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Not Dark Yet…But It’s Getting There

Posted on: March 8, 2018

What a year this week has been! I’m going to try to run through some of the exciting developments.

Beto O’Rourke has won the Democratic primary in Texas and will now face Ted Cruz DXuu3JXXkAAAqwn.jpgin the election. While generally people think it’s still a long shot for a Democrat to win in Texas, we have seen some surprise elections and flips since Dump lost the popular vote. Democrats have flipped deep red seats which Dump won by  40 points. So who knows what will happen in November. We do know that Cruz immediately began blasting O’Rourke. Cruz’ first shot was a radio ad which said: “If you are going to run in Texas, you can’t be a liberal man. I remember reading stories, liberal Robert wanted to fit in. So he changed his name to Beto and hid it with a grin.” Ok fine, Rafael “Ted” Cruz. What’s your excuse for changing your name? When confronted with the hypocrisy, Rafael Cruz gave the most predictable answer you can imagine from a Republican today: “Satire! LOL!” Everybody’s a goddamned comedian.

Stormy Daniels, the adult film actress, is suing Donald Dump.

“Despite Mr. Trump’s failure to sign the Hush Agreement, Mr. Cohen proceeded to cause $130,000.00 to be wired to the trust account of Ms. Clifford’s attorney. He did so even though there was no legal agreement and thus no written nondisclosure agreement whereby Ms. Clifford was restricted from disclosing the truth about Mr. Trump,” the document states.

In her lawsuit Daniels also says that she has photographs and/or text messages from Donald Trump… which, lord help us, means there are dick pics. Which also is one step 180306203120-trump-stormy-daniels-split-medium-plus-169.jpgcloser to a pee tape. Sarah Huckleberry Sanders, when questioned about all this, said that there was no hush agreement, but that Ms. Daniels is in violation of one. Or something to that effect. Republicans in Congress are livid about all this and are demanding Trump resign. LOL, satire! I’m a comedian too. Nobody in the GOP cares. It’s almost as if decades of hunting and complaining about Bill Clinton cheating on his wife wasn’t a real moral outrage on their part. Because they are just fine with candidate Trump paying hush money to a porn actress a month before the election and demanding she sign a hush agreement after having an affair with her while his wife was pregnant. Perfectly normal, peak Trump-age.

Hope Hicks, the mute former White House Communications Director, told the House Intelligence Committee that her private email account was hacked. So, Hope Hicks was using a private email account. LOL, she’s a comedian too! And it was hacked. I’m just gonna leave it at that.

And finally, the New York Times, that putrid rotting corpse of the old grey lady, just demonstrated why it’s an irredeemable rag. They just promoted Patrick D. Healy to bepatrickhealynyt.jpeg.256x256_q100_crop-smart.jpg their Politics Editor. Healy is one of their leading Clinton Derangement Syndrome carriers. Healy is the one who came up with the “Clinton cackle” line to describe HRC’s laugh. Healy is the one who wrote their massive 2,000 word investigation into the how the Clintons spend their time together as a couple, going as far as suggesting that Bill was still having affairs. Healy’s writing history with the paper, documented here, is full of attacks on both Clintons and softness on Trump. It is further proof that the Times’ coverage of 2018 and 2020 is going to be just as catastrophic as their coverage of 2016 was. Brace for impact.

73 Responses to "Not Dark Yet…But It’s Getting There"

Wow, Ted Cruz was ugly even as a teenager. That takes real dedication.

There once was a lass we’ll call Stormy
Who cried to the world, “No whore, me!”
She got a big pic of Trump’s tiny dick
And answered, “Oh, Donald, you bore me.

LOL/satire. I’m a comedian.

DYB, good post on the infernal hypocrisy of the Rs. Mirrors should crack when they look at themselves in them.

And a guy with CDS now is politics editor at the NYT? The once-great paper lowers itself further.

Uh … tell me if I’m posting too many things about my state, but I’m OK with my taxes going to improve kids’ health and education.

Cali’s doing good too.

Luna, post away! It’s important to know what is happening around the country.

Oh but California did that budget turnaround by a tiny increase in taxes on millionaires.

Tax increase! Bring on the garlic and holy water.

Sure worked wonders though. Imagine the tragedy if the rest of the country started getting ideas. 😯 :horror:

Hey y’all just checking in briefly. I believe this old laptop is slowly giving it up. The new one is ordered by Sams is taking their own sweet time in getting it to me. Grrr!

I didn’t want to start the backup of this one till I knew the new one was on the way. I’m getting ready to do that now.

Excellent post DYB. I’ve had enough of this nightmare. May I wake up now?

May not be dark yet but certainly stormy. LOL

Hell yes to DYB’s thread and all the great posts so far.

Love the donation of old cozy chairs to shelter pups.

My last dog was a shelter dog, 6 month old lab…lived until he was 14 and was the best dog I have ever had. Beautiful, muscular, very smart, loving and could be fierce when needed. He was stolen at 12 years old, put an ad in the paper, someone’s aunt gave us a clue and when we went at midnight to the house were he was hidden, my ex-husband called his name and our dog jumped a seven foot fence to get back to us.

@2 Sweet Sue> That’s funny!!!!

Do you know who else is really funny? Bernie!

@13 Shadowfax> Wow, that’s quite the story!! What a good boy! I can’t believe someone stole him, what is wrong with people?!?!

My dog has short legs. He’s a beefy 50 lbs, but has short legs, so he’s not jumping over any fences.

@7, awwwww!

@13, shadow, how awful to have your dog stolen, and so good that you got him back. A 7-ft fence! What a jumper.

DYB and Luna,

Yes, our dog was even handsome at 12 years old. The way the aunt of the man that stole our dog, knew it was our dog is that our dog shook hands, right, then left, then right, etc. on demand. I put that info in the ad and the guy had bragged to everyone about how ‘his’ dog would shake hands when ever he wanted something.

The worst part of all this is that my son was only 3 months old and after our dog was stolen, I had to walk the dog on a leash and push a stroller with the other hand, our dog was 90 lbs, so I had my hands full. Then when I was walking this way, down a main street, a man with a white pickup stopped and tried calling at my dog to come and get into his car with some food. It was the same man, then he got out of his truck and he wanted to grab the leash away from me. I was also afraid he would steal my son too, so I had to hang on to both and fortunately a male neighbor stepped in and helped me get rid of this guy. I wished my ex was there, he would have beat the crap out of him.

DYB, excellent post! So many raging hypocrites: rethugs, Bernie Slanders, nyt, its hard to keep up with it all.

Love all the comments and stories. Shadow, we used to have a shepherd that jumped our 6 foot fence. She was so graceful, just flew over it.

@17 Shadow> Holy smokes! Did you call the cops? That guy had some serious mental issues!!!

I would love a German shepherd, but my building wouldn’t allow it. It’s considered an aggressive dog. My uncle used to have a few German shepherds. The last were white German shepherds and they were just stunning. The girl, Elsa, was also smarter than some people I know. And her boyfriend/husband Sam was like a big bear. He had a really thick and puffy coat. They were just amazing animals.

@14: DYB, Lol/satire. Bernie is a comedian!

Damn you Bernie and Trump.

@24, DYB, That guy with the white beard and sign shows up in a number of these instances where the perps are being walked to/from vehicles. Patriot!

@21, DYB, uh-oh. Trump’s gotta be the more unhinged one of those two.

Is it just me with too-high expectations of a past president, or is Obama ignoring a civic duty to speak out and work against Trump?

@31 Luna> He is as useless out of the White House as he was in it. He’s watching the country burn and all he thinks about is how to be no-drama. Pathetic.

DYB, Preach.

Luna @31 Hey, remember that time – one of the few – that Obama came out and stood behind his podium with his Presidential Seal to address the public and the press about ‘ObamaCare’ … then said he and Michelle had plans, so he had to go? Then he turned it over to a real President, the ‘Explainer in Chief’, Bill Clinton. Good times.

You guys are on fire. Great post DYB, and the comments are awesome.

I think my favorite thing is Rafael telling Beto not to change his name. As Bugs Bunny would say, “What a maroon!”

32 | DYB
March 9, 2018 at 12:26 am

@31 Luna> He is as useless out of the White House as he was in it. He’s watching the country burn and all he thinks about is how to be no-drama. Pathetic.

I couldn’t agree more.

I he had worried a little less about himself, and more about our country, Hillary would be in the Oval right now.

Yet, many of his fans didn’t vote or turned towards Sandcrab and then Trump.

Shkreli was sentenced to 7 years in prison.

@35, GAgal, Oh, yes, I remember. It was as if Bill couldn’t help himself — he had to talk earnestly to the American people — and show them the real benefits of the ACA. His whole nature was understanding policy details backwards and forwards plus explaining them in everyday language — and wanting to do good for the people. Sigh. Both Clintons exemplify civil servants at their finest.

@39, Shkreli crying. Let’s slam him into prison with kicks from the thousands of people he hurt by jacking up drug prices by thousands of time the original generic price.

Shkreli needs to pay a higher price than 7 years.

He also wanted a lock of Hillary’s hair…(a$$wipe)

His fraud conviction had nothing to do with the controversy that made him famous. While he was chief executive officer of Turing Pharmaceuticals in 2015, he jacked up the price of the life-saving drug Daraprim, a treatment for HIV patients, from $13.50 a pill to $750.

The price hike sparked a public backlash that landed him on Capitol Hill, testifying about drug prices. He sneered through the proceeding and pleaded the Fifth Amendment.

@43 madamab many of us saw through his hope shtick to the Corporate schmoozer behind the mask.

Used TrumpCo email in Stormy arrangements

bwahahahaha heeheehee hohohoho harharhar *thigh-slapping noises*

God. I’d call them Keystone Kops, but these beetlebrains aren’t funny.

All the various Trump email scandals (private servers, private emails, which have been hacked) is just … just … they leave me speechless. And GOP doesn’t care. It’s almost like Hillary’s server was never a real scandal!

Yes, Obama could have done so much more . . .

Sue @44, we sure did!

DYB–how funny we posted the same thing! Feel free to remove mine!

Here are the cuties growing up:

@47, annie, I can’t bear to read that.

Obama never did much as a rep or senator, and never did that much in office, even during his first 2 years when he had a Dem majority. He looks better than he was only in comparison to the ugly deranged jerk in office now.

The animal videos are so cute! That tiny doggo carried off by the balloons is really funny, and I didn’t think sloths could be as appealing as that little baby is.

I love the cuties.

Help! I’m going to the Dog Side. Need…cat…therapy….

#throwback How to put a cat to sleep (Watch till end) 😊🐈🎹— Sarper Duman (@sarperduman) March 1, 2018

(The posts here keep me sane, but the critter videos actually make me feel better – almost impossible in these times!)

@55 Luna, I suspect that’s why his support of Hillary was so tepid. He must have known she’d have effortlessly outshone him once in office.

This is a pretty hard hitting ad for the guy who hopes to beat Devin Nunes, although it doesn’t mention Janz. (check your volume)

DYB @53, my mom’s dog looks like that little one. That was a cool trick, making it look like balloons were lifting the dog.

Luna @ 55, good point. I remember being frustrated during his first two years, that he didn’t go after more reforms.

Pat @58, aww, very cute.

Pat @59, that’s a very good point, I think you’re right, even if its only subconscious.

GAgal @60, Love it!

Karen Handel is the Repug that beat Jon Ossoff (barely) here in GA.

@64, GAgal, and wasn’t there some funny stuff with a server used during the election which was wiped?

Abolish Americorps? These Rethugs are dismantling everything that’s good about our country!

66 NW Luna

I can think of a long list of reasons why HE has to pay for sex.

Holy Goddess Mother of the World save us. Trump’s turning America into Putin’s Russia.

Trump wants new authority over polling places

President Trump would be able to dispatch Secret Service agents to polling places nationwide during a federal election, a vast expansion of executive authority, if a provision in a Homeland Security reauthorization bill remains intact.

The rider has prompted outrage from more than a dozen top elections officials around the country, including Secretary of State William F. Galvin of Massachusetts, a Democrat, who says he is worried that it could be used to intimidate voters and said there is “no basis” for providing Trump with this new authority. “This is worthy of a Third World country,” said Galvin in an interview. “I’m not going to tolerate people showing up to our polling places. I would not want to have federal agents showing up in largely Hispanic areas.” “The potential for mischief here is enormous,” Galvin added.

The provision alarming him and others is a rider attached to legislation that would re-authorize the Department of Homeland Security. The legislation already cleared the House of Representatives with bipartisan support.

@66 & @67 Even crazier is that Trump didn’t actually pay to have sex with Stormy. Michael Cohen paid $130,000 for Trump to have sex with her. As far as we know right now. 🙂

Well. This is interesting. NYT reporting but I can’t read because of the pay wall, so CNN.

President Donald Trump met with a lawyer who represented then-President Bill Clinton during the impeachment process and is talking with him about a role at the White House, The New York Times reported Saturday.

The Times, citing four people familiar with the matter, said Trump met with lawyer Emmet T. Flood in the Oval Office about joining the team as Trump and his allies continue to deal with the special counsel investigation led by former FBI Director Robert Mueller.

70 GAgal

Hahaha, that’s true. And Cohen had to take a loan against his house to get the big rump a moment in Heaven with Stormy.

This is great, especially if you watched the Bachelor finale 😉

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