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As always, news is flying faster than the speed of light, which means we’re in some sort of black hole now. There’s the White House secretary who beat his two ex-wives. John Kelly really likes this guy. (Kelly called Porter “a man of true integrity.”) Porter never got full security clearance because of his documented domestic violence history, but the media missed it because Hillary didn’t get any emails about it, I guess. (Also, Hope Hicks is dating this guy…) Nancy Pelosi spoke for more than 8 hours on the House floor, showcasing struggles of Dreamers. Elon Musk sent a rocket into space and that was cool, though don’t forget Musk is also a union busting bastard. But – I think there’s a big big big  story that is getting very little play in the media that should actually be front page of every newspaper and leading story of ever newscast: the shenanigans in Pennsylvania and its Supreme Court ruling that Republican maps are unconstitutional and must be redrawn.

The maps are so bad and the state Supreme Court ruling, apparently, so reasonable that  Samuel bloody Alito refused to even send the case to the rest of SCOTUS to consider. He simply rejected GOP’s appeal, letting state ruling stand: the maps must be redrawn in time for 2018 elections of the courts will redraw the maps themselves. In normal times a SCOTUS ruling (or refusal to rule) is the last word. But we live in Trump times and so Pennsylvania GOP refuses to do as told by SCOTUS. Instead they’ve decided they want to impeach the justices.

State Rep. Cris Dush circulated a letter to House colleagues Monday urging the ouster of five justices who ruled that the legislature must redraw Pennsylvania’s gerrymandered maps.
“The five Justices who signed this order that blatantly and clearly contradicts the plain language of the Pennsylvania Constitution, engaged in misbehavior in office,” a memo from Dush read. “Each is guilty of an impeachable offense warranting removal from office and disqualification to hold any office or trust or profit under this Commonwealth.”

Here is why I think this is the most important story right now: these actions and threats by GOP in Pennsylvania are a trial balloon for national GOP on how far they can push to rig elections. By refusing to follow the orders of a state Supreme Court and SCOTUS, and by threatening to impeach state Supreme Court justices, they are engaging in behavior similar to other countries that are in free-fall towards dictatorships. Just a few days ago in Maldives their Supreme Court justices were arrested after ruling that opposition leaders who were previously taken into custody must be freed. In a country of laws, where the courts are intended to interpret current laws, laws must be followed and SCOTUS has the last word on them. In this case one of the most conservative justices of SCOTUS did not side with the GOP. And yet the GOP is escalating the situation by trying to force judges to do their bidding. This is dangerous. And I think national GOP is watching it very carefully because when they can’t win elections legitimately we know GOP will do so via any means necessary. Subversion of democracy includes a system of courts that do the bidding of politicians and Pennsylvania GOP is trying to force the courts to do what they want. This should bring the people of Pennsylvania into the streets. Because if Pennsylvania GOP manages to defy the courts and get away with it – it will set national GOP on course to do the same across the country. We are walking into a banana republic scenario step by step by step. These actions by GOP in PA is another step. This should be big news everywhere. Unfortunately it’s not getting any traction from the media.

What do you think Widdershins? Am I overreacting or is there real danger in this situation?

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