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Republican Depravity

Posted on: February 21, 2018

We thought we hit rock bottom and then someone knocked from underneath.

This is an old Russian expression, appropriately Russian. After more than 2 years of Trump dominating headlines and causing outrage everywhere he went – he launched his Presidential bid by declaring that all Mexicans were rapists and murderers – it’s shocking to me that I can still be shocked. But on Tuesday I found myself shocked when right-wing Republicans began attacking survivors of the Parkland, Florida school shooting. Leading the charge was the demented rancid garbage subhuman demon Dinesh D’Souza.

CNN’s pro-Trump pundit, and former Republican Congressthug from Georgia Jack Kingston, started floating the theory that the kids speaking out were actually actors and they were coached by Democrats to attack Trump. Gateway Pundit, which has White House press credentials, joined the fray. Bill O’Reilly began questioning why anyone listens to the kids anyway. Others began attacking the kids on twitter directly for being liars and fake, and someone started blaming Soros. Donald Junior began liking tweets that were attacking the kids. Florida state representative Shawn Harris’ Deputy Secretary Benjamin Kelly began emailing journalists claiming that the kids being interviewed don’t even go to the school where the massacre happened. When asked for proof he emailed links to conspiracy youtube videos where people claim these are crises actors and not students. Remember Sandy Hook? Same accusations were spread about the victims there by the likes of Alex Jones. Now this entered the mainstream. Harris – after twitter erupted in outrage at Kelly – soon announced that he fired him. But not before he voted in Florida assembly not to advance a bill to ban assault weapons, with some of the Parkland kids in the gallery. This is what D’Souza found so funny. The blowback against convicted felon D’Souza was so severe that even CPAC announced they were canceling this appearance there. (Last year it was Milo Snuffleapaganus’ appearance they cancelled after he defended child rape.)

Speaking of CPAC, did you see the list of speakers this year? It has gone full on KKK/White nationalist/European fascist. Speakers include Marion Le Pen – the more radical niece of Marine Le Pen, Nigel Farrage, Sean Hannity, “Sheriff” David Clarke, Judge Jeanine Piro, Ted Cruz, Dump and Pence, John Bolton, Wayne La Pierre, Dana Loesch, Sebastian Gorka. And Gary Johnson. Yes, Gary Johnson will be speaking at CPAC among all those other Republican luminaries. (Again, D’Souza’s appearance was cancelled on Tue after his tweets attacking Parkland kids.)

This is the Republican party in February of 2018. We are in Hell.


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Oh I forgot CPAC was this week.

Well my, my…the sex workers, both female and male will be literally working their asses off the next couple of days.

I saw that D’Souza was slammed on twitter for those tweets.

@3 – was that what it finally took to,get the bots off Twitter?! Glad to know there is a limit somewhere.

DYB, great post, and the Russian saying is perfect. The Republican Party: Pro-life until birth. After that, kiddos, you’re on your own. They only support corporations and their rich buddies (including friends from unfriendly countries) and the 99% can fuck off and die.

That Russian expression, perfect. Too true.

Herman Hesse wrote a story decades ago, one of those magical realism things, about an alien who comes to Earth looking for flowers. There has been an appalling dreadful worldstopping tragedy on his world. They have run out of flowers (until the next spring) and so cannot provide funerals with the proper honors.

Sometimes, as we here, very much including me, think I-can’t-stand-another-minute-of-this-garbage-regime I remember the Hesse story. Very much in the vein of the Russian expression.

Great post DYB. The GOP show their lack of humanity by attacking the children that survived murder while in school.

Remember the BFD they made when THEY were attacked at a baseball game they played before the cameras? Did anyone attack them when they were glad to be alive?

What would happen if a shooter showed up with an semi-automatic at CPAC? Would it be like the Red Wedding or just another day protecting their beloved NRA?

Has anyone paid their taxes for 2017? I would if I knew I would get $ back from the feds, but I usually end up having to pay some.

Truth is, I don’t want to pay one red cent to the Dump regime.

He doesn’t pay nor show his taxes, why should I?

@7 Shadowfax, I haven’t done my taxes yet. Doing them on Monday. I’m terrified, frankly!

Holy shit, Nunes is literally asking for Russian bots to help him.

Thank you for this post,DYB. I shared the topic on my Facebook timeline and it really offended a right wing FOX watcher who can’t see how toxic her precious “Christian” network and the whole GOP is.
It saddens me today to hear of Billy Graham’s passing. Wish the son was anything like his father- what a disgrace

@14, contrask, odd, isn’t it, how the R-wing “Christians” think Jesus’ message was Love your AR-15s and Kick the Little Children off their Health Care. The Pharisees of today are GOP.

@13, DYB, if the charges are under seal, odds are they’re at least medium bombshell-sized.

@16, Go, Kids! This gives me hope.

@12 – That is shocking beyond belief. Is that the real Devin Nunes?!

16 DYB

Great turnout and photo. I hope other schools all over the country join in the protest and keep it up.

@12: When possible I like to let dogs carry the message for me.

This one is for Devin Nunes:

I think I’ll just get everyone stirred up a bit:

@21 – That is perfect!
@22 – Yeah, Bernie is once again reading from the Trump playbook. It’s old and tired, just like him. Let’s send him some knitting needles and get him to take a walk in the woods!!

@23: I sat here trying to figure out exactly how Clinton’s campaign was going to be able to do anything about Russian bots. Hell if she had known for sure, what was her campaign going to do about it?

@19 madamab> Yep, that’s the real Devin Nunes!

@22 Bernie’s interview> Yeah….that’s a lie. He said on MSNBC, possibly to Ari Melber, that “of course” he knew Russians were trying to divide the party. He knew everything.

@7 & 9: Not doing mine until the last possible minute because I know I will owe. However the tax bill won’t affect your 2017 returns.

First off: The soon-to-be tax law will not apply to your 2017 taxes — the ones you have to file this coming April.

Most provisions of the new law affecting individuals and businesses go into effect on Jan. 1, 2018. For instance, new tax brackets take effect on January 1 of next year, as will the new standard deductions.

@26 – I mean…it’s just so g*dd*mn brazen. So many of the GOP’s crimes have been admitted to in public. Like Drumpf admitting on television to Lester Holt that he fired Comey with corrupt intent!

Same with Bernie – he absolutely did admit that he knew Russia was helping him, and di nothing about it. Any real liberal would have stopped campaigning on principle, recognizing that he was aiding and abetting a foreign adversary in damaging the only reasonable, rational candidate in the race. But not him. He just went on collecting the $$$ from the suckers. Grifters gotta grift!

BTW – another special election was just flipped. Massively.

@30: Yea I think I had a comment last night about that election.

I got an email from HRC/Onward with a survey of priorities. It was a pick one type of deal. I wanted to choose concentrate on state house races and retake the House/Senate but could only pick one. That being the case I went with state house races. They will control redistricting after the census and we need Dems in those state houses.

@31: Good catch D.

Tell me this is the Onion.

“I did not know Russian bots were promoting my campaign.”

“The real question to be asked is” why the Clinton campaign didn’t do something.

@34: No, I don’t think so. Should I send the doggo @21 to him also?

No, that is actually what Bernie said. The guy is an idiot who always blames someone else much like Trump. Please don’t run in 2020 Bernie ’cause if you do there are many of us waiting to do nothing better than take you out early.

Yep, Bernie said that. Then his people released a long statement condemning foreign interference. But you can tell it’s trying to clean up the mess of his interview. What he said on the radio with his own voice is what he meant.

@37 Fredster> I am shocked again!

@38: Did you see the 45 on his cuff?

@39: I’ve read abut that incident.

Will it be required to teach about it or is it only that it’s available?

I will have to ask our socials studies teachers. I hope it will be required. This is the 1st I’ve heard about it

@40, I wasn’t sure that was real. What a self absorbed dick.

@42: contrask can’t remember where I first read about that incident; it was a number of years ago.

@43: cats, it’s not like we needed any confirmation of that did we?

@45, no we do not Fredster, but apparently, he does.

@47: And isn’t that pathetic?

@46: I hope he falls flat on his face once again if he even thinks about that.

@40, just when you think he couldn’t get any more crass ….

Watchdogs find radioactive contamination in cars Hanford had declared clean

The radioactive contamination has spread from a troubled cleanup project at Hanford’s plutonium finishing plant. Contamination has been detected by state air monitors as far as 10 miles from the site of the demolition work, which is considered to be one of the most high-risk portions of the ongoing cleanup of the Hanford site, where plutonium was produced for atomic bombs.

Since December, all demolition at the finishing plant has been put on hold. Meanwhile, workers have applied fixatives to try to keep more radioactive materials from getting whipped up by the wind.

The spread of the contamination has raised safety concerns among workers, and some are wary of the information released by the Energy Department.

Ya think? I’m glad the winds don’t blow west over the mountains from Hanford. And now they’re testing if workers themselves have detectable levels of radioactive materials.

@21, Let’s send that very good doggo with the message over to Sen. Sanders’ office. In fact, let’s train a whole pack of them to send.

@52: Sounds good. Send a passel of ’em to his office. LOL

Fredster, I might need to borrow your doggo for some deliveries.

@57: LOL, go ahead D.

And good Charles Pierce here.

Very good post, DYB, thank you! I love watching and reading about the kids and their parents (especially the kids). I hope this movement is going full steam ahead.

I got a notification from twitter today which said that they investigated a bot I reported and banned it. It’s about time they get on this.

Off to read Pierce and RP.

Enjoyed both articles, Fredster. Also love the little message dog upthread!

@61: Hey, that’s always delightful news. Hope they ban some more.

@53, Fredster, No I hadn’t seen that yet. Whoa. Frankly I’m surprised Shulkin’s holding on, let alone able to get rid of his detractors, who oddly enough were pushing for more commercial healthcare orgs to provide “care” to veterans instead of the VA doing so. The staffer who apparently falsified documents almost certainly did so at Shulkin’s behest — and then she was made to resign which is fcked up.

The whole move to “expand veterans’ access to health care outside VA facilities” just drives up the cost of their healthcare while in most cases decreasing quality. Most private medical organizations aren’t used to the complexity of most veteran’s healthcare, especially the mental health issues. 90% of veterans get an appointment within 2 weeks of when they call. There’s no way I could get appointments that quickly with most of my providers. 75% of veterans with high blood pressure who get care at the VA are at goal for their BP. Not so good? Only 50% of patients with high BPs in private care are at goal.

Sigh. Most of the veteran service orgs want the VA to get more funds and hire more staff rather than $$$ going outside the VA. But the Koch bros have Trump’s ear. And they feed his wallet and ego.

@61, annie, Good for you!

We got snow late last night. Weird. It’s going to stay cold — below freezing at night — for a few more days here.

@67: I wish that damned “Concerned Vets in the pocket of the Kochs” would get outed as to who and what they really are. They are not helping anyone but their masters.

@69: Checking the local PWS near me we’re at 67 now and forecast to go to 81. That’s above normal for us but we’ll probably get one more good cold front to move through before we start warming up for spring.

(Sigh) I dozed off much earlier and shouldn’t have done that. Didn’t doze/sleep enough really so I’ll probably head back to snooze for another session of zzzs.

It was 76 degrees in Noo Yawk yesterday, now today it’s 42. Sigh.

Today on Morning Schmoe, they were playing clips of some of the kids advocating for gun control, and admitting that this issue helps Democrats and hurts Republicans. I thought I was going to faint from shock. They also said Drumpf is down to 22% approval amongst young people. That’s a 5% drop in two weeks.

This isn’t going to go away like before. These kids are passionate, inspiring, organized and don’t have the distractions adults do. They will vote against the NRA in 2018, which means they are voting Democratic!

Watched about 5 minutes of Dana Loesch and had to turn it off, that is one dangerous agitator. She blamed the FBI and Law enforcement for not doing their jobs. It was my understanding that with Cruz, law enforcement had no law to enforce that would have prevented him from slaughtering 17 people, mostly kids. Then she said that if they wanted the NRA to pursue red flags they would gladly do it because they have the “resources.” So what would the NRA have done if they knocked on Cruz’ door? She didn’t say. Then she said she attended some gun control event of 5000 people where she needed her security contingent to get her out of the building because the crowd was crying, “Burn her!”. Say what? She literally made by guts roil. She didn’t strike me as a person with any compromise in her. She clearly thinks more guns will keep the kids safe. I guess schools should be like banks and courthouses as if bad things don’t happen in those security rich environments.

@73 – I don’t know where they find these photogenic women to sell morally repellent ideas on the Right. Unfortunately, it’s great marketing, and we don’t do it on the Left.

Dana Loesch is evil. She is the one who was in that racist “Fist of Truth” NRA video and she is very present on Twitter. She is truly awful.

@76, and at the end, his words of wisdom, the NRA mantra, the only way to stop a bad man with a gun is a good man with a gun. Loesch is terrifying and Lapierre is terrifying and creepy and they have the bucks to control the votes. MSNBC is saying that the NRA was sending a message to “45,” no to gun control, 2nd amendment is sacrosanct, buy more guns to save our children.

@74, i saw some photogenic, powerfully eloquent, rational, clear thinking women (usually mothers who had lost children to guns) yesterday. We have them on the Left, we need to give them the mike.

51 NW Luna

What the Hell? I had to look up where this site is on wiki…and had no idea it was a major manufacturer and nuke dump site for the US Manhattan Project. The groundwater there has been contaminated and also a lot of toxic waste was dumped in the Columbia River. Also, it is edging a huge Native American reservation.

I realize that the US was trying to beat Germany, but how awful to eff’ up a clean state like WA.

Republicans really want to impeach PA judges.

Just FYI – This is @DLoesch, the NRA rep speaking at the CNN Town Hall.

She is like a bikini model posing by expensive cars at a car show.
A piece of meat for the old, white men to drool over…

These kind of women make good Stepford wives, like Melania.

@73: cats said: she said she attended some gun control event of 5000 people where she needed her security contingent to get her out of the building because the crowd was crying, “Burn her!”

She said. Do I believe her? Hell no. I simply do not believe it. Why would she go there? Oppo research? Hell, she can get someone else to do that. So in short, I believe Dana just lied; she’s very good at that.

@83: I said above that the sex workers will be working overtime in DC and MD. I remember reading last year or year before that the Grindr app was especially busy during that gathering. LOL

So apparently Gates did not flip, so Mueller is throwing the book at him.

This is the MO Governor who beat a woman he was having an affair with and took photos to use as blackmail. He can now challenge Trump for President!


..Special counsel files new charges against former Trump campaign officials Paul Manafort and Richard Gates; charges include false individual income tax returns, failure to report foreign bank accounts and bank fraud.

Hmmmm, doesn’t that sound an awfully lot like el OrangeDump and his son in-law’s MO????

Is Mueller saying, “Hey Dumpo, I am coming for you next!”

There was an armed guard in the school. He waited outside the building while 17 people were massacred inside.

Interesting read over at Think Progress on being called out by Dana Loesch at CPAC.

Luna @67, agree with your comment. When I was taking my Dad (Alzheimers) to the VA, he was given comprehensive, and free, care. The VA needs more money. Let the military industrial complex pay for it–they get filthy rich from all the wars they’re always pushing for. Another interesting point is that the VA is starting to branch out and offer alternative, complementary care like yoga in various places. I know this cuz when my kid did his research essay for English Comp, he did it on the VA and dug up lots of interesting info. He got an A on it, an A in the class and the prof uses it as a how-to example for her classes. (Sorry for the bragging!) Laker helped me take my Dad to the VA during those years and apparently it made a lasting impression on him.

DYB @ 75, yep. e v i l. @83, omg! What a creep.

The news today is wild. Love the new Mueller indictments and the Kentucky yucky gov being arrested.

Tom Steyer seems like he’s really one of the good guys.

Off to check out Fredster’s links.

95 DYB
February 22, 2018 at 8:03 pm

I think I love this man, he puts his money where his mouth is!

Socalannie, is the Kentucky gov also a creep, or did you mean the Missouri gov? I can’t keep track. Every day there seems to be a new felon coming out.

Good article over at The Atlantic by a radiologist who has seen/read gunshot wound images from the Parkland shooting. It’s a good read.

@102 Fredster, I was just reading that. Horrifying.

“I was looking at a CT scan of one of the victims of the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School… The organ looked like an overripe melon smashed by a sledgehammer, with extensive bleeding. How could a gunshot wound have caused this much damage?
One of the trauma surgeons opened a young victim in the operating room, and found only shreds of the organ that had been hit by a bullet from an AR-15 […] There was nothing left to repair, and utterly, devastatingly, nothing that could be done to fix the problem. The injury was fatal.”

@103: The muzzle velocity of a NATO 5.56 cartridge is around three thousand feet per second That’s designed for only one thing and no, it isn’t for hunting. It’s for hitting a person and literally ripping/tearing through that person.

This sounds great, but I don’t think Trump thinks this far ahead.

@105 Fredster, correct. A former military friend of mine explained that those bullets are designed to shred a person on the inside. They don’t exit in a clean line like a regular bullet, which is what the doctor in the article said he was looking for. He was looking for a clean line and instead they found shredded organs. That’s what those AR-15 bullets are designed to do. They enter the body and spin inside, grinding flesh into mulch.

@107: And that’s the exact reason D that when some of these folks say “Oh I like to use my AR15 for hunting” that’s bullshit.

Taht Chris Hayes tweet at 109 refers to a young woman in a hospital whom Trump called because, supposedly, he heard she was a fan. She said in an interview that Trump was the least impressive person she’s ever spoke to her in her life. He kept saying “oh boy, oh boy, oh boy.”

@112: executed by guillotine Dayum!

Everyone’s favorite thug/bully, Sebastian Gorka shoves a Mediate reporter at CPAC. (and the guy was a lot shorter than Gorka too)

Trump at CPAC, pretentious lying sack of shit. I couldn’t take one minute of his patter and the audience was eating it up.

Cats, I was listening h to it. Heard “lock her up” chant, “you are going to get your wall” and heard him recite the snake prom; apparently saying immigrants are the snake. I am sick 😷

@117, contrask these people have no hearts or souls and they are armed. I heard him say an armed teacher would have taken that shooter out and the retired LE outside the school was a “coward.” Schools need to be hard targets, our military must not have secured weapons on base so they can shoot at will, NRA members are good people, patriots, democrats want to take get rid of the second amendment and the crowd goes wild. Have you also noticed they are not referring to Hillary by name? It’s “her” or “she” or “his opponent.” If someone worked for both her and Obama they only mention him. She is being erased again.

@111, When America had real leaders. I remember it well.

This morning Laura Ingraham attacked the Parkland teens. This is a response from one fo the survivors.

Cadet Bone Spurs calling a civilian security guard a coward.


I guess Cadet Bone Spurs is an expert of cowardice, so maybe he knows something we don’t.

Still a bit surprising that, even with as few functioning brain cells as he has, he doesn’t seem to notice the obvious implications for the likely result of arming Mr. McGillicuddy the math teacher to take on terrorists.

Quixote, it’s completely banal to think that arming teachers will make everyone safer.

Someone changed Rubio’s wiki page.

I think my biggest regret in life is that I did not become an astronomer.

127 DYB

Here are some in color. With Hubble, we are lucky enough to see more than astronomers were able to see a decade or so ago.

You gotta hear this:

DYB @126, agree with that!

128 |socalannie
February 23, 2018 at 5:34 pm

You gotta hear this:

St. Bernardo was tripping all over his excuses and lies.

Thanks for the link shadowfax!!

Hey everyone! I haven’t been around because I’m still helping my sister move. I’ve been trying to keep up with the news, but there’s so much of it! Also, my nephew , then my Mom, got the flu even though they both had the vaccine. Yuck. I’m the only one who hasn’t had the shot, so…

So it looks like the congressman in the meeting that Gates lied about was Rohrabacher. Big surprise. I don’t know if he lied about the meeting or the fact that they discussed Ukraine. Either way, if it was on the up and up, why lie?

Former Trump campaign aide Rick Gates just admitted to lying to U.S. investigators about a March 19, 2013, meeting between his boss, Paul Manafort, and an unidentified U.S. congressman. Public filings show a meeting that day between Manafort and Dana Rohrabacher, a Russia-friendly Republican congressman from California.

Gates pleaded guilty Friday to conspiracy against the U.S. and making false statements about a meeting that day. In a criminal information unsealed Friday, he admitted that he’d withheld that the meeting included a discussion of Ukraine, where he and Manafort had done political consulting work.

4 good guys with a gun…

132 DYB

My pleasure, DYB.

This is a wonderful site my son and I love to watch..

I even pulled a wonderful photo off of the Hubble site and had it printed on a t-shirt for my son…it was glorious.


133 GAgal

Stay well and take good care, we are here for ya.

Good luck and stay well and strong, GAgal.

GAgal, also hoping you stay healthy, and your sis’ move winds up soon.

God, what a week this has been. Who knows what insane thing will happen next.

More about Bernie: He lies in the same way as Drumpf, and also blames the media when he’s caught. Sorry #Bernout, you are toast.

David Hogg with Joy now, wow, wow, wow. He’s poised, confident, determined and so prepared. Solid, non partisan arguments for change in gun laws. And, he wants to be a journalist. Yay! Ryan Deitsch has joined them, so sensible and mature. “Don’t want to take your guns, but you need to deserve them.” Oh, David re Clarke, “You disgust me!” Wants total rehaul of Congress, Dems too if they are NRA beneficiaries.

The SPLC’s latest report on the rise of hate groups in the Trump era.

Also, for the first time, the SPLC added two male supremacy groups to the hate group list: A Voice for Men, based in Houston, and Return of Kings, based in Washington, D.C. The vilification of women by these groups makes them no different than other groups that demean entire populations, such as the LGBT community, Muslims or Jews, based on their inherent characteristics.

Reading the Manafort & Gates Indictment. The song “Dirty Laundry” keeps going through my head

@145 Contrask, my first thought many months ago when I read Manafort was working for Trump for free was Dirty Deeds – Done Dirt Cheap.

@144: “Return of Kings”?!? Hahaha! God, that’s hilarious.

Dirty Deeds! That’s a good one! And here is some more Republican dirty deeds – the Dem House Intelligence rebuttal memo:

@144. ZOMG. Women are, like, a group? Who get treated differently based on how they’re born? Really? Hoodathunkit. Although, yeah, wow, now that you mention it, gee willikers whiz there may be something in it.

/*endless screaming*/

(Don’t get me wrong. It’s good they’re doing that, and it’s about time, and, and, and. It’s just that this needs to be explained, in that tone of discovery no less, in 2018. Hence endless screaming.)

Last night I was out in our little ‘porch’ room watching Rachel’s show. I realized her voice had an echo so I hit mute. I realized my mom was in the den watching Rachel, too!! I know she watched at least the part where Rachel interviewed Adam Schiff. Imagine how much more intelligent and collected Schiff sounded compared to whatever was on Hannity then.

Bernie is a piece of shit. I used to think he was just a useful fool. But his deranged reaction to being asked these questions is beginning to look like he knew exactly what was going on and now that he’s been busted he’s panicking.

Hello folks, just checking in briefly.

I’ve been having some computer issues and it appears I may be making a purchase of another laptop soon .

I just ordered a portable external drive so I can back up everything that’s on this one.

I have a new post that will go up in the morning.

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