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Lazy Weekend~Music for sunny climes

Posted on: January 14, 2018


As I said in the comments yesterday we actually had a couple of days this week when it warmed up enough that I had to turn on the a/c because it was getting a bit on the stuffy side.  It didn’t last for long.  I went out to run to the bank Friday before MLK Day Monday and a front had already plunged through the area; it was drizzly and cold.  Ugh.  The wx guy said during this upcoming week we’ll get a reinforcing shot of the cold and several of the forecast models show snow one day this week.  We don’t do snow well in the south.

So I thought we might want to look at some songs about sunny weather or sunny places; just anything along those lines.

(1) Beachin’ ~ Jake Owen

(2) Soak Up The Sun~Sheryl Crow

(3) A Classic from The Beach Boys

(4) Warm Weather~Pieces of a Dream

(5) Sun is Shining~Bob Marley

(6) Boat Drinks~Jimmy Buffet

There ya go Widdershins, six songs to brighten up a dreary, winter day.

Open thread of course.

ETA: Please add some of your musical choices in the comments.


50 Responses to "Lazy Weekend~Music for sunny climes"

The “real feel” today is 4 degrees! How I wish I were sailing.

@1: We’re warmer today but that next blast of Arctic air is on the way. The 40s right now feels like a heat wave.

Wow, the Jacksonville Jaguars just beat Pittsburgh.

Saints against the Vikes coming on. The Saints are the underdogs but I’ll keep fingers crossed.


That dog is so cute. Loved the sunny songs and video, especially with the French Broad due to partly freeze again this week, after mostly freezing last week. (That -never- happens, except when it does, like two years ago 🙂 )

I thought of Fredster’s weekend post as soon as I heard this one on CBC’s Saturday Night Blues. We all need a little bit of sunshine…and moonshine:

Cécile Doo-Kingué’s apparently one of the Americans Drumpf would like to kick out – born in New York, but her parents were from Cameroon. She did Drumpf a lot more than one better by moving first to France, then emigrating to Montreal and becoming a Canadian. What a lived life!

Visit Sunny Chernobyl! LOL

What a cute doggo. How thoughtful of him to share his toy with his human. I had a cat who would walk into the bathroom, stand up and put her paws on the rim of the bathtub and give me a look like “You are cray-cray-cray. Humans. I’ll never understand them.”

@9 & 10: very nice selections. Pat we may all be looking at moving to Canada. If it’s Montreal I’ll have to brush up on my French.

@10: When I was looking for images and saw that one DYB I had to grab it and use it. LOL

My Saints lost in a last-minute heartbreaker to the Vikings.

Oh well, have to cheer on the Philly “Iggles” against the Vikes next week.

Well, I’ve decided to update my gift list for whenever anyone asks what to get me.

@15 You have only 38 minutes to choose….

Here is my song for the sunny theme:

@16: I’ll have to make sure they have the list way ahead of time and to use overnight delivery.

Nice song contrask. Never can go wrong with The Beatles.

Fredster, can I email you some pictures for the Activist Monday post?

Fredster #15. Yikes! (Actually, if it’s just the pills you’re after, any old potassium iodide will do. I’d be surprised if they don’t sell them at CVS.)

That whole Hawaii thing made me feel a bit like some sort of old soldier. I was a kid during the Cuban missile crisis, was there for the whole Mutual Assured Destruction MADness. The Hawaii thing seemed like real small potatoes to me.

1) There was nothing about the alert that seemed real. It never occurred to me anyone would take it seriously, let alone panic. I figured it was a hacker and hoped he’d get the book thrown at him. I must admit, I didn’t think of bureaucratic fat fingers.

2) We’re talking about the Pieface with The Hair. (No, not that one. The one with the black hair.) I’m pretty sure you’d be in greater danger if he was *not* aiming at you.

Anybody else here have the feeling that it was all stupid rather than dangerous?

None of which, of course, changes the fact that Mango-for-Brainz just kept golfing instead of using his twit thumb properly for once to tell people it was a false alarm.

(I wonder if that means he didn’t even know about it, because “his” generals really are keeping him away from the nukes?)

@18: Oh sure. I’ll upload them and then MB can use them. She’s handling the activist posts.

@19: Well quixote everyone’s got to make a buck right? I got that link from a WaPo piece on and I’ll bet business is (no pun) “booming” for the guy right now. But seriously, as for me, should I see the bright light I’ll be walking toward it. I don’t want to hang around for the aftermath.

@19 quixote> I think the reason so many people believed it is that it did come from an official account and Trump has made it believable. By waging his war of words and insults with North Korea – it just no longer seems like an impossibility that one crazy loon will attack another. And how in the world did it take 38 minutes to send an all clear! Completely nuts.

Fredster @21, if “I see the bright light I’ll be walking toward it.” Everyone I talk to who’s a former spring chicken, including me, has that attitude. Maybe because we’ve had to go through the fear before? Maybe it’s nothing to do with age, but we’re all liberals and have our priorities right? Who knows.

Yeah, DYB. That 38 minutes. Asleep at the switch golf club. The thing that’s disturbing about that is nobody has that kind of time with ICBMs. If there was really something incoming, they bloody well better have faster lines of communication!

@23: Yep, having been through the things before and having seen that TV movie The Day After. I would much rather be immediately vaporized.

@24: Good for Joy! She doesn’t take any shit off those fools.

Fredster, bummer about the Saints game. Great songs and tweets, really loved the one of the dog sharing his toy.

@28: (sigh) That Saints player who missed that tackle (really two players) are gonna be kicking their butts all through the off-season.

Oh dear, sweet Jeebus. Take a look at the guy that the tRump Admin wanted to appoint as head of the Office of National Drug Control Policy.

Not only did he rise to this top position at the age of 23, he did so, the Post reports, despite lying on résumés he submitted to the government (he claimed he’d received a master’s degree he doesn’t have). Also, he spent some of his high school years working for a family firm that “was secretly processing illegal steroids from China as part of a conspiracy involving people from Virginia, California and elsewhere in the United States and one person in China, federal court records show.”

@30, Fredster, why, he fits right in with the Trump crowd of liars and grifters.

Fredster, we know you’d never do this. Uh…would you?

@34: LOL, I saw something about that. I’ll admit I was disappointed at the loss because they had an amazing comeback in the 2nd half but no, not throwing any TVs off the balcony.

@36 Please someone primary that guy, Oklahoma.

@38, I know, he’s so awful. I’ve never understood why people want their representatives to mingle their religious beliefs with their duty to their constituents. Even when I was very young, I thought those things should be compartmentalized. Like do your job when you’re at work, and be religious at home.

I love this response:

This is what she’s responding to:

@39, annie, I recall reading that voters were concerned JFK might be influenced by his Catholicism during his presidency and interject that into his policies. To think there was a time when Americans wanted to keep religion out of politics! *lolsob*

Concerning that uh, football game yesterday with da Saints, all I’m gonna say is what the Times-Pic put on their front page:

contrask, if you have a chance, check your email. I sent you some cute links.

Love it! Doxies are adorable! We had them when I was growing up. Luna started dog obedience today. We weren’t the worst in class. Lol

I remember people worrying about JFK being Catholic. It bugged my Republican parents.

@46: Yes, adorable but they can be hard-headed.

Hope that Luna is valedictorian of her class!!

We weren’t the worst in class.

Yay for LunaTicFringe and contrask!

Hey contrask, got the pics of your protest! You’re going in today’s post, coming up about 9 am. Excellent job!

Thoughtful article in the Post today about MLK and “white moderates.” Sadly applicable to all the suburban whites who voted Republican in 2016.

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