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(Not so) Lazy Weekend Music

Posted on: February 25, 2018

Good Sunday/Monday, and maybe even Tuesday

“Oh those kids!”.  Or as the vulgar yam, the rest of the Republicans, and the NRA are probably saying, “Oh those *&!@$# kids!”.  Yes indeed, the survivors of the slaughter at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School are not just sitting quietly and listening to their elders.  Hell no, these kids are creating a ruckus that has their elders squirming and feeling quite uncomfortable.  And that’s putting it mildly.

These young folks have been attacked by the right, being called among other things not

Cliff Notes on being empathetic

“real” students and being paid actors.  Paid by George Soros and other members of the left of course.  And when they aren’t attacking these young ones, the Right and NRA  people are just outright lying about things.  (Yeah Dana your lie about “burn her” has already been been disproved).  Nope, these kids aren’t just sitting idly by or being content to let the Parkland tragedy move out of the news cycle for the next big thing.  What these kids are doing is standing up and saying this has to be stopped.  They are being brave, courageous, and not being quiet.

For our musical stylings in this post, let’s take a look at some songs about courage, bravery and maybe even protest.  Protests over the NRA and corporate affiliations are taking a toll. And corporations offering discounts for NRA members are dropping those deals as fast as rats scurrying off a sinking ship.

(1) The Tragically Hip~Courage

(2) The Rising~Bruce Springsteen

(3) Brave and Strong~Sly And The Family Stone

(4) Stand Up And Be Strong~Soul Asylum

(5) Brave~Sara Bareilles

(6) Uprising~Muse

And just to show the kids that we older folks knew a thing or two about protests, courge and bravery “back in the day”:

Open thread and hope you’ll share some songs in the comments.



31 Responses to "(Not so) Lazy Weekend Music"

Awesome post Fredster!

Gotta go with Kelly Clarkson here.

And don’t worry, I’m writing Tuesday’s post now. 🙂

@2: Well if not, this one can carry over. I’m just hoping this laptop hold up for awhile longer.

Great post Fredster, and there are a pack of good protest songs from my days as a very young woman that are still appropriate.

So, probably many of you got an email today asking if you thing Joe should run for President, I clicked on ‘NO’…then it led to me another site asking if not Joe, which of these people I would want to run, and if they ran would I vote for any of them, here are our choices…

I am not excited about any of them for President and definitely would not vote for most of them.

Elizabeth Warren – Bernie’s female counterpart, Hell no!
Bernie Sanders – Do I look like an idiot?
Joe Kennedy III – Oh, please, I would rather vote for my local ice cream man for President.
Cory Booker – Has his good points but I am not excited about him.
Kamala Harris – No thanks.
Kirsten Gillibrand – A big HELL NO!

Oops *think, not thing Joe should run…

#8 – I wouldn’t mind Harris, Kennedy or Booker. I used to think K. Gill, but not any more.

This is some embarrassing sh*t right here. Especially after DiFi showed the way on leaking the Steele testimony. What is wrong with these “progressives”?!

@10: From the link: He cast Feinstein, without mentioning her name, as a Washington power broker

Got news for ya “progressives”, sometimes you need a power broker there.

@5: Thanks shadow. I barely covered the protest songs, concentrating on the courage/brave thing. Glad you added some of those.

Welp, it looks like der Trumphfer will get his parade – and on Veterans Day!

@13, what a colossal waste of time and money, and more importantly what a terrible message to be sending. This isn’t who we used to be, is it really who we are now? Would rather spend that money to improve their healthcare, mental health services and their standard of living. I recently heard many active duty personnel are on food stamps.

@15: I agree with you completely cats. Also, add in the cost to accomodate these troops when they have to come to D.C. for this vainglorious homage to Trumpher. The 2018 per diem rate for D.C . is $175 to $250 so the troops won’t be staying in his hotel.

Ugh, I cannot believe that evil fucker is getting a military parade!!! Where are the conscientious objectors when you need them?!

Why are the Democrats determined to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory? The California Democratic Party refuses to endorse Diane Feinstein? Hey, sexist, ageist pieces of shit, she’s the co-sponsor of the bill that banned assault weapons!!!!!!!!
Oh Christ, I give up.

Aww, a Chatblu post. That’s nice, Fredster! And good songs also!

@20: I found two different lists of about 20 songs or so about bravery, courageousness and the like. And although we’ve visited this theme probably waay too many times, it was the best fit for the kids there in Parkland.

This man is one sick fuck. Totally disgusting. Go read the article.

Dear goddess, Fredster. There is nothing Drumpf won’t try to monetize.

The President says he would have stormed in during the shooting ‘even if I didn’t have a weapon’

Oh yeah, like this???

Ruppy hangs on to his security for dear life!

@24, that magnificent display of fearlessness came immediately to my mind as well!

In Dante’s Hell, wasn’t Judas Iscariot in the uttermost center forever consumed in Satan’s mouth?

To me, it’s where you end up if you take what is beyond price and try to turn it into cash.

Except that I had the impression Judas was aware, at least in the story, but the Dump has as much awareness as the steaming pile that he is.

Stories are often neater than reality.

@26: Alas, I never read The Inferno.

Oh and my presence here on the blog may be limited for a bit.

I think my laptop or at least the hard drive is in its death throes. I’ve ordered an ext. drive to try to copy all of my stuff over to it and I’m shopping for another laptop. Ugh, I hate shit like this.

Yeah I’d d that too Chris Cuomo.

Nothing to worry about, peeps. Cadet Bone Spurs is on the job-armed or unarmed.

@28 – Hahaha!! Not a fan of Chris, but he was on point there.

Oh Sue, I feel sooo safe with the Cowardly Lyin’ in charge!!!

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