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MB In the Snow

Good morning, all. Here in the wilds of Noo Yawk, I am on my third week of big snowstorms, and I must say that I am rather over it. Everything is being disrupted, planning is difficult, power goes out.

Since it’s been such a crazy few weeks, I decided to do a newsday today. Here are just a few choice excerpts:

  • I’m bitching about days of power out…there are 185,000 people in Puerto Rico still without power.
  • Special election in #PA18 today, where a Democrat hasn’t won in over 20 years, and where Drumpf won by over 20 points. Looks like the Democrats could be flipping this one, too, even if people don’t turn out in droves as they have been.
    • The extra sweet parts about this potential victory:
      • Democrats forced Rethugs to spend over $10M on a losing candidate. We are competing everywhere again, instead of ceding ground to that out-of-control fascist organization formerly known as the Republican Party.
      • The steel tariffs did not materially impact the race. So much for making national policy to sway voters in one district, in one state. Who knew trade policy was so difficult? (eyeroll)
      • According to Politico, the tax cuts were **gasp** not resonating as a positive message with voters. Republicans have “abandoned” it.
    • So I’m confused. What are Congressional Republicans going to point to as an accomplishment in 2018?  And I’m not talking about being racist, fascist, corrupt thugs, which only appeals to their ever-diminishing base. I’m talking about actual policy, in the real world, not the fake one Fox pushes every night. The only thing they’ve done is that awful tax bill, which people clearly don’t like. Why should people vote Republican? Maybe the ever-negative media should ask THAT question instead of consistently hammering Democrats, claiming they have no message. Gee, for a Party with no message, we are certainly flipping a lot of f*cking seats.
  • And leaving the most explosive for last: Rexxon is out. Pompeo is in.
    • It’s clear to me that Tillerson was not on board with the general supine posture of the Administration towards Russia. Yesterday and today, he backed up Prime Minister May’s statements that Russia tried to kill defectors on British soil, and should be punished for it. When you’re Putin’s puppet, and tasked with ensuring Russia destroys everything good and democratic about our country, that’s not okay. Off with his head, says the Mango Meerkat!
    • What’s not clear to me is how Drumpf thinks Pompeo will be friendlier to his agenda. Pompeo has already called the Russians out on their cyber war on America’s democratic institutions, and has stated Putin will certainly strike again in the mid-terms. My guess is, our pResident is running out of useful idiots, and has been reduced to appointing anyone with an R next to his/her name, who hasn’t bashed him in public yet.

It’s going to be yet another interesting day. Everyone enjoy, and tawk amongst yerselves, while Seth Myers documents the recent insanity. It’s the most open of open threads.



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