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Activist Monday: The Zombie Is Back

Posted on: September 18, 2017

Oh my goodness. They couldn’t. They wouldn’t.

Well, maybe they would. Those Republican f*ckers Graham and Cassidy are setting their sights on the ACA, and this time they’re really trying to remove it completely. Who actually wants this to happen – the 200 people who came to the “Less is M.O.A.R” rally?

“This bill is far more radical [than previous repeal bills] in that it envisions going back to the pre-ACA world, where the federal government wasn’t in the business of helping low-income adults or moderate-income people without employer coverage get health insurance at all,” Aviva Aron-Dine, senior fellow at the center, told HuffPost. “Compared to pre-ACA, there would be some extra state grant money floating around ― but it would have virtually no requirements attached to it at all and, since the funding wouldn’t adjust based on enrollment or costs, it would be hard for even well-intentioned states to use it to create an individual entitlement to coverage or help.”

Oh, and the bill would repeal the Affordable Care Act’s individual mandate, and do so right away ― destabilizing insurance markets and causing premiums to rise right away, according to official projections [bolding mine].

Even though the actual defunding doesn’t start till 2020, the negative impacts will start immediately. Because, GOOPers are in charge and neener neener, they like screwing over poor people just for sh*ts and giggles.

Does this craptastic mess really have a chance to pass? No one is sure. After all, I don’t see why Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins would budge from their previous positions, and Rand Paul, who won’t be satisfied until the only entities collecting government aid are corporations, has also said he feels it’s Obamacare Lite. Um, sure, Rand. Maybe there’s a brain somewhere underneath that Brillo pad you call a hairstyle, although so far I’ve seen no evidence thereof. But you just go on with your crayzee self and help us prevent a massive humanitarian disaster for all the wrong reasons, mmmmkay?

I think we still need to call, write, tweet, and go to town halls. We must make absolutely sure the GOP knows we will NOT accept the removal of health care from tens of millions of people.  If you need to find a town hall near you, here’s a nifty site that will help.

Oh – and if you haven’t seen this, it’s reason #1,875,643 to institute the 25th Amendment. Is this hideous creature really our President? Good f*cking Christ.

This is an open thread.


90 Responses to "Activist Monday: The Zombie Is Back"

This is so fucked up!!! McCain is already saying he’ll consider voting Yes if AZ governor approves. Asshole. Lady Graham is his BFF.

Hey mb, where did you find that picture of Prolix up at the top?

Interesting piece on Frankencassidy:

Before (and apparently afterwards also) he was still employed at LSU’s Earl K Long Charity Hospital in B.R. as both a teacher and physician while also serving as a congress critter Then they allowed him to work in D.C. (wink-wink) paying him over $20k a year plus benefits. He kept that up with a hinky arrangement:

Cassidy also told The Times-Picayune that “although LSUHSC records don’t show him doing lectures, he taught students as he and they worked with patients at clinics and other facilities,” an apparent violation of laws prohibiting medical doctors in Congress from charging for medical care. “(Cassidy) also advised students, worked with them on their research and papers, including in Washington when he would meet with students doing residencies and internships in area medical facilities after the day’s congressional work ended,” reported The Times-Picayune, a tacit acknowledgment that Cassidy, while serving in Congress, would charge LSU for meetings he had with students who had already graduated, were living in the D.C. area, and were able to meet with the Congressman in his Capitol Hill office (emphasis added).

Sure it’s only a measly $20k but it also allowed him to keep those oh-so-important insurance benefits too.

MB, great post! btw, I just saw on twitter that John McCain is thinking of voting for it this time around, if the AZ governor approves.

Can’t trust a rethug. Ever.

@6: Huh? What do you mean?

Bad news:

Arizona Governor Backs O’care Repeal, Likely Securing McCain’s And Flake’s Votes

I don’t understand that decision because AZ has expanded medicaid and now that money will be gone.

@*8, Fredster, since when are the Rethugs logical that way? They’ll reject $$ that would help their state if they can fck over poor people and curry favor with Trumputin.

Fck Facebook.

Glenn Thrush announces he’s leaving twitter. LOL

I put up a little graphic over there on the right that shows what the Cassidy/Graham/etc bill would do. If you click on it it will get bigger in another tab.


@11: I liked your reply D because initially it had under there: “translate from Hungarian”. LOL

Actually, I forgot he was making an appearance at the U.N. today.


Sigh. Stay classy Bama.





We need a relaxing break.


Think Collins will be a “no”.




OMG that puppy!!!

So Manafort is getting indicted. How many beans will he spill? Is Trump already planning a pardon?

@2: oh, noes, Prolix has mullet? Say it ain’t so!

@19: Fredster, stop enabling DYB, you know he can’t resist that level of cuteness…

@24: Well cats, Prolix is the one who talked about living up in the “holler” so it seems a mullet would just go along with that.

And I can’t help but to enable DYB on the critters. It’s just too funny not to. LOL

The new bill sounds absolutely horrible.The republicans, including the idiots that voted for dump or cast a protest vote, truly deserve our scorn.

So the news announcing that Manafort will be iindicted. Why did they let that out? Wouldn’t it be better to indict him first? I thought they would keep everything hush-hush, then spring a bunch of arrests/indictments on the world one early morning.


@15, what’s Drumpf doing going to the bathroom in the UN SecGen’s office? And why is his ass so tender? Uh….never mind — forget I asked. I do not want to know.

@19, That creature is half puppy, half piglet!

@32, maybe the SecGen was giving him a tour to waste time because trying to talk to trumputin about any real issues would be a waste of time and result in an aneurysm???

@32: Marking his territory?

@33, what is the poor thing? It looks like a cross between a bull dog and a boxer. I hope it wasn’t “bred” as we have discussed before.

@32 “what’s Drumpf doing going to the bathroom in the UN SecGen’s office? ”

Hope he’s got the runs. Get him some more sandpaper somebody!





@33 and 36: I thought it looked like it might have some Pit in it.

That puppy is too darn cute!!

OMG, the bill is worse than ever. Call those Rethug Congresscritters now!

Hell it won’t do me any good to call since Frankencassidy and Kennedy are by Sens and Scalise is my rep!

Anyone surprised that Trumputin would have an “organized crime syndicate”? Thought not.

“They seem to be pursuing this more aggressively, taking a much harder line, than you’d expect to see in a typical white-collar case,” said Jimmy Gurulé, a Notre Dame law professor and former federal prosecutor. “This is more consistent with how you’d go after an organized crime syndicate.”

@43, oh, hell, I focused on the “crime syndicate” part and not the indictment focus. Apologies; it’s the same article as Kyle Griffen’s tweet refers to in Fredster’s @22 comment. Besides it’s kinda late and I’ve been hit with a walloping case of seasonal affective disorder with our first hard rains, so my brain is not at its sharpest.

@44: Not to worry We’ve never stood on formality, rulez or anything remotely like that. No biggie at all.

I found DYB some more critters.

Here is Betsy DeVos’ yacht, Seaquest, the yacht that Amway built:

The yacht can accommodate 12 guests and 12 crew. Her design is by Donald Starkey. The yacht can often be found in Florida or the Caribbean.

Oh and airplanes! They have lots of planes too:

The family owns several private jets, including a Boeing BBJ 737 with registration N737DV, another BBJ 737 with registration N260DV, a Gulfstream G550 with registration N250DV and another G550 with registration N253DV and a Bombardier Challenger 300 (N254DV).

For your info, a Boeing BBJ 737 is a Boeing 737 private business jet. Like these:

@47: was it found in Florida or the Caribbean assisting with recovery/evacuation efforts? I’m sure it could be put to good use in the U.S. Virgin Islands…

@46 OMG! I have pouches for them!!!

One interesting side note on the news breaking about Manafort’s search and being wiretapped by the FBI for a long time. (That’s where Dump’s original stupid tweet came from, because it’s all about Dump. Dump wasn’t wiretapped, Manafort was. And not by Obama, but by the FBI. But anyway.) In addition to the fact that Manafort’s phone was a hot mic for many months, yesterday Don Jr. and Kellyanne cancelled their Secret Service protections, saying they want more privacy. That’s weird…

@46, aw, look how eagerly they hop into their pillow pouches!

@47, a different jet for each day of the work week. Of course.

@51, Kellyanne had SS protection? Oh, and:

@54> I saw someone make the comment that it’s easier to flee the country if the Secret Service isn’t following you.

Also, Trump said to the UN that we basically need to wipe out NK. So, that happened.

John Kelly can resign in protest.

@49: No cats, it currently docked on the Great Lakes in Milwaukee.

I called her and left a v.m. Call and leave a msg!!




Those kangaroos are cute when they’re little, but I wouldn’t want them around the house. Same with goats. My kid loves little goats and keeps asking if we can have one.

@56: John Kelly looks like a very tortured soul…

@57: no surprise there Fredster!! (I hope you know I was being snarky @49…)

Those pictures of John Kelly during dump’s horrifying, embarrassing spectacle are great. He must have known what he signed up for. I’m hoping he did it (went to work for dump) for altruistic motives, such as saving the world from nuclear war.

@64 – The He-Man Woman Haters Club has decided that pregnancy is a pre-existing condition.

@62: Oh I figured there was snark involved. 😉

John Kelly may have been mortified. But Melania looks like she’s thinking: “This is when Donald became my husband.”

John Kelly can always resign in protest, I suppose. But who wrote that speech? I’m sure Dump isn’t winging it. Surely John Kelly had seen it before it was read.

Why didn’t someone think to do this before now?

DYB, MB and GAgal, check your emails please.

@70> That’s true, very true.

@68: I have no idea of course, but by the look on Kelly’s face l’m thinking that is not the speech he “reviewed”, perhaps it was revised afterwards or Kelly is chagrined because 45 is going off script. If Kelly truly is an honorable man trying to serve his country, 45 will go a bridge too far and sooner rather than later.

@78, “So sorry, and I’ll make sure they’re not identified with me next time.”

@82: And he is a physician. Can’t imagine going to him though.

@84, Barasso is a physician?!? That makes it worse. Evil POS.

@84: Oh hell yeah. He and Frankencassidy.


Thanks Fredster, I’ll call them all in the morning.

How is your back?

@88: It’s better annie but I’m trying to be careful when I pick up things; not too much or too heavy.

I just got back from wally world (yes I shop there sometimes) and I just made sure I didn’t bag too much in any one bag.


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