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Monday post All The News That’s Unfit

Posted on: August 14, 2017

Good Monday Widdershins!

Our blogmistress had some real life issues come up so I’m covering here at sort of the last minute.  Because of that and not having a lot of time this is mainly going to be a link dump post.

From this WaPo piece, it seems like the “ugly American” tourist is making a resurgence.  Only this tourist was in Germany and thought it would be cute to do a Nazi salute.  Color him clueless since he seemed not to know that the salute is a crime in Germany and he got busted-literally.  Someone saw him do it and beat the crap out of him.

An American tourist gave the Nazi salute in Germany — so a stranger beat him up, police say

* * * *

Peter Cvjetanovic would like you to know that he’s really, really not a racist mkay.  No, seriously.

You can read that HERE. By the way he’s also a precious 20 years old.  Whatcha wanna bet he’s still on mom and dad’s health insurance?


* * * *

There is a new hashtag that is going viral, #ThisIsNotUS and you can check out a HuffPost article on it.

* * * *

From Business Insider here is an article with some background info, on the hit and run driver in Charlottesville, James Fields, again a 20 year old.

* * * *

David Frum in The Atlantic says it’s time for Republicans to “leap from the boat” that is the S.S. Trump. And I thought they were all so comfortable there.

* * * *

The occupant of the White House, appeared to be his usual clueless self when he made his statement after the events in Charlottesville happened and it took his staff making the rounds of the news shows the following day to attempt some damage control.

* * * *

The last link I have for you today is to an article about the photographer who captured the image of the car slamming into the counter-protesters.  That was his last day working for the newspaper.


Welp, that’s all I have for you today.  Hope you check out the links.  Of course this is an open thread.




99 Responses to "Monday post All The News That’s Unfit"

Fredster, good little post & good links. The photo of the car hitting those poor people is astonishing and ghastly.

@1, good tweet!

@2: Thanks Annie.

Even these little posts take some time to do. You have to go out and find the articles you want to use, and save them somewhere for quick reference. Then go out to der google and find some images you want to use, either bookmark those save them locally and upload them to the media section here on the blog- that’s actually the easier way to do it.

Then you can actually start to write the thing. Believe it or not I’m somewhat persnickety in that even though it may not show. After that I have to preview the thing to see how it will actually look on the blog.

All in all, I finished this up and scheduled it around 7:15 a.m.

@2: I think the photographer is going to be seriously considered for possibly a Pulitzer for that photo. And to think that he left to go work in a brewery. If it makes him happy I guess that’s the thing to do.

Should any of y’all decide you want to hold your own neo-Nazi, alt-right, blah blah march, you can get your Tiki torches right here on Amazon. You can probably get them at your local Ace hardware too, but Amazon makes it so easy.

Fredster, thanks for all this work in putting this together for us on the spur of the moment. I agree, the photographer should win the Pulitzer for that shot.

You know I’m quite disheartened by the number of people who are saying it is safer to allow these groups to protest without an opposition protest — using the death of Ms. Heyer as evidence. I find that quite disturbing. Evil blossoms when good people fail to till the gardens of justice. Ms. Heyer was standing for justice and killed for it. She is a hero.

In my leadership classes, I taught a section on the importance of finding a personal set of “sustaining and sustainable values.” One of my exercises was to give people a deck of about 80 cards, each printed with values.

I then told the story of Nelson Mandela and his imprisonment for 27 years. I then asked the participants to select what values were important enough for them to be imprisoned for 27 years.

Invariably, after “family” the value that moved more people than anything else was “justice”. Justice is a highly motivating force in most people. Ms. Heyer demonstrated it and was killed for it. I hope people appropriately appreciate that.

@6: Great comment Prolix. I like the “sustaining and sustainable values” section you said you taught.

Indeed it would be a lot easier and safer to just let the other side protest and sit quietly by. But then that’s giving tacit approval of what they are doing.

Thanks Fredster for jumping in at the last minute!!

Prolix, you are right that they should not be allowed to protest without counter-protest. There’s also that famous MLK statement: “In the End, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.” We must not let them do their thing in silence. In whatever way we can, they must be challenged. Whether it’s in person (but be careful) or online.

I tweeted at Dana Loesch, that crazy talk radio host who made those psychotic NRA ads. She tweeted: “If you base your political platform on identity politics (antifa, BLM, alt right) & not the spirit of freedom, I’m not on your side.” So I posted two photos from the march of Nazis/Confederates and I wrote: “This is your base.” She responded with: “It isn’t. They are grotesque. Stop the division.” And a lot of people called her out on that bullshit. It’s typical right-wing gas lighting. Start violence then blame the other side. We shouldn’t let them.

That angry Nazi from the protest complaining that he’s not an angry Nazi, he just wants to save all white people. Lordy! He doesn’t know everything he says is racist, even trying to explain how he’s not a racist. There’s a twitter page that’s been identifying a lot of people from the pictures. Some of them have already deleted their Facebook accounts, etc. There was one man who said one of the young men in the photo is his son and the family is disowning him. It’s fascinating because they marched proudly, without hoods. Now the glare of the internet is on them and they’re running away. They’re going to blame liberals for ruining their lives.

Prolix, I saw Jeffrey Toobin tweet that they should rename the square where Heather Heyer was killed, and where Lee’s monument is, with her name. I think that’s a great idea.

And now Trump says he is considering pardoning that insane Sheriff Arpaio. Imagine!

For the insanity, this is one of the people who has made a few dozen comments on Loesch’s thread in response to me. This is the insanity that exists today.

This is what Dump is worried about.

@11, and Dolt 45 makes the “hostage statement” about the KKK, racists, white supremacists and then to appease his “not so Breitbart base” he shuffles over to Fox and says, “I might pardon someone who is a confirmed, convicted racist.” Coincidence? Think not.

Have y’all noticed that all of these spokespeople have dead eyes like Stephen Miller? I saw the spokesthing for Homeland Security and it was fish eyes all over again.

From masslive, a Springfield Mass police officer mocked the protesters who were run down in Va.

A guy who was in Charlottesville with the neo-Nazis and alt-right @ssholes got fired from his job in Berkley CA

Top Dog, a hot-dog restaurant in Berkeley, California, said it fired Cole White on Saturday after he was named by a Twitter account devoted to outing rally participants.

“Effective Saturday 12th August, Cole White no longer works at Top Dog,” read a sign posted outside the restaurant on Sunday. “The actions of those in Charlottesville are not supported by Top Dog. We believe in individual freedom and voluntary association for everyone.”

@9: Here’s an article about that guy and his dad D.

His father wrote:

“I, along with all of his siblings and his entire family, wish to loudly repudiate my son’s vile, hateful and racist rhetoric and actions,” Pearce Tefft wrote. “We do not know specifically where he learned these beliefs. He did not learn them at home.”

Good for Dad.

@14: Yes Prolix, dead and without a soul.

Well, I guess it’s okay to buy Tiki ™ torches once again. The company made a statement about the neo-Nazi march.


and Joy Reid:


And now a break for cuteness.



@22> The resemblance is uncanny!

@24: Isn’t it amazing?

I’m surprised more people aren’t tweeting, “Thanks for the support Under Armour!”


And the CEO of Merck stepped down from the council also.

@25: >“Thanks for the support Under Armour

Completely zoomed right over my head.

I did see that Merck guy quit (Trump blasted him on twitter) and then Under Armour today. UA supports a lot of me!

@28: Oh, a lot huh?

Mr. Pundit is on fiyah today.

I liked this:

His pissy statement today, where he finally called out “the KKK, neo-Nazis, white supremacists and other hate groups,” was presented with all the enthusiasm of a man in a bathroom stall asking for toilet paper.


Good for you Aggies!

Thanks for the links Fredster! I’ve been out of commission all week and since Saturday I’ve had a hard time watching the news. It just makes me ill. Much easier to read links. Gotta go check them all now.

Good Charles Pierce that y’all should go read right here.

A choice part of it:

Anyone who followed the presidential campaign saw this coming. Frankly, I’m surprised there wasn’t more of it. Every Trump rally came with an implied promise of some kind of violence. Sometimes, the promise was fulfilled. Sometimes it wasn’t. But it was the dark energy behind that whole campaign. For all the relentless chin-stroking about the economically anxious and forgotten white working class, and for all the prayerful coverage of Donald Trump’s “populist” appeal, there was no question what was driving events on the Republican side.

Go read.

“The US really is my home” is a really weird thing to say.

@36: And he’s making it more and more like what he wants it to be, each and every day.

@35 That’s a great article by Pierce.

@38: Oh absolutely. He was speaking truth to power right there.

Oh duh! The residents of Floriduh strike again providing more candidates for the Darwin Awards.

Couple transporting grill injured after SUV explodes when wife lights up cig, cops say

@40 Oh Florida.

The human mind is a marvelous thing.


Very cool to see those CEO’s dumping trump’s lame-ass council.

@31, ditto Fredster, way to go Aggies! Going to check out Rude Pundit & Pierce.

@34: GAgal!!!! I missed your comment because I was reading things from the admin side and it scrolled down. My bad. 😦

@36, “the WH is very special”?? I thought it was a dump!

@42: Oh it gets better. I watched the little 50 sec video on that site and apparently they had the grill and the propane turned on while in the car.

@43: What you said Prolix.

Fredster, thanks for taking the time and the trouble to post.

I’m feeling so washed out lately with all the continued horror of the Trump regime. I’ve been out all day hiking — we went to a mountain lake and for a while I sat and listened to the water lapping against granite boulders, spindle-spinning some lovely silk, and fell into meditation. My mind fell into someplace where Trump wasn’t. Just the water sounds and the wind and a few bird calls and occasionally a pika. So peaceful and wonderful — while it lasted.

Each of us needs to take time for self-care during this dark time.

@49: Luna, no problem. I wish I could have done a more detailed post but that takes me awhile to do. I thought at least the links were a good starting point.

Similar to what you wrote in your comment, Maddow tonight said we might have noticed she had not done a Friday night cocktails thing lately. She said the reason was because we didn’t need anymore excuses to drink these days. LOL

We all know that Faux News is sad, to put it charitably. However check this out.

Fox News Host Dismisses Racism as a Problem, Immediately Says Something Racist

“Jesse Watters is the Ron Burgundy of White Resentment News”

they had the grill and the propane turned on while in the car.

LOL! How did people so stupid survive to adulthood?

Says the Nazi organizer of the 9/11 hate rally which the Texas A&M University cancelled:

…the Millennials don’t really relate to 9/11.

Of course they don’t.

@53, argh, for want of a left pointed bracket….

What. A. Monster.

After Charlottesville, Trump retweets — then deletes — image of train running over CNN reporter

Trump was in the middle of his usual morning tweetstorm when he sent the image, posted by a supporter who added “Nothing can stop the #TrumpTrain!!,” to his nearly 36 million followers.

Fredster, thank you so much for covering my post! I was on the road most of last weekend and yesterday. Bizarrely, I was in Virginia when all of this horror was happening, although not in Charlottesville.

I agree with Prolix about the very courageous woman who gave her life to stand up to white supremacy. Our country is reaching a turning point now. Who is going to stand up to the evil that is Drumpf/Bannon and the racist white supremacist agenda?

Honestly, if you voted for this baboon currently defecating on the Oval Office carpet, you condoned racism and misogyny and anti-Semitism and hatred towards the disabled. There is no excuse. You are deplorable.

@54 – Fixed it, Luna!

Thanks for the new post Fredster, those photos of the car hitting innocent people makes me really, really angry.

This entire ugly side of America makes me really ashamed of 35% of my country. The way they dress up to be abusive towards everyone they hate, makes me livid.

Better than post much when I feel like this…I will semi lurk.

Rachel had a great show on the past couple of decades and the build up to this very ugly, underbelly of some American Nazis.

There’s a twitter page that’s been identifying a lot of people from the pictures.

Do you have the # for that page?

Rachael was talking about how all these evil doers were captured on camera and how many of the are losing their jobs, being kicked out of college and also will be identified for life on the internet as pro Nazis. The torches lit their faces for the photos.

I see the link for identifying the alt Nazis on another post.

“He’s orange, he’s gross, he lost the popular vote

Haha, great!

Honestly, if you voted for this baboon currently defecating on the Oval Office carpet, you condoned racism and misogyny and anti-Semitism and hatred towards the disabled. There is no excuse. You are deplorable.

Amen, MB.

@56: There were so many articles and angles to this horror I really did not know exactly where to start. Looking at them I decided the best thing to do was just a link-dump.

OMG. Sebastian Gorka’s wife is also working in the WH. And look what she’s been up to. (I apologize if you get an autoplay video)

Weeks before a violent white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, led to three deaths and 19 injuries, the Trump administration revoked a grant to Life After Hate, a group that works to de-radicalize neo-Nazis.

The Department of Homeland Security had awarded the group $400,000 as part of its Countering Violent Extremism program in January, just days before former President Barack Obama left office. It was the only group selected for a grant that focused exclusively on fighting white supremacy. But the grant money was not immediately disbursed.

Trump aides, including Katharine Gorka, a controversial national security analyst known for her anti-Muslim rhetoric, were already working toward eliminating Life After Hate’s grant and to direct all funding toward fighting what the president has described as “radical Islamic terrorism.”

I like this post Fredster. Link dumps are good. It’s helpful to keep up with lots of different stuff flying around in the whirlwind out there.

@64: We have two of them infecting the W.H. Call Orkin!

@52: Surely two candidates for the Darwin Awards.

@58: Post away Shadow, it helps to vent.

Couldn’t have happened to a nice bunch of Storm Troopers and Nazis.



May not be totally up to date. (goes with comment 70)



Go vote!


Hey shadow, gather up some folks and get ready for this.


@59 Shadowfax, this is the account that’s been identifying white supremacists.

Here’s an updated list.

@76: Trumka with AFL-CIO is off list too.

Woo-ee! Drumpf is going to break the Interwebz tonight.

The sunlight is frying his cockroach *ss!!!

This business of fascists inflicting themselves on San Francisco and Cambridge, Mass: there’s only one possible explanation. They’re really hoping those “communist” countries get so riled up there’s violence for the nazis to brag about to the folks back home.

It’s important, I think, not to give it to them.

There was a commenter on Scalzi’s blog who was suggesting yellow gooey cream pies. Possibly not even primarily for throwing. They could be laid down so the nazis had to wade through them to march or to get in protestors’ faces. Anything to make the haters ridiculous and absurd. (Where are Terry Pratchett and Douglas Adams when we need them?)

That would be a way better weapon against them than treating them with seriousness they shouldn’t have.

When thinking of confrontations I’ll always remember this photo:

Fredster @81. Yeah. Doesn’t that just make you feel like you’re ten thousand light years from home? (Maybe a problem with the link? I found it here:

It’s kind of different, too. The intent there was kindly, to get through to the humanity of cops who were “just following orders.” Whereas nazis should be made ridiculous, and in such a way that getting angry about it would just make them more ridiculous. I wish I had the inventiveness to figure out how to do that.

Could the Alabama Senate race be Moore Strange?

@82: The pic isn’t showing for you quixote? I embedded the link in the comment.


@82: Also I’m not sure how they could get the pies placed there and have them stay. The “authorities” may call in a street cleaning machine to sweep them away. I love the idea though.

@83: And that was just the Repub primary. There was also a Dem primary to choose the sacrificial Democrat to run against the Repub runoff winner. And that would be Doug Jones of…someplace in Alabama. “Big Mo” Brooks has decided not to endorse anyone. He’s packing his dishes and heading home.

@73, “Too Generous” is winning by a mile the last time I checked!

As if it wasn’t flamingly obvious before now.

And…..some cuteness before bedtime:

University of Edinburgh researchers on Monday announced the discovery of 91 previously unknown volcanoes under west Antarctica. …

“By themselves the volcanoes wouldn’t be likely to cause the entire ice sheet to melt,” said lead researcher Max Van Wyk de Vries, whose team published the study in the Geological Society in late May. But if the glacier is already melting because of global warming, he said, “if we start reducing significant quantities of ice … you can more or less say that it triggers an eruption.”

In a worst-case scenario, the researchers say, we could see a feedback loop of melting ice that destabilizes volcanoes, which erupt and melt more ice, and so on until Antarctica’s troubles to date seem halcyon in comparison.

@95 Oh geez.

And what is it we have in the W.H. ?

Oh yeah that’s right:


@94 Luna, thanks for that tweet. It’s really nice scrolling down and looking at cool critters. 🙂


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