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Lazy Weekend Music~Stormy Weather

Posted on: March 11, 2018

Good Weekend Widdershins!

My new laptop is on the way – supposed to be delivered today. 

I have the drive on this laptop backed up and have instructions on how to restore the files to a new computer.  Again with the crossed fingers! 

However, I’m still writing this post on the old machine so it will be brief.

So who knew it might be a porn star named Stormy Daniels that might take down tRump and not the Russian ratfcking of the election?  Of course anything short of tRump’s resignation would have to involve the Republicans in the House and I seriously doubt that will happen.

In honor (?) of Ms. Daniels I’ve selected some songs revolving around storms, rain and the like.  Add your own choices in the comments below.

(1) I Can’t Stand The Rain~Tina Turner

(2) A Hard Rain’s Gonna Fall~Bob Dylan

(3) Set Fire To The Rain~Adele

(4) Stormy Weather~Lena  Horne

Okay Widdershins, that’s it for me and my crippled laptop.  I hope by next week I have the new one set up with everything transferred over to it.

Finally, did you remember to set your clocks forward?

Open thread of course.



85 Responses to "Lazy Weekend Music~Stormy Weather"

Hey folks! Fredster, this post is very apropos for me too. We lost power Thursday morning and were told it wasn’t coming back for two days. So, we went into Manhattan (where we both work) and stayed in a hotel. We came back yesterday and for the most part, everything was fine.

I am afraid of what’s going to happen tomorrow though. Please Goddess, not a other hit to our area! My budget ain’t built for too much more of this. LOL

I am still rubbing my hands over the fact that Cohen used Trump emails for his dealings with Stormy. Oh yeah, Mueller knows what to do with that.

@3: Nice one Luna!

I’m waiting for LSU baseball to start. They had a rain delay and I’m hoping I can stream it on this thing.

An excerpt from Astor Piazzola’s “Four Seasons of Buenos Aires,” which was his answer to Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons.” It’s a great piece.

One of my favorite classical works; Georgy Sviridov’s music from the film adaptation of “The Snowstorm” by Pushkin. It’s made of several movements and are all great. If you have about 30 mins to spare!

Excellent musical choices DYB!

@16: LOL, I saw that on twitter. I just guffawed.

@17 Fredster> Kitt spitting out that “stupid” is one of the most remarkable things I’ve ever seen.

Love all the animals and the baby elephant.

Great post, Fredster.

19: Like the “reign” thing shadow.

madamab> That stinks you had to go to a hotel. I have a coworker who also had power down for several days. NYC itself did not get hit hard at all and the snow was basically gone within a day.

MB, here’s your wx forecast for that next winter storm.

Fredster, good to hear you have a new laptop coming soon, and hope all goes well in jumping ship from one to the other.

@1, MB, hope the coming weather goes easy on you.

@6, DYB, ouch, that cuddly lil’ elephant looking for snuggles and a lap to sit on! But touching to see this interspecies communication and love.

@12, Fredster, dog-walking four dachshunds would be almost too much cuteness.

@16, DYB, always did admire Eartha Kitt’s spirit and talent. BTW nice classical choices. So Piazzola thought he’d do his 4 Seasons better than Vivaldi, eh? Still good though.

…and for tomorrow:

@24, Drat, title’s not displayed. It’s ><b"Stormy Monday."

…and double drat — obviously, I screwed up the coding. Well, time to head off to bed now anyhow.


May be an off topic video, but I’m thinking about the media barely speaking about Melania through this Stormy stuff. I realize Hillary was more high profile, but what happened to Melania’s ‘cyber-bullying’ campaign? In the past few days, I hear an occasional ‘Melania must be hurt’, whereas with Hillary it was full bore attack no matter what angle. Fair is fair.

The elephant video is precious. I loved the very end. Just when you thought the girl was gonna get a reprieve, the baby slipped in the mud and pinned her down again!

Thanks guys! I know, when we were in the city we were astonished that there was no snow anywhere. And we are getting more tonight, but hopefully not as bad. Most of it has now melted.

Great music and omg, that baby elephant! I have always been such a sucker for them. They have fuzzy heads and super long eyelashes that just melt your heart!! And, clearly, they are gentle, loving and sweet.

Eartha Kitt is a goddess. That interviewer was so paternalistic! I don’t even know what he thought he was asking her. She’d probably had a hundred men in her life by then, including (allegedly) James Dean and Paul Newman AT THE SAME TIME. She had it like that, and the idiot still thought she should change?!!!

I’m gonna have to pass on this doggy. Too freaky.

32 DYB

I gotta hope the photo has been PhotoShopped or else maybe cross breeding.

Yes, it’s creepy.

Stormy Daniels is, apparently, the hero we need.

@33 Shadowfax, I feel like that’s real? Seems like Dodo wouldn’t do that sort of thing. But then, who knows!

@32, DYB, that is creepy. I think it has a lot to do with how the dog’s fur is cut, though.

@28, GAgal, agree, the media is being hypocritical when it comes to presidents’ wives. The only place I see the disparity discussed is on Twitter. Quite a few people have pointed out that Hillary was hounded with questions, and then reviled for sticking with Bill, but Melania does not even get questioned.

When I see ‘the investigation into whether Trump obstructed justice’ just makes me roll my eyes. Of course he did. The question is whether anything will be done about it and right now we know there won’t be.

Hillary in India:

Later, when asked about the seemingly close relationship between Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin, now subject of a special counsel’s investigation, Clinton replied: “Trump does have quite an affinity for dictators. He really likes their authoritarian posturing and behavior.”

“He does have a preexisting attitude of favorability toward these dictators, but I think it’s more than that with Putin and Russia,” she said.

“Do they have something on him?” asked the event’s host, India Today Editor Aroon Purie.

Well, we’ll find out, we’ll find out,” she answered. “Follow the money.”


@40, DYB, I feel like I could use a nap today. Fortunately I’m not scheduled for work on Mondays.

That cat does not care for being used as a pillow. The tail tells.

No, it’s not Trump.

Doctors find air pocket where part of man’s brain should be

…It was only after CT and MRI scans that the patient’s medical team made an alarming discovery: Where much of the man’s right frontal lobe of his brain should have been, there was simply a large blank space.
It turned out the man had pneumocephalus, or the presence of air in his cranium

@39, DYB

Hmmm, Russia sounds like … Trump.

Theresa May: ‘Highly likely’ Russia responsible for spy’s poisoning by nerve agent

popular anchor on Russian state TV, … Dmitry Kiselyov, the broadcast journalist, suggested it was all a plot to ruin the games for Russia and get British allies to boycott the World Cup.

Britain gets tough on Putin after nerve agent attack -– and the Trump White House punts

And just as the attack on Skripal and his daughter has tested May’s willingness to stand up to Putin, so, too, would it seem to highlight Trump’s reluctance to do the same.

The White House’s first comments Monday notably declined to echo May’s conclusion that Russia was at least complicit in the attack. At the daily briefing, White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders would say only that the United States stands with Britain and that the attack was “reckless” and “indiscriminate.” Sanders would not address Russia’s role, citing the need to sort through the details of the attack.

@43, I’m in moderation — I put in 2 links in 1 comment again.

Oh my god. And there I was, think airhead was just an expression!

That kitty is being so good to that baby. Wonder how long it lasted. Funny how house pets put up with just so much, then they do the duck and run.

The opposite of what that baby elephant did…big enough to demand a lap and roll around in the mud.

DYB, I only hope that human faced dog is photoshopped because it looking so much like a human, creeps me the Hell out.

Go Stormy, release the emails, tapes, calls, the Kraken. RUMPY loves publicity…might earn him a well deserved divorce too.

Luna, you’re out of jail!

And yep, White House has refused to name Russia. Russian media is already celebrating that White House did not join UK in the accusation.

Hillary is in India at some forum and she was asked about Trump and said, basically, that while Trump loves all dictators because he wants to be one, his relationship to Putin is odd. And there’s obviously some deeper happening – and that everyone should follow the money.

Fredster, did you get your computer yet? Hoping it works great for you. We’ve had rain and power outages here also, but we need the rain. The Russia/UK situation is scaring me.

That dog does look like a human!

Whole fam loves all the songs and the elephant! bbl

So, the Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee have decided there is no evidence of collusion between Trump and Russia. They have also decided that there is no evident connection between the moon and ocean tides. La la la, nothing to see here!

@52,mb, I was just coming here to post that! Lol.

Republicans also determined that while the Russian government did pursue “active measures” to interfere in the election, it did not do so with the intention of helping Trump’s campaign, contradicting the U.S. intelligence community’s findings.

No intention of helping Trump. Riiiiiiight. They slammed Hillary and boosted Trump (and Sanders) just for the fun of it. That is not how Putin works. What does he have on the Rethugs?

@53 – Well, we know the Russians gave a lot of Rethugs campaign donations, including McConnell and Ryan. There’s also the Russian connection to the NRA, which deeply funds many of the GOP. Is there more? I suspect we’ll only find out after these treasonous sh*tweasels are voted out of office.

Serves it right. A mechanical dog! –Snort-

@50: Yep annie I have the new one. I have a backup of this computer on the WD portable and I’m trying not to save anything else on this one right now. I still haven’t found my MS Office CDs. Grrr! I want to have those handy in the event this restore doesn’t transfer all of my stuff onto the new laptop.

Off topic but here’s what can happen when the Miss. River is running high and fast.

The C.o.E. has actually issued a flood warning for the nola area. The Miss. River is at 17 feet now at the Corps’ office in nola. With it being so high that can lead strange images like this one.

Yes, the ship is sitting higher up than St. Louis Cathedral in the Quarter on the other side of the levee.

Twitter is freaking out.

Fredster, hope the transfer goes well. I know how important that is for one to like their new computer.

When the oil refinery initially tries to say this as a normal flaring event due to a maintenance turnaround but then someone has video that disproves that. Then the refinery has to fess up.

Go here to check out the “normal” flaring.

@66, seek. That’s the scariest one of those things I can remember seeing.

Nice that one of them is honest:

Last tweet:

@69: Tweet away annie!

@65: Listen this laptop is so old that the new one will probably seem like some sort of super-computer or something. The model I got has 12 gigabytes of memory on board and has a one terabyte hard drive.

Interesting speculation on the type of charges Mueller is using to indict. He used this with Rick Gates, too.

Special counsel Robert Mueller and his prosecutors have invoked an unusual “conspiracy to defraud the government” charge to ensnare a Russian cyber network and could use the same legal strategy to go after President Trump and his associates, even if the conspiracy is not linked to a criminal act.

Emma Kohse, Harvard International Law Journal editor-in-chief, Benjamin Wittes, a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution and the Lawfare blog’s top editor, argue that, based in the language of the indictments and the legal precedents behind them, the “conspiracy to defraud the government” charge provides the Mueller team with significant flexibility in trying to build a case against Mr. Trump and members of his 2016 campaign.

Mr. Mueller’s prosecutors charge in the indictment that the Russian defendants conspired to obstruct U.S. government agencies in multiple ways, including improper campaign expenditures, failing to register as foreign agents carrying out political activities and also deceitfully obtaining visas — in essence blocking the Federal Election Commission and the State Department, among other agencies, from doing their jobs.

@62, DYB, Hillary speaks truth and the Repugs can’t handle it.

@57, Fredster, hope everything goes smoothly.

@58, There is no way you could get me to live in NOLA. It would be like living on a glacial moraine bluff in Seattle. Glacial moraines left over from the Ice Age will hold quite well, steeper than the angle of repose, until there’s one too many rainfalls. Then lots of (usually) rich people find their houses at the bottom of the slope or buried.

This is long, but very pretty:

Fredster @70, I always get comfortable with a computer and hate giving it up and learning all the new stuff and having to make changes!

@61, that is … interesting.

DYB @49, love that!

GAgal, spot on tweet!

Luna @75, very interesting. Another piece of the puzzle maybe.

Tooney here says ‘the one thing we found out is they (the Russians) were able to change the voter numbers in the polls’. Huh? I guess he just means Russia on social media was successful in bringing down Hillary’s poll numbers? Still a weird way to say it. (Skip to 8:45.)

My computer has been giving me fits lately. I’m having to rely totally on my touchscreen, which is so touchy I hate it.

Anyway, I was wrong about a couple things @79. First of all, his name is Rooney. Second, he said voter rolls not the polls. Even worse. I hope Erin Burnett (or someone) picks up on that and asks further what he meant.

Rick Wilson… So true, plus he makes me laugh about serious shit.

@72: Luna, the C.o.E. has opened up some bays on the Bonnet Carre Spillway in St. Charles Parish above Nola. When the river reaches 17 feet and/or the flow rate is greater than 1.25 million cubic feet per second, then that’s one of the triggers to open the spillway.

Well well well, remember that Oakland mayor I wrote about, who warned her community that ICE was coming? And she was blasted by ICE and Sessions – and then Trump at the rally – that she let 800 criminals get away (Trump said 1,000). Turns out they lied. The spokesman for ICE resigns because ICE and Jeff Sessions told him to lie.

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