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Monday Post: By the Numbers

Posted on: October 9, 2017

Good Monday, all. As happens every weekend, we’ve been treated to a cavalcade of terrible and not-so-terrible news. Here are some numbers that have struck me lately.

The way the media reports on how people feel about gun control makes it seem that everyone in America is totin’ and shootin’. This statistic, multiply sourced, contradicts that perception – and it’s staggering.


Proportion of people who own half of the country’s guns, according to an unpublished Harvard/Northeastern University survey result summary. Anchoring this group are America’s gun super-owners – an estimated 7.7 million Americans who own between eight and 140 guns.

Let that sink in. 7.7 million Americans own between eight and 140 guns. Who in the f*cking f*ck needs 140 guns? And how could we require Sudafed to be registered and tracked, but not guns?!

After the horror in Las Vegas, the NRA is still desperately fighting against any suggestion that there’s something wrong with our gun laws. Our national insanity on gun regulation has long been a threat to all of our personal safety, and it’s getting exponentially worse. Any one of us could be going to a mall, to school, to church or temple or mosque, to the movies, or to a concert – and any one of us could be shot and killed for no reason. Your “Second Amendment right” does not overrule my right to conduct a peaceful and law-abiding life without fear of being gunned down by a terrorist or a madman.

This is why I have zero patience for any argument against gun regulation. It’s just dumb. I refuse to accept that 4 gun deaths a day – A DAY – is inevitable. We must change this, and soon. Yes, a gun registry is required. And yes, the number of guns per person should be SEVERELY limited. One per person is MORE THAN ENOUGH. If I were President, I would g*dd*mn well take people’s guns away, and I don’t care if I’d have to send in tanks to make it happen. 140 guns? Oh hell to the no. You can have one, and NOT an automatic or semi-automatic. A hand gun, or a rifle. Take your pick.

This is Reason #8,782,495 that I will never be President, of course.

Here are some more numbers that may make us feel a bit better.

We learned this weekend that der Drumpfenfuhrer is very, very unpopular. He’s hit an all-time low, and I don’t think he’s going to go anywhere but down from here, because he’s started to lose his base.

Few Americans believe that President Trump understands their needs and problems, and most would not describe him as honest, level-headed, or a strong leader, according to a new poll by The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research.

Nineteen percent of Americans say President Trump understands the needs and problems of people like them extremely or very well, 17 percent say moderately well, and 64 percent say he understands their needs and problems not very well or not well at all.

Twenty-six percent believe President Trump is a strong leader, 23 percent view him as honest, and 16 percent say he is level-headed. Republicans are most likely to use each of these terms to describe the president.


While 67 percent of Republicans still approve of the job the president is doing, support among Republicans has decreased significantly since March when 80 percent of Republicans expressed approval. (bolding mine) Twenty-eight percent of independents and 5 percent of Democrats say they approve of Trump’s handling of his job. Among Democrats, this also represents a decline since March when 11 percent said they approved.

You know the Republicans in Congress are watching these numbers, and none with more glee than Senator Bob Corker (R-Tennessee), who, having decided to retire from the sh*tshow his Party has become, is absolutely DONE with pretending to respect the Marmalade Moron. Corker is out and about, talking about how he’s worried our pResident will start World War III just to get back at Obama, or because his daddy didn’t love him, or whatever insanity caused Drumpf to become the narcissistic dickwad he is today. Here’s the interesting part – the Senator purported to speak for the entire Republican caucus.

All but inviting his colleagues to join him in speaking out about the president, Mr. Corker said his concerns about Mr. Trump were shared by nearly every Senate Republican.

“Look, except for a few people, the vast majority of our caucus understands what we’re dealing with here,” he said, adding that “of course they understand the volatility that we’re dealing with and the tremendous amount of work that it takes by people around him to keep him in the middle of the road.”

Come on, fellas and ladies. Step right up and take the baton from Bobby C. It’s time to throw that orangutan under the bus. The 25th Amendment will do just fine till Mueller comes and makes a clean sweep.

What’s on your mind today? This is an open thread.


96 Responses to "Monday Post: By the Numbers"

@1: OMG, she really thought she was Laura Croft. LOL
Also D, check your twitter direct messages.


Excellent post DYB! Again, America gives us the tyranny of the minority. Why didn’t Obama go after gun control when he had a majority congress? It seems like they should have done more things besides ACA.

@3, Adorable!

(Annie @4: madamab’s post. But you’re right: excellent 🙂 )

That superhero @3? I’m sorry. Golden retrievers look like eager happy friendly puppies no matter what kind of mask you try to put on them. Give up.

And other than that, all I have to say is MUELLER! HURRY UP! (But you knew that already.)

@4: Annie, IMHO, Obama squandered his first term political capital on the ACA. I will go to my grave believing Obama took on Healthcare for one reason: to stick out his tongue at Hillary. Further, I think he offered her SOS to keep an eye on her, keep her from returning to the Senate. and to humiliate her (you work for me now, woman). I believe, had she won in 2008, she would have focused on jobs, wages and the economy with an eye towards helping neglected Main Street America. As to the uninsured, I bet she would have pursued the public option, expanding Medicare and Medicaid, more palatable band aids that should have put a significant dent in the number of people without health insurance and then built from there. But we will never know. Obama’s one and only objective was and is the glorification of Obama. I heard recently that he and Michelle got a $65M advance for their “memoirs.” That’s one book I would never buy, borrow or read. IIRC, he got an advance on one of his two books and he wasn’t too prompt (overdue?) on actually writing the book he got paid to write.

@6: And to use tax payer dollars to do it (divide the nation).

@7, Oh yeah! I meant to write MB and ended up writing DYB. My dyslexia kicks in again! Thanks Quixote!

MB, excellent post 🙂

@7: “Golden retrievers look like eager happy friendly puppies no matter what kind of mask you try to put on them. Give up.”

Agree, but that’s what makes it so darn cute!

Cats @8, agree, but I think being Sec State turned out well for Hillary. She really nailed that job, made it her own, and it gave her more honor, respect, and popularity. Still, would have been so much better if Hillary had won in ’08 with Obama as VP, and then he could have taken the next prez slot after she got a lot of things done.

@11: totally agree, Annie. I think somewhere along the line they all became friendly, and biased as I am, I attribute that to Hillary’s “Bloom where you are planted” approach to life! She is definitely a team player when it comes to public service.

@11 – Agree! Thanks everyone. Sorry I couldn’t stop by today. Work was a bit nutty.

The Corker statements are all over MSNBC and Twitter. Apparently McTurtle did not deny his remarks at all today. Ohhhhh snap!

It’s amazing to me how much guns drive some parts of the country. (Abortion too and it’s the same people…) Why are people so obsessed with them? Collectors – ok, I get collecting. But the nut-jobs are not collectors for the sake of collecting. They’re not interested in an aesthetic design of any weapon. They are only interested in how fast it shoots and how much damage it can do. I don’t understand that, except coming from a sociopath/psychopath/etc. And it’s astonishing how many people vote based on it. Imagine a stamp collector refusing to support a politician who decided to do away with stamps. What is it about guns that so many people fetishize? And it’s a fetish, bordering sexual. I don’t understand it.

And a while ago John Oliver did a segment on the NRA, which explained its power. Its worshipers show up to vote. And they show up at town halls. NRA is very good at getting their followers to show up places in a way nobody else is. That’s why such a tiny portion of the populace has so much power. It’s about showing up. (Who knew!)

This man is running against Putin buddy Dana Rohrabacher. Anybody know anything about him?

I don’t, D. Is he a Rethug?

Anyone watching Rachel? Some professor checked out 6 accounts run by the Russians during the election with quaint ads like “Hillary is pure evil.” Content was shared 340 million times!!!!!!! On just those 6 accounts!!!

Yes Cats! I am watching. Hubby and I are in shock.

Omg. Rachel has this amazing woman on who has win the Nobel Peace Prize for her activism against nuclear weapons proliferation. Amazing.

@15 and 16> Nope, he’s the Democratic challenger.

@17 catscatscats> Holy moses. I bet you a bunch of my Bernie Bro friends were among the 340 million. And when I brought up Russian interference during the election they just laughed and laughed and laughed. Dumbasses.

I’ve been on the quiet side today. I’ve had annoying and nasty headache right around the eyes and forehead for a few days now about 6 days or so. Think it might be sinus infection. No change in color of mucus but that’s not necessarily a a sure sign of sinusitis.

Very thought provoking.


Hahaha. Bannon plans to primary any Republican Senator with a modicum of sanity. How awesome is this?!

@24: There is so much going on with this crap I wonder if we’ll ever get to the bottom of all of it. And even if they find tRump’s hand or others with the campaign involved, what will the Repubs in Congress do?

@25: Actually that’s scary! Can you imagine a Senate full of the likes of Roy Moore?

@20, DYB, I don’t know if the number is a guess or accurate but Rachel said there were around 500 such accounts. The total number of shares is staggering.

@27 – I can imagine a Senate full of Democrats who were voted in because the Republicans splintered their base.

Do you know how many Democrats are running in 2018? It’s unprecedented. Dems all over the country!

Oh BTW, did you see that Meghan McCain is the new co-host of “The View?” Gross.

So Donna Karan just said that women who were harassed by Harvey Weinstein were asking for it.

@28> Bananas!

There is a huge number of Democrats running (and women too.) But I’m afraid to underestimate the stupidity of the electorate.

@22: well I sure feel guilty. Was that one guy left behind crying? How are we ever going to correct this? Bigotry, self absorption and entitlement are worse than ever and epitomized in so many of our elected officials.

@26: I am fairly certain there will be no justice or even vindication for Hillary and her supporters. Someone said Putin got what he wanted and has moved on, repubs will add cyber ratfucking to their already extensive repertoire, trump will probaby resign because he is bored and “overworked,” laughing all the way to the bank. I doubt he will ever pay for his sins or his crimes.

@27: roy moore was the first thing that popped into my head. The bannon “anti establishment” picks will be a whole lot worse as we get closer to one party rule.

Fredster, hope you feel better soon. Sinus infections are very unpleasant.

@29: Have no idea. I do know that Doug Jones is the Dem running against crazy Roy in Bama.

The race is actually within the m.o.e. And if you’re able, send some love to Doug in the form of $s.

@33: It’s driving me bonkers cats. I sort of feel like “well let me just pop these eyeballs out for a few minutes and give this a rest”. LOL!

@29: gerrymandering and voter suppression will still be in play in 2018 as well as an ill informed if not brainwashed electorate. Wasn’t Obama supposed to be working the gerrymandering and voter suppression issues after he left office? Where is he any way?

@35: You can do that Fredster? There are a few body parts of my own I would like to pop out for awhile!

@36: It looks more like Eric Holder is running the gerrymandering thing.

@38: I wish!! LOL

Will any one pay attention when this report comes out? Maybe Rachel.

American voting machines are full of foreign-made hardware and software, including from China, and a top group of hackers and national security officials says that means they could have been infiltrated last year and into the future.

DEFCON, the world’s largest hacker conference, will release its findings on Tuesday, months after hosting a July demonstration in which hackers quickly broke into 25 different types of voting machines.

@41: You want a one word answer? It’s “no”. Two word answer – “probably not”.

Whacko Marsha Blackburn is running for Bob Corker’s seat. While I don’t want to see her BS lies, it’s kinda weird what Twitter is doing here. (the last sentence?)

Republican Rep. Marsha Blackburn’s Senate campaign announcement ad has been blocked by Twitter over a statement the abortion rights opponent makes about the sale of fetal tissue for medical research.

Blackburn, who is running for the seat being opened by the retirement of Tennessee Sen. Bob Corker, boasts in the ad that she “stopped the sale of baby body parts.” A Twitter representative told the candidate’s vendors on Monday that the statement was “deemed an inflammatory statement that is likely to evoke a strong negative reaction.

Twitter said the Blackburn campaign would be allowed to run the rest of the video if the flagged statement is omitted. While the decision keeps Blackburn from paying to promote the video on Twitter, it doesn’t keep it from being linked from YouTube and other platforms.

@42 Three word answer: Hell fuckin’ no.

@41: paper ballots anyone, with an audit trail in case a recount is needed? Let’s go old school, said the old woman who can’t tweet, text, instagram or snap chat!

@43: That is truly one whacked out crazy woman.

@46: That works for me.

Well, the Dodgers just won their division and wasting bottles of champagne throwing it all over their dressing room. You guys, we could end up with a Dodgers-Yankees World Series again!

Last I heard, there were a bunch of democrats running against Rohrabacher. Like 7? There’s a couple of male dems running against Daryl Issa, the younger one seems to be campaigning on a daily basis. Anyway, I think we’ll turn a bunch of seats in ’18.

Fredster, am sorry about your sinus infection. They’re a bear, I know. I wish I knew of some great remedy. Laker likes doing apple cider vinegar with Manuka honey in hot water, and he also does a saline rinse. He went to Urgent Care last week hoping to get antibiotics but they wouldn’t give ’em to him.

Really enjoyed the video @22. Even though we know these things, it still hits you emotionally to see it.

DYB @14, well said! Agree that this gun hoarding is a sick fetish. Why can’t these people collect pets instead?

@49: I know they are tending to stay away from antibiotics for sinus stuff but I did see an article or two that said if you had had it for fix days or so they could prescribe them. I dunno, guess I’ll see. How does Laker create his concoction? Got some specifics for me?

@51, he warms up filtered water in a tea kettle, like almost hot enough for tea, he puts a teaspoon of Manuka honey, and a soup spoon (TBSP) of Bragg’s apple cider vinegar in a regular size cup and pours the almost boiling water over it. Stir it up and let it cool enough to drink. He drinks it twice a day if he’s really sick and once if he’s feeling crappy. Its supposed to be good with a squirt of lemon in it also. Laker says Streisand, George Harrison, and Clapton and others like it.

@52: Ah! Thanks annie. I’ve put that in a notepad file. I’ll do my best to pick up the ingredients later today.

@54 Pierce is fierce as usual. All I can think lately, watching Bill Kristol, David Frum types – sanctimonious as hell – on MSNBC and CNN lately – YOU built it. YOU. But no one ever calls them on it. The failure of the Republican party during the primaries caused this. They allowed him to stomp all over them, knowing he was a con. They did it because, they like everyone, thought Hillary would win. (She did) They got ahead of themselves.

I will give the R idiots in the primary ONE concession though. The media treated them the same way they did Hillary in the general election. Trump was a showboat and they just thought he was fun to cover. They never imagined he would actually win. (He didn’t)

@55: Agree totally. I’m not giving any of them a break on any of it. This is the crap that they have built going back to Goldwater and Ronnie Raygun.

This should have been The Onion.

Fredster, I’ve has some success with very warm compresses and Mucinex Sinus. Good luck!

@51, most sinus infections are viral, so anti-biotics won’t work on them. Antibiotics work on bacterial but not viral infections. If your symptoms go on for more than 2 weeks, or get better and then get worse again, it’s probably a bacterial infection which was able to move in after the viral infection weakened the immune system. Then antibiotics would be indicated.

Manuka honey has been researched and has good antibacterial properties. Most honey does, but manuka has the highest. Can’t recall if it works on viruses though (will have to check PubMed at work today). However it needs direct contact — it makes a great wound dressing.

Saline nasal rinses are good, and Mucinex can be helpful. Check the list of ingredients — sometimes they put in meds which counteract each other. Sudafed and similar will dry up nasal passages and then mucus turns into sticky dry gunk and is harder to get flush out.

It’s been a few years since I did primary care, but the miseries of colds were a common sight then. I pick up colds much less often now!

@58: Thanks for the info Sue.

@59: Yeah I knew that about viral/bacterial. And I had read this also Luna:

However it needs direct contact

Can’t see myself trying to snort the honey. LOL

I have a saline nasal spray and I also have mometasone furoate spray (steroid).

I have Tylenol, Advil and Aleve for the pain but have to watch using the last two because I also take furosemide.

@57: Oh that is sad.

@57, that is so sad.

I’m pleased to see Harvey W. get his just desserts. Do you think there’s any hope that more women will come forward with stories about Dump?

GAgal @55, great article, love the “Pierce is fierce”!

From The Borowitz Report:

Trump Knocked Out in First Round of White House I.Q.-Test Tournament After Losing to Betsy DeVos

Trump’s son Eric did not participate in the tournament. “That would have been cruel,” the source said.

I would buy a ticket to this:




I don’t think anyone else is affected by the stuff being planned by tRump for the A.C.A., but good thread on it by Andy Slavitt right here.

@62 socalannie> The Weinstein avalanche is in full swing. I do wonder about Trump. But there was a woman just a few days ago, a porn star, who said he groped her. Someone re-tweeted a Brit Hume response that a porn star shouldn’t complain about things like that. Let that sink in. She’s a porn star, therefore it’s ok for Trump to grab her, according to a major Fox News personality… But aside from this one comment, I have not seen this story repeated. So it hasn’t picked up steam.

@68, yes,Weinstein’s life as he knew it is over. I had always heard the horror stories about him, back in my youth, and the places that I worked. I endured a lot of sexual harrassment as a young woman, in fact well into my 30s, so I learned as a teen to avoid those kind of men as much as possible. The days that I knew he would be coming to the country club for instance, I disappeared when he was around. As a matter of fact, his brother Bob would always call me when he wanted a tee time, and always wanted me to be starter for him and help him shop for all of his golf needs: clothes, shoes, clubs, accessories, everything you can get at a good pro shop, I helped Bob pick out. He was always very polite, and very quiet, didn’t talk much, and never bothered me in any way. Brothers can sure be different.

@70, wow. I’m surprised he’s fighting any of this. How could he possibly think he can rehab his reputation now?

The same Media blow dried blowhards who, a week ago, were telling Hillary to shut up and go away are now outraged that she took a few days to condemn Weinstein. Hello, she’s not the president -thanks to you- she has more important things to do than tweet.
They twist themselves into pretzels to blame her for everything

Thank goodness for Rachel Maddow for covering the Weinstein story the way it should be – about the abuse of power this creep utilized to victimize these women – instead of why hasn’t Hillary and Obama, etc. made a statement. Switched over to AC360 and the whole panel were screaming about Bill Clinton.

Darn, I missed Maddow! Maybe I can catch the repeat.

@73 – They are desperate to “prove” that Hillary is just as bad as Drumpf. It’s the only justification for their wildly distorted coverage of the two candidates in the run-up to the election.

I agree GAgal, Rachel’s coverage was outstanding. The journalist who heard all the womens’ stories was almost quivering with outrage.

Socal – I have been harassed a lot as well. I’m very sorry you experienced that. My guess is there isn’t a woman on this blog who has led a harassment-free life. What a horrible statement to make. 😦

MB @75 & 76, totally agree. I first became aware of it at age 12. Two of my best friends in 7th grade were molested by one of our teachers. When they told me, they first made me swear I would never tell, and of course, being a dumb kid, I took that as a solemn duty and didn’t. What a shame.

Fredster, this is what my son and I have used for years for a virus. We pick it up at Whole Foods, it really helps and tastes yummy!

Hope you feel better soon.

This is a great thread…

@69 socalannie> My post tomorrow is about Weinstein. I worked at Miramax, so I knew them both. (They didn’t know me, mind you.) Bob was the quiet one, but also had a temper. Not as explosive as Harvey’s; that would have been difficult. But of all the people who must have known (besides all of Harvey’s assistants) it’s Bob.

The person I’d be most curious to hear from is Harvey’s personal assistant of about 20 years. Barbara Schneeweiss was his assistant starting in the 1990s. She became a producer within the Weinstein sphere. She may have been a victim as well, of course. But has been with him for at least 20 years. She knows where all the bodies are buried.

I’m not a fan of rap and I have no particular feelings about Eminem that are stronger than any other rapper. But this is pretty intense.

Why are all the pundits yammering that the Corker/Moron feud will keep Corker from voting for Moron’s ‘agenda’? Please. If Corker likes the bill, he’ll vote for it regardless of what Trump thinks. I think he’s already shown he doesn’t care. He’s said he won’t vote for tax reform if it adds one dime to the deficient. We’ll see. But, the pundits go off on the weirdest tangents, then they can’t stop.

Somebody needs to ask Trump if he knows what IQ stands for. Seriously. Somebody ask him.

@68, yeah, that Brit Hume response — more blame it on the woman attitude. Just because a woman does something for a living does not mean she wants to do it for free.

@76, 77, Oh yeah, since early teens. That grabbing, catcalling, whistling, verbal abuse, staring, etc., was all too pervasive when I was younger. It’s not as if any of the harassment was personal — it felt like those jerks saw every woman as an object to attack that way. And that was the way the world was, so you weren’t supposed to even think about saying anything because your point of view did not matter. (shudder of revulsion). The nice thing about growing older is that you get targeted a lot less.

@82, whatever it is, his is the yugest. It’s the greatest, the most highest in the world….Why, only Trump can understand his IQ.

@82, Trump has an IQ?

@78: Thanks for the info Shadow!

DYB @79, wow! I’m glad I never was treated to the temper (Bob’s). I had enough nonsense to put up with at that job. It was entertaining, but stressful at times. Look forward to your post!

GAgal @ 82, hahaha! Great idea, how can we get someone to ask him?

@80: Oh my. I wonder where I can get a full version of that?

Fredster, Laker wants the batman dog. He says the line, ” the hero we need, but don’t deserve” is from the movie “The Dark Knight.” (one of the batman movies)

@90: annie tell Laker he’ll have to contact that twitter person. I bet they have already had some serious offers. Hahahahahaaaa!

I got my new Kindle today (well yesterday now). Luna, like the Godfather, they made me an offer I couldn’t refuse. Already downloaded What Happened and I’m charging the thing up right now.

Oh, that’s exciting Fredster! I’m so glad for you! I carry my Kindle in my purse, so I always have reading material wherever I go. I also have the app on my iPhone, so in a pinch, I could read off my phone, but I’m old and like a bigger screen to read. Still love reading good old fashioned books the best, but I’ve found my Kindle to be a convenient accessory.

Must hit the sack now. Have to get up in 6 hours. See you tomorrow! 🙂

I’ve been waiting patiently to see video (or pics) of the moment when Pence and Mother disgustedly left the ball game. It seems no one in the whole ballpark noticed. (?) We know the press pool wasn’t allowed in, but didn’t anyone in the whole ballpark catch a pic or something? Was he so insulated that no one could record that?

@94: I’m surprised they didn’t have an RNC crew or someone similar to record the entire thing for posterity. SNORT!


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