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So it’s all about better healthcare choices ?

Posted on: September 22, 2017

You think we’re buying that crap?


A good morning to you Widdershins!

Just a little something since DYB’s Wednesday post was so wildly successful.

So Frankencassidy Bill of Louisiana and Lady Lindsey of South Carolina would have you believe that their plan to abolish the A.C.A. is about giving Americans a “better choice” for healthcare.  And they would accomplish this by creating “block grants” to send to the states and the states would take care of healthcare and health insurance for their residents.  I call bullshit on it.

Here’s what NPR had to say about this atrocity.

Here’s what it does:

Graham-Cassidy essentially deconstructs all of the major programs created by the Affordable Care Act, gathers up the money and hands it over to states to run their own health care programs.

It gets rid of both the subsidies that help people buy individual health insurance policies and the reimbursements to insurance companies for offering price breaks on copayments and deductibles to the lowest-income customers.

It rolls back the Obamacare Medicaid expansion that was adopted by 31 states and Washington, D.C., and it eliminates the Basic Health Program that was created under the ACA and implemented in New York and Minnesota.

All the money that currently goes to those initiatives would instead be distributed to the states as block grants that would particularly benefit those states that did not expand Medicaid earlier and those states with lower health care costs.

There’s a huge graphic there that breaks down how the A.C.A./the House plan/First Senate bill/and Graham-Cassidy affect various groups.  Check it out.

Another thing is the fact that yes this sends money to the states and their legislatures to create some type of health care program for individuals and to manage their medicaid programs.  Now…take a look at this graphic of who controls the state legislatures in the country:

Now do you really think those red state legislatures are going to be very concerned about individuals with pre-existing conditions or keeping the guaranteed essential benefits of the A.C.A. plans?  Puhleeze!

And here’s another little sneaky thing the dynamic duds will accomplish: (again from the NPR piece)

Graham and Cassidy say their plan restores fairness to a system where currently more than a third of the money spent on the Affordable Care Act goes to just four states: Massachusetts, Maryland, New York and California.


Timothy Jost, a professor at Washington and Lee University School of Law who wrote a widely used textbook on health law, says the proposed change also has political benefits for Republicans.

“In general, the legislation would over time move money away from states, predominantly Democratic, that have expanded Medicaid and aggressively pursued enrolling their lower income populations in Medicaid and exchange coverage,” he wrote in a Health Affairs blog post. “Money would move toward states, predominantly Republican, that have not expanded Medicaid.”

To quote someone famous:  “Aye, there’s the rub”.

And the biggie of all the biggies in the Repubs wanting so hard to push this deal simply comes down to money that their Lords and Masters say they want and they want it from the A.C.A.

The Kock Brothers (and yes I meant that) and the rest of their ilk have simply said their checkbooks are closed to the Repubs until they accomplish something.  And the something is a big, fat tax break for them courtesy of the money saved by getting rid of the A.C.A.

At a weekend donor retreat attended by at least 18 elected officials, the Koch brothers warned that time is running out to push their agenda, most notably healthcare and tax reform, through Congress.

One Texas-based donor warned Republican lawmakers that his “Dallas piggy bank” was now closed, until he saw legislative progress.

“Get Obamacare repealed and replaced, get tax reform passed,” said Doug Deason. “Get it done and we’ll open it back up.”

Dave Brat, a Repub from Virginia said:
“If we don’t get healthcare, none of us are coming back,” he said in a brief interview. “We said for seven years you’re gonna repeal Obamacare. It’s nowhere near repealed.”

It’s the same for tax reform, Brat said: “We don’t get taxes through, we’re all going home. Pack the bags.”

So there you go:  It’s all about the “dollahs” to the Repubs.

Speaking of dollahs to Repubs, I saw this on about Frankencassidy Bill and how much he has raked in through contributions:

If you look at the top of the heap there’s old Bill from La. raking in the most.

Lastly, here’s Jimmy Kimmel’s round 3 on Frankencassidy and his crappy piece of legislation:

Give ’em hell Jimmy!

And as far as Frankencassidy and Graham, well:

As usual, this is an open thread.






51 Responses to "So it’s all about better healthcare choices ?"

It’s astonishing how close this bill is to passing. And Rethugs are openly saying that it doesn’t matter what the bill is as long as it repeals ACA because they campaigned on it. This logic causes a short-circuit in my brain.

And, considering the public reaction to attempts to repeal – the GOP remains so tone deaf about it. A few months ago they were too afraid to hold town halls with their constituents. Now they’re doing the same thing again. They might be just trying to wipe people out, but these same people will vote eventually. And if their insurance is gone – these careers are over. I don’t understand what their thought process is. They may have run on repealing ACA for 7 years, but they have been told loud and clear in the past few months that their constituents don’t want it repealed. So why keep pushing it?

The answer is provided by quotes from Fredster above, of course. Koch money. But it seems to me they’re gonna lose if they repeal (voted out) and they *might* lose if they don’t repeal (Kochs spend money on other candidates.) But at least if they anger the Kochs they can still appeal to their voters by saying “I listened to you.” Their chance of survival seems higher if they do as their constituents say.

Well, DYB, in the gloomier version (suitable for us cynical Slavs?) they’re more worried about the money than their voters because they know — if they have enough money — they can push the voters and jimmy the votes enough to stay in.

Koch whores-every one of them.
That legislative map makes me so sad, Fredster.

This logic causes a short-circuit in my brain.

Somehow the Rethugs can live with short circuits in their brains. They sure have short memories if they’ve forgotten those town halls with angry voters.

I don’t understand either how their constituents keep voting for these politicians who only bring home the bacon for their rich patrons. Gerrymandered districts and voter suppression must really make a difference. I hope voters in those states wake TF up.

McCain says he will vote No on the bill.

@2: Exactly right quixote. They are worried more about that big money than their constituents. And was that a little pun there, “jimmy” the votes? LOL

@4: Go ahead Sweet Sue, call them Kock whores and use the 2nd k as I did. It’s what they are.

@5: Yes the gerrymandered districts had the desired effect the Rethugs wanted Luna. In my Congr district back home, if the district was drawn geographically St. Bernard parish would be in the 2nd district and we would have Cedric Richmond (D) as our rep. However because of gerrymandering I’m in Scalise’s district. Ugh.

@6: I hate to say it but I don’t trust him.

Did another No vote switch to Yes to allow him to do it so the “thing” can pass? I guess I’m getting really paranoid here.

@10, I’m suspicious too, though maybe his conscience has a more powerful voice now that he’s got stage 4 cancer.

@11, Lordy I hope so.

I have a funny I’m going to share with you Luna in just a sec.

Fairly good article, though I’m still surprised that so many people admit their unfamiliarity with “dotard.” Obviously, they’ve never read Shakespeare or Tolkien, who has Gandalf say to Denethor, “Folly? Nay, my lord, when you are a dotard you will die.”

A short history of ‘dotard,’ the arcane insult Kim Jong Un used in his threat against Trump.
According to the AP, “dotard is a translation of a Korean word, ‘neukdari,’ which is a derogatory reference to an old person.” Putting “neukdari” into a popular online Korean-English dictionary in South Korea returns two English equivalents: an “aged (old) person” and a “dotard.”

It’s worth noting that Thursday wasn’t the first time anybody had referred to Trump as a dotard. In May, writing in Esquire, Charles P. Pierce described the president as “a blundering dotard.”

Luna, during the Senate election that Frankencassidy won against Mary Landrieu, there was some vote that he missed in D.C. and then later on showed up at a social function there, and Mary called him on it. His reply was “well gee, I missed my flight because I was doing a liver biopsy!” Making one of those goofy faces he can make, at the same time.

That sounds so scary, nevermind the fact that in most cases it’s about 5-15 minutes. I’m sure he wasn’t involved in prepping the patient or draping them.

Just trying to sound more important than he was or that the situation was more than it was. (I know sometimes more is involved)

@13: I have to admit, it was a new word for me.

Not sure that it does spellcheck.



I’ll try to get the correct tweet in here. Because what else can you do to screw over people?


They sure want their Kock dollahs don’t they?



@14, Oh come on, Dr. Cassidy. A liver biopsy is a simple procedure, and besides you probably had one of your medical residents do it while you were “supervising.” Or do you fck up routine biopsies just like you do legislation?

@18, Those bastards have sewer sludge pools for hearts, and they don’t care how obvious it is.

@21: And he was probably hanging around because when he was in the House he was still on the payroll part time at LSU, getting paid and getting benefits! Probably stayed and missed the flight because he had to get his minimum hours in – turd.

@22: Totally agree with that one. Cut the $$s for “navigators” to help applicants, cut the number of days for open season and now cutting the hours the site is available. What a crock of

Oh hell, I forgot I had this bookmarked to share with y’all today.

Networks Pass on Sean Spicer for Paid Contributor Role

Since Spicer exited the White House, his representatives have been holding individual conversations about the possibility of President Donald Trump’s former flack joining one of the major TV networks, which include CBS News, CNN, Fox News, ABC News and NBC News.

But “they won’t touch him,” said a media industry executive familiar with those conversations.

Even Fox turned him down. LOL!!!

When you forget your wife is standing there right beside you? #dotard?



@26, That got added to Melania’s list of “Why I Get a Bigger Settlement” reasons.




Of course because nothing to see here, move along, move along.


@30, at least we use paper ballots here! Voting is all by mail. Hmmm, I should find out what they do with ballots after they are tallied.

@33: May have just been probing to see if they could in and ya know…Russians probably would not know about Wa. state’s voting processes.

This writer Jack Holmes over at Esquire is pretty good. I think he summed this up well.

‘Repeal and Go Fuck Yourself’ Is in Full Effect

It’s sad that it now takes being on the brink of death for a Republican to do the right thing.

@36: Agreed.

And even sadder, I’m not sure if I trust him or not. They have until next Saturday to get something done with this atrocity.

Fredster, agreed, I will worry about it all week.

Can we please stop pretending the Russians didn’t literally hack our voting machines? They hacked voter rolls and election officials roles. You know, those people who tell you if your name is on the list and let you vote or turn you away? It’s the same damn difference.

Why in the hell do people think hackers would only go ‘so far’ but then stop? Bullshit, they hacked the vote, too. We need to wake up and call it for what it is.

Luna, I’ve never trusted mail in votes anymore than I trust my touch screen vote here in Georgia. Something’s gotta give.


Let’s give the insurance companies the benefit of the doubt—never a wise decision—

Oh, that is a very bad decision. The stories I could tell about wrangling with insurance companies. They’ll spend $200 worth of their employees’ time to deny an $8 generic medication.

@38: Yeah it’s a point of anxiety to put it mildly.

McCain will not have to be concerned about his own healthcare even in this final battle. He has his federal ins. (I suppose) plus he would be at the top of the list for any VA care he might choose. And finally, he married a rich woman so it’s not anything he has to worry about. We just have to hope he doesn’t want denying health care to Americans to be his final legacy.

@40: That waiver crap could open up sooo many loopholes in coverage. And Frankencassidy and Lady Lindsey would say “Hey, don’t blame us, your state did that to you”.

@39: Are you concerned GAgal about the ballot not being received? If that’s the case I suppose you could always mail it in Return Receipt Requested.

I’m concerned about who counts the votes. Period. I have no trust in the in the security of the machines either. We have 3 weeks of early vote here. Good, huh? Who secures those machines? When I go in and vote I walk out with nothing – no receipt – in my hand that shows me who I voted for.

The only way I would feel comfortable with mail in is if ‘return requested’ registered my damn vote. Not – we got your letter – but who I voted for. Mail-in is just as subjective as touch screen. Even a receipt won’t do anymore.

@44: So basically you don’t trust the election process in your area, correct? And so when you vote in person you don’t have to sign the book?

I walk out with nothing – no receipt – in my hand that shows me who I voted for.

Well, I don’t or didn’t get anything myself that showed who I voted for. And even now with absentee I can check to see if my ballot was received and scanned but that’s all.

annie, I see USC is playing Cal in Berkeley.

Since Bama is playing Vanderbilt at that time I’ll be watching your game. Go Trojans!

@45 Sign a book? No, I’ve never signed a book to vote. I’ve simply told them my name (always have to spell my last name). My name is on the books. I had to show ID for the first time to vote for Hillary because… something. It didn’t matter before. No one asked me for ID for local, district or state. But suddenly it mattered for president. Gee, I wonder why.

@47: When I went into the precinct to vote they had a binder with a list of all the registered voters for that precinct. I showed my d/l and they would look up my name and then there was a line there on the page and I had to sign it.

Most of the workers back then knew my face so they didn’t ask for my d/l all the time but I had it ready.

DYB, if you come by, check your email.

Why the hell is anyone asking Sanders why the hell is has the fcking gall to tell someone else’s party what they should do? He. Is. Not. A. Democrat.

From today’s WaPo. I didn’t click thru to read because I was already swearing too much.

Bernie Sanders sketches out a new foreign policy for the Democratic Party

@39, With our system in WA you can check online to see if your ballot has been received and then if it’s been scanned. Nothing which tells you who you voted for or even which party. (Maybe that’s a good thing since the info would be online.) The ballots are machine-scanned.

Interestingly, in WA by our state’s law in any partisan state office (not federal) the top two vote-getters from the primary then advance to the general election in November. So there could be two Democrats to choose between in the general.

As far as accuracy — the governor’s race back in ’04, for the governor before the current one — had 2 recounts. The initial vote was so close it went to a mandatory recount which narrowed the total but was still in favor of the R candidate. Then Christine Gregoire, the Democratic candidate, decided to pay for a 3rd, hand-counted recount. Lots of influential Dem party people even across the US let alone in our state were encouraging her to, because there was a lot of anger and/or disappointment that Kerry hadn’t pushed for an Ohio recount before conceding. Donations came in from across the US. I donated my small amount too. Well, the hand recount, which uncovered a few hundred more votes which had not been counted before (!) came out in Gregoire’s favor. She was a very good governor.

As that old saying goes — It’s not who votes that counts, it’s who counts the votes. And if all votes are counted rather than some being “overlooked.”

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