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Posted on: October 14, 2017

Happy (?) Weekend Widdershins!

[NOTE: never liking to waste anything I decided not to waste
this post from last weekend because – why not?]



As I said in the comments on DYB’s post I’m not going to do a musical or movie post this weekend for a couple of reasons.  Once again I’m at a loss for a theme for a musical post and second, I have some bookmarks I want to use before they go too stale.

New Blood in B’ham politics

You may have heard that the city of Birmingham (AL) elected a new mayor this past week.  He is a young black man, Randall Woodfin, who is 36, making him one of the youngest people to be elected as mayor since 1893.  He defeated the incumbent, William Bell, who has been mayor since 2010.  While I’m almost always in favor of new blood in politics, especially when there’s an entrenched incumbent with all of the baggage that goes with that, I was surprised at who wants to help claim credit for the win.

(Bernie) Sanders recorded a robo-call that went out Monday night, telling voters identified as loyal progressives that Woodfin would fight for “Medicare for All” and racial justice…

Really?  The newly-elected mayor of a medium sized southern city is going to fight for Medicare for all?  How?  Please explain exactly how that will work Bernie.  Inquiring minds want to know.

Two other Sanders backed candidates in other states fared well Tuesday night. State Auditor Tim Keller won 39 percent of the vote in the first round of the Albuquerque’s mayoral race, 16 points ahead of his nearest Republican challenger. And in Los Angeles, Sanders campaign veteran Wendy Carrillo led in the first round of a race for an open seat in the state assembly, with 21 percent of the vote.

Congratulations to Mayor-Elect @WoodfinForBham for running a great grassroots and winning campaign. I look forward to working with him,” Sen. Bernie Sanders tweeted.

You get back to me Bernie on how that’s gonna work out, mkay?

And then there’s this from Politico:

Bernie backers give Dem incumbents a pass in 2018
You can read the Politico piece at the link


That’s good to know because we really don’t need Sanders or Nina Turner to start stirring shit up and holding candidates to some type of “purity” test.  From HuffPo:

Turner was interviewed by Collier Meyerson and askedHow will Our Revolution relate to the DNC, the DCCC, the DSCC, that kind of establishment that so many activists and politicians, including you, have frequently criticized?” Her response was I don’t think it is our job nor our obligation to fit in. It’s their job to fit in with us.”  (bolding mine)That mirrors how Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) has handled his entire political career. It is also why he has few real accomplishments to his name after over forty years in office.

Again from HuffPo:

It may behoove Ms. Turner to take a few moments on this July 4th to reread our constitution and realize to make progress on her goals may require some compromise. That is how the founding fathers set up our government. It doesn’t mean compromising your principles, it does mean working steadily toward your goals.

So we can all kiss and make up?

And finally I have a link to a Charles Pierce piece that basically says everyone from the 2016 Democratic primaries needs to get over the butt-hurt (I’ll add “at least for now”) and not waste the potential opportunities we have in 2018.

If the Democratic Party weren’t so terminally bumfuzzled, and if many of its activists could get over the wounds their delicate fee-fees suffered during the 2016 presidential primaries, the party could see a great advantage in coordinating efforts between the formal party apparatus and what could be described as the progressive shock troops that carried Woodfin to victory in Birmingham.

Okay, I can go along with that.  And I can also go along with this:

…if you can believe it, the Democratic National Committee seems to be slightly baffled about what to do as regards the race for the open U.S. Senate seat in Alabama. The Democratic candidate is Douglas Jones, the former U.S. Attorney who sent to prison the last of the terrorists who bombed the 16th Street Baptist Church in 1963. The Republican candidate is a lawless theocratic nutball named Roy Moore, who lost his job as chief justice of the Alabama Supreme Court twice because of flagrant judicial misconduct.

It would seem to the casual observer that people generally should realize it to be their patriotic duty to keep Moore out of the Senate for the good of the country. However, as reported by The Daily Beast, the Democratic Party apparatus can’t even decide if it should go all in for Jones.

I’ll leave it to you, Widdershins, to go read the quote or the full Beast article.  I do not want to be responsible for y’all pounding your laptops, tablets, phones or whatever into oblivion when you read it.  I’ll just say this to the DNC, DSCC or whomever:  Get your asses down to Alabama NOW.  Get going with a massive GOTV operation.  You have a chance here – not everyone (despite my personal beliefs) in Alabama is batshit crazy.  I believe folks here want a legitimate, realistic Democratic candidate they can vote for; one that will let them assuage their consciences for not voting for the guy with the “R” behind his name.

Open thread as always.





103 Responses to "Weekend post~dis n dat"

@2, contrask,

“Maybe I’m just naive,” Blake continued. “From what I know of Steve Bannon and listening to Breitbart News, I don’t see them as white nationalists.”

If they can think that, and also think Drumpf with his divorces, infidelity, and hatefulness is Christian, they’re more than naive. They are frankly delusional.

I can’t understand even half of this, but it’s cool!

Astronomers find half of the missing matter in the universe

It is one of cosmology’s more perplexing problems: that up to 90% of the ordinary matter in the universe appears to have gone missing.

Now astronomers have detected about half of this missing content for the first time, in a discovery that could resolve a long-standing paradox.

The conundrum first arose from measurements of radiation left over from the Big Bang, which allowed scientists to calculate how much matter there is in the universe and what form it takes. This showed that about 5% of the mass in the universe comes in the form of ordinary matter, with the rest being accounted for by dark matter and dark energy.

@2 and 3: i was trying to find out more about that values voters summit and found this article at I don’t know if it will copy but it made my blood run cold. I heard clips of trump’s speech, he is really working the fascism. They billed Kelly Anne as the “Woman who saved the world” and rationalized forgiving trump’s lechery with this quote, “All sinners have a future and all saints have a past.” Trump is a saint, yeah, right. They are beyond delusional and they are dangerous. Did anyone catch Rev Barber on Joy this morning? He had some interesting things to say including a reference to a religious oligarchy using Christianity and these “believers” to achieve their objectives. The way things are going, this minority is going to take us back to the Dark Ages.

Well, the NPR article didn’t work. If you are interested, it is under politics and entitled, “Trump To Values Voters: In America ‘We Don’t Worship Government, We Worship God’.”

On Randall Woodfin: while Bernie would love to take all credit for Woodfin’s success (and he is trying), it should be noted Woodfin was head of Hillary’s campaign in Alabama. I’ve seen Bernie Bros post how Bernie people are winning all over the place and the establishment needs to get in line. I pointed out that actually Woodfin came out of Hillary’s campaign. The typical response is “Whatever. Bernie!”

Also, people are continuing to bash HRC for Weinstein, including Anthony Bourdain.

@8: Are you a wizard? How did you do that?

I usually listen to Joy, but missed this morning. Rev Barber is always good. These people are so delusional. The narrative that all our media is liberal is an example. When I try to instruct conservative friends to check their sources, they refuse to listen, because “liberal” media. It’s pointless. They are deluded and they don’t want to change. And Librul Media My Ass is right:

@10: what really scares me is that these people (and I have friends among them) didn’t get deluded in a vacuum, they were led to it. Maybe they are predisposed to this kind of influence but they are nonetheless brainwashed, programmed and dangerous as any cult. We know about the Kochs, the Mercers, and the Sinclairs but how many others are out there? I don’t know how we can fight them at this point. Reason and logic don’t work, voting them out is getting close to impossible. They control all the levers of power. I suppose Soros can be added to that list, but I haven’t heard his name in awhile.

The Nonvaluable Voters Summit is sponsored by the Family Research Council. The F.R.C. has been labeled a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center. This list of “founders should give you all the info you need to know: Tony Perkins, James Dobson, Gary Bauer, George Alan Rekers.

@11: what really scares me is that these people (and I have friends among them) didn’t get deluded in a vacuum, they were led to it

They learned it at their parents’ knee and then stayed surrounded by people of the same ilk.

@3: Shows their total hypocrisy doesn’t it? But he told them what they wanted to hear.

cats @5, I think this may be the link you were intending? Trump To Values Voters: In America ‘We Don’t Worship Government, We Worship God’

Right up there with thinking that paper profits in the stock rally has solved the deficit.

Katie bar the door.

(oops. contrask and I were thinking the same thing, only she thinks faster!)

You guys give me comfort, since I don’t think like most folks in Oklahoma – like this cop. Maybe account was hacked, but there are plenty who think this way:

Interesting article here from TPM on crazy Roy Moore.

It seems that earlier, in the aughts, a bipartisan group was trying to remove certain things from the Bama state constitution. That would be the parts that still referred to Jim Crow laws, and the like. It was going pretty well until crazy Roy got involved. He had time on his because he had just gotten booted from the state Supreme Court the first time.

Alabama’s state constitution still contains the following language:

“Separate schools shall be provided for white and colored children, and no child of either race shall be permitted to attend a school of the other race.”

Crazy Roy got into it saying the amendment would lead to tax increase. ??? You’ll have to read the entire article to see where he got that brilliant idea from

I would like to try, whenever I have to refer to *that guy* to use this instead:

I wish I had some image editing software so I could delete “dog food” and add “crazy” to it.

@13: Fredster, I totally agree but being the paranoid that I am, I feel there are monied “others” that are exploiting these sheep because they can, because they are already predisposed to hate and fear and feel superior to those who are often the most vulnerable among us. These puppet masters benefit while the rest of us suffer. It’s just divide and conquer with Putin getting points for the assist.

@20: Oh I agree with you cats. Those groups are working with the raw material that’s available to them.

On a different topic here’s a PSA from Samantha Bee:

contrask, this has me curious. You seem to be able to “like” a comment here. (I get notifications of that in my email). I can’t see anything on my screen that shows a like button or anything like that. Where are you seeing that in order to like a comment?

Thanks for reposting this, Fredster. I missed the HuffPo piece last time. I seriously doubt the DNC is interested in hooking up with an organization called “Our Revolution” no matter.

Speaking of, with all this news about Manafort in the news, I’ve been wondering where is Tad Devine? Anybody seen him lately? He’s probably off lobbying for some pro-Russia interest somewhere.

@24: I think the idea is to work with the voters themselves and not so much with the likes of Sanders and Turner themselves.

Just my opinion of course.
Hey! You have a working “n” now?

@23 Fredster. You can do it in reader mode if you are signed in to WordPress. I follow a couple of other blogs, so it’s nice to see updates there. The downside to reader mode is you don’t see the post #. So it’s better to just be on the Widdershins blog when you want to respond to people and reference post #

My Pokes are taking care of Baylor! Orange Power!! (NOT 45 orange!)

The Democrats have a Senatorial Committee that should be helping Doug Jones. I don’t know if they have any money, though. Just from reading around, the DNC may not have much because lots of people refuse to donate until they get rid of the Unity Commission. It sure would be nice to see Crazy Ol’ Roy get whooped.

@26: Ah! I learned something there. 🙂

Yes I saw your Cowboys were giving Baylor a massive smackdown.

Fredster, I’m using an external keyboard. Expect to see typos!

@27: I think the DSC has been holding off on spending on the Bama race. Why, I have no idea. At least send some $$s down for a GOTV action.

@15 and 16: Quixote. Yes, that was it, thank you. You must be a wizard too like contrask! I want to be the Sorcerers’ Apprentice, please. I couldn’t find a link to copy on my iPad, what is the spell?

OMG! I did not think this would happen!

LSU came from waay behind and beat Auburn 27-23. I didn’t think they had it in them. Allez les Tigres!

@31: Cats, when you are on the website of the link you wish to paste, highlight the link that shows in the address bar at the top of your browser. Right-click it to copy it. Then come here and paste it into a comment. Voila!

I don’t know if y’all have heard much about next years Gov race here in Georgia. There is a black woman named Stacey Abrams running. From what I’ve seen she’s pretty far left, which is a little worrisome in GA. I would be thrilled if we can have a Dem Governor.

A few weeks ago I just happened to catch Net Roots nation happening on C-span. There is also a white woman named Stacy who is running. She was introduced and the second she got to the podium, a group of black activists (or maybe just Abram supporters, I don’t know) jumped up and started chanted “Let black women speak!” over and over through her whole speech. Poor woman had to shout her speech for 15 minutes trying to be heard – to no avail.

Then a woman came on the stage who was a Priestess of something or other. It looked like her purpose was to soothe the tension in the room. She’s hopping around on the stage like a Holiness preacher saying ‘Now THAT’S what democracy looks like!”. Um no… it’s was just damn rude and unnecessary. We really don’t need shit like that.

I’m sure Abrams will win the primary and I’ll be happy as a clam to vote for her but please… She would be the first black Gov and the first woman Gov. How cool would that be!?

@29: Well it’s working GAgal. Oh and fwiw, you can buy a replacement keyboard for a laptop. And youtube has videos of how to install them. Amazon has a replacement keyboard for my HP. It’s not that difficult to do but there is one…little…tiny…pin that’s in there and you have to take it out. If you lose it, you’re screwed. That’s what’s been holding me back from getting the replacement. I know my luck. Snort!

@34: Well that may be just too damned much progress for GA to handle. Of course that goes for other states as well, particularly in the south.

About that Manafort news… I wonder if that Cyprus bank he was using as a pass through to his other accounts is the same one that the Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross has ties to?

Excellent opinion piece:

Trump’s marriage to the religious right reeks of hypocrisy on both sides

Trump exposes the religious right’s moral pretension for the veneer it’s always been.

In 2016, white evangelicals went from being the least likely to the most likely group to agree that a candidate’s personal immorality has no bearing on his or her performance in public office. So much for the Moral Majority. Perhaps this explains why religious conservatives have stood by Trump even as a greater number of business leaders and Republicans have abandoned him.

In some views, conservative Christians’ alliance with Trump represents an abandonment of moral conscience. But this is to presuppose that the religious right once had moral coherency. The truth is that this movement has always used the issues of abortion and religious freedom as cover for discrimination.

As historian Randall Balmer has argued, conservative evangelicals were initially reluctant to take up the issue of abortion in the 1970s. Instead, it was resistance to racial integration that helped to unite conservative evangelicals around a political agenda. Before Roe v Wade, there was the case of Green v Kennedy. This 1970 ruling ended tax-exempt status for private Christian schools known as “segregation academies.”

@31, 33, and for those of us who do not have silly right and left clicks on their mice, you can merely highlight what you want, then do “command-c” and you’ve got it copied.

@39: I can only deal with and describe things that I’m familiar with..


@39: then do “command-c” and you’ve got it copied.
Then what do you do? Finish it up there Luna. Merely copying doesn’t finish the job does it?

Where’s the command? Yes, I’m a moron.

Congrats on your football victory, Fredster!!
More and more, I’m convinced that Bernie/Putin’s useful idiots are going to be the death of the political Party I’ve loved.

@40, I was being a smart-aleck, sorry. And when I paste in emojis they don’t show on this site except for the ones I make out of keyboard symbols.

@41, 42, yes, then you put your cursor where you want the URL to go, and do “command-v” to paste it. Or you can use the menu commands to copy and paste.

Oh, maybe you have non-Mac equipment and there isn’t any “command” key?

@44: I was just giving you a little grief in jest. 😉

Sweet Sue and cats, if you don’t have Apple computers but have Windows based ones, follow the instructions I put up earlier.

@43: Sue, they (LSU) was so far behind in the first quarter I changed the channel thinking it was going to be a blowout for Auburn.

Fredster, great post! I will donate to Doug Jones. Agree with you that the Dems should give his race everything they’ve got. Also, if I had the choice of voting for one of Bernies assholes or a rethug, I would vote for the asshole, provided, of course they were a dem or going to caucus with the dems. Sad that we can’t count on Bernies assholes to have the brains and fortitude to do the same if their choice was a rethug or regular Dem. If Bernie runs for prez again, I will wholeheartedly support whatever dem is running against him.

Fredster @23, I’ve been meaning to ask Contrask about liking comments!

Wow! Congrats on the LSU win. We didn’t think it would happen. Yay Tigers!

@46: annie I firmly believe that’s what we have to do for 2018. I think it’s so important that we get the House back in 2018.

I’m watching your game now. C’mon Trojans!

@48: I was so discouraged I turned the tv to the Okla/Tx Red River Showdown. The in the 3rd qtr I went back to the LSU game and thought “Huh? What?” and stayed with it till the end. Amazing comeback for LSU.

Interesting. And for an added bonus, Darrell Issa may lose his seat too.

Most surprising is the move in the 48th Congressional District, represented by Rep. Dana Rohrabacher of Costa Mesa, from “lean Republican” to “toss-up.”

Cook political analyst David Wasserman called the seat one of Democrats’ best pick-up opportunities in California, saying Rohrabacher may have had a long career, but “his recent sympathetic comments towards Russia and strange interactions with Julian Assange and internet conspiracy theorist Chuck Johnson could amount to self-sabotage in a district President Trump narrowly lost.”

Yeah, we’re clicking back and forth between the Dodgers/Cubs playoffs and USC. Weirdly enough, we’re going to a show in Santa Monica, leaving pretty soon and will listen to the games on the radio. I bought the tickets a long time ago, before we knew about the Dodgers. Anyway, catch up with you all later tonight!

On my computer, it’s control+c to copy and control+v to paste.

@51: That would be fantastic to see him gone along with Rohrabacher.

@38 Luna, they are, almost literally, worshipping ‘the Golden Calf’.

@52: Y’all have fun!

Thanks for the advice on copying links. My problem was that when i was in the article the only address was Maybe it is because i was using an iPad? Contrask and Quixote could Copy the specific link but i don’t know how they got to the longer links that took them to the NPR
article rather than NPR home. I am cursed.

Cats @57, yes, I’m pretty sure if a web site thinks you’re a tablet or a phone, you won’t see the whole address. It’s nothing you’re doing! (Sweet Sue, on a Mac, if that’s what you have, “command” is that key not far from the space bar that looks kind of like a four-leaf clover. So “command-c” means pressing the clover key and the “c” at the same time. On Windows “command” is the key labelled “Ctrl.” And stop calling yourself dumb. That’s an order! You’re doing a reverse Dale Carnegie on yourself and convincing yourself of bad things. Plus it. is. not. true.)

@57 Cats, I have a hard time trying to post YouTube videos on music days. Sometime I get the video & sometimes I get the link. I wish WordPress would let you correct mistakes.

It seems really bizarre to me that Democrats are not throwing all they have into Doug Jones race… But they often make decisions that make no sense to me. (Like this “unity commission” which is actually picking at scabs each and every day.) I’ve never seen Tom Perez articulate why it’s a good idea. It just exists…


@60: I completely agree.

Cats, if you were using a tablet of some type then I don’t have any idea.

Oops, forgot, congrats to annie and the dudes’ Trojans.

@63: It’s worse than that:

Ivanka and Donald Jr. Reportedly Tried to Cut Tiffany Out of Her Inheritance

@63: Being snubbed by that group of miscreants is a good thing. It’s the birthday present I would have wanted if I were at the deep end of that gene pool.

@66: Yes agreed but I would still want any inheritance I could get upon the passing of “Pops”.

@66 & 67, haha! Agree with both of you.

Check out this thread:

@69: OMG, I’m almost afraid to.

How interesting, Janesville Wisc, home of the zombie-eyed granny starver.


LMAO because I can choose between laughing, screaming or crying. Or sometimes all of the above.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani blasted President Trump as a “dictator” in a televised address on Friday after Trump’s announcement that he would not recertify Iran’s compliance under a multinational nuclear deal.

“The Iranian people will not bend down before a dictator. It has never surrendered and will never,” Rouhani said in comments reported by The Wall Street Journal.

He added, “No paragraph or article or note will be added” to the deal in order to please Trump.

I continue to believe that even foreign adversaries know we didn’t actually elect this dickwad.

Oops, that last sentence before the link was me, not Rouhani!
Don’t think Rouhani would call Trump a dickwad… at least not publicly.

@61, bet that intern was told to do that.

@74, Luna, yes, thought the same thing.

@73 GAgal> LOL. It would have been amazing if he did! I honestly didn’t even notice it. It just seemed to make sense. Hahahaha

The voting numbers in Wisconsin…. WTF??

I saw Patricia Arquette tweeting those numbers at a bunch of reporters yesterday, like Maddow, Joy and Tapper. But they’re so busy asking HRC and Chelsea if Clinton Foundation will return Weinstein’s money. (They shouldn’t. They spend it on AIDS and malaria medication.)

@77 DYB, agree 100% about the Clinton Foundation. They should just say – nope, we’re spending that money on those suffering from AIDS and other preventable diseases, people who don’t know or care who Harvey Weinstein is. Why should they be made to suffer for Harvey’s sins?

It’s just crazy how people blame Hillary and the Foundation for everything. Democrats need to take control of this narrative, but as usual, they’re too busy sucking up to Bernie Sanders to actually defend her.

How does she do it? No one has her back. I would be a bitter b*tch by now, but she’s not. She’s incredible.

I don’t know about y’all but I just feel better already. NOOOOO!


Run! Run for your lives!!!


I missed SNL because, football. However saw this on youtube.

The video is a little rough, but here’s Hillary’s interview with Fareed. (sorry if there are ads to deal with) She starts around 6:00.

Warms the heart:

California wildfires: moment family’s dog is found alive in ruins of home – video

That SNL skit is amazing! LOL

Good grief. CNN is hosting a debate between Bernie and Ted Cruz on Wednesday. Why would anybody want to watch that? I can’t stand the sight of either of them.

Chuck Grassley is insane. He’s actually proposing that Russia paid for the Steele dossier. Huh? And if that won’t fly, then the FBI and the Clinton campaign were in cahoots. Jeebus.

@87> Are there any sane Republicans? I really don’t trust any of them. Not one.

Nomiki Konst was on Fox again today, bashing Feinstein. Now honesty, I’d like to see who might challenge Feinstein. But Konst and Fox need to keep their mouths shut.

Bernie vs. Cruz – hard pass. The only reason I’d watch it is if it was a to-the-death fight. Otherwise, nah. I have concert tickets anyway. My time will be more pleasantly spent.

Ok good night ya’ll! I’m ready for bed. (When do we switch our clocks? I need that extra hour.)

@86, Slanders v Cruz? Bernie can’t debate well — he doesn’t have a logical analytical mind. But then neither does Cruz.

@88, why doesn’t Konst bash some of the Rs instead of Feinstein? And Fox? Never mind, we all know why.

@84: Now that is a “Bernie” I could put my arms round! So happy she made it!

@72 & 73: Actually GAgal, you could fix that yourself if you wanted to. You have editor privileges and you could edit the comment. Just passing along to ya

Sanders/Cruz huh? The only way I would do that is if they made it Celebrity Death match (and I mean for real, not claymation)

@81, “cougar” eh. Riiiight. That little episode is a metaphor for FOX news.

@92 Thanks Fredster. I corrected it. Hope it doesn’t confuse anyone but I gotta do it to learn!

Got a question for ya’ via email.

@94: Gotta reel in that audience with a hook of some sort. LOL

@95: Okay. Give me just a sec.

@93 Oh lordy…

My grandmother used to say ‘Lordy’ a lot – Except we’re southern and she always said it three times so it was more like ‘lawdy, lawdy, lawdy…’

Twitter gives Julian Assange 280 characters. DO NOT click on Assange’s and read the comments. Way too creepy to think these people are out there. Much worse than the SNL KellyAnne crap above.

@98: I know, and apologies offered. That was from back in the day.

@100 Now I thought the the Kellywise thing was funny. Of course I adore Kate McKinnon.

@100 I thought the Kellywise thing was hilarious. It’s almost her true self. I just can’t do horror stuff. I like suspense, but not horror.

@102: I love being scared and love horror stuff. Just me though.

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