clearly see the value of a centrist Dem.

That being said, where I draw the line is women’s reproductive rights. If someone is anti-choice in their own personal opinion, I couldn’t care less. If they use their vote to provide cover to Rethugs for their radical anti-choice agenda, then they are no better than Rethugs.

Conor Lamb has confirmed that he will vote with Dems on women’s rights, despite his personal views. Tim Kaine was the same. No problem at all from my perspective.

Xavier Becerra, California’s top lawyer, emerges as Trump nemesis-

The disputes involve a variety of topics: the deportation of undocumented immigrants, the enforcement of auto fuel-efficiency standards, the proposed expansion of oil drilling off the California coast, and the construction of Trump’s cherished border wall, prototypes of which the president inspected Tuesday on his first visit to California since taking office.

Trump lost the state by more than 4 million votes in 2016, and Becerra joined in the wide disdain heaped on the visitor, chiding Trump for building “medieval walls [that] might keep you safe from knights on horses,” but do nothing to protect modern-day Americans.



When there are blue dogs or centrists, it could be for any issue. I like a balanced budget, but that isn’t on any parties agenda right now. I am not not for most of what the GOP stands for, but I also do not fit into the far left agenda either.

@53 – I hear you, Shadow. The problem is, if you’re against reproductive rights for women, you embrace the agenda that gets us to this mess. It’s not just another issue, it is empowerment of the patriarchy. My two cents.

I did mention “ANY D 2018” a few times, though, didn’t I? 🙂 I guess we’ll see who comes forward, both locally and nationally.

Meanwhile, the kids walked out today. Good for them!

Bravo, someone finally said it…

Democrat Wins Pennsylvania House Race in Trump Country



The problem is, if you’re against reproductive rights for women, you embrace the agenda that gets us to this mess. It’s not just another issue, it is empowerment of the patriarchy. My two cents.

I never said I was against reproductive rights for women, nor LGBT Americans…etc. I think of those as basic Dem principles.

@53 and 54: That district was a very Trumpian district and Lamb won it. And I believe he has to run again in November in the newly-drawn district. Let’s just see how he votes from now until November. Also, the new district will be more Dem friendly from what I’ve read.

@59, Fredster, I can’t bring myself to read that — the URL wording was enough to bring tears to my eyes. And yes.

@59. I saw that. :boggle: What was that FA thinking? There’s less than a cubic meter of air in those bins, and they close fairly tightly. What a horrible horrible thing.


@56, shadow, I didn’t think you were and my impression was mb wasn’t saying you were. I think we have more in common than otherwise.

ohdearhopeIdidn’tputmyfootinit. Can be hard to get the tone right in a few online sentences.

@65, parent tweet:

The chickenhawk puts his henchmen in while firing the decorated Marine. And while I don’t care for Shulkin, he is trying to hold the line against letting the for-profit greedheads completely take over the VA in the name of “choice.”

Agree Shadow. Glad we are on the same page. 😁 No worries Luna!

I can’t read that story either. It’s unfathomable that anyone would be so cruel.

@60,62,67: Well, y’all got the gist of it. I hope that U.A.L. has to pay a fortune to that family.

67 | madamab
March 14, 2018 at 9:12 pm

Agree Shadow. Glad we are on the same page.

We are on the same page and the same book. 🙂
I just wanted you to know that there has been very little that you have ever said that I didn’t agree with.

Luna, you are such a sweetheart.

@70, shadow, Awwwwww….
So are you!

DYB and mb, check your email.

Hugs, Shadow and Luna!! ❤❤❤

The DNC could learn a thing or two from the MSD kids. The messaging is terrific.


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