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Time Goes By…So Slowly

Posted on: January 18, 2018


Happy third week of 2018 Widdershins. It is less than 3 weeks of the year. Dump is about to celebrate 1 year in office. The rest of us will drink (more.) Or in my case eat more chocolate because it’s the only thing getting me through each day. But the good news is that Dump’s physician evaluated me and declared me 6’9” and a lean mean muscle machine nurtured by chocolate and sugar, burgers and fries.

Let’s put Dump aside for a minute (or 3 years) and I wanted to mention a story that has gotten very little coverage – and it really really should get a lot more considering the sheer scope of it.

Larry Nassar was a doctor with the USA Gymnastics team and Michigan State University. For decades he attended to female gymnasts. And he molested them. More than 150 – one hundred and fifty – women have come forward accusing Nassar of raping them when they were under his medical care when they were children. One victim, confronting Nassar at his sentencing, says she was 6 years old when he first abused her. Even someone with just passing interest in gymnastics and the Olympics would recognize some of Nassar’s victims: Simone Biles, Gabby Douglas and McKayla Maroney.

Also worth exploring is the subject of how Nassar was able to get away with this for decades. He didn’t get away with it alone. He had enablers. People who knew – colleagues – who looked the other way. ESPN has an article discussing some of Nassar’s enablers.

Remember when the Jerry Sandusky story broke? It was huge. As terrible as that was, this story of Larry Nassar is so much bigger and getting a fraction of the coverage. I wonder if there’s a reason?

In other horrifying news – what will today bring? Are Republicans really angry at Bannon for refusing to answer their questions after the White House instructed him not to? How hard are they going to huff and puff before they stop the charade? Is Wendi Deng, Rupert Murdoch’s ex-wife, really a Chinese spy trying to curry favors with the Dumps via Javanka? Did she have an affair with Tony Blair which ended his marriage? Did she marry Murdoch for love? Wall Street Journal broke the stories earlier this week, which is extremely meta! (OK, WSJ didn’t speculate whether Deng married Murdoch for love, that was me.)


97 Responses to "Time Goes By…So Slowly"

@2, the answer is *yes.*

@3, ah, the party of Law and Order, eh? Bet they didn’t do a background check.

The Nassar crimes and trial get a front-page article in today’s WaPo.

At Larry Nassar sentencing hearing, a parade of horror and catharsis

“I’ve been coming for you for a long time,” Stephens told Nassar. “Perhaps you have figured it out by now, but little girls don’t stay little forever. They turn into strong women, who have come back to destroy your world.”

New HHS civil rights division charged with protecting health-care workers with “moral objections” [satirical quotes added]

Acting Health and Human Services secretary Eric Hargan on Thursday announced the creation of a new conscience and religious freedom division aimed at protecting doctors, nurses and other health-care workers who decline to participate in care that goes against their moral or religious convictions.

In anticipation of Thursday’s announcement, medical organizations and women’s and LGBT rights groups expressed concern that the policy would hurt vulnerable populations and create an unequal system of health care. The Obama administration had bolstered civil rights protections in health care, including barring medical providers as well as insurers from discriminating, based on gender identity, in services or access to coverage.

“I am disappointed that this ruling puts women last again. This decision — not so coincidentally timed around the March for Life — is a cheap attempt by President Trump to pander to ultraconservative special interests that got him into power. Time and time again, we have seen this administration radically redefine religious freedom to impose one set of ultraconservative beliefs on all Americans,” Sara Hutchinson Ratcliffe, vice president of Catholics for Choice, said in a statement.

I’m going to utilize this protection when I refuse to provide care to religious nut-wings and Trumpists due to my moral objections to treating deplorables.

@6, also I’ll refuse to provide care to those gunner idiots who shot themselves in the foot — or buttocks or wherever — with their own guns.

Remember when the Jerry Sandusky story broke? It was huge. As terrible as that was, this story of Larry Nassar is so much bigger and getting a fraction of the coverage. I wonder if there’s a reason?</blockquote)

The sex of the victims. I'd bet money on that.

Remember when the Jerry Sandusky story broke? It was huge. As terrible as that was, this story of Larry Nassar is so much bigger and getting a fraction of the coverage. I wonder if there’s a reason?

The sex of the victims. I’d bet money on that.

Branjor> Yes, I agree! Imagine one man molesting 150 boys. It would be like a nuclear bomb went off. But 150 girls just kind of simmers in the background.

Concerning that page full of pro tRump letters the NYT ran, the Rude Pundit created one that the Times didn’t publish.

A sampling:

Every morning, I awake from my oxy coma and thank Jesus for Donald Trump. I get up from the back of the 1987 Cutlass Supreme where I slept. It’s broken down in a ditch just a mile or two from my mobile home that got repossessed. I stretch as best I can, what with this back problem from working in the coal mines across the state line in Kentucky, and I am glad that America is great again. Or it’s on its way because Mr. Donald Trump is our president. I pop one of the two last oxy I’ve got, take a leak in the ditch, and grab my jacket before walking into town.

This is happening today:

Nicolle Wallace and guests giving Haberman hell on MSNBC.

@14, delusional past redemption.


@15 Fredster> Tell us more!

@19, Karma! I hope he stewed.

If Trump is as healthy as his doctor says, he’s beating long odds

Tuesday’s depiction of Trump as much healthier than the average 71-year-old means he is managing to escape the consequences of a lack of sleep, the dangers of significantly elevated “bad cholesterol” and the well-established health effects of obesity, poor nutrition and lack of exercise.

That’s certainly possible, but some experts were skeptical in light of his high-fat diet, his aversion to exercise and the photos they see of the president every day.

“The health report sounds like one for a Third World dictator. No contrary information is permitted,” Marion Nestle, a professor of nutrition, food studies and public health at New York University wrote in an email. “Therefore, it’s impossible to discuss this without more genuine information.”

@23, Glad that walking shithouse is gone.

Higbie derided members of the military suffering from severe PTSD as having “a weak mind” and said 75% of those afflicted were either lying or milking it for federal money.

Question 1: Did this guy see action? If yes, Question 2: How bad was his TBI — severe or very severe?

Didn’t the UN just declare that NC was so gerrymandered and had such voter suppression that it was not considered a democracy?

(Reuters) – The U.S. Supreme Court on Thursday blocked a lower court’s order for North Carolina to rework its congressional map because Republicans violated the Constitution by drawing electoral districts intended to maximize their party’s chances of winning.

The conservative-majority court granted a bid by Republican legislators in North Carolina to suspend the Jan. 9 order by a federal court panel in Greensboro that gave the Republican-controlled General Assembly until Jan. 24 to come up with a new map for U.S. House of Representatives districts.

Two liberal justices, Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Sonia Sotomayor, objected to the high court’s action.

The Supreme Court’s decision to stay the order reduces the chance that the current district lines will be altered ahead of the November mid-term congressional elections. The court offered no reason for its decision.

Say what??

@26 – only two jurors objected? What the AF??

D, thanks for writing about this. I am guessing that the victim’s color is a huge factor as well. The stories are horrific and truly painful to read about.

@26 GAGal, that right there is Obama, 100%.

That spineless wretch could have corrected reThugs’ theft of a Supreme Court justice by making a recess appointment – something even the reThug lovin media would have had to admit the reThugs deserved. Then the AA voters here in NC that overwhelmingly trusted him would have had a remedy for the rampant lawlessness of NC Republicans.

But Mr. “preserve my legacy at all costs” abstained – just like his infamous “present” votes on laws critical to women in Illinois.

DYB, excellent points in your post. I couldn’t eat all day, after reading about the vile pos Nassar. Those poor girls. Oh great Madonna vid.

GAgal @26, omg. How could they be so outrageously partisan? How could they look at those maps and do this? They could have just refused it, right? And no reason? Chickenshits.

Have the Russians blackmailed every conservative in government?

Agree, excellent post DYB…it did make me very angry.

Interesting thread:

Just gonna drop this in because, well, because:

@PDXPat…But Mr. “preserve my legacy at all costs” abstained – just like his infamous “present” votes on laws critical to women in Illinois.

Abstained. Obama abstained as a state Senator, abstained as a US Senator and abstained throughout his presidency. That’s his legacy pretty much summed up.

Fredster, the RP piece was very funny–and sad since its probably true.

@37 (commenting from the admin side) Yeah, there’s some irony there in R.P.’s “letter”.

The North Carolina thing is a big deal.

However, there’s this other case involving Ohio which just might make it open season to purge voter rolls for the least of reasons.

GAGal, I’ll be doing my best to make sure the media doesn’t replace that “legacy” the way they did with Reagan and even, until very recently, Nixon.

Call me paranoid, but I do believe the impending shudown is to prevent protests at the National Mall, which is part of the National Park Serivce and would be closed in that case.

I absolutely wouldn’t put it past this sycophantic Republican congress full of toadies to pull this just to keep the sight of those huuuuuge protest crowds from Dear Leader.

Does anyone have the link to the second interview released yesterday by the Senate committee Rachel was talking about yesterday?

@33, Sounds like a great idea. The former CMMS administrator Don Berwick has shown good executive planning skills while maintaining a vision of comprehensive health care for all. At first I questioned that Pharma reps on their advisory board would be a good thing, but there are some ethical people in Big Pharma. The VA is the largest health system in the US by far, and is very focused on value for dollar while maintaining quality (which is not easy). I think this consortium’s goal is laudable. It’s also badly needed since unscrupulous companies are buying up generic manufacturing facilities and then jacking prices astronomically. Some generics are nearly impossible to get anymore.

@40, Pat, I think you’re right. Parks are the one face of government that most everyone loves. Closing parks, nat’l monuments, and places like the Smithsonian would definitely spark more protests. Not to mention front-page stories like the one during the 2013 closure about veterans in wheelchairs pushing around the barricades at one of the nat’l monuments in DC — looks very bad for Dear Leader and the Republicans.

Reminds me of the “fool-’em strips” along the roads bordering clearcuts. They’re really called that by the locals. They are 100 or 200 feet or so of unlogged forest, left there only to hide the awful clearcuts beyond from the view of motorists.

@16, @37, rather like a grocery checker refusing to sell you Cheetos and Diet Cokes because they’re bad for you. Conscience!

Hillary is replying to:

It sure has.

Wish this place was near me!

I really like Ted Lieu:

This is what Lieu is replying to (evil turtle):

Luna @42, thanks for response!

NWLuna, @45. Hillary is such a true leader. Makes me want to cry. At least this way she doesn’t have to be torn to shreds daily by Repubs.

Did you see that psycho Judge Jeanine Pirro is stalking Hillary in the woods of her home?? I hope Secret Service arrests her.

@40 Luna, I’m afraid I’m not very clear when posting.

I meant that the National Mall will be closed to protesters Saturday and Sunday if the great rThug Shutdown happens, so no embarrassing crowds of protesters on Donnie’s 1 year anniversary.

But you’re absolutely right about how much people love the National Parks. I really really hope that gets them to thinking about how bad this government, even if nothing else does, and gets more of them to the polls.

Can you believe this idiotic Thuglican Party is so bad at governing, they’re going to shut down the government?

Just. Pathetic!

This is how the GOP is playing the shutdown.

H’mmm – looks like the reThugs learned their lesson in 2013, when their shutdown of the national parks cost rural areas millions of dollars in lost tourist revenue.

They’ve just done the evil deed, but the National Parks will remain open, so protest marches will go ahead as planned. (Y’all probably knew this already and were too polite to laugh).

60 Catscatscats
try this Shadow

Thank you Cats!!!

DYB, so sad about Tom Petty. My son and I heard part of his concert a week or so before he died. It was an outside concert and we were about 1/4 a block away listening to him on a roof balcony.


@56, @63, Pat, the Trump administration’s communications — regarding if and which Nat’l Parks will stay open or not — are confusing (no surprise there).

Massive confusion spreads through federal bureaucracy ahead of shutdown deadline

The National Park Service issued a contingency plan Friday evening that outlined how access to public lands would be maintained to the greatest extent possible under a shutdown, even as buildings would be locked and visitor services would cease.

Great, so people can visit parks but the restrooms will be locked. Gives new meaning to the term “shithole.” Or “shithouse”.

@61, poor bay-bee! No Mar-a-Lago for you, Donnie boy. Stay home and work.

Work? I doubt it. He’d stay in bed and sulk with a cheeseburger.

The white male supremacists have shut down the government so they can further criminalize people of color.

Meanwhile, women march! And run.

Woohooooo, women and others are marching. Wish I could join in, this one I have to sit out with this broken arm, I don’t have the stamina to march…………..sad. (Eff Dump for using that word…it’s not his!)

Shadowfax, is that pesky arm making progress?

Huddled masses? Come back later: The Statue of Liberty closed by shutdown

Tired? Poor? Yearning to breathe free? You’ll have to come back later. The Statue of Liberty, that iconic symbol of America’s most hopeful ideals, was closed Saturday because of the government shutdown.

Zoo, Smithsonian will be temporarily open this weekend during shutdown.

In a big shift from previous shutdowns, even as preparations began for many federal functions to stop, the Trump administration moved to keep hundreds of national parks and monuments open in an effort to avoid upsetting people. During government shutdowns in 1995 and 2013, iconic parks were closed, which became political flash points and spurred public anger.

We upset people know who to blame. #TrumpShutdown

I at least, just made some signs of support for the Women’s March and put them up in my apartment window.

GO WOMEN, GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SweetSue, my reply to you ended up in Spammy, so I will say it again.

I think my arm is doing better since I started using the bone stimulator, my PT thinks I am doing really well with the exercises and motion, but I won’t find out if I am saved from surgery until Jan 25th when my Ortho Dr. takes new Xrays. I am really terrified about having to possibly have surgery and having to recover all over again and missing so much work that my job might be at risk.

I hope the meds are helping you my friend.

What a powerful speech today, one of the best IMO.

Viola Davis speaks at Women’s March

@76: Shadow I don’t see anything in either spam or pending that was from you. Sometimes comments just go off into the ether and we have no idea why.

Fredster, nice photos of the protest.

Yup, Spammy just zapped it into the dark web 😉

Dean is replying to this:

Great NOLA march photos! So many great signs. Loved the black guy with the sleeping baby and the “Future President of America” sign.

I saw another one somewhere: Grab ‘Em By The Midterms. I think the Dems ought to make that the slogan of 2018.

Contrask and I spent the day at the women’s march here in Tulsa Oklahoma. Crowd was said to be a little over 3000. That was in…Tulsa. Oklahoma. I say again..Tulsa. Oklahoma.

I would post pictures if I knew how.

Wait. What? CManning at a Cernovich event? That is insane.

Is she, like, for realz, being pushed by Putin? No matter how cynical I try to get, I can’t keep up. (Tomlin didn’t know how easy she had it when she said that years ago.)

(what should have been c. #81 from me went into spam. Nothing major.)

quixote, you’re free…FREE!

I have no idea what’s going on with WP today. Bizarre.

@ 76: Shadowfax, it all sounds really hopeful. Best of luck!!
Call me Sue.
Yeah, I wouldn’t wish C-diff on anyone-okay, I can think of one orangutan.


Shadow, how good to hear your PT thinks you’re doing well! Hope your upcoming X-rays will be good news also.

@84, native11 & contrask, wow, that is tremendous!

@85, quixote, not sure I ever cared much for Manning, and certainly not over the last few years. Reading this Guardian piece I am strongly reminded of a certain senator who likes naming post offices.

in the video launching the Senate campaign…she carried a red rose as symbol of political resistance.

In her first campaign statement, Manning mentions three core policy areas: criminal justice, healthcare and immigration. In each, she pitches herself strikingly to the left of Bernie Sanders. Prisons should be closed and inmates released; all hospitals should be free at the point of use, no questions asked; US borders should be open.

[Her] initial position statement is as interesting for what it omits as for what it addresses. Manning is silent on transgender politics, despite being at the forefront herself of the trans movement. And she does not mention Donald Trump. Why no reference to the man who for many progressives has become the embodiment of evil?

“All our problems are personalized into one individual, but it’s a systemic problem. Our broken immigration system didn’t pop up overnight, it was a machine built over decades by centrists from both sides.”

Attack lines that she is certain to face on the campaign trail have already begun to be aired. She is a traitor to her country, is the most predictable iteration, followed by conspiracy theories that she is in the pay of the Russians attempting to destabilize a sitting Democratic senator.

Again she appears unfazed. “Everybody is a traitor these days. James Comey, Hillary Clinton, Trump, Obama … the word has no meaning any more. Any form of ‘I don’t agree with you’ becomes ‘treason’, and in that kind of society we can’t have debates.”

Save us from people who cannot tell the difference between “I don’t agree with you” and treason.

Sue and NW Luna, thanks so much for the positive thoughts for Jan 25th.

Okay, this is getting creepy. Customs and Border Protection is getting on Greyhound buses and “asking for your id and papers”. So isn’t that the way the Nazis also did it? (I’ll also add this when the new post goes live)

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