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Lazy Weekend Music~Bad Times/Sad Times

Posted on: February 18, 2018


Good (?) Sunday/Monday Widdershins

So this post won’t be a light-hearted affair.  Rather, I’ll be sharing some sad songs, songs about death and loss.

We saw a tragic incident in FL Wednesday of this week when seventeen young people had their lives snuffed out by a “loner” or a guy who “acted weird”.  Nikolas Cruz had been receiving counseling or some other form of mental health treatment but stopped going to the appointments.  We’ll never know if this could have been averted had he continued his appointments.  One thing we do know is that it’s time for another ban on any and all assault weapons.  We simply do not need to have AR15s or AK47s on the street.

(1) Modest Mouse~Ocean Breathes Salty

(2) Eric Clapton~Tears In Heaven

(3) Frank Turner~Long Live The Queen

(4) Warren Zevon~Keep Me In Your Heart

(5) Radiohead~Videotape

(6) The Beatles~Let It Be

(7) Mozart Requiem~Lacrimosa


Requiescat in pace

Open thread.


81 Responses to "Lazy Weekend Music~Bad Times/Sad Times"

This Is one of my favorite “sad times” songs, from the eponymous album by Miles Davis.

Some incredible news from the survivors of the Florida mass murder. Hillary always said, “Turn your rage, sorrow and pain into action.” These amazing people are doing it.

Fredster, lovely selection of music.

This Vaughan Williams’ piece has always sounded almost unbearably sad and beautiful to me, with finally a way through while still living with the emotional pain.

@6: Oh now that should be interesting.

@10: That Mahler Resurrection Symphony, I saw a contrabassoon in there. Those things are awkward, to say the least.

@14: If you want to see what the Russian twitter bots are up to and what’s trending with them, go here:

DYB, excellent musical selections as usual.

@4: Thanks Luna.

@14, they know their puppet won’t do anything.

So I’ve had a busy couple of weeks. Got my mom’s house under contract – good. Other than that, it’s been nuts. Then, on top of nuts, we get a school shooter threat form a troubled 15 year old on Thurs. All hell breaks loose on the facebook groups & the media covers us. They erroneously reported the incident took place in the library – you get the picture. I haven’t commented a word on facebook about it, or read any posts, just trying to keep my head down.

My hope is in the HS kids who are fed up with being targets for AR 15 carrying cowards. And Robert Mueller. He has given me hope this week. Love you all!

@21 – Contrask, how terrifying! Sending you good vibes, and I am so glad nothing happened.

The music today is wonderful – and that is fantastic news about Rick Gates. I’m not an attorney, but it seems to me that Mueller is doing everything exactly right. If I were a treasonous Russian puppet like Drumpf, and/or if I enabled him like all the GOP sh*theads in Congress, I would be shaking in my boots.

CNN has been running a clip of Bernie all day ranting about how Russia needs to be punished. Not one panelist has noted he voted against the sanctions. And I don’t suppose he was asked, but I didn’t see the entire interview.

@21, contrask, that must have been frightening! So glad no one was shot. Damn how do kids get weapons? Oh. That’s right. Same as the adults.

@23, I saw something today where he was asked a question on his Russian uh…non-involvement and his policy stands — he raised his voice, talked over the interviewer, and told some more lies. Will try to find that again.

GAgal @5:00pm, Ha! It figures. The stupid media will always mollycoddle that idiot. I wish I knew why.

Contrask, my kid’s school had a similar incident last year. Hubs & I enjoyed the Led Zep song you posted. I noticed it had Jason Bonham drumming (the late John Bonham’s son). They sounded pretty good for old guys. I wish it said what year it was, but I’ll ask my son who knows everything about the rock bands he likes. Speaking of the son, he and I went in together and bought a new nylon string classical guitar a few days ago. It’s been decades since I’ve played one. I hope I can play some classical stuff on it fairly decently.

@25, annie, how wonderful that you now have a classical guitar! Music helps us survive.

I love what the high school kids are doing. I hope they can sustain it til we get gun control. If the schools near me have the walkout, maybe I’ll go join it. I’ll have to get an orange top!

@24 Luna – actually she is a reader & I really liked her. But a troubled girl. And a mom that is strung out on drugs & maybe other issues we will never know.
Here is more good news!

@21: Oh good grief contrask! Just what you needed; some kind of twisted little copy cat brat. Obviously glad it turned out to be a false alarm.

Luna, yes, I’m excited about it. It feels very comfortable to play, which sadly, is one of my main criterion for musical instruments these days! When I was young, all I cared about was tone, but now I’m an old lady, my hands are more delicate. Laker spends most Friday nights jamming with some old guitar players in our area, I think I’ll join them for a few weeks, and get some pointers.

@28: We both commented about the same time. Is there any type of counseling that would be available for this young girl?

I hope she gets counseling. I’m irritated by the fact the kids bullying her have not been reprimanded yet. I hope they deal with them. I know the kids and can believe the bullying, but also, she is super sensitive & needs help. When something like this happens, they usually expel the kid permanently & you never know. Makes me wonder about the boy in the FL incident. How much help did he get?

This post has some of dumps completely deranged tweets in it:

In the midst of all the other news concerning the indictments against the Russians on Friday, this additional news was out there also:

Paul Manafort faces new claim of bank fraud while trying to renegotiate his bail agreement

The court document accuses Manafort of criminal conduct that was not initially included in the criminal charges filed against him in October 2017. That conduct includes, “a series of bank frauds and bank fraud conspiracies, including criminal conduct relating to the mortgage on the Fairfax property, which Manafort seeks to pledge,” the document says.

Fredster @37, me too! I’m retweeting their tweets, will support them however I can. Their movement needs to go national. Love that they’re going after Rubio.

Did you all see dump’s tweets this morning? He’s sounds more batshit than ever. Like a cornered rat.

This includes grants “to elementary and middle schools.”


@40: Oh dear. Lordy!

The Gofundme deal for the victims and families in Broward is doing quite well. They have $1.3 million toward their goal of $2 million.

Geez tRump, perhaps you and some of the other Repub recipients of NRA largess could throw a few bucks toward that.

@45, gee I wonder why the Malevolent Mango didn’t visit this young man…..

@43 Fredster> You’re right, NRA and Trump could actually pay their medical bills.

@52: Oh absolutely DYB.

More on the young man who took the five bullets and survived. He is a hero in the truest sense of the word. This made me cry.

@54: That is so sad to see.

@54, me too Annie. That was true courage and in one so young. Why haven’t we heard about this? He should be another celebrated hero.

There’s a GoFundMe page for Anthony Borges; I’m trying to see if it’s verified. They have raised a bit of money, but one never knows if it’s real or not.

Two days ago there was a survivor from the shooting who got big on twitter, his girlfriend was in the hospital, injured. He posted photos and then got attacked by people for being part of a conspiracy to fake the whole thing. He got a lot of support and it went back and forth. And then Caroline O. started researching this guy – and proved he was a Russian bot. She found his tweets from 1.5 years ago, all pro-Trump, anti-Hillary. He conversed with a lot of the alt-right people. Then on election day his account went quiet. No tweets for 1.5 years until a few days ago when he started tweeting about being a survivor of the shooting with an injured girlfriend. And some of the people who attacked him for being part of a conspiracy were same accounts he interacted with – all pro-Trump – 1.5 years ago. Once Caroline posted his old tweets and exchanges, she got blocked by him. Then others got blocked. And then his entire account vanished. The moral of the story – I fell for it too. He seemed so sincere.

And…. how Russian and Japanese bots organized to take down Al Franken. They registered their accounts the day before the first accusation.

@58, DYB, There was a dead-fish smell to so much of the alleged news about Franken, and especially about Tweeden’s allegations. Not only that she was butt-bumping and dry-humping the men in the USO skits — with video to prove it if anyone bothered to watch it — but Stone’s boast right beforehand? And so many of the women Dem senators fell for it and didn’t allow due process. Franken’s out of office so we’re down an experienced Senator and one who’d have been a contender in 2020. I’m still pissed about it.

I was going to write “WTH don’t these trolls take down Bernie?” then instantly realized why they won’t.

This is the real GoFundMe for Anthony Borges:

@59 Luna, yes, a senior Dem Senator who was making battling GOP a priority is down. That was the goal. I was flipping through New Yorker and last spring, when he first confronted Sessions, they wrote an article about how Franken had arrived as a star warrior against Trump. A few months later he was taken out.

@58, can Franken run for that seat again? Isn’t there supposed to be a special election to fill his seat? I would LOVE to see him win in a landslide and return to the Senare stronger than ever.

RIP so much sadness.

The children are starting a huge movement, laying down in the streets and getting some adults out protesting.

@47, what a sweet doggo!

@66, Hell to the Yes!

Bank loans signed in the hospital leave patients vulnerable

Laura Cameron, three months pregnant, tripped and fell in a parking lot and landed in the emergency room in May. She was flat on her back — scared, in pain and attached to a saline drip — when a hospital representative came by to discuss how she would pay her bill.

Though both Cameron and her husband, Keith, have insurance, her time in the ER would likely cost about $830, the rep said. If that sounded unmanageable, she added, the couple could take out a loan through a bank that had a partnership with Mercy Hospital.

She was “fairly forceful,” recalled the 28-year-old Cameron, who lives in Fayetteville, Ark. “She certainly made it clear she preferred we pay then, or we take this deal with the bank.”

This is what healthcare in the U.S. has come to. Needless to say, if this happens to you tell them to GTFO of the ER or your hospital room. Apparently these leeches overestimate what you’d pay after insurance. Even if they don’t, it’s wise to not make any decisions until you’ve fully recovered and then some.

Mueller’s interest in Kushner grows to include foreign financing efforts

Anyone else think Mueller will find a few hundred million gone astray here and there?

@60: I wonder why they’re doing a separate one for him? Wouldn’t he be included in the one @43?

@66, yay another windmill tilter! The election was rigged!

@71, Fredster I wondered the same thing.

68 | NW Luna
February 19, 2018 at 5:21 pm

@66, Hell to the Yes!

Ditto to the Hell to the Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

@62: Cats, so would I.

Who knew Junior was so qualified?
Donald Trump Jr. will deliver a foreign policy speech while on an unofficial trip to India to promote his family’s projects

Trump Jr. will speak about Indo-Pacific relations at an event on Friday

I’ll bet he can’t pronounce Indo-Pacific. (snort!)

DYB @ 57, Thanks for the warning!

Luna @ 69, omg, that’s fucking horrible! Why can’t we have the type of medical care that DYB described from his adventure in London?

Fredster @75, oh for pete’s sake. He’s a dunce! (And a crook!)

Agree with all your comments about Franken.

Is anyone watching the Olympics?

DYB, check email please.

@76: Nah, not watching the Olympics.

Ditto on the Nah, not watching Olympics…too.

My life isn’t back to normal enough to watch the Olympics this year…

No way. I don’t feel like playing.

Democrats pick up a House seat in the Kentucky State House.

Repubs still control the Ky. House but hey, one seat at a time.

I have not seen one minute of the Olympics. I stopped watching years ago because it’s mostly commercials and human interest stories, in which I have no interest!


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