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Posted on: February 11, 2018


Happy Sunday Widdershins!

The last couple of days we talked about support animals and therapy animals: seems like therapy animals have become all the rage. Once upon a time it was dogs we used for emotional support. Now people have gotten attached to hamsters, peacocks, rabbits, lizards, etc. I suppose whatever one finds comfort it can be your support… who is anyone to judge. Except I’m totally judging anyone with a support anaconda, cockroach or goldfish.

I personally find a lot of comfort in music. Music is my real emotional supporter. Music is the most universal language of all. It transcends millennia, languages and borders. (Alcohol does too, but music is arguably healthier.) So – what are some of your emotional support musical artists? Are there performers or songs you go to when you are stressed? We are all stressed these days. What music gets you through the day?

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I love that cartoon at the top.

Re @93 and 94 on previous post, that whole episode of the X Files was very campy, spoofing itself. LOL, I lost the thread long ago but still enjoy the “normal” X File episodes. What is different about the latest seasons is that they take every opportunity to critize the president without saying his name and that Scully and Mulder are significantly older (can relate to that). They also occasionally have two new young agents that are meant to mimic Scully and Mulder which is fun.

(Apologies for my Left Coast timing on an East Coast blog! Just have to give my two cents’ worth re GAgal comment in last post. Especially like the classical selections here. Definitely rebalance the mind.)

Re the “but what about intimacy if #MeToo goes too far.”

1) Idiots.

2) As a denizen of academe, I wind up talking about life difficulties with more young people, esp women who tend to have more of them, than maybe most people. The single biggest factor plagueing women looking for plain old sex, to say nothing of relationships, is the lack of young men who aren’t porn-soaked creeps.

Really, Those of us who are boomers have no idea. It was far from all stars and moonlight in the good old days, but enough men had not marinated in sex-as-violence that there were possibilities. Now, not so much. I see young women, raging hormones and all, give up on het sex because it’s just too damn difficult to find anyone who’s not a perv.

And then to have to hear about beetlebrains who think the problem is a demand for respect? /*endless screaming*/

Ivory Bill posted thisnat Upps, nice to know women’s hackles are riled everywhere. This isnthe Brit take.

@5 LOL that’s great!

On the Maher panel, what Weiss mentioned that I think is right is that it’s really just a certain “far left” (I call them “alt-left”) part of the internet. It’s not that everyone has this kind of zero-policy/everything is the same/Franken and Aziz Ansari are just like Weinstein and Larry Nassar mentality. But it is a very vocal and powerful segment of social media, which helps to shape the narrative. I see a few friends on facebook (they’re not powerful), but the moment something comes up about anything the response is: “Throw him out, done, over, the end.” And it’s a little jarring. And Maher was right that we’ve reached the point where actually many people are even just afraid to disagree in public, because that loud subset of social media will come for them and take them out. I’ve largely kept my mouth shut on twitter because I have no intention in waging a flame war with people I generally agree with. The last 24 hrs of outrage were directed at Times’ Bret Stephens (whom everyone hates anyway because he’s a climate-change denialist), but he wrote a piece defending Woody Allen and said a few things indelicately. Twitter melted. Alec Baldwin and Diane Keaton have gotten destroyed on twitter for saying that they believe Woody Allen is innocent of child molestation. Baldwin made the point at one point that why is him not believing this one accusation make him unwelcome in the movement overall? He was destroyed for that too. I happen to agree with Baldwin and Keaton, I have a lot of problems with the accusations agains Woody. I just don’t believe the Farrows and there are too many inconsistencies. But – as Stephen argued – because Woody seems like a creep to some, then he must be guilty of everything. And it’s odd because evidence either doesn’t back that accusation or the testimonies have changed over time from people involved. In any case, this is the most comprehensive statement I’ve made on that topic – and will await the punishment. LOL.

twitter ducking stools should be beyond the pale, god yes.

They (twitter “They”) jumped all over Margaret Atwood for saying due process was essential if we’re going to have a civilized society. If I remember right, she meant both formal due process for crimes and also informal for less-than-crimes-but-still-nasty actions. Some people have gone right off the deep end and into Committee for Public Safety territory.

@7, quixote, agree. Margaret Atwood made reasonable statements about the problems and a thoughtful process for dealing with said problems. Sally Albright also advocated “Listen to Women” and then investigate and let due process happen. She also got jumped on by many Twitter #Me-Too zealots. We don’t want to take a problem — predatory behavior by powerful men who get off by saying that nothing serious happened — and then go to the other extreme where women’s allegations are taken as 100% truthful.

At the heart the problem is a power imbalance between those in power (currently men) and those without power (currently women). When I say “power,” I include power whether on a larger scale: politics, in movie production, or power in a smaller scale sch as in a family or couple.

So many men tolerate being powerless at work because they feel they’re in power at home. When the wimmenz get uppity (education, better pay, recognition outside the home), those insecure men feel threatened and fearful and react with anger.

@DYB, Great cartoon up top!

Emotional support music:
BTW it’s pronounced “Ko-burn.” Canadian. Probably originally British pronunciation though.

Fredster, great post. I think music can comfort and console better than anything.

@5 Cats, I couldn’t get the video to play from your link, so I fiddled with it to bring up the BBC tweet and video. (Hope you don’t mind)

Thanks for the music Fredster. It’s hard to think of comforting music right now because there are wild children here running around with cabin fever. We have had so much rain the past couple of days! Are you feeling better than early this morning?

Glad to see Shadow and Sue are slowly, but surely, getting better. I wonder how Madamab’s husband is doing regarding his nosebleeds.

@12, thank you GAgal! I wanted to embed the video in the first place but clearly i don’t have the skill set.

@14, yeah. Hope no news is good news for madamab’s husband. Weren’t you also having medical issues? If so, how are you doing?

Dang, I just saw that this is DYB’s music post instead of Fredster’s. Sorry about that DYB!

Here’s an article about how the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee (DLCC) is providing money and infrastructure to Dem elections around the country. One way:

Realistically, most people working on state senate or assembly campaigns are young and don’t know what they’re doing. Often, it’s their first campaign, and many times, their only campaign. That can be true of the candidates, too, and certainly of the volunteers.

Over the phone and during regular check-in visits in person, the DLCC has been moving in with its experienced staff of operatives to get staffers and elected officials up to speed.

Ok. finally had time to listen to some music.

Alan Hovhaness.

When I worked in retail a few years ago, I noticed every time I put in an America CD, sales would go up. People would quietly sing along. They’d be heading toward the exit, then the next song would come on and they would turn around and browse some more. It worked with Bread and Gordon Lightfoot, too. I’d play them over and over ’til I was kinda sick of it but it worked! Funny!

@17, GAgal, that’s good. These races are, obviously, where we get the candidates who may move up to higher office later. In the meantime they’re getting experience and helping to their states move to or keep Dem values in their state’s laws. Definitely a good group to donate to. The DNC has a looong ways to go to get my money again.

It’s ok GAgal, Fredster and I look alike.

GAgal @16, omg! I did the same thing! Apologies to DYB!

I worked at an art glass, pottery & jewelry store for a year when Laker was little. I played a lot of this guy, Robby Longley, and sold a lot of his cd’s. He’s a sweetie and like Fredster, a N’awlins guy:

Does “has been allowed” mean Kushner is still reading PDB info… Maybe some of these ‘intrepid’ reporters so concerned about classified info during 2016 can ACTUALLY FIND OUT and report it, huh?

@16: Since MB was involved with other issues, I took her Tuesday post and DYB volunteered to do the weekend thing. I know we messed with the space/time continuum by doing that. LOL

@25 GAgal, I know Ted Lieu has been asking repeatedly on Twitter why Kushner is still in the White House even though he does not have security clearance. It’s been something of a tag-line for him. But the media reports it sporadically and never with any sense of urgency.

Can you imagine if Chelsea’s husband had numerous mysterious business dealings, had no security clearance and was reading daily intel briefs? Holy hell would hit the fan!

Spammy caught my long post to Cats. Rats!

I’m avoiding saying much about the ‘Me Too’ movement, not because most women in their lives haven’t dealt with sexism, abuse or assaults…but because I would like to know where many of these women were during 2008 and 2016 when Hillary was battered, $hit on and abused by the media, the DNC, Trump, the GOP, Bernie supporters, Obama supporters, Rump supporters and Comey.

Why were these women trashing feminists then, and wanting to be the Me Too leaders now? Running someone out on a rail without a hearing, isn’t feminism, it’s mob rule.

@32 Shadow, there’s nothing in Spammy.

14 GAgal

Thanks GAgal, I am glad to hear that Sue is improving…I must have missed the post, that’s great news.

MB, I hope they found help for your hubby too.

Fingers crossed for everyone that has had a rough time lately and that 2018 will bring healing and lots of love to all.

29 DYB

What a sweet photo.

30 DYB

I couldn’t agree more. This is exactly why I hate to hear Hillary apologize any more about her freaking email server with President Bill, that was set up in their home and has never freakin’ been hacked.


Thanks for checking, guess it was eaten.

My reply to you, that was lost in a black whole was that I fully agree with your assessment of the XFiles.

Each episode and season is different, always changing from campy, to funny, serious, scary, and semi romantic.

The fact that XF came back after so many years, shows that they have a huge following. XF movies were not enough. 🙂

Hi folks, I’m so grateful for all the thoughts and good wishes! Sorry I haven’t been by.

Hubby’s bleeding completely stopped. He seems to have healed enough to go to work today. Nose is still sensitive, though. Fingers and toes crossed!

Meanwhile I am dealing with the nasty sinus infection that came along with the stress of him being in the hospital. Slowly getting better after I got my meds on Saturday.

Hoping to post tomorrow morning if all goes well today with hubby.

MB so glad your husband is doing well and sorry to hear you have an infection.
Hope you feel better soon.

@29, DYB, How … Christian. And how kind.

We all know what Trump would do if he was approached by a Down’s syndrome child — have security put her in a chokehold, haul her away and lock her up.

@41, glad that both of you are on the mend. Hope you both are back to good health soon!

Thanks, Luna and Shadow!

Interesting story about why Rachel Brand left the DOJ. I don’t blame her. I believe the term for what was happening to her is “set up to fail.”

Uhm…Jeff Sessions has a better understanding of the Civil War than General John Kelly.

Buzzfeed, still fighting a lawsuit by trying to verify parts of the dossier, have stepped it up a notch. Mostly they are trying to tie the Russian guy’s computer to the hacks, but who knows what else they might find? 🙂

For the last six months, a team led by a former top FBI and White House cybersecurity official has been traveling the globe on a secret mission to verify parts of the Trump dossier, according to four sources familiar with different aspects of the ongoing probe.

Their client: BuzzFeed, the news organization that first published the dossier on U.S. President Donald Trump’s alleged ties to Russia, which is now being sued over its explosive allegations.

Well here’s some happy news to give everyone that “feel good” feeling.

Lions eat South African poacher, leave only head


Good. This must be some kind of hunting reserve?

Don’t know if it’s a hunting reserve. Here’s what the article said:

in the bush at a private game park close to the national park

Lion should have taken the poacher’s head home to his den and hung it on the wall. 🙂

With that poacher, the (therapy) lions left the head as a warning to other poachers.

In the last thread we discussed the Maher show and Barri Weiss from the Times on it. She criticized the purity police of the MeToo movement – and they have been after her on twitter for days now.

This is remarkable:

@56 I find that completely credible and possible.

@57: D did you read the article at the SPL website? Couldn’t believe some of the names getting involved/associated with the ACEWA in Brussels:

Doctorow hosted another Brussels Round Table the next day featuring co-author of the controversial text, The Israel Lobby, John Mearsheimer, as well as editor and publisher of The Nation, Katrina Vanden Heuvel and her husband Dr. Cohen.

@59- Vanden Heuvel was not a friend of Hillary. I have never trusted her and am not surprised. There is a huge far left anti-Semitic wing and any link with Russia would be consistent with that. What a convoluted web of schnooks. As many have pointed out, the extremes meld into one.

@57, 59, WTF? OTOH, I recall that K Vanden Heuvel showed off her CDS back in 2008. And Ari Berman left The Nation for Mother Jones.

@60, lililam, you beat me to it!

@56, DYB, interesting choice for Putin’s photo, eh?

Damn, I wish we had Hillary to wipe that smirk off Vladdi’s face (not for the last time).

@50, Fredster, Poetic justice rules!

@53, GAgal, and bit off the poacher’s …. uh …. to hang on the den wall.

@60: Wasn’t that just so sweet! LOL!

@60 and 61: Color me somewhat surprised by the thing with Vanden Huevel since she was associated with The Nation So I wonder whether that entity, (TN) will start getting a bit friendlier with the nationalists in Russia?

I lost any interest in her a long time ago and started referring to her when she was on tv as Vanden Hoover because yes, she sucked.

@56, DYB, I clicked thru and read that article. Nowhere does the article state that “Putin told Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas that Trump had authorized the Russian leader to speak on his behalf.” It does say that Abbas won’t consider negotiating when the US is involved, since Tramp (Russian) came out for the Israeli capitol to be moved to Jerusalem, and will relocate the US embassy to Jerusalem.

I think the odds are that Putin does speak for Trump, but I wonder why de Rosa wrote a summation so at odds with the source story.

Oh, and reading the comments at the SPLC article was hysterical. Some guy wrote something about never having heard about the SPLC. Another commenter replied and said he had to be a Russian bot.

Remember the Nation recently posted an article that the DNC hacks/leaks could not have been done by Russia but was an inside job (something about the speed of the download) This also feeds into the Seth Rich ‘murder’ conspiracy. The rw, Greenwald nuts and BernieBrats have been spreading that BS around ever since.

@48, DYB, of course Adam Rippon would know who’d protect his rights and make the best President!

Adam’s eyes … amirite, boys?

@66- well, her husband is a supposed Russian “scholar”, and I will go out on a limb here and label him a self-loathing Jew. I think I quit reading the Nation in the 90s, so have no clue what is in it. I am pretty jaded.

@68, Fredster, comments at the SPLC article….

…..never having heard about the SPLC.

The mind boggles at all this shit. Can’t make it up.

Hey all, I saw a big nest today in trees by the Yakima River as I was coming back from a hike on the east side of the Cascade Mtns. I thought Whoa! That’s huge! Sitting on a branch right next to the gigantic nest were 2 bald eagles. I take this sighting as a good sign for the future!

Now if only they had Trump’s head dangling from their claws….

A small celebration in order, at least until the next goon is chosen:

This is the idea from Georgia’s own ex-Gov, now Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue.

The Trump administration is proposing to save billions in the coming years by giving low-income families a box of government-picked, nonperishable foods every month instead of food stamps.

Can you imagine how much it would cost to ship boxes of canned foods to 16 million families every month? But they didn’t include that in their budget. Not to mention the hit the local grocery stores would take.

Kevin Concannon, who oversaw SNAP during the Obama administration, was aghast when he saw the proposal.

“Holy mackerel,” said Concannon, who said it reminded him of when poor people had to line up and wait for local officials to dole out food and other welfare benefits. “I don’t know where this came from, but I suspect that the folks when they were drawing it up were also watching silent movies.”

Other anti-hunger advocates said the concept was reminiscent of wartime rations or soup lines during the Great Depression. The Food Research and Action Center, a prominent nonprofit group, called the harvest box idea “a Rube-Goldberg designed system” that would be “costly, inefficient, stigmatizing, and prone to failure.”

@67 Luna> The summary does seem like a bit of a leap. Within the article it just says a few times that Putin told Abbas he has spoken to Trump and Trump sends his regards. I guess the twitterer took a leap from there.

On Vanden Heuvel – her husband has been a commentator on Fox on Trump/Russia, claiming there’s nothing there. I agree that Vanden Heuvel has been pretty awful for many years. Every time she was on the boob tube in 2008 I had to switch the channel. The Nation, like Greenwald’s Intercept, is peddling its own propaganda.

BTW, the two topics merge – what SPLC discusses on Kremlin backed anti-semitism and Abbas expecting Putin/Russia to mediate peace with Israel… I don’t see that happening. Russia is an extraordinarily racist and anti-semitic country. Whatever Netenyahu (if he’s not in prison soon) discussed with Putin, there’s no way Israel will accept Russian impartiality. So there is no mediator acceptable to both sides. They’ll have to figure it out between themselves – or not. But certainly not with Netenyahu in charge of Israel and not with Abbas in charge of the Palestinians.

And on the SPLC article, I was shocked to see some of the names participating in all these conferences. Vanden Heuvel didn’t surprise me. But Chuck Hagel and Bill Bradley???

x-posting because this is really important.

@76: Yeah, I did arch an eyebrow at those two names.

@70: Soulful eyes.

@82: contrask you better make sure that Luna-tic-fringe is safe and locked up in the house. LOL

On Victoria, thank Gawd, FINALLY!

@83 Not just local (or corporate) grocery stores, but Walmart, who pays such low wages to their own employees they qualify for food stamps. Then, those same employees spend their food stamps at Walmart. Sold my soul to the company store…

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