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Posted on: October 18, 2017


Hello Widdershins,

My apologies for being an absentee poster. I run out of hours in the day and have no computer at work. Only a very weak signal on my iPhone. But I’m sure the news keeps everyone busy. I’ll be back to my regular schedule in a week!

The worst thing I read all day is Dump’s awful phone call to the widow of slain U.S. Army Sgt. La David Johnson. After ignoring the 4 American soldiers killed in Niger for weeks (he golfed though), he finally brought himself to call a family. And he told the pregnant Myeshia Johnson: “He knew what he signed up for.” There truly is no end to Trump’s depravity. But we should read the names of the 4 soldiers killed and a hold a moment of silence because our president doesn’t care.

From one kind of depraved to a very different kind of depraved, the story of Harvey Weinstein is continuing to reverberate in the entertainment industry. There are now at least 47 women who have accused Weinstein of harassing or assaulting them. Of the well-known actresses the most recent story comes from Lena Headey, who plays Cersei Lannister on the hit HBO series “Game of Thrones.” The story, of course, is bigger than Weinstein. The singer/actress Björk, who has starred in only one movie, critically acclaimed “Dancer in the Dark,” wrote a letter in which she referenced being abused by a Danish director. Since she only appeared in one film and that film was made by a Dane, the unnamed director is Lars von Trier. Von Trier makes controversial films (I personally detest each and every one of them). In 2011 he stunned the Cannes Film Festival when he announced during a press conference:

“I found out I was actually a Nazi. My family were German. And that also gave me some pleasure. What can I say? I understand Hitler…I sympathize with him a bit.”

Molly Ringwald has also said she’s had “plenty of Harveys of my own.” She says she was first assaulted when she was 13. Reese Witherspoon says she was sexually assaulted by a director when she was 16. And America Ferrera said that she remembers the first time she was assaulted was when she was 9.

On Monday I went out to grab a Starbucks while at work. Crossing the street on 49th St and Park Avenue (a short distance from Grand Central station), I saw an SUV almost run over a young woman. He was backing up against his light and not paying attention. He side-swiped this woman (she was not breaking any laws), and only reason he didn’t actually run her over was because she jumped out of the way in time. So she started yelling to him to watch it, he hit her with his car. This man, big man, in his late 40’s, looked out of the window and said: “Oh did I hit you? Let me see. Where? In the back? Show me. Turn around baby, let me see you from the back.” As she began to turn to show him…she froze. I think all the witnesses did. It became obvious he was literally trying to see her ass. He was sexually harassing woman in the middle of the street that he just literally hit with his car… You could see her face changing as she realized what was happening and that dumbass grinned at her. It was truly breathtaking.


To make you feel maybe 1% better about all this insanity – there is the story of the immortal Carrie Fisher. After being told by a friend, screenwriter Heather Robinson, that a studio executive sexually assaulted her, Carrie Fisher took matters into her own hands. She personally delivered to the executive a Tiffany box. Inside the box – a cow tongue. And a note: “If you ever touch my darling Heather or any other woman again, the next delivery will be something of yours in a much smaller box.”

And finally, if you follow reporters on social media you may have noticed that a few voices have been oddly missing for several days. New York Times voices. The normally rambunctious Maggie Haberman has been MIA. Glenn Thrush quit twitter altogether. And then we found out why. The bosses have slapped down their on-line behavior. Dean Baquet (a man who has a lot to answer for as far as the 2016 coverage) announced new social media rules for his reporters. And poor Maggie and Glenn, their entire gig is up. The stuff they are best at – snide condescension and sarcasm are discouraged. I think these rules broke Maggie.

So what’s on your mind Widdershins?

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I knew a woman who was a trainer for Olympic gymnasts in the 70s-80s. That was the time the switchover happened to trainers who were stars in their own right and were, surprise!, generally men. She left the field because she couldn’t stand to watch the athletes being turned into just pawns for glory. The trainer’s glory, of course, because of all the gold medallists in his, what would you call it, stable? And that kind of use-and-discard was merely the surface, officially sanctioned stuff. Hoocudanode that the athletes were treated as disposables in other ways.

It looks like the Nat. Sec. Council had written a statement after the soldiers were killed that was never released. I hate to pass the buck to staff, but they know Trump is incompetent and incapable at his job, so it’s also on them. Especially John Kelly. Why didn’t he get this done? As far as calling the families, you can’t fake sympathy if you have no feelings and I doubt Trump would have listened to any advise if they even tried.

D, not to worry about being absent – we know you’re on a tight leash there at this temp gig. I might tease you a bit about being absent but it’s all in jest and I hope you understood that.

Regarding the four soldiers…what the hell else can this man fuck up? He is beyond contempt. **This** is the great business man of New York? SAD!!

Not surprised that Trumpf fucked up doing condolences. In his type of business he celebrates tragedy that happens to others. It’s always someone else’s fault. He won’t even follow simple etiquette because he’s always right in his own mind (what there is left of his mind), since he’s the greatest.

In business the sordid sadistic bosses like Trumpf and Weinstein have so much power and have intimidated their employees for so long they get away with it. For a while. And now Trumpf is working for We the People (though he doesn’t realize it) and gets mad that we don’t think he’s the greatest. His poor hurt fee-fees are nothing compared to the families of our slain troops.

Great post D! As a frequently absent poster myself, I completely understand.

I wish I were surprised about the story you told. That’s the patriarchy we live in. Men are people, women are only valuable as sex objects.

I hope you all read Alexandra Petri’s amazing rant in the Times today. Wow. She is a real feminist. I will post the link shortly.

Lawdy, lawdy miz clawdy, I hope this isn’t true.


Good article from Vox on how Trump’s threats and recent action have screwed with the premium costs for A.C.A. policies. And it’s a surprise group that will feel the worst effects of premium increases.

The money shot from the article:

“The notion that this is a market-driven phenomenon is ridiculous,” said Mario Molina, the former CEO of Molina Healthcare, a big player in the market. “This is Donald Trump monkeying around with health insurance, which is something he doesn’t understand.”

I saw Susan Collins on with Cuomo this morning. She said one thing she liked about this new plan is it still has the essential benefits – it just gives the states more flexibility in how to provide them. A normal person would have asked ‘how so?’ But he didn’t, so I’m left wondering what does flexibility mean here?

GAgal, check email when you have a chance.

Wow! Talking about bad luck or something:

11th shooting kills Alabama man: report

A man gunned down in Birmingham, Ala., Tuesday (Oct. 17) had been shot 10 times in the past six months

Luna, you have email also.


ONE reason to watch the news.


Rachel did a long discussion on Niger, 45’s bungling of the condolences to the families, including that $25,000 check that was supposedly sent today. She also said that Sgt Johnson was separated from the others and his body wasn’t recovered for 48 hours! His wife was instructed to have a closed casket ceremony. Also, the four men were underarmed and underequipped, possibly recovered by the French or mercs, not our troops. Why aren’t his approval ratings in single digits if not negative numbers?

@21: I’m watching Maddow right now.

@Cats – There is going to be some connection to Russia in this Niger tragedy. There’s something very, very wrong there.

@22 Me too. Al Franken on Lawrence tonight!

@24: I’m sure Franken will be talking about this.


DYB, great post! Agree wholeheartedly about Von Trier. I read that story about Carrie, and it really brought back memories, cuz as I believe I told you guys some time ago, I met her when she rescued me from an unwanted advance at a party in the Hollywood Hills in the late 70’s. She was magnificent even when she was young. I am amazed at the outpouring of women coming forward about all the sexual harassment. I’m so glad I’ve lived long enough to see this. It’s been a long, long time coming.

My son is finally getting the hang of Avid, thank goodness. In fact, he said he’s thinking of buying for himself. Yay!

Fredster @20: LOL, love Aunt Crabby! @20: I saw that! Good for Al!

Cats @21, thanks for posting that, will try to catch it later.

MB @23: this is probably going to turn out to be a real scandal, like the rethugs wanted Benghazi to be.

@18 Fredster> Twitter is so awful about that. They were warned for many months, including by the GOP in the state. And Twitter just ignored it. Un. Be. Lievable!

How has Sessions not been charged with perjury yet? And all his nonsense of “I can’t answer that” has no legal justification. He’s literally just refusing to answer questions. And GOP is not holding him in contempt. If that was a Democrat AG sitting there – holy smokes, all hell would break loose.

And the whole Niger thing…that’s Trump’s 2nd Benghazi. And hello Trey Gowdy? Anybody? Bueller?

Rachel’s show was really good. One thing she was talking about was Trump’s ability to deflect and never deal with the question he was asked. What she didn’t mention is it is the media allowing that deflection.

Yesterday, I watched the CNN white house correspondent trying to get Erin Burnett back on track. “But Erin, the point is not that he lied about Obama, but that he won’t address not calling the families or what went on in Niger”. A look flashed over Erin’s face but she still went back to her talking points.

At that time, they were all whining about how Trump had lied about their beloved Obama. It’s always worse when he insults Obama. Too bad they never called out lies about Hillary like that.

@26 socalannie> Yes I remember you mentioning the Carrie Fisher story. She really was a magnificent woman! I’m dreading the new Star Wars in so many ways because it’s the last time we’ll see her on screen. 😦

Glad to hear your son is liking Avid!! It’s by far my favorite editing software. But my next job will have to be Adobe Premiere. Yuck! I haven’t used it, so I’m gonna have to learn it…before next Monday!

Grifters gotta grift, right?


GAgal see comment @15.


Trump’s ability to deflect and never deal with the question he was asked. … the media allowing that deflection.

The media not doing their job. A journalist isn’t supposed to turn him/herself inside out in convoluted language implying POTUS* lied, they merely need to report what he said and then add “This is not true,” “This is false,” or some such clarification. “Lie” works really well and everyone can understand it.

Bears repeating.


@35> Brutal.

@37: Absolutely.

@35, 36, hateful man.

This is awesome!!!

Luna @34, I know, it’s so frustrating!

@42, God, what a bitch!

@34 Luna A journalist isn’t supposed to turn him/herself inside out in convoluted language implying POTUS* lied, they merely need to report what he said and then add “This is not true,”

Yes, my point is they need to move on. Instead, they were more concerned over Trump’s ‘attack’ on Obama. It took them two days to even begin to start asking the right questions. With CNN and MSNBC, it wasn’t just that he lied. It was that he lied about Obama.

@42 I would be dead if the emergency room turned me away last December. Also, once in the 80’s. This is how we vote these people out…

And this is where the crazy breaks down…

When Todd asked Black whether she would get rid of the law, she replied, “I would get rid of a law that says that you ― you are not allowed, as a health care professional, to make that decision about whether someone can be appropriately treated the next day, or at a walk-in clinic, or at their doctor.”

I’m sure she would. If there WERE ACTUALLY SUCH A LAW. This idiot thinks people wait until ‘their doctor’s office’ closes for the day to go ‘visit’ the emergency room. She also thinks walk in clinics are open 24/7 and can treat whatever comes their way.

Chuck Todd, as usual, was “unprepared”.

@43 & 45: Other than the fact that if expanded medicaid had been required by the A.C.A. (that part got thrown out) that would have relieved pressure off of E.R.s. And then there’s her example:

whether you’ve had a sore throat for a week

I am more than certain that someone who goes to an E.R. with a sore throat for a week does not have access to a primary physician through medicaid, nor the funds to go to a walk-in clinic. They aren’t going there as if there was another choice.

And that also brings up the fact that at an E.R. there’s a person there (nurse?) who looks at the patient and does triage assessment. That person with the sore throat knows they are going to be sitting there for quite awhile because the GSW victim, the car wreck victim or the guy who lopped off two fingers with a hatchet is going to take precedence over the sore throat.

I’m sure our chat is up there sitting on her cloud and throwing lightening bolts down at Rep. Black.

Damn! I went to the Nursing Board site of TN and she’s still got her license. Don’t let her near me!!

GAgal, good points, and Todd is so pathetic. Opposite of what the journalists in our younger days were like.

@40> Love it!!! I don’t even drink beer, but I’d bring them a few tickets.

What a petty way to screw up diplomatic relations.

Travel ban: Chad added because it ran out of passport paper, US officials say

The Trump administration’s decision to add Chad to the list of affected countries was puzzling due to its cooperation with the US on counter-terrorism.

It turns out a seemingly pedestrian issue was to blame: Chad ran out of passport paper. All countries had been given 50 days to take several steps that included providing a recent passport sample. Chad couldn’t comply, and its offer to provide a pre-existing sample wasn’t sufficient.


“But what it did is crowd my emergency room, where I work,” she added. “And disallowed me from using my good judgment skills

It’s not your emergency room. And as for not being able to use your (alleged) good judgment skills, WTF? That’s what triage is for!

This RN with “good judgment” hasn’t bothered to do research and look at the facts. A very small % of people use the ER for things which could be seen in primary care the next day. (Of course I can’t find the ref now but I read that earlier this week). And furthermore yet, the standard is for a reasonable layperson — not a nurse or physician — to judge whether they need care in the ER or not. And as Fredster pointed out, some people can’t get to a primary care clinic.

Why did this woman go into nursing — to shoo people away from “her” ER?” Go work in a boutique skin care clinic selling botox and expensive oola oil creams to rich people, and stay out of the ER.


Chris Baldridge of Zebulon, North Carolina, told The Washington Post that Trump promised him $25,000 of his own money when they spoke in the summer about the loss of his son, Army Sgt. Dillon Baldridge, killed in Afghanistan, but the check never came. The White House said Wednesday, after the report, that “the check has been sent.”

Oh, lost your son? Too bad, so sad. Here’s a piddly check (maybe). Now fuck off.

Trumpf better be careful when he visits any military station.

On unnecessary ER visits — excuse the length, but the details are important. Note that dental is not covered under most insurance, and mental-health walk-in clinics are more rare than honest Republicans.

Avoidable emergency department visits: a starting point.
Int J Qual Health Care. 2017 Oct 1;29(5):642-645.

Design/setting: We performed a retrospective analysis of a very conservative definition of ‘avoidable’ ED visits using data from the National Hospital Ambulatory Medical Care Survey from 2005 to 2011.

Participants: We examined a total of 115 081 records, representing 424 million ED visits made by patients aged 18-64 years who were seen in the ED and discharged home.

Main outcome measures: We defined ‘avoidable’ as ED visits that did not require any diagnostic or screening services, procedures or medications, and were discharged home.

Results: In total, 3.3% (95% CI: 3.0-3.7) of all ED visits were ‘avoidable.’[emphasis added] The top five chief complaints included toothache, back pain, headache, other symptoms/problems related to psychosis and throat soreness. Alcohol abuse, dental disorders and depressive disorders were among the top three ICD-9 discharge diagnoses. Alcohol-related disorders and mood disorders accounted for 6.8% (95% CI: 5.7-8.0) of avoidable visits, and dental disorders accounted for 3.9% (95% CI: 3.0-4.8) of CCS-grouped discharge diagnoses.

Conclusions: A significant number of ‘avoidable’ ED visits were for mental health and dental conditions, which the ED is not fully equipped to treat. Our findings provide a better understanding of what policy initiatives could potentially reduce these ‘avoidable’ ED visits to address the gaps in our healthcare system, such as increased access to mental health and dental care.

Authors & credentials:
Hsia RY, Department of Emergency Medicine, University of California at San Francisco.
Niedzwiecki M., Philip R. Lee Institute for Health Policy Studies, University of California at San Francisco

@53 & 55: I believe Prolix had some numbers from Ky at one point that showed the reduced number of ER/ED visits after expanded medicaid was available in that state. If I recall it correctly, one of the things they had to do there was to “educate” folks about the fact that they recourse to other means of care besides the E.R. dept. for their care, i.e. primary care clinics and the like. I really believe the folks that Black saw in “her” E.R. were folks with no other access to treatment.

What annie said @43.

So, these Hawaiian folks didn’t want a little pineapple to go along with their Spam?

45 IMO insults the Gov of PR, crosses his arms (his new tell), talks about the ”corruption” in PR and pats himself on the back for his hurricane response. Now huckleberry is readiing a letter from a 7 year old Georgian writing to say 45 is an “awesome” prez. I had to shut it off before i hurled something at the TV..

I just lost all respect for Kelly, defending 45 who did the best he could to say what Kelly advised him to say and criticizing the Congresswoman. Yeah, and lets bring in God and religion and the RECENT mistreatment of women.

This is a good twitter thread:

@56, I remember that.

Pardon my language but OMG the stoopid, it just fucking b u r n s

I believe Frankencassidy is up for reelection in 2020. I cannot wait to cast my “NO” vote on him.

@62, he really is a half wit.

This must be some of that hyperbole that Frankencassidy was talking about.

There was a funny blip on twitter today. Some guy, who has a cannabis business of some kind, and whose twitter handle is the name of his business, put up a vid of dump & melania, and claimed that it wasn’t really melania, but a body double! When I first looked at the comparison, I thought Hmm, her hair does look kind of ratty & MT’s is always well-conditioned, but the biggest thing the guy had going in his favor is that MT kept looking at dump and nodding at what he was saying, which didn’t seem like her! Anyway, the twitter comments were really funny, and this stupid story got picked up by major news outlets and Wapo actually did a story on it and shows what the cannabis guy didn’t show, and that is more shots of MT at the same event without her big sunglasses on, and it was really Melania. Anyhow, mildly funny joke and the guy got a lot of free advertising for his business.

@63: Indeed. His election was part of the anti-Mary Landrieu and Obama thing. I hope those ppl who voted for this idiot are proud when they see him on tv spouting gibberish like this.

@65: the guy got a lot of free advertising for his business.

LOL and that was probably the reason for all of it.

Luna, thanks for the ER info above.

@62 HAHAHAHA! Trump vs. FDR! “The president has a manner of speaking which is easily taken as a lie”. Ya’ think? The only truthful thing Cassidy said.

Bernie can’t even bow out gracefully without tooting his own horn in some way. Exactly what will he accomplish in a visit to PR?

Sen. Bernie Sanders announced Thursday he will visit Puerto Rico in wake of Hurricane Maria, bowing out of his previously scheduled speaking gig at the Women’s Convention next week.

“I want to apologize to the organizers of the Women’s Convention for not being able to attend your conference next Friday in Detroit,” the Vermont lawmaker said in a statement. “Given the emergency situation in Puerto Rico, I will be traveling there to visit with San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz and other officials to determine the best way forward to deal with the devastation the island is experiencing.”

WOOHOO! Jacinda Ardern of Labour is the new Prime Minister of New Zealand! I am so stoked. (Name pronounced “Yasínda.”)

They’ve had Reagan-mild, shading to just plain Reaganomics, for the past forever years. It felt like forever. They have a parliamentary system, so when it’s close between the two big ones, the smaller parties can decide the outcome. That’s what happened this time. Because of Ardern (look up “charismatic” in the dictionary and there’s a picture of her) Labour went from being 20% behind to even in two months.

When the election took place, Labour was only a few points short. Today the swing party finally decided which way to swing, and she’s in!

The plan is to improve waterway pollution with a CCC-type project that can use some of the unemployed. First year of tertiary education will be free. They have some major regulatory changes on tap that will cut down the sky-high luxury house market. (About bloody time!) And it’ll make housing more affordable for regular people. And on and on and on. W00T!

I really can’t tell you how stoked I am. First good news in eons. (Well, also Merkel winning her election. And Macron doesn’t seem too bad.)

Maybe this is what happens when your country is too small for Putin to bother messing up your election.


The Sandbag said, :…Sen. Bernie Sanders announced Thursday he will visit Puerto Rico in wake of Hurricane Maria, bowing out of his previously scheduled speaking gig at the Women’s Convention next week.

I guess there was major blowback from Hillary supporters about the Sandcrap being the headliner…so much so that the Bernie organizers sent out an email to all the Women Marchers, apologizing and saying that their Barnie was only one of many speakers and enclosed a link to a long list of women speakers.

Here is part of that email -> We know that it has been a painful week for women across the nation. We realize we added to that pain when we announced Senator Sanders as a speaker at the Women’s Convention, and that our announcement gave the impression that he is occupying a central role at the convention. It is important to correct the record: Senator Sanders is not opening or headlining the Women’s Convention. He will be speaking on a Friday night panel discussion, Resistance Organizing in the Age of Trump, alongside leading resistance activists.

Guess Bernie saw he was downsized in humiliation and decided to run off to Puerto Rico as an excuse to not be further publicly shamed.

And I am more than certain that this percentage will be going up.


Rachel’s show was killer tonight. Pulling together the loss of the Green Berets, with Chad troops pulling out, Chad being put on the travel ban list, ostensibly because of lack of passport paperwork, etc. Also, VERY interesting that Chad was suing Exxon for 70 billion and Tillerson.

Lawrence O’Donnell ripped John Kelly a new one in his opening, too. If anyone missed those two tonight, try to catch them later.

Dodgers going to the World Series!!! C’mon Yankees!

Agree with all of your comments tonight, btw. Going to watch the last of Rachel.

As it turns out, Bernie had been demoted to a speaker panel, before he bowed out of the convention… hmm…

“hmm” is right. Is it mean to wonder about his motivation for this sudden trip to Puerto Rico? Heh.

Here’s Lawrence O about John Kelly’s remarks

GAgal, I just watched that, in fact O’Donnell is still on. It was very good. I’m “stunned” that Kelly would say such blatantly racist crap.

Here’s Rachel for anyone who missed it

@82 Annie, not to mention the ‘women used to sacred’ line. Does he not know who he works for?

*BE sacred*

@52> the whole Chad situation is bonkers. Why add them to the no-travel list for that? Politically that was idiotic since they have been helping with intelligence and military support. I read yesterday that after the ban they stopped providing intelligence to the US. And it’s possible they had support troops in Niger…which they pulled after the US fuck-up, increasing ISIS attacks on the US troops, for which they weren’t ready.

Also this:

Apparently the whole John Kelly attacking Wilson thing: she was on CNN this morning and Kelly possibly confused her with another black woman. Because he says she claimed to have taken credit for raising money to build the FBI offices, but she wasn’t even in Congress at the time.

@87: DYB, if that is correct, what Kelly said was even worse and he owes Congresswoman Wilson an apology. Would he be “man” enough to do It? Doubt it. heard someone just say that Kelly was angry and messaging that HE was the moral compass in the oval office. No thanks, sir, your compass is broken just like the jackass’s you so assiduously service. I hadn’t seen the whole statement but based on what O’Donnell reported it was disgraceful.

@86: re the tweets, i had to shut off the TV when the Moron referred to PR as corrupt. What individual or org is more corrupt than trump and his evil “empire?”

@87, hey, one black woman is so easily confused with another. /s Looks like Kelly has racism in common with Trump.

@89, PR is “corrupt”? Well, why doesn’t Trump do something about that? He still doesn’t realize PR is part of America.

OT. This is a growing problem with modern agriculture. Also I’m a former hobby beekeeper and find honeybees fascinating.

A study published this week in the journal Plos One reveals that flying insects surveyed on nature reserves in Germany have declined by 76% in 27 years. The most likely cause of this Insectageddon is that the land surrounding those reserves has become hostile to them: the volume of pesticides and the destruction of habitat have turned farmland into a wildlife desert.

Insects, of course, are critical to the survival of the rest of the living world. Knowing what we now know, there is nothing surprising about the calamitous decline of insect-eating birds. Those flying insects – not just bees and hoverflies but species of many different families – are the pollinators without which a vast tract of the plant kingdom, both wild and cultivated, cannot survive. The wonders of the living planet are vanishing before our eyes.

Well, I hear you say, we have to feed the world. Yes, but not this way. As a UN report published in March explained, the notion that pesticide use is essential for feeding a growing population is a myth. A recent study in Nature Plants reveals that most farms would increase production if they cut their use of pesticides. A study in the journal Arthropod-Plant Interactions shows that the more neonicotinoid pesticides were used to treat rapeseed [canola] crops, the more their yield declines. Why? Because the pesticides harm or kill the pollinators on which the crop depends.

cats, another comment for you under your October 19, 2017 comment on the Weds SK thread.

Lol, I feel like we’re exchanging coded messages or something like that! Oh, if you’re on Pinterest look at habetrot’s collection.

Ack, that’s “SD” not “SK”

@72, really good news about NZ and Jacinda’s win!

Everything is appalling about Kelly’s speech but #4 here is chilling. (can’t excerpt)

LOL Richard Spencer takes the stage and…

I signed the petition. Guess I’m on some ‘anti-government’ list now.

@96 sorry GAgal, I didn’t see you’d already tweeted the New Yorker article.

It is nuts… We must remember: Kelly and the rest work for Trump. They will not save us.

@100 GAgal> The impeachment issue is interesting to me because…I’m stunned that more Democrats in Congress are not screaming about it. The only conclusion I can reach is they are being kept from screaming it by the leadership. I’m not certain why. It may be to keep hysteria down and they think it will make impeachment – should they ever get a chance to do it – seem more legitimate if they didn’t shout it since day 1. But if we’ve learned anything in the age of Dump is that legitimacy isn’t important anymore.

@103: DYB, more, more, please! So glad she made Norton’s show, has it aired? Did she talk about her toe?

@105: i assume it’s a given that the Dems want impeachment but i think it wise that they hold their fire until they hear from Mueller. I want as many repubs as possible to be removed from office, if not by impeachment then by resignation or incarceration. I dream, I know.

Full Hillary on Graham Norton.

@107: Thanks,DYB, she was adorable and the audience seemed to enjoy hearing from her.

Oh for heaven’s sake.

@109, omigosh, that was beautiful.

Hillary was fabulous, as always.

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