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Sneaky (Dirty) Dianne

Posted on: January 11, 2018


Good morning Vietnam! I mean, Widdershins.

The big bomb of the week (more like a nuke) was Dianne Feinstein releasing the transcript of the complete Fusion GPS testimony to Congress. The owner of Fusion, Glenn Simpson, asked for it to be released because he thought Republicans were leaking incomplete and inaccurate information about what he said. Committee chairman, Chuck Grassley, refused to release it citing an on-going investigation. The on-going investigation included Grassley and Lindsey Graham sending a recommendation to the Justice Department that Christopher Steele, who did the research for the infamous Steele Dossier (which just celebrated 1 year anniversary since being published by BuzzFeed, who were accused by “journalists” like Chuck “Underprepared” Todd of publishing smut and lies), be investigated and prosecuted. These actions by Grassley and Graham made Feinstein’s decision essential.

On March 15, 2017 Grassley and Feinstein emerged from a meeting with the FBI director and they looked shaken. They heard something that terrified them. But the terror they experienced did not come from the same place. They are not afraid of the same thing. Grassley, one can conclude from his actions, heard something that put the fear of the goddess into him. What is Grassley guilty of that he has done all that he could to stifle the investigation into Trump’s collusion with Russia, and then to flat out sabotage it last week? When he (and Lindsey Graham – another Rethuglican who has become a full on Trump sycophant) sent the recommendation to the Justice Department to prosecute Steele, they did so without consulting the other Democrats on the committee. So earlier this week Dianne Feinstein took Grassley’s playbook and shoved it up his rear end.

A note about Feinstein: she’s been around the block once or twice. I’ve expressed some concerns about her myself, we all have, probably. She didn’t do something fast enough or didn’t say something strong enough. I think those criticisms are all fair. But her going full Godfather Christening montage on GOP and Trump was proof of ovaries of steel. (She released the transcript while sitting in a meeting with Dump and getting him to say he wants DACA. Multitasking.) This is something that a more junior Senator would never have had the courage to do. So while we might get angry at long-serving members of Congress – and there is a lot to be said for term limits – there’s also no denying that in the current political climate throwing out senior members of Congress would be a horrific idea. Again, what Feinstein did without flinching could not have been done by a more junior member of Congress. Seniority matters now.

Lichtlbau Times.png

Of all the things Fusion GPS testimony revealed – which terrified Grassley and Co. – another important revelation was that Christopher Steele told the NY Times about some of his findings two weeks before their infamous “FBI session no clear link to Russia” headline. That article stopped Steele from cooperating with the FBI. This article, which at the time was widely seen as  smacking down Clinton’s assertions that Trump was a Russian puppet, was also a smackdown at other reporters who were writing about Trump and Russia. Same day Times cleared Trump, the very same day, Franklin Foer wrote about odd communications between servers at Trump Tower and Russian Alfa Bank. The very same day David Corn wrote about a mysterious Dossier he was shown that nobody dared discuss out loud. That very same day New York Times gave Donald Trump a boost by publicly clearing him of colluding with Russia. We should remember this always.


114 Responses to "Sneaky (Dirty) Dianne"

I wondered what happened to Trump’s gift for alliteration. Sad.
What shall we call him? Dumpy Don? Dopey Donny?

Sweet Sue> Dopey Dump?

Hey yah! Between DiFi and Durbin releasing critical analyses of what Russia did to us, and in Durbin’s case, what we should do now…I do believe the senior Dems are taking over the narrative. About f*cking time. Bipartisanship means nothing if only one side is compromising!

Sue, from the last thread – I hope this next treatment works and you are back to your old self ASAP!

I like Dirty Don! Combo of both of your ideas.

(Typo you may want to fix: the meeting was Mar 15 2017, not 2007.)

Sue, about vancomycin. I had it intravenously for an infection that wasn’t responding to normal antibiotics, and at least intravenously that is unpleasantly impressive stuff. I hope that orally it just cleans out your large intestine, and not every bacterium in or on your body like it does IV.

I suspect the reason they say not to take probiotics until things are back to somewhat normal is that the large colon is likely to be so abraded by the illness that the probiotic bacteria could get into the bloodstream. They may be good in the colon, but not the blood!

So, anyway, this is a longwinded way of saying that once you can take probiotics as per your nurses and doctors, definitely take them. Yoghurt, kefir, good natural sauerkraut, kombucha??, whatever you like the taste of. Because vancomycin does destroy everything, without probiotics there’s a real tendency for various low grade nasties to take over the intestine and then keep causing problems.

Just my 2¢. Your mileage may vary 🙂

Was there a video of DiFi pushing the send button during that meeting? If so, anybody have a link?

Trump said, “Haiti? Why do we want people from Haiti here?” […] Why do we want these people from all these shithole countries here? We should have more people from places like Norway.”

@7 quixote, thanks! Fixed it! (Time flies….)

@9 quixote> LOL I don’t know, it’d be amazing if she did that. I suspect she had staff scheduled to do it at a certain time though. But if someone finds a moment that she whips out her phone and says: “Siri, publish GPS Fusion testimony” – gold!!!!

I added another cartoon over there on the right side if y’all want to check it out.

I’m not sure if Gillibrand’s position has changed.

@16 Fredster> OMG NO! I would crash my car.

America sure is great today, isn’t it?

Wait. Trump actually used the words ‘shithole countries’? *facepalm* I. Hate. Him. So. Much.

@20, it’s because he lurves ‘Merkuh so much.

He’s making the US a shithole country.

@8, agree, although I’m not sure exactly why they don’t think probiotics are a good idea during treatment. Leaky gut, perhaps.

And make sure it’s good yogurt! Not Safeway or WalMart brand. Look for something that says “live cultures” on the ingredients, and which does not say any form of sugar (anything ending in “ose”).

@16, once again I am *so* glad I don’t live where there are snakes like that.

Question. Aren’t Melania’s parents here because of chain migration? They wouldn’t be here if she weren’t married to a US citizen. Since grandparents are not part of ‘chain migration’, they aren’t here because of little Barron. They are here through her.

@20 GAgal> Not only did he use it, but many in the media are using it, which I’m glad is the case. Quote him accurately. WaPo’s headline said “shithole.” Some on CNN are saying it (Tapper, Cooper; Wolf Blitzer did not, he’s so delicate…) MSNBC had a banner saying it.

I gather he wants Norwegians. The same Norwegians who take in migrants, have universal health care? And taxes. They also have those.

Norwegian is one of the many languages I don’t speak, but I can just about hear them laughing their heads off while chortling, “That shithole? who’d want to go there?”

Also, White House is literally saying they are ok with “shitholes” because it will resonate with Trump’s base. So I have two thoughts on that. 1) When Hillary called some of them “basket of deplorables” they freaked out. 2) So many of them live in shitholes, so cheering this on rich in iron(y).

@28 quixote> You are right! Why would they give up healthcare, no guns, work benefits for this?

I eat some fresh sauerkraut a few times a day for medicinal reasons. It does seem to help me as long as I do it consistently. Fortunately, I have enough German in me to like it!

I love the NY Daily News cover!!!

If he had said to himself, “I’m going to prove Michael Wolff right,” he couldn’t have done a better job.


The Republican effort to enlist formidable candidates for the ­Senate suffered another setback Thursday, when Rep. Kevin Cramer (R-N.D.) announced that he will not run despite President Trump’s personal appeals for him to challenge Democratic Sen. Heidi Heitkamp in one of the year’s top battlegrounds.

Cramer’s decision to instead seek reelection in the House, which he announced in a radio interview, followed other recruiting letdowns for Trump and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) in deeply conservative states where Republicans are hoping to unseat Democratic senators and pad their 51-49 majority.

@24, yes, besides which there’s a high probability Melania was an illegal immigrant prior to getting hitched to Driveling Donald. And Trump’s grandfather was an immigrant, of course.

@32, word!

So Melanie used “chain migration ” huh? Is that a real thing, or a right-wing frame job like “anchor babies?”

“Chain migration” is a right-wing talking point, like “anchor babies.” Here’s a great retort to Scavino about his own family’s chain migration – with receipts. (Tweet 2 includes a birth certificate.)

Woke Bill Kristol is still weird.

@23: Thank goodness for us that was in Oz. I would not want to be around them either.


@38, awkwardly worded to say the least, and uses “subpar” instead of “shithole,” but otherwise what’s so weird about it? What am I missing?

DYB, loved the doggie video. No snakes, too.

Oh my. All the photos they chose of Trump are unflattering whereas May looks as if she’s smirking. LOLlol!

President cancels his visit to London– pulling out of £750m embassy opening amid fears he won’t be made welcome


So very many cutting jokes about #ShitholePresident on the Twitterverse tonight!

Just the idea that any of us could agree with catastrophically conservative Bill Kristol, who is a neocon from way back, is really bizarre. That’s how bad #PresidentShithole is.

@41 Luna and MB> Yes, that Bill Kristol has been talking a lot of sense for more than a year. Just crazy!

Add another reason why Norway is unlikely to have a Trump.

I was never big on the pink pussy hats, but I just have no patience for this shit right now. (sorry, can’t excerpt for some reason)

Is this the right time to remind ALL these pundits that Hillary told you Trump was a racist in her August 2016 speech? And you wouldn’t touch it with a ten foot pole!! In fact, you criticized her and downplayed it. What was it they called it? ‘Gutter politics’, or something? I’m sure I have that speech bookmarked somewhere.

Thanks for the info, Quixote. Two weeks of vancomycin and three more of taper off doses. It can’t be as bad as Flagyl. My poor husband has stubborn C diff, too, but -not to brag-I had three awful colon infections.
Yay, I win!
It’s very interesting to have both a Nurse Practitoner and a Doctor answer ‘Uh, huh,” when one (that would be me) says, “Well, I’m lucky to be alive.” What’s that saying that there’s nothing like an imminent execution to concentrate the mind? T
Thanks to madamab, cats, luna and shadowfax, annie, DWB and Fredster and all for the good wishes. I appreciate them so much.

Here’s Hillary’s speech. The media needs to watch it and then look back on how they (non) covered it.

@53 Poor Sue… If it were me I’d just tell them to put me in the hospital and hook me up! Are you able to eat anything at all? I remember having nothing but horrible chicken broth. I asked for vegetable instead and it was no better!

@51, GAgal, agree, that is plain ridiculous. I never thought the pink was anything but the traditional (and sexist IMO) women’s color. And the hats weren’t intended to represent genitalia. People saying ‘vagina’ because they’re too ignorant and conflate internal with external genitalia irritate me to blazes! Also this has little connection with reality. All vaginas are pink regardless of the women’s external skin color! Just like tongues are pink, and the inside of the mouth. Many light-skinned women will have darker or browny-pink vulvas, especially after pregnancy.

Oh yeah, Planned Parenthood uses a bright pink, and no one seems to yammer that its color is too white.

@56 The pussy hats were suppose to be about women insulted (outraged) by Trump’s comment of ‘grab ’em by the pussy’ -and yet he was elected. The point about the hats being pink was to show a SEA of women (and men) acknowledging that in that awesome march. And they did. It was perfect for the day after his pitiful inauguration. Now – wear a hat or don’t. It’s someone stirring up division where there should be none. Get ready for it. It’s going to be everywhere.

@53, Sue, Widdershinners are tough! We have a lot of people on the disabled list, but that hasn’t kept any of you from pushing through the pain, the discomfort and the disruption to your busy lives. Just more reason to love all of you.

@54, thanks for posting that Reno speech, GAgal. The media and anyone who didn’t give her speeches a listen or her policies a read, really blew it. She was criticized for focusing on the inadequacies of her opponent rather than on her own policies, but in hindsight i think it is clear that she was screaming, “Danger!” She knew she had to because so much was at risk. I also loved the way the speech ended, she was angry but firm in her convictions, and then when she heard the applause she just beamed like a lighthouse. Compare that to mango’s smirks and squints when his supporters go wild at every foul and mendacious statement he makes. The differences between them were so obvious and my disdain and fury for anyone who didn’t vote for her has not ebbed.

Did you all hear Dick Durbin confirming what #PresidentShithole said? The gloves are very, very much off.

Only now are Republican leaders talking about this…and in the most milquetoast language. They don’t realize that the American people have HAD ENOUGH.

Trump. Must. Go. NOW.

@59, i have this terrible feeling that there are way too many people out there that feel exactly the way mango moron does. That really terrifies me. We are appalled, they at last see someone who speaks for them, someone they perceive to be them. MAGA was code for make America white again and they are empowered by that message without shame or conscience. Our only hope is, as you say, that we vote in droves to kick his ilk out and they don’t AND there is no GOP ratfucking or Russian interference.

@60, Cats, I worry about that too. But Trump has only a 32% approval rating. The GOP are enabling him, and most of them are as bad as Trump but less outwardly crude. Some of their reasons for that are greed and racism, and some are their fears about kompromat since the RNC was hacked. I think and hope the 2018 midterms will show that 2/3rds of America have had enough.

@61, Luna I hope that 2/3 number is accurate. Being the paranoid that I am, I don’t trust polls, especially opinion polls where people may still keep their demons hidden until they are in the privacy of a voting booth. And let’s be honest, a lot of those people weren’t so clear thinking in 2016 and may vote for an equally or less shitty repub rather than any dem.

Saw this at the Confluence, very touching, Anderson Cooper talking about his experience with Haitians.

Love the post DYB!

@62, Cats, I’m a bit paranoid also. Does it really take all of Trump’s terrible actions and statements for people to realize there IS a huge difference between him and Hillary and turn from him? Doesn’t say much for 2/3rds of those millions who voted for him.

Good for Sen. Jones! Lol — Griffen used a side-eye pic, though it’s more subtle here.

I like this fire coming from Rep. Cohen!

@67: oooh, Rep Cohen was great today. I hope the Dems are finally in kickass mode. Lots of great tweets today, thanks everyone!

Fredster, new cartoon is very cute!

GAgal @54, breaks my heart. I put the youtube you posted in a tweet.

@68 – Will Tweety finally pay the price for his misogyny? That is appalling.

P.S., it’s horrible that anyone still supports Trump. Turnout was depressed last time…it won’t be in 2018. I think we have a YUGE amount of evidence to support that optimistic assertion. 🙂

I can’t stand tweety and am amazed msnbc still keeps him. He’s rude, boring and irrelevant.

Speaking of sneaky and dirty, while Driveling Don is spewing his racism out, this news is barely a footnote: he paid a porn star $130,000 a month before the election to keep quiet about him screwing around while his wife was recovering from childbirth.

He’s such a firehose of garbage there’s no way to keep track of which stinking mess is where.

I agree with you all on the pink hats. That’s a silly reason not to wear them.

Trump’s comments are being received exactly as expected. None of his supporters are turning on him. The vast majority of GOP establishment is shrugging him off, including Cotton – who was there in the room. His deplorables like it. Everyone who supported him still supports him. Nothing will make them turn on him. Nothing. It’s why anyone chasing these people (Bernie) needs to shut up and go away. They will not be swayed. Ever. Even if he shot someone on 5th Ave.

The Tweety comments – really something. People on twitter have assembled some of the sexist things he’s said over the years (it’s a lot.) I have not seen MSNBC comment on it. They seem to be hoping to ride this out.

Remember the leg tingle Tweety got when GWB and his manly package “landed” on the USS Abraham Lincoln declaring “Mission Accomplished?”

@78 Sweet Sue, yep I do! Tweety should never have been put on TV in the first place because he’s not attractive, he spits when he talks and sounds like he has 12 marbles in there. That’s white male mediocrity for you. And then you get to the misogyny.

LOL! Definitely fake — click thru to the article. No way would a doctor of any kind sign a medical note like that — or forget how to spell one’s own first name.

I made a pink hat that kept my head warm from the rain in San Francisco’s Women’s March. I later made another pink hat with ears because I was even more pist. I called it my kitty hat, never liked calling myself and deplorable name, just to try and defuse it’s meaning.

I like pink, has nothing to do with lady parts.

Maybe some should choose a brown hat with a big hole in it??

Anyone that missed Rachel yesterday, might want to check it out, she has finally handed over a glorious rant against El Dumpster.

Love Anderson’s comments about Haiti and it’s people. Thought he was too respectful towards Dump.

There’s no way Dump’s doctor’s note was real. It was written in pure Trumperspeak.

@86, that too.

See, even cats can do dumb things sometime:

Ya’ll following the Hawaii scare? Just nuts. And there is a very interesting thread on why Tulsi Gabbard was wrong to tweet. Read the comments and Hertling’s responses.

Also, Gowdy-Doody resigns from Ethics Committee chairmanship. What do you think he did?

I don’t know what kept Dumb Donny’s Lilliputian finger off the hot button, today, but thank God.

@92, Sue, otherwise my neighborhood would be radioactive.

@91, DYB, something excremental is going to hit the fan soon.

Awful. And it’s not just children having this type of dream.

@94, *This* should have shown underneath that above tweet.

Hello shinners, just checking in briefly.

We had a very brief warmup a couple of days ago only to see a cold, nasty rain bring in another one of these cold deals that’s taking us into the freezer again. We’re still below freezing right now. With this low humidity and stuff I’m really dried out and not feeling worth squat. And honestly with the flu as widespread as it is around here I’m trying to just stay in as much as possible.

Okie doke I’m going back to the playoff game with the dirty birds from the ATL and Philly.

The ethics committee should have removed Gowdy from the Oversight committee when he altered documents during the Benghazi hearings. Hope something big drops on him.

Hope something big drops on him. (Gowdy)

Yeah, like a avalanche.

Fredster, you should put a big pot of water on the stove to boil…will put some moisture in the air, or leave the shower running and sit in the bathroom with the door closed for about 15 minutes.
Stay warm

SweetSue, I sure hope these meds work for you and your husband. Take good care of yourself. I keep chocolate around when my broken arm gets me down. Do something nice for yourself…

The top of the thread, Dirty and Diane are in the title. I really admire Diane Feinstein…but that title always reminds me of this:

@99: Shadow, the way this place is laid out the kitchen/stove isn’t really close enough I don’t think to do much good. The bathroom and shower suggestion might help since I could go in there or leave the door open and let that steam/moisture come out.

I’ve tried humidifiers and haven’t had much luck with them. It seems like they just put out large droplets of water and that seemed to saturate the table it was on and the floor right in front of the damned thing.

Zuckerberg used the media to build a booming customer base and now is extorting more $$ from media orgs for more exposure on Facebook. Lazy/petrified/well-heeled orgs will shell out to maintain their addiction to Facebook. Independent/low budget media orgs/journos get screwed.

@102: I am sooo glad I don’t bother with F’book anymore.

I had an account using one email and then closed it down. Later I tired to create another account using my current email and F’book tried putting me through a bunch of hoopsl My info sounded too much like another account so I wrote back explaining I had closed the previous account and wanted to open a new one with the chosen email account. Then I get a notice from them that they wanted me to prove who I was and said to upload a copy of my d/l to them. So I made a copy of it, redacting info they didn’t need. I sent that to them and got a reply that no, they needed a phone number for me. I wrote back and told them they could go pound sand and said to hell with it.

Enormous-eyed animal pics!

@103, Fredster, you were more persistent than I would have been. Fbook is 98% data mining. They get rich off their customers’ info.

@99: Thanks, Shadow-you are so sweet.

@105: Well it was only because there were a few friends I had who used it and I suppose I wanted to get a new account just to interact with them.

Oh well, they can interact with me on my phone, or email or twitter accts.

How close did we come to a “Fail Safe” type of disaster, today

Wouldn’t you expect any President of either party to go on TV today to assure us all that everything is under control?

@109: Since the military command there in Hi wasn’t involved in this, I doubt we got very far. The alert was somehow triggered by a state employee.

@110: From Politico:

White House Deputy Press Secretary Lindsay Walters said in a statement: “The President has been briefed on the state of Hawaii’s emergency management exercise. This was purely a state exercise.”

It was not clear whether the president was aware of the situation at the time. The president was in Florida and spent the morning and early afternoon at his golf course.

(snort) The president could have been told and it still might not have made him “aware” of what was happening.

Apologies for the photo of weasel-face. I wish people wouldn’t illustrate their tweets & articles with big photos of the Trumpughs.

@112: turd and little turd

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