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The Crying Shame

Posted on: October 11, 2017


Harvey Weinstein is a very important man in Hollywood. As the co-founder (with his brother Bob) of the film production company Miramax in the 1980s (named after their parents Mira and Max), and then of The Weinstein Company in 2005, they (with Harvey as the real creative force) have produced and/or distributed some of the most recognizable and prestigious films of the past 30 years. The list is extraordinary for just two men from Buffalo: The English Patient, Shakespeare in Love, Cinema Paradiso, The Piano, The Crying Game, Good Will Hunting, The Lord of the Rings trilogy, The Queen, The King’s Speech, Pulp Fiction and every other Quentin Tarantino movie, Scream, There Will Be Blood, No Country For Old Men, Aviator, Chicago, Muriel’s Wedding, Madonna: Truth or Dare, Amelie, My Left Foot, Vicky Christina Barcelona, Bullets Over Broadway, Clerks, Bridget Jones’ Diary, The Hours, Sling Blade, Life Is Beautiful, Fahrenheit 9/11, Dogma, etc. He also produced Broadway shows like The Producers, The Color Purple, La Cage aux Folles, Bernadette Peters’ Gipsy, The Addams’ Family, Al Pacino’s revival of Glenngary Glen Ross. And one of TV’s most famous shows: Project Runaway.

Look at that list! It’s understandable why this story has become so huge in the news and entertainment industry. Harvey Weinstein is a cultural giant. Whether or not anybody outside of the entertainment industry truly cares is a different matter. The larger story of a powerful man sexually abusing women for decades (famous women to boot) and getting away with it is an important one. Coming on the heels of exposure and falls of Bill Cosby, Roger Ailes and Bill O’Reilly, Weinstein is another reminder that these men have existed for many years – and continue to exist now. Perhaps Louis CK will be next, who knows. These men exist in every industry, not just entertainment. Does this put the fear of god into any of them? I don’t now… I fear not. Beyond the reaction to Weinstein himself, the reaction to the women has also been shocking. The media’s demand that Hillary Clinton comment, and that Meryl Streep’s comment wasn’t good enough, is a perverse cycle of blaming victims. The story has stopped being about Weinstein abusing women and now it’s more about “what do famous women think about Weinstein abusing women?” It’s sick.

I worked at Miramax back in its heyday of 2000 in a very unimportant position. Shakespeare in Love was in production (code name: Project Plague.The Lord of the Rings (code name: Jumboree) was just a script collecting dust in the closet, soon to be sold to a different studio, though the brothers retained their producer credit. What everybody knew about Harvey then is that he was an awful bully. His emotional, verbal and sometimes physical abuse of employees (throwing things, like a phone or a book) was known to all. In the 1990s Premiere magazine (now gone) published an article about the worst people in the industry to work for. Harvey competed for the top spot with producer Scott Rudin (also producer of some of the best films of the past few decades like Clueless, Regarding Henry and Wonder Boys; as well as huge Broadway shows like The Book of Mormon.) Rudin is gay and I have no doubt there are many demons there which perhaps some day will also land on the front pages of newspapers. But Harvey did more than just produce big movies, he dominated the industry in a way no other film producer had in decades. He inspired awe and fear from other studio heads because of his knack for picking remarkable films and turning Oscar campaigns into both an art form and a brutal contact sport. He was a throwback to the old, golden Hollywood age when studios developed, nurtured and made stars, and then reaped the rewards: people like Matt Damon and Ben Affleck, Gwyneth Paltrow and Quentin Tarantino were synonymous with Miramax, and they owe big parts of their careers to Harvey. Without Weinstein turning Good Will Hunting, Shakespeare in Love and Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction into cultural phenomenons, it’s very likely they would not have turned into the superstars that they are today.

While Harvey’s explosive temper and rage were known by all, his sexual deviancy was better hidden. I had heard jokes about prostitutes. But anything beyond “paid companions” was not widely discussed at the time. So Meryl Streep’s comment that she didn’t know – which so many have attacked her for – is quite credible to me. One must also realize that celebrities – often through no fault of their own – live in a bubble. There are people in their lives who protect them and make sure they are uninformed. One example: One day Ben Affleck came to the office and the producer I was assisting who had an Israeli poster of Good Will Hunting on his wall. The writing was in Hebrew. Affleck said: “Oh that’s so cool! I’ve never seen that!” When he left 20 minutes later all hell broke loose as about 5 assistants spent two days trying to find another copy of that poster. Affleck didn’t now, he didn’t especially want it, but we turned the place upside down looking for another copy of the poster because Ben mentioned in passing that it was cool. Taking care of celebrities this way is an entire industry in entertainment. When I hear about celebrities being difficult I almost don’t blame them. Can you imagine what being treated this way can do to your brain?

As the media descends on the women in the industry, it’s obvious why people like Gwyneth Paltrow didn’t speak out against him in the first place. It wouldn’t just be a matter of telling someone and it’s over. No, look at the way Harvey’s victims are being treated by the press. They are torn to shreds. I wouldn’t have said anything either. Paltrow describes how Weinstein abused her before she became a star and it seems that only the interference of her then-boyfriend Brad Pitt saved her.

When Mr. Weinstein tried to massage her and invited her into the bedroom, she immediately left, she said, and remembers feeling stunned as she drove away. “I thought you were my Uncle Harvey,” she recalled thinking, explaining that she had seen him as a mentor.

After she told Mr. Pitt about the episode, he approached Mr. Weinstein at a theater premiere and told him never to touch Ms. Paltrow again. Mr. Pitt confirmed the account to The Times through a representative.

Soon after, Mr. Weinstein called Ms. Paltrow and berated her for discussing the episode, she said. (She said she also told a few friends, family members and her agent.) “He screamed at me for a long time,” she said, once again fearing she could lose the role in “Emma.” “It was brutal.” But she stood her ground, she said, and insisted that he put the relationship back on professional footing.

Even as Ms. Paltrow became known as the “first lady of Miramax” and won an Oscar for “Shakespeare in Love” in 1999, very few people knew about Mr. Weinstein’s advances. “I was expected to keep the secret,” she said.

Besides Paltrow, other actresses openly accusing Weinstein of assaulting them are Angelina Jolie, Rosanna Arquette, Ashley Judd, Rose McGowan, Mira Sorvino, Asia Argento, among others.

Though she never mentions Weinstein by name, Tori Spelling wrote in her book in 2009 that a refusal to do a nude scene in a Miramax film led to the studio nearly cutting her out of the film altogether, and turning her starring role into a cameo.

It’s also important to note that while the NY Times might claim to have brought Weinstein down (along with a near-contemporary report from The New Yorker, which includes an audio recording of Weinstein harassing an Italian model; Ronan Farrow wrote the story for New Yorker because his bosses at NBC refused to air it), Times are also the paper that helped keep Weinstein in power for so long. They killed a story in 2004 about Weinstein, as detailed by the author of that story and founder of The Wrap, Sharon Waxman.

I also tracked down a woman in London who had been paid off after an unwanted sexual encounter with Weinstein. She was terrified to speak because of her non-disclosure agreement, but at least we had evidence of a pay-off.

The story I reported never ran.

After intense pressure from Weinstein, which included having Matt Damon and Russell Crowe call me directly […] the story was gutted.

I was told at the time that Weinstein had visited the newsroom in person to make his displeasure known. I knew he was a major advertiser in the Times, and that he was a powerful person overall.

But I had the facts, and this was the Times. Right?

Wrong. The story was stripped of any reference to sexual favors or coercion and buried on the inside of the Culture section, an obscure story about Miramax firing an Italian executive. Who cared?

The Times’ then-culture editor Jon Landman, now an editor-at-large for Bloomberg, thought the story was unimportant, asking me why it mattered.

So now the fallout is: Weinstein has been fired from his company. The company just announced that they will have a new name shortly. (And if anybody knew everything – it would have been his brother Bob.) Weinstein’s wife has also announced that she has left him.

There are a lot of powerful people in Hollywood afraid tonight. Hopefully there are a lot of powerful men in all industries taking note of how quickly and how hard they might fall.

What’s on your mind Widdershins?


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Oh this is terrible.

Rebecca Traister also had run-ins with Weinstein. Her piece is worth a read:

After intense pressure from Weinstein, which included having Matt Damon and Russell Crowe call me directly […] the story was gutted.

Damon and Crowe must be less-obvious versions of Weinstein. Wonder how many others there are?

NWLuna @3, given these two heavy hitters who didn’t speak up, who –gee whiz– worked to cover up, it’s important to dump on Meryl Streep and Hillary Clinton. They shoulda knowd, right? Through feminine intuition or something. /*endless screaming*/

I’m around and will be back later. Doing Win updates and some of these are incredibly s-l-o-w.

DYB, excellent post. Very interesting that nbc passed on Ronan Farrow’s piece. It’s been a long time since I’ve liked nbc. I was reading about this early am, and a commenter linked to a post by a gossip columnist named Lainey. Lainey thinks that brother Bob started HW’s downfall. No idea if its true or not, but here’s a link if you’re interested:

I saw part of Maddow’s interview last night with Farow. He really got some digs in. Maddow was trying to move past the NBC part of not doing the piece on Weinstein but Farrow was having none of that.

I wonder if she got a chewing out today?

@7: More important to me if she gets chewed out, does she care and does she stand her ground? The truth is the truth, to hell with spin snd corporate politics. Farrow really impressed me, he did not equivocate, just laid out all the facts, quite forcefully. I never heard of him before, but he sounded like a journalist, rather than a reporter to me. This story clearly meant a lot to him.

@8: Cats Farrow previously had a show on MSNBC, didn’t last long. I don’t think it was anything particularly on his part – just couldn’t find the right niche for him.

They (NBC) will probably not say much to Maddow because of this:

New Randy Rainbow

Uh…sorry to bring this up, but the sidebar graphics with the “less than 2 weeks I have to keep seeing that face” and “Clinton-Kaine 2016” — what do people think about still having those up? To me they’re salt in the wounds. The other Hillary graphics aren’t anywhere as painful to me, although still sad.

Japan has a word for “death from overwork” and even a law against excessive overtime! Mind-boggling. Would never happen in the U.S.

Japanese labour inspectors have determined that the suicide of a 23-year-old man who worked at Tokyo’s new Olympic stadium construction site stemmed from overwork, and that his family was eligible for government compensation.

Hiroshi Kawahito, a lawyer representing the bereaved family, said that the victim, in charge of quality control of materials at the stadium site, recorded 190 hours of overtime in one month before killing himself in March, according to Japan’s NHK public television. The worker had been in the role for less than a year.

The amount of overtime was way over 80 hours, a threshold for karoshi (death from overwork). Labour officials in Tokyo found the victim, who was not identified by name, also recorded 160 hours of overtime in January.

ICYMI: A good charity which helps furry critters and the people who love them.

@11 Uh, I think I haven’t felt like fooling with them.



@8 catscatscats> As Fredster pointed out, Farrow had a show briefly on MSNBC. I don’t think anybody knew what to do with him. His other claim to fame is that he’s Mira Farrow and Woody Allen’s son. Though he looks exactly like Frank Sinatra. He is really really really not a fan of Woody Allen’s. Woody is a whole other topic, but I’m actually one of the people who don’t believe the accusation of child molestation. There are so many things wrong with that story. The Soon-Yi issue is a separate one. In any case, in his article it was sort of interesting to see his part on Mira Sorvino because the movie they are discussing during which Weinstein harassed her, “Mighty Aphrodite,” is an Allen film. (Sorvino won an Oscar for her performance.)

This morning Chris Cuomo went on a tirade against HRC and the fact that she didn’t respond to Weinstein soon enough to satisfy him.

HRC just gave an interview to CNN. I really wish she hadn’t.

When you lose Limbaugh…


@9 and 18: thanks guys, appreciate the additional information.

@20: what happened? I am sure she was candid, did they crucify her after?

@19: Chris Cuomo needs to go off to a corner and contemplate his navel or something. He certainly doesn’t add anything to the news.

@23: Because she’ll have people ask why not sooner or what’s your interest in this or “who asked you?” or ad infinitum.

Fareed Zaccharia interviewed her. So get this: She said she’ll donate whatever money Weinstein gave to charity. (Even though the money wasn’t given to her, it was given to the campaign. But she’ll donate her own money.) Then Dylan Byers of CNN started furious tweeting that she gives 10% to charity annually and the Weinstein money should be in addition to her usual donations; otherwise it’s pointless.

So now she’s not giving to charity properly!

@26: See? She can’t please anyone.


I’ll never understand it. Most of the media hates Hillary and most of the public loves her.


Good thread:

Sorry about this but you have to play the embedded clip.


@38 Fredster> Whhhhaaaat?

@40: If you can figure out that logic, good luck to ya.


@38: I know shit about Wall Street but that made absolutely NO sense!

On rachel tonight, she gave a PR down-date: people are now dying from leptospirosis because they are drinking contaminated water. The disease can be treated with antibiotics while the Comfort sits in the harbor treating only 7 people on Monday. Why can’t they get food, water and medical care to these people? Or, transport them out? It has been three weeks!!! AND, pruitt sent out a statement telling the people of PR not to drink water from capped wells on Superfund sites. This is FUBAR.


@43: I saw that too on her show. I tried to find some info on that story about the 7 patients on the ship but could not find anything.

We have chinook helicopters that can carry things like this so why can’t they be dropping food and water to those areas?

Or these:

@15, Fredster, yeah, I can understand that.

@45: Fredster I google USNS Comfort every day and I have only found one brief report since its arrival. At that point, it had treated less than one hundred people and had taken about 10 critical patients from two failing hospitals. It is unfathomable to me how this can be happening. It has mountains yes but it is what, 100 miles by 35 miles? The VI have no hospitals at all after Maria.

@47: From what I’ve seen or heard there are still places where the roads are not passable so if that’s the case then using a helo would make so much sense.

I saw that Joy Reid was tweeting from the V.I. this evening so possibly she is going to do a show from there or other reporting?

@46: So full of hope and promise last year.


@38, huh?

This is the article that Maddow had an image of when talking about the Comfort.

@51: Don’t even try. It will be interesting to see if Krugman will have a take on that.

Good Rude Pundit on what the repubs are trying to do with the Weinstein stuff.

As I’ve said, the same blowhards that told Hillary to sit down and shut up are now excoriating her for -um-something about Harvey Weinstein.
When Bill goes to Heaven, Hillary will be finally free to tell Chris Cuomo, Jake Tapper, Wolf Blitzer, Chris Cillizza, etc. to go Fuck Themselves And Not In The Good Way.

You can tell when I do most of my reading of other sites.

Good Charles Pierce here:

A Plea for a President It is time for Barack Obama to join the Trump Resistance full-time

Love Rude Pundit! And the Randy Rainbow song…which I think is actually a pretty song. I wish it would get radio play.

@57: I had to look up radio play. You mean the website thing?

@55: Sue, she probably considers them nothing more than annoying little piss ants of gnats.

Interesting video here. Guy was in northern Ontario doing some drone videos and captured this encounter between a moose and a wolf in the water. I hate the music though.

@56 Wow, from Pierce:

Where were you during the election about the Russian ratfcking and where have you been since? Hillary Rodham Clinton is out there getting whacked around from hell until breakfast talking about it. Do you have her back? She called the reaction of your administration to this assault on American democracy “mushy,” and she was right. And she was the one who got pilloried for saying it. Where’s the courage in that? People have been pushing back against this monstrosity daily, at great personal risk. Why haven’t you been one of them? Why haven’t you been out front?

I’ve got some keys sticking o* my key*oard. After ‘a’. After ‘m’. Co*sider it code til I fix it. Hard to comme*t, *ut great post a*d thread.

@62: LOL! Perhaps some canned air might help it. I’ve used that and then was amazed at what blew out from beneath the keys.

Gawd how pathetic and clueless the orange turd is and apparently Hannity also.

His appearance on Hannity’s show was at an ANG base in Pennsylvania. While they were talking, a bugle sounded Retreat and:

Trump referred to the bugle call as a “nice sound,” and asked Hannity if they were playing it “in honor of his ratings.”

TRUMP: What a nice sound that is. Are they playing that for you or for me? They’re playing that in honor of his ratings. Did you see how good his ratings are? He’s beating everybody.

HANNITY: I think they’ll be higher tonight. I’m just guessing.

As “Retreat” is played, the Army website explains, “Once the bugle sounds, all personnel driving on the installation should stop. Service members and government civilian personnel are encouraged to turn off their vehicles, and, if safe to do so, exit to render the appropriate honors.”

I can tell you that when we lived on bases and were out when “Retreat” was played, if it was mom and me, we stopped, got out and stood with hand over heart. If my dad was with us, we got out and he saluted. There were no ifs, ands, or buts.

Hopi*g that’s all it takes. A little worried I may offli*e awhile.

@65: Nah. Be creative with emojis. LOL

@64 It sou*ds like the military was putting their CIC to a test. He failed, of course. Hey, chief of staff Kelly, Mattis a*d the other military guys who are actually i* charge of the WH (coup), what do you thi*k of your CIC?

@67: He flunked miserably. Wouldn’t expect anything else of him.

So over night Twitter suspended Rose McGowan’s account.

GAgal @61, Pierce writes well, no question about that, but some of us *cough* me *cough* were out there in November saying the same thing when Obama was still Pres and could have actually done something to save the country he was still at that point the President of. E.g., just for instance, declassified the relevant docs so the country had the information democracy depends on. Instead he went on vacation.

(Yes, I’m still furious at all the opportunities he blew off, starting in 2009 when he had both Houses and enough goodwill to be FDR.)

@70, quixote, you speak for me. Doing too little too late.

@64, Example #3,496 on why Trump is unfit to be President.

70 quixote


GAgal, enjoying you comments thru a sticky keyboard. Another trick that may help is some alcohol on a Q-tip, gently try to clean around sticky keys. I always keep one old keyboard around for just this kind of occurrence, and now own a pretty, pink Rock Candy’, cordless, washable keyboard 😉

Typing with one hand sucks…

I agree that Rachel deserves some sort of award for her shows since the pig flew into the White House. (She was on my $hit list for many years since 2007)


A data firm backed by some of Donald Trump’s closest allies is now facing scrutiny as part of an investigation into possible collusion between the president’s team and Russian operatives, The Daily Beast has learned.

The House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (HPSCI) is looking at Cambridge Analytica’s work for President Donald Trump’s campaign as part of its investigation into Russian efforts to meddle in the 2016 race, according to sources familiar with the probe.

The company is in the process of turning over documents to HPSCI, according to a source familiar with the committee’s work. Another source close to the investigation said that the probe’s focus on Cambridge Analytica is “fruitful.”

I guess the o*ly way to stop or delay Trump’s damage is to tie them up i* court…

A group of former Obama Administration lawyers on Wednesday moved for a temporary injunction against President Donald Trump’s voting fraud commission, saying the committee caused an “immediate blow to the proper functioning of our democracy” when it requested voter data from all 50 states without following legally mandated procedures.

The motion, filed in U.S. District Court in Washington, D.C., by Protect Democracy Project and United to Protect Democracy, cited reports of people withdrawing their voter registration in response to the Trump commission’s request for information — proof, the motion argues, that the court should stop the Trump group from collecting the data now before it does more harm.

The motion also argues that the requests “may increase the vulnerability of voter registration systems to hackers” and, contrary to federal law, gives Protect Democracy insufficient time to respond and mobilize the public to its actions.

Read more here:

Fredster @60, interesting video. Was the moose bleeding in the water at the end? It looked like the wolf had it by the leg at one point.

Lots of crazy shit on twitter today. The group that co-opted the Women’s March in January is now holding a “Women’s Convention” in Detroit, and they proudly announced Bernie Slanders as their opening night speaker. I was proud to see them get the slaming they deserve by the Hillary army.

@75 & 76, Thanks for that! As a matter of fact, I’ve been thinking about unregistering myself & dudes, and then reregistering before election. I don’t want dumps maga cretins having access to our personal info either.

@70 and 71: Yeah, yeah you two.

But ya know what? As he also wrote earlier in another piece, we better try to all work together, as much as possible, to take advantage of the opportunities we may have in 2018 to get the House back. I’m not going to mention the Senate because we’ll be defending 25 seats there.

From wiki:

Currently, Democrats are expected to have 23 seats up for election along with 2 independents who caucus with them

Pierce initially supported Sanders and that bothered the hell out of me. But and a big but, once it looked like Clinton had it sewed up he supported her. And he’s not been reluctant to call out the crazies among Sanders’ supporters.

In his article he’s calling on the last Prez to do something that traditionally is not normally done; criticize and take on the current occupant of the W.H. Could he have done something more last November? I guess so. Do we have a wayback machine to go back and get a do over on that? No.

Now, would you like to do something positive? Go throw five bucks to the guy who’s running for Senate in Bama.

It may not help much but it won’t hurt either.

This bit of info on Moore might help Jones also:

Rant over.

If I sound cranky and out-of-sorts, it’s because I am.

@77: annie, I’m not sure. I thought it might be mud being stirred up.

So many goodies its hard to choose:

@78 A co-fou*der of the Wome*s Co*ve*tio* here. Check out the comme*ts.

Fredster @81. Of course you’re right about doing the needful to take back whatever we can in 2018. And in special elections in between. I think what I’m thumping the podium about up there is that if Obama did nothing when it was his duty to do something, I’m not optimistic about him bothering when it’s pure volunteer work. Not recognizing people for who they are is part of what got us into this mess. So I guess what I meant was “Nice writing; waste of breath.” But if he did finally get his act together he could really move people to action. That would be good. So Pierce is on target about that.

(And you have every right to be grumpy! Just so you’re aware: I do try hard to limit the splenetic outbursts :).)

That is the real danger. I’m tired of living in a dystopian novel already

I didn’t see that Annie. I am soooo sick of Bernie – OMG

I’m totally on another topic here, but this NPR piece gives you background on the 9th Circuit judge Milan Smith and his years long altercations with his orangeness. And how he has used false patriotism to get his way in the past

I’ve been away due to failing mom & 2 kids in college and hubby working in another city. Kinda lonely on the farm. Miss following regularly & still trying to stay up to date on news. rotten as it is

@89: I’m sorry that you’re lonely, contrask. I know that everybody, here, will be thrilled every time you can drop in. Take care.

@70: Quixote, I agree completely. I’ve always said that Obama was a feckless, glib schmoozer and that’s why the Media loved him; he was just like them.
Hillary is a brilliant, hard working and serious public servant.
Too schoolmarm, no fun and she made the talking heads feel less than.

Thanks Sue, you guys give me comfort!

@85: I’m thumping the podium about up there is that if Obama did nothing when it was his duty to do something,

Since this is the first ever time we’ve had issues like this (hacking or foreign interference) how much was he supposed to do and divulge? I kept reading things like “we can’t give away how we know what we know” or stuff along those lines. I can’t say whether that’s right or wrong.

But think about this: Do you honestly believe he wants part of his legacy to be that he didn’t do enough to stop a foreign power from either influencing or stealing an American election? Do you believe he wants that in the history books? Personally, I don’t think so. But that’s just me.

Just so you’re aware: I do try hard to limit the splenetic outbursts :).)

I know…it’s difficult as hell to try to find anything hopeful or positive.

@91:No, that’s not it. Obama is a cool dude. Everyone wants to hang with the cool dudes.

@89: Aw contrask. I feel for you, esp. about your mom. I know with mine I just had times of hopelessness – nothing that I could do personally was going to change what was happening.

contrask, check email when you have a chance.

BIG blowback on the Women’s March: (and I know, yeah Free Bacon [I meant that] )

Contrask, you’ve got Luna Tic Fringe to keep you company, I hope?

@97 There’s a big blowback everywhere. From your link, I like this one the best. (and it’s from a man…)

OMG, Rude Pundit wrote up the tRump/Hannity “interview” as slash fanfic. It’s hysterical.

Oh that is sick. I just can’t understand them selecting Bernie. Hillary is our inspiration. I just can’t….

Speechless. RP is right on, as usual

Someone once told me not to name a horse Diablo or something negative because they tend to grow into their names. She is indeed a Lunatic! She gets wound up every evening and does fly byes all around the room, jumping on furniture, on top of the big dogs, me, etc. Then she goes to the water bowl and cools off by dunking her entire head and front paws. Of course the bowl in on a wood floor, which doesn’t need spills. And I’m researching shock collars for training, because she doesn’t remember her name or understand “come” if she gets off lead outside.

@103: OMG it sounds like you’ve got your hands full.

@100 Nooooo! Just noooo. My brain… Too much… Need warning…

GAgal @99, “Trump being POTUS, Bernie heralded at a #WomensConvention while Hillary is bashed in the press about #HarveyWeinsten is 2016 in a nutshell.”

didn’t Daou mean 2017? I mean it’s 2016 too, of course. /*endless screaming*/

@100, I should not have tried to read that during breakfast here on Left Coast time!

ICYMI from SD & BB:

Oh my goodness! That squirrel is amazing to look at.

@109, yes, and I want one! Or a whole flock. Well, no, they’d probably tear up my garden and eat the plums just like their ordinary-coated cousins.

Hi contrask! Maybe Luna tic Fringe will settle down as she grows up?

And hugs for you about your mother. I remember the years while my mother declined (mentally more than physically) and there was little I could do. It’s hard.

Fredster, I loved your rant! I’m in that same mood 24/7!

As far as Pierce supporting Bernie in the primary – someone pointed out to me on twitter a point that I’ve taken to heat (most of the time…) I said something negative about Ta-Nehisi Coates because he was a big Bernie Bro during the primaries. Someone who follows me pointed out that Coates supported Clinton during the election and that I shouldn’t hold primary support against people. Just look at what they did during the election. So ok. I try to do that, it’s a fair point. Once the general election started – where did people stand? Someone like Pierce definitely backed Hillary, without waffling. Even someone like Mark Ruffallo, big Bernie Bro in the primaries, made ads for Hillary (Sarah Silverman too.) It’s people like Sarandon and Rosario Dawson and the rest of that cabal who deserve our scorn. (And yes, post-election behavior matters, of course. Some people went back to being Bernie Bros, others are trying to make the best of it.)

Big news today: according to Reince Priebus’ lawyer, Muller interviewed Priebus today.

@89 sorry to hear all that contrask!! We’re here to listen if you need to talk or vent or anything. Don’t hold back.

That Bernie convention – I’ve been reading comments all day. The organizers (all big Bernie Bros like Linda Sarsour, Nina Turner, Nomiki Konst, etc.) are claiming they asked a bunch of women who weren’t available (including HRC.) But my question is: did they literally run out of women to ask??? I find that hard to imagine. There are many very accomplished women they could have asked: Joy Reid wasn’t asked. Someone even mentioned Emma Watson, who’s been working with the UN for years. She would have been a great speaker.

@105 and 107: But, but, I put in a warning that it was slash fanfic.

So ladies when a creep, dick-type guy won’t stop bothering you, there’s a solution for that.

WARNING: Juvenile and sophomoric humor there.

@112: DYB, I try to realize I/we have to look forward. As far as 2016, (sigh) what’s done is done. I try not to think too much about or what has transpired since. I really don’t believe any Repub either in the House or the Senate will stand up to tRump. We’ve got to try as best we can to work together as Dems. If we can regain the House that will go a long way towards stopping some of the madness.

Funny video about a dog in a dive bar who quaffs “drinks” and it’s for a good cause.

This congresswoman gave Ben Carson and thru him, tRump a lesson on Puerto Rico.

@122 Fredster> I wasn’t telling you to move on or anything like that. I haven’t moved on entirely! LOL. Intellectually I have. Emotionally less so; emotions can’t be controlled. I was just making an observation about primaries because I tend to start screaming at people who were Sanders supporters during the primaries. And that one person made an interesting observation that the real determination is how they acted during the general election and if they were on-board. I agreed with that point…though occasionally I still yell at people. LOL.

@125: No, I am trying to move on in order to concentrate on what’s ahead. What’s ahead? Trying to get back the House.

@123, that was adorable! Laker will love it!

Contrask, so sorry about your Mom. I took care of my Dad all through his Alzheimers, so I can relate. Fredster & I used to share a lot about taking care of our parents years ago on Uppity’s, so as the others have mentioned, feel free to vent about it. It’s a tough part of life.

@127: Oh my annie, is Cal gonna put a whopping on the Cougars?
One upset already tonight – Syracuse won over Clemson in the ACC!

@128, yes, hubs is very frustrated over that. Trojans easily beat Cal and barely lost to WA State. Hubs is in shock.

The dudes & I signed up for the TSA PreCheck today, and we’re really glad we did. We were in and out of their office in 5 minutes, it was super easy, and only cost $85 and is good for 5 years. I would’ve paid that for 1 year. If any of you are planning on doing some flying over the next five years, you might want to consider it. It’s great, you breeze through security, no shoes & belts off, no jewelry off, keep your laptop in your bag, etc. Also at big airports, they have a separate line or area for PreCheck customers, so you don’t have to stand in line forever.

Not a woman, not a Democrat and not a liberal.

@119: Love that, DYB. Eichenwald has been really great.

@130: That was an incredible game. That Cal qb just doing the flip into the end zone was amazing.

@131: I’ve heard of it but I don’t fly enough to make it worthwhile. The last time I went anywhere lately (after the momster’s funeral) was a quick trip back to nola and I took the train. Rented a car while there and then they took me back to the station when I was leaving.

@132 Isn’t Bernie special? Just like the Stump. Special. For some reason I’ve yet to get. Aside from their teeny tiny dicks.

@136: Now you’re being mean.

This person says it just like it is with this “Women’s Convention.


Oh well, have to get prepared for the LSU Tigers to get mauled by the Auburn Tigers. I’m gonna hate watching this.

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