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Musical Sunday & Monday~Time’s a wastin’

Posted on: January 21, 2018

Good Weekend Widdershins!

Happy government shutdown and furlough to all of the “non-essential” federal employees!  If things go well the Senate will get its act together and possibly  pass something on Saturday to get the government back up and running.  If not then dear fed. employees you’ll have some time on your hands.

Speaking of time, with this little dealio and DYB’s excellent post Thursday, I thought we could look at some songs that have “time” somewhere in them, either in the title or somewhere in the lyrics.

Trust me, there are tons and tons of them out there and I’ll share my selections below.

(1) Time To Move On~Tom Petty

(2) Time Is On My Side~Irma Thomas (my preferred version)

(3) Too Much Time On My Hands~Styx

(4) Sign O’ The Times~Prince

(5) Old Time Rock n Roll~Bob Seger

(6) Time To Say Goodbye~Andrea Bocelli & Sarah Brightman

(7) All This Time~Sting

Okay ‘shinners, there are seven songs for you.  Please add your own selections in the comments.

Open thread of course.






58 Responses to "Musical Sunday & Monday~Time’s a wastin’"

Tom Petty brought a tear to my eye. That song can apply to many embarkation points in life.

From the thread before, Fredster, awesome NOLA pix, and Native11 and Contrask, fantastic news!

Did you know yesterday was not even the “official” day of the march? It’s today in Vegas.

I haven’t heard Styx in a long time! That is a great pick.

Here’s one from me:

Loved all the posts I missed yesterday on previous thread. Fredster, this is from socalhubbie:

Fredster, sorry, I blew it. Will try again. Feel free to delete second post.

Another Time song, with Mick Taylor’s pretty guitar:

One more, then need to get going with the day:

Contrask & Native from last post, Fabulous! Thanks for sharing that! I have to tell my Mom that tonight when I talk to her (she’s from OK).

Sue, hope you and hubs are getting better. Sending get well vibes to you two and Shadowfax!

Fredster – Check your email I sent pictures of our march.
Annie – Pink Floyd- Excellent choice!

Whoops – that was supposed to be Long Time Gone

I love Tammy Duckworths’ nickname #CadetBoneSpurs 🤣

Thanks, Annie! This C-diff thing is just endless. My hairdresser’s mother had it last year and he said “and she’s never been the same” I must have looked scared because he quickly said, “Oh but my mom’s in her eighties.” Too late, Tony, I heard you the first time.

@1: lililam, when that song came up on the list and with the recent news on him, I thought something was saying to put that song in here.

@8: Will do contrask.

Right now, watching the playoff game with the Pats and Jags. Wondering if Jaxville will surprise folks and win this one?

@12: Sue, keeping fingers crossed that you’ll finish up the meds and be done with this awful mess you’ve been going through.

@15: Thanks, dear Fredster. Excuse my language, but this thing is a bitch.

I had this one the previous post but wanted to add it here also. This is just getting creepy.

@16: Oh I can only imagine sue. I looked up some things on c-diff and I just hope this round of meds does the trick.

Hey Contrask, how was the women’s march?

Sue and Shadow, hope you’re feeling better!

Off-topic, but wow. SHAMELESS! Obvious, blatant pay-to-play.

Never realized how much Bill Belichick resembles Steve Bannon.

@23: MB, check ur email.

@24 – Hmm, a bit of a stretch. He does have that death grimace down, though!

Got the email. Very exciting stuff!

@26: Wasn’t the best pic I could find but I was in a hurry.

I’ve seen some of B.B. wearing the hoodie, not pulled up and about a 3 day growth of beard on him. Would have looked more like Bannon.

Heh, skoal my ass Vikings!

Some great time songs, Petty, Stones, C,S & Nash, Prince and others!!!
MB, thanks for well wishes.
Sue, hang in there girl…hopefully this will knock the bad bugs out. Good wishes for you.

@23 madamab – we really enjoyed it! No counter protesters spotted! Later, it was reported there was 1 guy. Loved talking to fired up women and was thrilled to see so many young kids and men. We had perfect weather, which helped. Anyone else notice a lack of media about the marches? I know many cities reported bigger crowds than last year.

@31: contrask, just saw a few blurbs on the news here and there. I think all of the hubbub over the shutdown and then tRump’s tantrum over not being able to go to his fancy party just ate up a lot of the news.

You can certainly hear these women roar.

You can certainly hear these women roar.

It was wonderful!

Just watched a show about Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton. the episode was called: American Lives, ‘Not for us alone’.
It was really good with lots of real photos. I couldn’t help but think of our feminist hero, Hillary Rodham Clinton. ❤

Wow! That march looked YUGE. I remember that roar!!!

Contrask, your pix will be part of the post tomorrow. ☺

Looks like the Democrats may have caved. As soon as McConnell stopped yelling, they agreed to defer the DACA legislation till the next round of talks.Seriously WTF here.

@36: And if he goes back on that, it’s a great campaign slogan for later this year. Watching Jeff Merkley on CNN now and he says he doesn’t trust McTurtle.

Sorry guys I was busy this weekend. Hanging out with friends who just had a baby. And the baby did not start screaming for 2 days. Oy.

I’ll have to look for some Time music, but off the top of my head – Madonna’s “Hung Up” was used in the last post. So here it is again! LOL, but a live performance.

@39: LOL, Uncle D is gonna be in charge of didee changes when he’s around.

@36 madamab – where did the coverage for the marches go? My God! Every city had more marchers. And the shutdown fiasco is a downer. Yay for CHIP though

Although it’s supposedly resolved now temporarily, here’s a good post from No More Mister Nice:

Right-wingers say there a liberal, anti-Trump “Deep State” working to survert Trump and to prevent him from governing. In fact, there is “Deep State” — but it’s made up of White House aides, Republican members of Congress, and others who subvert the president’s will. Sometimes they sneak around him; at other times they play on one of his instincts in order to prevent him from acting on one of his other instincts. Their efforts have surely prevented catastrophes, maybe even World War III, and it’s probably unfair to say that Trump is being subverted when much of the manipulation is happening right under his nose.

It’s all a grand plan to shout “Liar, liar, pants on fire” at McTurtle when he reneges later on.

I think Dr Krugman has a good point here. CHIP is critical for many families, now its funded, and in 3 weeks we can fight for DACA again.

Oh man I knew those Eagles fans were cray-cray, but this takes the cake.

“The offender then struck the officer’s horse two times with his fist, on [the horse’s] right front shoulder. The offender then struck the corporal on the right side of his face, below his eye, causing redness and swelling. The offender then shed his garments and began walking away, back into the crowd, in an attempt to flee. Fellow mounted and Philadelphia police officers assisted in taking the offender into custody.”

I’ve been thinking the same way Krugman has all day as I watched the media totally miss it. Schumer did what needed to be done – raise a hellacious stink!! They’re sick and tired of these CRs being used constantly instead of addressing the budget and funding what needs to be done without being in emergency mode every few weeks.

McConnell will look like a fool if he keeps this up. It sucks for anyone who lost a paycheck over the last 2 1/2 days and I’m sure Dreamers and activists are upset and worried, but it had to be done to throw a wrench in McConnell and Ryan’s lethargy. It’s time to put up or shut up. They’ve had a damn year of full control and all they managed to do in Congress is pass a bill for the rich to get richer.

Brooke Baldwin laughed and sneered at DWS when she said what Schumer won was ‘a potential for momentum’, but it’s the truth. Schumer, at the very least, lit a fire under their ass.

The Dems need to be talking about the two bills that were ready for passage before the election last year – on criminal justice reform and immigration reform. They were ready to go with plenty of votes so the Tea Party/Freedom caucus would be over ridden, but McConnell refused to bring them the floor that session because he didn’t want his R’s going home into elections ‘looking soft on crime’ or ‘siding with ‘illegal’ immigrants’. They’re on the record saying this.

There was every intention of bringing them back up after the election, but with Trump’s surprise win and R’s retaining control of the House and Senate, those bills disappeared into the wind. They had been working across the aisle on these in committees for years and they were ready to go. So where are they and why aren’t the Dems talking about that?

Sessions pressuring FBI Director Wray to fire McCabe and Baker is straight up obstruction of justice. Wray threatening to resign over it is him saying he won’t commit obstruction himself by doing that. He needs cause and Session damn well knows it. Tomorrow would be a good day for some Mueller indictments to come down, wouldn’t it? (or today to be more precise)

Wow.This suit was brought with only 18 voters in each congressional district.

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court on Monday ruled that the state’s congressional map went so far to benefit Republicans that it “clearly, plainly and palpably” violated the state constitution.

The court, where Democrats have a 5-2 majority, blocked the use of the map in the 2018 midterm elections, ordered state lawmakers to begin to draw a new map.
The suit, brought by the League of Women Voters on behalf of 18 voters in each of the state’s congressional districts, said that GOP lawmakers had retaliated against Democratic voters for supporting Democratic candidates, violating the equal protection and free expression guarantees in the state constitution.

I don’t know if anyone posted this? Hillary Lost, but the Future is Hers. Hillary’s legacy will be the women’s marches, #MeToo and droves of women running and winning offices everywhere…

@53: I read that but I’m not sure I totally agree with it.

@52: On the PA gerrymandering thing, here is Charles Pierce’s take on it:

The important part is this:

And, because the state supreme court based its ruling on the state constitution, any attempt by Pennsylvania Republicans to appeal this ruling to the U.S. Supreme Court for the kind of stay that SCOTUS imposed on the North Carolina gerrymandering case last week is probably foreclosed.

@54 Fredster, don’t agree with what part?

@55 Yeah, that was covered (just someone’s lawyerly opinion) in my link. I’m sure the state Republicans are scheming what to do next.

R. Stanton Jones, another lawyer for the plaintiffs, told reporters that any appeal would be unsuccessful because the challenge to the congressional map was only brought under the state constitution, not the federal one.

“It’s well established that the United States Supreme Court does not review decisions of state court that exclusively construe state law, which is the exact situation you have here,” Jones said. “When people talk about federalism, the concept of federalism, this is an important part of it. The United States Supreme Court doesn’t get to tell a state’s highest court what is state law, in this case Pennsylvania law.”

@56: Oh this part:

Her campaign was probably doomed from the start

Regarding the PA case, yes I was aware it was in your link but I wanted to bring it out from the Pierce column. Although it may have been in your linked article you didn’t mention it in the comment at 52 so that is why I put it in my comment.

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