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Rise, Hillary. Rise.

Posted on: September 13, 2017


Good morning Widdershins,

On Tuesday it finally happened. The book everyone had an opinion about, even though very few people had read it, finally came out. Hillary Clinton’s What Happened hit the bookshelves.

It is important to note that the overwhelming response from all The Usual Suspects on the cyber were predictably vile. Go Away! It’s too late! It’s too soon! Nobody cares! Bernie Would’ve Won! You’re destroying our perfect unity!!! The Chris Cillizza’s and Glenn Thrushes and Shaun Kings of the world all had twitter meltdowns bashing the book they had not read. They had only seen a few of the leaked pages, the one about Bernie (which Bernie had a fit about on Stephen Colbert), so did his minions like Nokimi Konst and Nina Turner. Matthew Yglesias declared the book an obvious money grab. Everybody’s main concern is that Hillary is dividing the Democratic party while Bernie is trying to save it. None of these things make sense here on Planet Earth. These people are really great at gas-lighting, they can give Trump a run for his money.

But as the publication came closer, something odd happened. A few reporters got early copies and were reading. Chris Hayes – a Bernie Bro – surprisingly tweeted that he was reading the book and it not what people expect. Dave Weigel of WaPo first tweeted “this book…it is good.” His review is here. NY Times’ Amy Chozick, 1/3 of the paper’s anti-Hillary axis, tweeted she likes the book a lot. And as the book came out and people really started to read it, the vitriol died down. Not disappear completely, but the temperature definitely dropped. Not a peep comment from Shaun King, though Cillizza is a snake, so he Cillizzas. Maggie has been mum.

The crowds for the book also were huge. In NYC the Barnes and Noble in Union Square Park had lines around the block to meet Hillary at the signing. Maggie Haberman tweeted about the lines and I can only imagine how her soul burned with rage. These interviews might be the first time Clinton supporters have actually been interviewed by the media! At some point during the day they said they were close to 1500 people at the signing. That’s a lot of people not caring about Hillary, some of whom camped out outside overnight.

I think it’s clear to anyone with an ounce of a brain: Hillary Clinton is not going away. Regardless of what Bernie and his Bros want. Hillary may not run for any office again, but she’s not giving up on politics and she thinks we are in more danger than may seem. In a Pod Save America podcast she told the hosts that Trump’s goal is to hold a constitutional convention, for which he needs 34 states. They are already at about 28, and they are packing the courts and States Attorney offices with loyalists. These people will do what Trump tells them. A reporter friend of mine (she works for Reuters) retweeted that Pod and drew a direct comparison to Venezuela and Turkey. That appears to be Trump’s agenda, with full support of the GOP, and full money backing by the likes of Mercers and Kochs, to turn America into some form of dictatorship because he doesn’t like not being in control.

The next few years are going to be interesting. “May you live in interesting times.” That Chinese curse has fallen on us all.

What’s on your mind? This is an open thread.


164 Responses to "Rise, Hillary. Rise."

Titles for other books Hillary should write. I suggested “Tell Bernie It Was Me.”

This is cute.

I’d been unaware of that constitutional convention power grab coming at us.

Like everybody else, my first reaction is, “Huh? They would never do that.”

But if I’ve learned anything post-Brexit, post-Orange Dogpile, post-Cambridge Analytica and Faceblot, and given our lack of judges like the Kenyan Chief Justice Maraga, well, they can do anything. And if as smart a statesman as Hillary Clinton says we’re too close to dictatorship, then it’s time to go to full screaming red alert.

She was right in 1992 about the vast right wing conspiracy. If we’d listened then we wouldn’t be here now.

Maggie and Glenn are writing a book. This excerpt is form Katy Tur’s book.

@3 quixote, I think you’re right. I think a Constitutional Convention is what they plan. Everything suddenly makes so much sense!

SCOTUS yesterday ruled to let Texas continue gerrymandering. 5-4 split. Gorsuch. Thanks Susan Sarandon and Bernie.

@4: she doesn’t vote? I’m not impressed. She may be a reporter but she is not a journalist, nor a good citizen for that matter.

@5: I heard about the constitutional convention yesterday in her Vox interview which was excellent (Voting Hillary posted it over at Ups). Sent a chill down my spine. I despise Gorsuch, he made the hat trick for the Repub takeover of the government, they have all three branches now and it will be hard to stop them. Mueller has to blow this cabal up, or at least get it going. If 45 is illegitimate so is Gorsuch. Hillary is also against the EC, yay! I hope she NEVER shuts up.

Great post DYB. You no want Juji? (@2)

This is a little late, but I suppose better late than never.

Because we need interludes between the infuriating stuff, I’m continuing the cute and/or funny animal theme…

The world is upside down because this column by Jennifer Rubin gives Democrats better advice for 2018 than any Democrat seems to be doing.

Luna, I would love a dog that big! Except…imagine when they poop and I have to pick up their poop into a dog bag on the streets of NYC!

catscatscats, I agree that Tur not voting makes absolutely no sense to me. But she’s also saying it’s common among political reporters… I find that bizarre. Forget civic duty, it makes no actual logical sense. By simply not voting – they are keeping their biases locked up inside and pulling a lever in the voting booth would unleash it? Nonsense.

@8 ok that’s one dog I don’t want! I don’t really like French bulldogs!

@7 wow that took a long time. But finally!

@6: Joy Reid stated she did not vote in the primary but did vote in the general.

There are already moves afoot to overturn the 17th amendment changing the way we select Senators.

@15: did she say why? I wonder if she did the same in 2008…..she wasn’t famous then and she loves Barack.

@8, I don’t care for the squashed-face dogs, or cats. Plus they have a lot of health problems from being overbred into such an extreme form.

@17: I don’t think she said why. I saw that in a tweet from her replying to a berniebro. The bb accused her of being in the tank for Hillary from the beginning and she tweeted back no, didn’t vote in the primary in NY but did vote in the general.

@16: There are also issues with those dogs (Pugs and bulldogs) when flying.

I remember that comment from Joy Reid. At least she voted in the general, but because our voting booths are private (for now), I don’t see why anyone would abstain from voting. The only people who know who they voted for is themselves. Who are they trying to convince that they have political preferences? My problem isn’t that they have preferences – all humans do – but own it, and with someone like Joy Reid there is no confusion as what her preferences are. People like Haberman and the rest try to play all sides, but that’s nonsense. In their desire to be seen as non-partisan they will inevitably overcompensate. So just be open.

I’m reminded of an American history AP teacher I had in high school. One question he always put on a test: What is the job of an historian? To report history or to interpret it? Everyone’s first inclination was to say “Report.” That was the wrong answer. He would say: “If that was the case, your history books would just be timelines. Every historian interprets history. Understand their POV and proceed accordingly.” This applies to reporters.

@22: Of course it’s difficult to get inside another person’s head but perhaps Reid wanted to be as neutral as possible during the primary race.

I just googled this and quelle surprise there is a Code of Ethics for both journalists and with newspaper editors. Maybe she thought the better thing to do was to stay as dispassionate as possible during the primaries.


@24> I want that tiger!

@26, well that made me wince and I don’t even have balls…

@27: I knew that was coming! LOL

@33, yessss! Except I looked like 2017 in 2016, and in 2017
i look like a Targeyn calling in a dragon. Or feel like that.



@29: I do and I did also. Yikes!

I hope this link works, Voting Hillary had posted the actual video on Uppity’s site. I think it is the best unfiltered interview on her book that I have seen. If you can’t watch all of it, go to about the 47 min mark where she talks about voting, voter suppression, the EC and the constitutional convention the Repubs are planning for. It’s chilling and all Dems should pay heed. I will be interested to see how Rachel’s interview compares.

Holy shit. Pelosi and Chuck did what?!

“But aides familiar with the exchange said that Trump and the party leaders agreed to move quickly on legislation to protect the roughly 690,000 people protected under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA, program that is set to expire in June.”

@41: That works fine cats3. It’s the actual youtube video.

@43, I copied a link and it embedded the video, ain’t technology grand?

@42, Lololol! And border security, yes, but wall, no. Does Drumpf realize he’s been trumped?

I got Hillary’s book in the mail today. And I also got a Kindle edition. But I haven’t started. I’m not sure I’m ready, not sure when I will be ready.

@38, I really like Adam Schiff. And big corporations who have such power over communication methods aka social media need to be reined in and their operations made far more transparent. Not holding my breath, though.

@46, me too.

Thinking of getting the audio version, yet maybe that would be even harder to get through without a flood of tears or an explosion of rage.

DYB, do you want one of these? 🙂

DYB, excellent post! Thank you! I retweeted it earlier.

I was enthralled watching the beautiful tigers, then scrolled down and saw that ghastly woman!

I got the Kindle. I kinda wanted to order the hardback on Amazon to make her numbers go up, but I’m hoping she’ll do a signing in L.A. and figure if so, that store will make me buy their book, right?

@44: You’re just too cool!!

Hubs loves Adam Schiff & wants him to run in ’20; and Lakerwade likes Cory Booker. They would both rather have Hillary (yay!), but that’s who they would like right now since Hillary isn’t running. I know Schiff is just a congressman and conventionally would need to be a senator or governor, but it seems that conventions don’t count anymore. Schiff does remind me of a Hillary Dem, super smart.

@50: Of course he wants one of those, to go with the giant dog and the tigers.

@40, good grief, you’re right DYB! So many layers. I’ll never be up to speed on all this treasonous stuff.

DYB @ 34, Haha! Love that!

Fredster @56: LOLOL! Those tigers are adorable, but I would be afraid of getting scratched up.

@59: Or end up as a midnight snack when they get bigger. LOL

The tweet Joy is commenting on:

DYB, great post!! I have also noticed the bile levels tanking. I honestly think it’s because Hillary is extremely likable when speaking in her true voice.

It’s weird to say that and know that people are surprised. But really, how do you get 65 million votes without being likable?

Don’t be afraid to read her book, folks. Knowing she’s out there and has our backs is so comforting. It helps.

@50 Luna, obviously! It’s a white giraffe!!!

45 and his loyal sidekick in FL. Watched a few minutes of the republicans congratulating each other on how wonderful they are, handling both hurricanes masterfully. Had to shut it off.

I’m not, not, not going to post a tweet from Drumpf here, but WTH? He sent one saying:

Does anybody really want to throw out good, educated and accomplished young people who have jobs, some serving in the military? Really!…..

Has his account been hacked? Did Nancy and Chuck spike his coffee? Is he going to admit he stole the election?

@67: my money is on Bodysnatchers (the alien ones, not the grave robbers). I noticed he has been a little more coherent lately as well…still not presidential. His base ought to love that tweet.

Those squashed-face doggos and kittehs… This shows how awful the results are of extreme breeding.

@68, cats, chuckle I will delight in seeing his base fall over themselves with frothing apoplexies.

@69: That’s just criminal. And for what purpose? Human vanity?

@70: Me, too! I wonder if he is trying to win over the “other” Republicans? If he really wants a second term, (oh gods, did I just say that?), he won’t be able to do it with his deplorables, and yes, they are, very.


In reply to:



Joyce’s tweet to Dylan Beyers (who is he?) was great. I saw a few good responses to him.

The Right has been a mix of melting over Dump’s tweet on Dreamers or saying “Ok well we support him anyway because we love him.” I think Pelosi is a fantastic ballbuster and played Dump like a violin last night. (Chuck helped.) Or maybe she actually explained to him what DACA was because he had no idea.

Schumer tweeted earlier about Equifax and likened it to Enron. I really hope the government goes after these credit agencies. They are evil.

@DYB: Some info on Beyers:

Dylan Byers is an American journalist. He is a senior reporter for media and politics at CNN. He covers the business of media for CNN Digital and regularly appears on CNN television to discuss his reporting

I just liked the Joy tweet because she used “AF”. LOL

It’s official; I love Kelly Clarkson.

@80: Fredster, did Rachel throw the F bomb in that tweet? Both Joy AND Rachel?

@cats3-looks like they both used the “AF” thingie.

A mostly very thoughtful article from Jeet Heer.

“Barriers are never broken all at once, but as with the journey from Smith to Kennedy, they require the work of pioneers who fail to win, but clear a path nonetheless. Chisholm can properly be seen as helping prepare the way for both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. And Clinton herself has helped clear a path for any future woman running for president.”

@82 catscatscats> I love it! Sometimes the only way to express yourself is with the F bomb. It covers a lot of ground with only 4 letters.

I forgot today Maddow has Clinton.

@86: I love it too. Seems like Hillary isn’t the only one who is now unfettered.

Hillary is CRUSHING IT on Maddow. Oh Rachel THANK YOU !!!!!!!


I love seeing her be so herself. She is wonderful.

Hope the Hillary-Rachel interview will be archived somewhere online so I can see it later.

“He is not the proper person to help communicate between Beijing and Washington,” Liu said. “If he does, people in the US would wonder whether the first family has some secret deals with China that only benefit Trump’s family.”

Gee. Whyever would people think about secret deals to benefit Trump?

Why am I not surprised. Guess it was too much trouble for a corporation.

@90, Luna I am sure it will be a available, hopefully tomorrow but what might not be available is the exchange with O’Donnell afterward. Rachel was impressed with her generally but in particular with what she had to say about FB. She also said Hillary’s book was “good” and she expects Hillary’s approval ratings to go up from here. She complimented her by saying that during the campaign, Hillary was responding to questions in the context of being the next Prez, not a candidate. She went on to say that Hillary was the most presidential non president she had ever interviewed. I particularly liked Rachel’s final question on what Hillary plans to do now and they bantered about her coming back to share her insights. Hillary was soooo presidential. Auntie Maxine will now be joined by Auntie Hillary, callin’ ’em like she sees ’em.

Maddow interview (which I also missed) will no doubt appear on line, either directly from her site or via youtube. But she’s posting some selected clips on twitter already.

Just think about this statement for a moment. Hillary Clinton is saying that the President of the United States of America is a threat to the country.

A righteous rant. Hillary Clinton owes you nothing. “Buy your own fucks.” (That’s now my new favorite phrase.)

View story at

I listened to about 15 seconds of one of the clips and teared up. It’s still a nightmare that she (and we) were robbed of her Presidency.

DYB, want one of these???

I missed the first minutes (will catch it later), but Hillary was utterly fabulous. Loved every minute. I wouldn’t be surprised if her poll numbers go back up. What an amazing week she has had. I haven’t started reading the book yet, hope to this weekend.

Love all your comments and tweets!

Luna @102, good lord!!!

Cats @93, good synopsis of the end.

Luna, oh sweet Jesus. I’ll sleep well tonight.

@69, Luna, never knew that about those poor pets. I never thought the squashed in face was attractive. Agree with you that all this designer breeding is really messed up.

Fredster @84, loved that Rude Pundit piece. I tweeted it. Can’t even imagine!

I got horribly sick in Korea, in the main airport of their country (Kimpo in Seoul). There was no medical treatment available, no cot to lay on, nothing. I had food poisoning and couldn’t stop barfing. I laid on an old radiator all day, because our flight was delayed as there was a typhoon at Taipei, our next destination. My mom tried to keep me hydrated as best she could (former nurse) and someone scrounged around and found a wheel chair to get me to the gate that night when we were finally able to fly out. They wheeled me up to the door of the jet, and our seats were up the stairs (747), and my stepdad picked me up and carried me up those narrow corkscrew stairs like a big baby! I’m 5’8″ and fortunately skinny at the time. The airline was an Asian one, Singapore or Cathay? and I remember it was one of the nicest flights I was ever on. They served the most amazing airline meal I ever saw and I was so bummed I couldn’t eat it. I did get down some jello. We landed in the middle of the night and drove through flooded streets to get to the hotel. I spent the next day in bed and was good enough the following day to head out and do touristy stuff. What a trip!

@102 Luna> Gonna need a bigger bathtub!

Here’s the Maddow/Lawrence chat after Hillary interview.

@109, glad you found that, DYB, a clip is way better than my memory!

@102, DYB you do know it is dead, right? Dead or alive, I think you would regret that addition to your collection!

The full interview.

I’m in such a scream of rage about the stealing of the Presicency from Hillary that I can’t even watch the clips. But every quote I see is, as always, 100% truth. God, what we’ve lost. May everyone who robbed us and her rot in hell.

On to something I can talk about. Squashed animal faces. Humans are predisposed to love and protect anything that looks like a baby: big head, large eyes, small nose and jaw, and therefore also a flattish face. All the breeding for pets and even domestic animals (compare Indonesian wild cattle and Holstein cows) tends to promote what biologists call neotenous traits. The problem with breeding for flat faces is that humans never know when to stop. Breeder A achieves a mild flat face, so Breeder B has to go one better and produce a medium flat face, and so on. Until we have nonfunctional animals who can’t even breathe without snorting, like pugs. I think it’s a crime, too.

And as for having That Thing in your bathtub, don’t do it, DYB! After one of the milder New Orleans hurricanes, we rescued three wood duck chicks when their tree blew down. They were about 2″ long (a lot smaller than the monster!), we kept them in the bathtub and fed them earthworms and things. Did you know that ducklings grow incredibly fast? By the time they doubled in size and when they still had their fluffy baby duck down, they were tearing around the bathtub and yanking food out of our hands like gangsters. We let them go in Audubon Park (where they came from) and they never so much as waved “thank you.” The Monster would be a lot harder, I guarantee.

(Piffle. Comment disappeared. 😦 )


Quixote your comment is up; Spammy grabbed it but I wrestled it back!

Quixote, I totally agree with you on breeding. People do it for their own enjoyment and aggrandizement (My breed has the flattest face!) But the poor animals suffer. Pugs and French Bulldogs are so extremely popular in NYC. Everybody in Manhattan has a French Bulldog and I feel bad for all these animals. I’m sure they’re loved, but they are so unhealthy.

I think Hillary’s best interviews this week were with Vox (Ezra Klein?), Rachel Maddow and Anderson Cooper. DYB can you snag the Cooper interview? And, as a side note, just how big is your bath tub?

@116: I haven’t read the articles @ 114 and 115 yet, but I am starting to turn a corner with my anger and sense of loss. Hillary is emerging this week as a leader, a historical figure who may very well change the course, if not the discourse, of this country. She has brought some very tangled and corrosive sentiments into the sunlight. Love her or hate her, each of us has to process what she is saying and find the value in it. Our country’s future is at stake.

Quixote, she is not going anywhere, she made that very clear. You strike me as a helluva fighter, so scream away but watch those clips and her other interviews if you have the time; we need to turn our anger into power. “Onward Together” because bitches and the men who love them get shit done! P.S.: Any one who rescues wildlife, even the ungrateful ones, is a hero in my book!

(Thanks, DYB! 😀 )

Cats, you’re right about not going gently into that not-good-at-all night. Onward together, indeed. But I just can’t even conceive how Hillary manages to stick to truth and service through all that gets thrown at her. I’ve had a mountain’s worth of that shit myself and it’s taken everything I’ve got to stay human through it, and then Hillary comes along. I see what gets thrown at her and realize my stuff is maybe, maybe, the size of a sledding slope. The garbage she gets reminds me of the first time I saw the Himalayas. You just keep looking up and up and up and up. And there at the top of Kanchenjunga is Hillary, looking fresh as a daisy and like she got there without even working at at.

She needs to leave her soul to science so we can try to figure out how she got her phenomenal strength.

@122 and all – That’s why we need to see her and read her book. A small piece of her extraordinary light shines on us and makes us that much brighter for it. She is like Obi-Wan Kenobi. “If you strike her down, she’ll become more powerful than you can possibly imagine.”

That Steve Schmidt quote just made me sob suddenly. It’s amazing what will do it.

Oh my gawdess. Another reason why I love David Frum. The world is upside-down.

DYB @112, Wow!

Quixote, thanks for explaining about the animals. It seems that many of these pet breeders have really crossed the line with their designer dogs. We were at someone’s house for dinner and they had a Golden Doodle, It was huge, walked funny like it had a hip issue, and when I patted its head, it had a huge bumpy bony ridge from the front of its skull to the back. We had a poodle once, and I’ve petted many Golden Retrievers over my lifetime and never felt anything like that.

MB, my son loves your Star Wars analogy!

Love the Guardian and the Atlantic pieces. Thanks for posting them.

Can you believe this BS?

Funny & true:

@122: beautifully said. I hear you. Hillary is incomparable in her inner strength and determination. If her mother was and is her inspiration, I hope Chelsea surpasses her mother in all things. When her kids are older, I would love to call her madame president. (Doubt it will happen but the thought is so satisfying. Can you imagine our girl at her girl’s inauguration?)

You have seen the Himalayas????!!!! Must be breathtaking.

@125 – hee hee, Annie! Hillary says “Nietsche and Kelly Clarkson” in her book, but I’m going Alec Guinness, baby. Glad you liked the articles.

@129 – Cats, I hope by the time Chelsea runs, there’s a lot less misogyny in the US.

By the way guys, did you know that despite all the pundits’ moaning and groaning about the Democrats and how they’re totally, TOTALLY still going to lose in 2018…they’re winning special elections? Bigly?

Gee, maybe they don’t want to give power to people who are trying to take their Medicaid and ACA away so they can give tax breaks to the top 1%. And they can figure out who’s doing that, all by themselves!

DYB – wonderful photo of our Hillary on your post!

Broke my left Humerus two nights ago, will not be able to post much for awhile. the pain and narcotics suck. Will lurk…

@116, neoteny. I once read an interesting discussion of this concept which showed how the shape of stuffed toy bears changed over the decades to please neoteny-loving humans. Teddy bears used to have a long snout, as do actual bears. Then the bears were made with shorter and shorter snouts. Now they often have no snouts.

I kept typing “snort” instead of “snout” — how appropriate. Those poor deformed short-snouted creatures snort a lot because they can’t breathe properly. Cruel to make animals into toy-shapes for humans.

@121 catscatscats> Those articles are good. Fallowes names New York Times specifically as being the most egregious in their “but her emails” coverage. Glenn and Maggie must have blown their gaskets when they saw that.

And @85 the Jeet Heer article I posted, he argues that Clinton will not be forgotten by history, contrary to what a lot of people want to believe.

@128 It’s funny because it’s true. It’s also devastating because it’s true. Sheesh.

@131 OMG shadowfaxxx! That’s terrible. Please be careful and take care of yourself.

Our Fredster is also bedridden with his back right now.

Be careful folks, we need you!

“Hillary Clinton is a woman, and there is almost nothing that Americans view as more repellent in women than anger.”

Thanks DYB, first time I have ever broken a bone and this one’s a doozie.

Hope you feel better soon Fredster.

@136 and 139: Thanks y’all.

Hope you are better soon too Shadow.

Going back to heating pad now. LOL

OMG it’s happening again.


Beautiful eulogy.

Watch Bernie Bros go after Fran Lebowitz.

Oh, Shadow, how awful! I hope your pain is under control, the pain meds don’t give you much in the way of side effects, and that you heal well and quickly.

Fredster, I hope you feel better soon too.

@84, sigh. Not for the last time do I think we’d be better off if we’d lost the American Revolution.

Thanks Fredster and NWLuna.

The pain meds are Narco and without additional anti-nausea pills, they make me up chuck. So even taking 25% of a dose, they put me to sleep. Also breaking the humerus bone makes me have to let the broken bone HANG straight down so it mends properly, with no movement.
This so sucks…

Sorry for the rant…

Shadow, rant away on any topic! We’re here!

DYB @144, So beautiful!

Shadow, I’m so very sorry to hear about that. My god, it sounds awful. I hope it goes by quickly.

Fredster, also hope you’re feeling better soon!

@149: Oh lordy, anything like those do the same thing to me. It can be Lortab, vicodin, whatever. I can take the first dose fine. Then I’ll start feeling queasy with the 2nd and if I try a third dose then I’m looking for the bucket. I’ve tried taking phenergan with them and it helps just a little bit.

@154: Ah, it will take a few days. Of course tomorrow (now today) is football Saturday so I’m going to have to restrain myself. LOL

Oh and your game is on here so I’ll be watching that and my game which starts an hour earlier.

Fredster, I’ve never been able to handle prescription pain pills either. I hope you can take it easy and enjoy the football tomorrow. Hubs is looking forward to it.

Did you see that Jerry Sandusky’s kid was also just sentenced for child abuse? I think he did a plea deal? I thought I read someplace that Sandusky had molested him when he was a kid also. The kid is adopted so its not like he could have inherited it.

Maher did a great New Rules tonight and had a fantastic Col. Cornpone accent.

@158: Luckily all I’m taking is Flexeril which I don’t have any issues with annie. I’ll just have to not get too worked up and excited so I don’t try to jump up at something like a bad call from a ref. LOL!!

I’ve heard of flexeril and in fact, hubs has taken it. Glad you have something that you can take. You should definitely try to stay calm tomorrow! 🙂

@162: It helps a lot with muscular back problems. And I’ll probably take one Aleve inbetween the flexeril doses although that’s not something I try to take lot of.

Welp I think it time to find something on the tube and get back on the heating pad. It looks like they have some Carole Lombard movies on TCM. I’ll put that on and hopefully drift off for awhile.

@159, huh, nature vs nurture…

Re: opioid pain meds — they make me nauseous also. Meclizine is pretty helpful. The times after surgery when I’ve had to take them I always need to add meclizine and sometimes an antihistamine for the itchy nose, and sometimes acetaminophen or naproxen for the headache. Gah!

@157, I knew Wikileaks was bad, but that’s a huge amount of attack propaganda. Even worse are all the people who swallowed it. Hideous.

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