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Activist Monday: Let’s Talk About Steve Bannon

Posted on: October 16, 2017

Good Monday, all! Aren’t you tired of hearing people somehow feel entitled to assassinate Hillary Clinton’s character yet again, because of the sexual predations of disgusting creatures like Harvey Weinstein? I sure am. So let’s change the narrative, shall we? On social media, let’s tweet and hashtag till someone picks it up.

While journalists are busily repeating everything Bannon says as though (a) it’s strategic gold and (b) it’s true, it appears they still haven’t learned how to do their homework on straight white old rich men, no matter how obviously evil, fraudulent and (yes) f*cking moronic. Here’s the incredibly scary and bizarre truth about this latest media darling.

Note the date on this Newsweek article…AFTER the 2016 election. Great timing, sh*theads.

Headlines published by Breitbart News have included “Would You Rather Your Child Had Feminism or Cancer?” “Birth Control Makes Women Unattractive and Crazy” and “There’s No Hiring Bias Against Women in Tech, They Just Suck at Interviews.”

And Bannon has directly insulted women. During a 2011 radio interview, he said that progressives vilify prominent women in the conservative movement because they are not “a bunch of dykes that came from the Seven Sisters schools.”

“That’s why there are some unintended consequences of the women’s liberation movement,” he said. “That, in fact, the women that would lead this country would be pro-family, they would have husbands, they would love their children. They wouldn’t be a bunch of dykes that came from the Seven Sisters schools up in New England. That drives the left insane and that’s why they hate these women.”

No Steve, we hate those women because they are trying to take away our civil rights, but thanks for playing “1950s Misogyny” for $300!

Okay, so he’s a sexist egotistical lying hypocritical bigot. We know that. But he’s also much, much worse. We know Bannon has been accused of spousal abuse, but the charges were dropped because his first ex-wife, Mary Louise Piccard, wouldn’t testify in court against him. This does not at all convince me that the charges weren’t true…it does make me feel she was afraid of him. Who wouldn’t be?

The other charges she made, which didn’t get quite as much press, were that Steve-O is a raging anti-Semite. Really? He seemed so nice!

Piccard claimed her ex-husband didn’t want their daughters to receive their education at the Archer School for Girls in Los Angeles because there were students with Jewish backgrounds.

“The biggest problem he had with Archer is the number of Jews that attend,” Piccard wrote in a court statement signed June 27, 2007, according to the New York Daily News. “He said that he doesn’t like the way they raise their kids to be ‘whiny brats’ and that he didn’t want the girls going to school with Jews.”

“I told him that there are children who are Jewish at (a competing school), and he asked me what the percentage was. I told him that I didn’t know because it wasn’t an issue for me as I am not raising the girls to be either anti-Semitic or prejudiced against anyone,” she wrote.

It sure seems like Bannon’s character should be a lot more of an issue than it is, especially when you read about his porn and meth house in Florida. Yes, you heard that right. Incredibly, cinematographer Lawrence Curtis moved into the Bannon house in Coconut Grove, having no idea whom the previous tenants would turn out to be. Once he got there,

Curtis heard the same stories of porn, drugs, and debauchery over and over again.

“Each person gave accounts that the house was used to film pornography, had a constant flow of men, women — and even children — at the house and that blatant drug use was occurring at all hours of the night and day,” Curtis said.

At least five people told him tales of drug use and porn at the house.

Felix, a handyman who frequently worked on the property, told Curtis he had personally “witnessed women and men being filmed in the act.” He described the buckets of chemicals and bags of trash and rags he had to remove. He spent hours scrubbing the master bathtub, “which appeared melted by some form of acid.” Felix suspected the bathtub had been used for “making drugs.”

The evidence that this was a meth house appears ironclad.

Shortly after Curtis moved into the house, he started to experience a variety of symptoms: fatigue, inability to sleep, eye and skin irritation, chronic chest pain, and dizziness.

The symptoms would subside when he was away from the house for weeks at a time and they would resume when he returned.

In March, Herrera finally admitted to Curtis that the prior tenants had manufactured meth there. That’s when Curtis went to stay in a hotel. Again, his symptoms subsided.

He also purchased kits to test for methamphetamine in the house. At first, he focused on the kitchen, master bathroom, and guest room. The tests showed a high level of contamination, so Curtis ordered six more tests and had them shipped overnight.

The contamination was through the roof. So Curtis hired a company to test the house at well. The test confirmed “levels of meth and very high levels of cocaine.”

In May, Curtis moved out of the house.

He still suffers from health problems related to living in the house once occupied by Steve Bannon.

So tell me why the media doesn’t preface every story about him with the words “porn and meth house owner Steve Bannon” instead of the much more respectful, “former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon?”

If this isn’t enough…Bannon also has ties to Weinstein. No sh*t, he was in business with the guy and made hundreds of thousands of dollars from their association. But hey, he doesn’t have to give it back, right? He’s got that all-important scrap of flesh just where it needs to be!

But you know, maybe there’s a bright side. Perhaps now that the media has finally been forced to admit to Weinstein’s horrendous crimes against women, they’ll be emboldened to report on Bannon’s porn and meth house and hold him accountable. Or perhaps, even, revisit the over one dozen women who have sued the sexual predator currently unlawfully occupying the White House…and the one who’s subpoena-ing him now?

Now, one woman is putting Trump on the spot. In October 2016, Summer Zervos, a contestant on Trump’s reality TV show, accused Trump of groping her and making lewd comments. Trump, of course, called it a lie, and Zervos responded by suing him for defamation.

And a lawsuit means a subpoena: As Buzzfeed reports, the subpoena, which was issued in March but just recently made public, asks for “all documents from his campaign pertaining to ‘any woman alleging that Donald J. Trump touched her inappropriately.’” Zervos’ lawyers also asked for all documents related to the numerous other women who have lodged accusations against Trump.

Trump must respond to the subpoena by October 31. And as Shareblue Media’s Executive Editor Jess McIntosh noted, the Weinstein scandal and his immediate subsequent shunning may offer a ray of hope regarding just deserts for Trump.

“Maybe no one’s immune,” she noted. “Hopefully, we see some justice there, as well.”

If our history with lawless and dictatorial Presidents has taught us anything, it’s that no one is above the law. May the Mango Moron find this out, very, very soon…and may Steve Bannon fall along with him.

This is an open thread.


93 Responses to "Activist Monday: Let’s Talk About Steve Bannon"

Bannon is so skeezy! I mean, just look at him! Are they blind? After Hillary gave her speech last August calling out Bannon, Alex Jones and others and… nothing. The media wouldn’t touch it with a ten foot pole! Cowards! Or maybe they thought Hillary was gonna win anyway and then we wouldn’t have deal with Bannon’s ilk. Now the creep is going to try to get a bunch of extremist Rs elected. Let’s just hope we can beat ’em at the polls. SMH

Lookie on the sidebar. I can’t seem to embed a countdown timer (I was still working on that contrask) but there was a milestone widget. Not the most perfect of options but ya do what ya can.

@3: They did have specific code for WordPress but it has to be for a self-hosted W.P. site and those are very expensive. 😦

Glad I missed this…

Friends say President Donald Trump has grown frustrated that his greatness is not widely understood, that his critics are fierce and on TV every morning, that his poll numbers are both low and “fake,” and that his White House is caricatured as adrift.

So on Monday, the consummate salesman — who has spent his 71 years selling his business acumen, golf courses, sexual prowess, luxury properties and, above all, his last name — gave the Trump White House a Trump-sized dose of brand enhancement.

With both the Roosevelt Room and the Rose Garden as backdrops, he mixed facts and mirage, praise and perfidy in two head-spinning, sometimes contradictory performances designed to convince supporters and detractors alike that everything’s terrific, moving ahead of schedule and getting even better. His opponents were cast as misguided, deluded or even unpatriotic.

@5: In other words he’s stuck in his own reality.


OMG, did you guys see the excerpts of the press conference with McTurtle? Trump sounded senile and insane, yet all the talking heads could talk about was that he didn’t bring up Niger. Who the f cares whether he does or not? Will it change the fact that he’s a d*MN nut job?! No!! He needs to be removed now now NOW!!


@8: I think the idea of him not mentioning Niger was the dead American troops there.

@8: This is why Niger.


MB, excellent post! I did not know about the creepy house in FL. It figures. I believe Bannon is a horrible, horrible human being, like one of the worst of the nazi’s. Pure evil. I pray he & dump are taken down.

Gotta run. BBL to read the comments.

Not even sure why the US is in Niger. An article about that in the Guardian mentioned that the Mango Moron had changed the rules for soldiers. It’s become more okay to act on your own initiative on a lower level.

Under good leadership, I could imagine that being a worthwhile change. One common side effect is that soldiers take a lot more risks. That was apparently the situation for these four with the result that they got killed.

So my current theory about why the Moron is ignoring it, besides that obvious fact that he really doesn’t care, is that he doesn’t want attention on this horrible event and people making the connection that his policies have something to do with it.

Fredster, a normal President should absolutely have mentioned the four dead soldiers in Niger. It is a tragedy and my guess is, to Quixote’s point, it was Drumpf’s fault.

My reason for saying it doesn’t matter is that the Mango Moron is not normal. Neither is Steve Bannon. Americans, and the media, need to stop pretending that somehow, something Drumpf will say or do will make him and his cadre of right wing wackadoos worthy of governing this country. Nothing will happen to magically make them sane. Ee need to call things as they are, and adjust our asks to fit reality.

@15: There’s hardly been any discussion in the media about the Niger deal. However I did find this that provides some background on why troops are there.

Quixote @14, good point. Thanks for bringing that up.

@16 Thanks Fredster!

Another reason we need more women in office:

Tapper also asked Tillerson to respond to Sen. Bob Corker (R-Tenn.), who said during his weeklong feud with the president that Trump had “publicly castrated” the secretary of state. …

“I checked; I’m fully intact,” Tillerson responded.


Fredster. thanks for the nice picture of Hillary on the side bar. The 3.3 years countdown is a little hard to take – until I remember it won’t be that long. Can you say RICO?

@3, Fredster, I read that “3.3 years to go” and thought I’m going to age like a dog through the next 3.3 yrs.

BTW Fredster, nice job on sidebar content.
sigh. sniff.

@19, can’t they ever quit thinking about their genitals?! Size or placement or projectile capacity? Hey, guys, we don’t give a damn about your danglies!

The tabloid Daily Mail is reporting Hillary broke a toe. She’s over there touring and hobbling around wearing a “boot”. Ouch.

Also, RW news have headlines that say the Clinton Foundation will NOT return $250,000 donated by Weinstein, but I won’t give them a click.

Ha! (but seriously, how much would it take to pay off Trump to leave? A couple billion? so worth it)

Just minutes after the publisher Larry Flynt offered ten million dollars in exchange for information leading to Donald Trump’s impeachment, Trump contacted Flynt and said that he would gladly provide the information himself in exchange for the cash.

“That was a lot easier than I thought it would be, to be honest,” Flynt told reporters.

@20 and 21: Contrask had found a link to a counter when this Rein of Terror began but we can’t use it on WP. Pretty much anything that has javascript in it is a no-no here. So when I was on the admin side trying to see if it worked I saw the milestone widget. I thought I would try it to see how it looked. Now that being said, I’m not responsible for any suicide attempts when thinking about that…even my own. 😉

@26: Fredster, don’t even joke. We’re all to close to the edge.

Bannon’s close to a dead ringer for W C Fields.

@27: Oh Sue, I was kidding…I think.

But Luna was right, we’re all going to age terribly with this asshole in the W.H.

@30: I believe McCain is actually considering what his legacy will be.

That’s all swell but let’s not forget that McCain declared that he wasn’t going to vote for Hillary when he knew and understood the choice.

@32: And he may be regretting that now Sue.

@24, A broken toe? I’m sure the MSM will be insinuating that’s scandalous.

And why shouldn’t the Clinton Foundation use Weinstein’s donation for their charity work? They can do a lot of good with that, and Weinstein’s out a quarter of a mill.

@26 & 27, please, I agree with Sue. No joking about suicide. There is too much stress nationwide, and more in the future.

Nowadays when I start patient visits with “How are you?” I often get “Well, I’d be feeling a lot better if Trump wasn’t in office.” Great,” I think, now my blood pressure’s up too.

@30, “ash heap of history” McCain is speaking out! Hope he influences other Rs to think about what’s good for the country and its citizens rather than just their investment portfolios and tax write-offs.

The security protocol used to protect the vast majority of wifi connections has been broken, potentially exposing wireless internet traffic to malicious eavesdroppers and attacks, according to the researcher who discovered the weakness.

“There is a limited amount of physical security already on offer by wifi: an attack needs to be in proximity,” Hudson wrote. “So, you’re not suddenly vulnerable to everyone on the internet. It’s very weak protection, but this is important when reviewing your threat level.

Different devices and operating systems are impacted to differing degrees based on how they implement the WPA2 protocol. Among the worst hit are Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) and Linux, due to a further bug that results in the encryption key being rewritten to all-zeros; iOS and Windows, meanwhile, are among the most secure, since they don’t fully implement the WPA2 protocol. No tested device or piece of software was fully immune to the weakness, however.

@34: Oh I was being silly and flip. My bad and my apologies.

@36: I saw something about that but didn’t go into any details. May have to check further. I use very few apps on my Galaxy and I think Verizon has lollipop (don’t ask me about these names) on their last push down for updates.

Fredster, sidebar looks great. Thanks for keeping it current. I was also reluctant to take down the 2016 photos.

NWLuna @34, “Nowadays when I start patient visits with “How are you?” I often get “Well, I’d be feeling a lot better if Trump wasn’t in office.” Great, I think, now my blood pressure’s up too.“

Count your blessings. Imagine how high your BP would be if they came in how glad they are to have tRump mooning the world….

Re that wifi bug. Yes, it’s going to mean patching everything everywhere but remember one thing: anyone who wants to attack a network you’re on has to be within physical range of your device. Brian Krebs is a good source of info on all these sorts of things, and he points out the likeliest and biggest targets are organizations that don’t have good separation between their internet-facing wireless connections (eg employees) and the company’s / university’s / government agency’s internal network. So if it affects us, specifically, depends mostly on the usual leaks at huge organizations we can’t do much about.

(aargh. “…if they came in saying how glad they are…”)

@24: Heard somewhere that she had to cancel a seat on Graham Norton’s show, hope they re-schedule that! Would love to hear her “cackle” and have some fun.

Re the Weinstein donations, her critics want her take money away from a highly beneficial charity and donate the money to another? That’s absurd. I am glad they stood their ground.

@39, quixote, oh yes. And I did have some of those before the election. Interestingly no one’s brought Drumpf up in a positive light in the last several months.

That wi-fi (lack of) security — the article mentioned that the hackers have to be in close proximity to your network, but that’s buried midway down the article. Thanks for the link to Krebs, quixote. I’m bookmarking his site.

I likey….except for the part where she takes Ryan as her VP for “goodwill.” Yeah, like a repub would ever do that if the sitch were reversed.

@44, sounds nice, but I doubt it can happen. I glanced at the top comments and the 2nd one said that the presidency should be offered to Bernie if dump steps down because Hillary stole the primary from him!?!? I had to spend time this weekend with a young person that I used to care about, but she’s turned into a total bro-ette, and completely insufferable. Hubs found her the same way. She actually told me that Hillary “opened a sweat shop in Haiti.” I told her I’ve been following Hillary since the 90’s when she made her amazingly brave speech in China, and I know for a fact she’s never owned a manufacturing business in the clothing industry. Dimwit girl responded with, “well something like that…she was involved.” I told her she might want to check with Snopes on that, that it had been refuted long ago, and that Hillary has done a lot to help empower women in other countries have their own small businesses etc. That’s what the conversation was about, she wants to start a business to help people in Haiti sell their goods.

@44 But it’s still fun to think of scenarios to make Hillary President. Also, Paul Ryan is not fit for office as he is aware of RNC/Russia money connection and used it to get elected. He knows other Rs have too and he knows Rorchorer (?) is too close to Russia and won’t do anything about it.

There was an article on about Sarah Silverman’s new show on Hulu I Love You America. The piece included a clip from the show where she goes to visit St Bernard Parish and visits/eats with a family in Chalmette La in “da parish”. NOTE: People from Chalmette are called “Chalmations”.

The Standers are actually from “down da road” at “the end of the world” so called because the highway ends there and you’re on your way to the bayous and out to the Gulf. They are a family of crabbers and probably hunt or trap some also – guess on my part.

The entire family voted for tRump and they have some interesting but diverse p.o.v.’s. Although the video is in the article I’m going to add it here also in case you don’t want to read it.

So this is where your Fredster was from for thirty-something years before the K thing. I’m not going to say they really represent all the folks from da parish but there are a lot like them; very blue collar, working class. These are my people (sob), like it or not!!

Without further adieu: The Standers

Did you guys see this? Turtle helps dump walk up 3 steps:

@48: Initially after going to CNN, Cillizza looked like he cleaned up a bit (on the wagon/off the booze?). But now he’s getting that bloated alcoholic look once again. Pure supposition on my part of course.

@44, sounds nice, but I doubt it can happen I suppose it could technically happen that way but no, not gonna happen.

socalannie@49, isn’t there something about the Dump being stair-phobic? He doesn’t look like he’s having a physical issue, and McConnell reaches out to help before there’s any visible need for it. Almost like it’s a taken-for-granted thing in those circles. The Moron? Oh yeah. Remember to help him over any stairs.

They probably have to overdose him on Valiums every time there’s a required photo-op of descent from Air Force One.

(hah. Fredster beat me to it, *with* references. So now we know.)

@54: LOL. As Lambert used to say on the Corrente blog, “linky-goodness”.

Find a few dollahs for Doug.



Is it like a nutria?


@61 and they still have all appendages?

Fredster @61. coyote, Canis latrans, very closely related to grey wold, Canis lupus, which happens to be in the same species as, you guessed it, dogs. (Okay, they’re officially C. lupus variety familiaris, but varieties can be hard to tell apart for the nonspecialist. So the mom who washed the “dog” is a fairly good canid systematist :D.

Plus, I have it on good authority (George Bernard Shaw) that even lions are willing to accept human help when they need it. And that’s one skinny and hungry looking coyote!

oh double aargh. wold = wolf

@62: Yeah, I was wondering about that too cats.

@63: It does look kind of wolfish doesn’t it?

hungry looking coyote Scary part considering “resting comfy now on the bed”. Right and when you go to sleep the coyote will rip your throat out! Aiyee!!!

Hey DYB: You want this one?


@63: with all due respect to GBS, I hope it doesn’t have rabies! Here in PA they are a rabies vector species.

Chris Cillizza wears lady glasses. Pass it on.

@68: I’m sure…I hope(?) it was just an overnight guest.

Okay, this is it: I’m taking 1/2 of a xanax right now.


And covering up my head to blot everything out.

Oh man. The names on some of the Twit accounts @67. First and third surnames in the righthand column are from a children’s rhyme you say to get rid of hiccups. (Don’t laugh. It sort of works. The idea is you say it fast and repeat over and over without taking a breath. By the time you have no choice about breathing, the diaphragm has usually stopped its nervous twitch. Presto, end of hiccups.) The second name translates as Wild Cat. The last name just visible in the image is Ruslan Lobster. Ruslan was a legendary hero, sort of like Beowulf.

Whoever is coming up with these accounts is trying to have some fun while slogging away for the Ministry of Truth.



@72, That’s one CIC who’s going to find rolling cannonballs if he sets foot on deck.

Hey! my comment got grabbed by Spammy. Is it Republican?

@73, that’s funny!

@61, “a bit aggressive” LOL!

@63, out on the snow-cold wold, the grey wolf howled at the Dark Duke’s hold…

@72: Fredster, let us know if that works. 45 is despicable. I don’t think even hell would want him.

@72: i wonder if The Fucking Moron said the same thing to the widows of the white guys.

Sorry everyone I’ve been completely MIA all week! 😦

DYB, that’s OK, we know you were really out rescuing coyotes to bathe. 🙂

Fredster @61, 66: OMG! That is so funny! do you think its for real or a joke? Can you imagine all the fleas & other vermin/parasites that would get into one’s bedding from a coyote?!? Gross!

Luna, your comment is out now @75.

@81, yes, missed ya!
@82, LOL!

@81: Don’t believe it – he was on the electric twitter machine earlier.

me@47: Awwwuh…no one liked dinner with the Standers?

@79: No cats that didn’t really help.

Yes, Mr. Pundit summed it up nicely today.

Every day is a new level of Hell as we sink into the seven-layer dip of cruelty, nonsense, and misery that spews out of Trump and his White House of Horrors.


@87, Fredster, just watched it, and I thought it was very well done, and is a good idea. Good for Silverman for doing it! Maybe it will help. The people seemed like decent people, just deluded by the Fox machine.

@88, Good piece!

@90: And annie, like so many did they appear not to realize their medicaid coverage is probably due to Obama’s expanded coverage. Jindal chose not to implement it but it was the first thing John Bel Edwards did as governor. The same goes for the young college girl. She’s probably getting medicaid also. Loved them all saying “it’s through the government” or “the government covers it”. Rolling eyes here.


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