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Activist, Uh, Tuesday: Reclaiming Our Time

Posted on: August 8, 2017

Hello Widdershins, and a very good Tuesday to all of you. Today I want to make a statement about women and the Democratic Party.

We’re reclaiming our time.

Maxine Waters Doesn’t Take Your Crap, Bro

As we know, the “election” of Drumpf was a devastating blow to those of us who knew, just knew, that this time we’d get the President we wanted and deserved. Obama set off red flags in 2008 with his sexism and lack of qualifications, and we hated the obvious push to hand him the nomination by rigging the DNC rules to favor caucuses. So we declared “Party Unity My *ss,” and the Obots swarmed and won. In 2016, when it should have been obvious that Hillary would run unopposed, that narcissistic, lazy sh*thead Bernie Sanders decided to start a Party of One…and the Obots swarmed, newly reborn as Bernie Bros/brogressives. This time, they lost, and lost YUGE. It was surely, finally time for Hillary!

But it wasn’t. Bernie had done a lot of damage to her reputation, and that, along with so many other factors, doomed her to lose once again. And as if that weren’t enough, the Democratic Party is still cosseting and kowtowing to the man who lost the primary by 4 million votes, AND who will not even show the most basic respect of declaring himself a Democrat. His followers are primarying Democratic candidates instead of supporting them, and creating ridiculous smear campaigns against any Democrat who doesn’t fit the Bernie mold. You know what that means: white, male, sexist and self-righteous.

Look what they’re doing to Kamala Harris, whose voting record is the second most progressive in the Senate. (Bernie is not even in the top 10. Surprise!)

Cosmopolitan goes so far as to say, “Leave Kamala Harris Alone,” pointing out in no uncertain terms:

Kamala Harris doesn’t have a Bernie Sanders problem. The so-called “Sanders Left” has a black-woman problem. In fact, the entire left has a black-woman problem. On May 25, a group of black women wrote an open letter to DNC Chairman Tom Perez requesting that he meet with black women politicians and policy makers. The letter noted that the 115th Congress has “20 Black women—the largest number in history” and reminded Perez that in 2008 and 2012, black women were the party’s most loyal voting bloc. The DNC refused to even give black women an official response to the letter. I say this, because I want to be clear that the DNC is no friend to black women. However, if 2016 is any indicator, the vast majority of black women rejected the Sanders solution as a model for the kind of left politics that meets their needs.

Let me be clear: Bernie Sanders and his sexist brogressives will NEVER stop demonizing women, no matter what color they are. Look what venerated feminist blogger Melissa McEwan of Shakesville posted today. Everyone knows she is a progressive – but OMG she supported Hillary!!!11111!!! so she must NOT BE!

“Sanders Democrats” don’t own the left.

For thirteen years, I’ve been occupying this space, advocating for progressive policy and social justice. I support universal healthcare and a basic guaranteed income. I am pro-choice, anti-death penalty, a prison abolitionist, and advocate for vast criminal justice reform. I strongly reject privatization schemes and strongly support free public education. I am an intersectional feminist; an anti-racist; a fierce defender of LGBTQ rights; an advocate for dismantling the rape culture; a disabled survivor; a fat activist; a Democratic critic and a Democratic supporter.

Those are not conservative positions. They are not even centrist positions.

They are leftist positions.

And I have spent the last thirteen years of my life being mercilessly inundated with gross harassment for taking those positions.

RECLAIM YOUR TIME, MELISSA!!! What the hell have the Keyboard Kommandoes of Bernie’s non-existent ‘revolution’ sacrificed for their position? How dare they abuse and disdain women who have been working for many years for liberal causes, just because they favored Hillary over #TheBernout?

So now, finally, more and more women are getting it. The Democrats won’t give us our time unless we stand up and demand it. Women must have a voice in the Democratic Party, and we want candidates that represent us. This means, tell ENORMOUS LOSER Bernie Sanders to go sit in a corner and rename a post office. That’s all he’s ever been good for.

And for us, let’s find a group to join and start promoting and registering women in the Democratic Party. There are a lot of them out there, including Hillary’s PAC. I joined this one on Monday.

Hey, DNC: We’re no longer asking. We’re telling.

This is an open thread.





121 Responses to "Activist, Uh, Tuesday: Reclaiming Our Time"

Emily’s List has received 16,000 outreaches from women interested in running for office in 2018. The previous high was 920, considered the “Hillary bomb.”

Righteous rant, madamab! And re: Emily’s List: wow!That’s nearly 2X higher than the previous high!

Hey Luna! Actually it’s over 16X higher (16,000 vs. 920). Amazing, right?

You’re right, madamab. Instead of working from that winning page, the Dem party is trying to get rid of as much support as possible. You’ve seen the latest, about how control over your own body is negotiable … so long as you’re a woman.

What is wrong with these people? /*endless screaming*/

@4 – It is INFURIATING, Quixote. They take us so for granted. The ingrained sexism in the DNC is astonishing.

I have seen a lot of men on Twitter getting very up in arms about the “hey, pro-life Democrats are just totally FINE!” attitude. So except for the Bros, most Democratic men are on board (like our awesome Widdershins). But somehow the DNC refuses to understand.

I truly believe the 30% solution is the only way to break through the denial. If even a small percentage of those 16,000 women win seats in 2018, our voices will be too loud to be ignored.

Love the post and the links MB! That’s wonderful news about Emily’s list also. I hope we can make “reclaiming our time” stick as a slogan for years to come.

In reply to this:

President Donald Trump issued an extraordinary ultimatum to North Korea on Tuesday warning Pyongyang not to make any more threats against the United States or they will “face fire and fury like the world has never seen,”

Was this tweet:


and this was one reply:


@7 – “Regretting my vote for Bernie for a lot of reasons but this is a big one.”

Fixed it.

I got into a “discussion” with someone about Kamala Harris yesterday. A friend of a friend posted some trash article that said “Clintonistas” accuse Bernie Bros of being sexist and racist because they have the gall to point out how much of a neoliberal shill Harris is. This was an Observer article.

I was like: Ok, first of all, Observer is a Kushner-owned paper. Second, show me some what exactly in Harris’ record shows her to not be a liberal/progressive. I (and all Clintonistas) were then accused of being sexist hypocrites for not supporting Carly Fiorina. I pointed out Bernie’s weakness on gun control, fighter jets getting built in Vermont. I was told that at least Bernie wasn’t a corporate shill like Hillary and didn’t collect massive speaking fees.

I really kind of hope this nuclear war comes fast. Or at least a meteor.

@11 DYB said: I (and all Clintonistas) were then accused of being sexist hypocrites for not supporting Carly Fiorina.

And why, pray tell, would you be supporting Republican Carly?


DYB – I have to admit I am very puzzled about the Carly Fiorina thing. I guess they’re saying we only supported Hillary because she’s a woman, so we should have supported Carly too?!

These people are definitely the Obots of 2016. I remember being told in 2008 that I shouldn’t “vote with my v*g1n@”. People were always explaining to me why I supported Hillary instead of asking. I mean, I’m only a wimminz. I can’t be expected to understand my own mind.

I hope Twitter has beefed up its servers. Tonight’s going to be cray-cray.

@17: I hope Twitter has beefed up its servers. Tonight’s going to be cray-cray.

It seemed to be hanging a bit earlier today.

Nuclear conflagration on the Korean Peninsula is the price we pay for a robust email retention policy here in the U.S. We should be grateful millions of Koreans are willing to glow in order to defend Americans’ right to an obscure email management regulation.

CC: James Comey, Bernie Sanders, Jill Stein, Susan Sarandon, Mrs. Alan Greenspan, Mark Ruffalo, Will Ferrell, Cornel West, and of course, Nina Turner

Excellent post MB. It has finally happened, the Alt-Right and Alt-Left, complete with poster boy Glenn Greenwald, has completed its mind meld. I’m so sick of these Bros. I wish someone would just stand up and tell them to STFU, but that is the kind of controversy for which they live.

Someone on twitter today said, “The self-gratifying boys of the Alt-Right got into their canoes and paddled over to Alt-Left Island where an awesome sausage party is rockin’!”

@19: Well said.

And just by sheer coincidence?

As North Korea intensifies missile program, U.S. opens $11 billion base in South Korea

The U.S. military has been trying for 30 years to move its headquarters in South Korea out of Seoul and out of North Korean artillery range.

Since the end of World War II, the military has been based at Yongsan, a garrison that had been the Imperial Japanese Army’s main base during Japan’s occupation of the Korean Peninsula. It is in the middle of Seoul and just 40 miles from the demilitarized zone that separates the two Koreas.

@21 – The Trump-Industrial complex strikes again. Prolix, Yes!!

Wow. Lawrence O’Donnell just broke the story about the 50 pages of positive spin Trump receives every day, split into two folders. Eli Stokols said this was not just pathetic ego stroking, but a concerted propaganda campaign.

Love this post MB and it’s about freakin’ time that women keep uniting like we did in the Women’s March.

My voting hasn’t changed since 2008, (Of course our Hillary was my first choice) and every candidate that ran for any office on the ballot was as follows for me:
– Most experienced Dem. female woman running.
– If no woman ran for a position, most experienced male Dem.

Never voted for any Rethug, no matter what.

Stronger together, keep fighting, keep voting and encourage as many young voters to get to the polls as possible.

@3, uh, yes. I’m obviously not very good at math early in the morning before my caffeine. Thanks for the correction!

@25: I missed that but I’ll catch the repeat.

@11, Kamala Harris’s voting record is MORE liberal than Sanders. Too bad the Bernedbrainbots aren’t influenced by facts.

@4, @5, Yessss!

I made the mistake of replying to someone’s tweeted reply about “excluding Bernie supporters” to Peter Daou where he said that Hillary supporters had a worldview in common — we were more than just Hillary voters. I replied that the original tweet didn’t mention Sanders, so there was no point to bringing him up. Should have known — I then got replies about Well, if you look at all of Peter’s tweets you’ll see, and “they’re attacking liberals” and “taking a page from the Republicans.” Foolishly I said that nothing was said about liberals and that Sanders wasn’t a Dem anyhow. Which got me back “X million registered Dem voters voted for Bernie.” I could have returned with “So what? Hillary got 5 million more and beat him,” or “Are you sure they’re registered Dems?” (in my state you don’t register for parties to vote) and “Are you counting caucuses, which aren’t 1-person, 1-vote?” I said “So many changes of topics! Have a good day. Bye,” and blocked him. Zeus, Inanna and other deities, but they sure do the whack-a-mole tangents well.

Fredser and madamab> Yep, they also mentioned Ben Carson. Why not support him and Carly Fiorina, for the reasons you describe. I was going to argue that they don’t understand what feminism and anti-racism is, but I just stopped responding to them.

Prolix, yeah, Jill Stein today.

I hope Twitter has beefed up its servers. Tonight’s going to be cray-cray.

I can tell how crazy it is by how many tweets I have in my TL. Looked at it tonight after getting home from work and said Whoops! Trump did something really stupid again. Or something big leaked.

You know how there’s a Dump tweet for every occasion?

There’s one from Jill Stein too.

@38, Luv this reply:

@40, “Can @maureendowd be launched at #NorthKorea?”

If she was, it would be a “bleat seeking missile”.

@40: Oh man, I love that one and the same for 39.

@33: but I just stopped responding to them.

Sometimes that’s the best thing you can do.

@42: That was great!

@41, Touche’

@34, God, that woman has a fucking nerve, doesn’t she?

@37, ah, a speck of good news. Thanks for that DYB!

Enjoyed everyone’s tweets. This has been a strange day.

DYB, the special election was YUGE! That district was dark red in November.

And Jill Stein, oh m g. I still wonder why she was at dinner with Pooty-Poot.

War with Korea? Dump with his tiny fingers on the nuke codes…

This protest song is appropriate, even if the country has changed:

On July 22nd home of Paul Manafort was raided by the FBI in early hours of the morning. Is this just coming out now or have we heard about this before??

@50 – Believe it or not, this is yet another scoop. I guess people are still leaking, huh?

The Great General Kelly Era appears to be the same as the Whiny Reince Priebus Era. #Nochaos

I guess the manatee didn’t turn over all his documents to Muller after all…

FBI raided Manafort home as part of Russia probe

50, sorry DYB, didn’t see your post.

If these raids were done by Mueller’s people – it’s amazing it’s taken this long to leak. I think Bharara is right that Mueller runs a tight ship. Unlike Dump.

Also someone pointed out this raid was the day after Manafort’s testimony to the Senate. And Trump tweeted attacks on Mueller and Sessions right before it happened, so did he know? Did someone leak it to him? Who?

And there was another article that several people on Mueller’s team turned down 7 figure jobs to work on his investigation.

@55, amazing. Excellent news to start the day!

@49, great song! Now I’m trying to figure out rhymes for “Korea.”

Intriguing point!

I’ll bet Mueller’s team didn’t leak. Someone in the WH leaked to keep the Russia narrative in the headlines.

That song is great! Perfect for its day & Country Joe was kinda good looking back then. I was born at the end of the boomer gen, and was a kid at the time of Woodstock, but my older sis was 18 and I enjoyed listening to (& scratching, according to her) all her rock albums and loved the Woodstock album. btw, her crazy rich English boyfriend did go to Woodstock. Ah, the stories I could tell about that guy if this wasn’t a public blog.

Fredster, some pup pics for you! (not the bulldogs)

@58 & 59, good points, both of you.

NW Luna,

I’m trying to figure out rhymes for “Korea.”

Here ya go, good luck with that 😉


@61: PUPPIES!!! And also puppy breath!

@61: LOL, Luna I would have probably spied those doxie ears anywhere.

From the WaPo article:

The search warrant indicates investigators may have argued to a federal judge they had reason to believe Manafort could not be trusted to turn over all records in response to a grand jury subpoena.

Or they already knew there were documents/records he had not turned over and they wanted them.

“Trustworthy” and “Trump associate” are mutually incompatible.

@67, LOL! So true.

#66 – I think that one. It was right after his testimony, right?

Speaking of cute critters…Wonkette has mucho kittehs for us.

Hmmm…we may have to have a poll on this dog/cat thing. Dog: happy, happy, bounce, bounce. Cat: serene and uninterested.

@72, lol. I should make videos of one of my cats lolling on her back, pedaling her front paws as her belly gets petted, or the cat chasing a string around the house (we have a circular floor plan), or the cat who bats balls back, or of the one who would run after and fetch balls back!

I vote for both cats and dogs!

@73: We must have that video of your kitteh!!

@74, Fredster, I’ve only made videos when I accidentally hit the “video” instead of “exposure” button on my camera. Alas, both kittehs who batted balls back and fetched them are buried in my garden now. (sniff) But the pedal-paws one is young and thriving. Then there’s my middle-aged silly Siamese who loves being held upside down.

Hmm. How do I upload videos/pics to this site?

One last downer item for the day and I’ll quit posting them:

Your score: 1/1
Yes that’s right!
Consider yourself among the geographically literate 36 percent of Americans who can locate North Korea on a map.

… there’s a relationship between geographic knowledge and policy preferences. People who can locate North Korea are more likely to favor diplomatic ways to deal with the country’s unruly regime: economic sanctions, for instance, or increasing pressure on the country’s chief ally, China.

@75: Hmmm…on the videos and pics deal I’ll have to email you on that one. It can get complicated and also wordpress is finicky about video formats.

@77: I found it too!

Woo hoo contrask and annie! Check out the Sports Illustrated Preseason top 25 college football teams.

Cowboys at #4 and USC #5

And I know, it’s just preseason.

LSU #13

@80, amazing!

@82: And from the link:

Boudreaux said it appeared two pink dolphins were playing in the wake, but the second one left before she could get a picture.

Would have loved to see a pic of two of them.

@80, Wow! Like a unicorn!

@81, yep, hubs told me about it. He’s very happy. The big news (sports-wise) here though is the L.A. Dodgers. They are having an incredible season.

@84: Yeah, but football is coming soon!

@86: They’ll do anything to belittle them.

Fredster @85, yes, and I’m very happy for you about that. Whenever I hear news about on the tv, I think of you. In fact hubs told me to tell you about the Trojan ranking thing!

Luna, thanks for that tweet about AIDS! An uplifting thought before I go to bed.

The pink dolphin is amazing!

I vote cats and dogs too. Love them both! When we move to a bigger place, we’ll get a dog because I am too allergic to cats. Sigh.

So y’all know that “find N. Korea” thing that Luna had up above?

Well no so much here with finding the right place.

Pauvre moi.

I fell asleep earlier and then suddenly was just awake. But I’m going to try again for some more zzzzs.

84 | socalannie

@80, Wow! Like a unicorn!

I hope the pink color isn’t a mutation that will cause them to be more vulnerable to prey, or have a disease caused by something man made.

The unicorns in nature should always be protected.

Capt. Erik Rue of Calcasieu Charter Service first captured a photograph of the dolphin, who locals have nicknamed “Pinky,” in 2007.

Pink dolphins are extremely rare. According to, only 14 have been spotted since 1962.

At least ‘Pinky’ and his sidekick are not the only pink dolphins, makes me feel better that they might not be just a one time mutation.

Big mouth is at it again…

Trump escalates rhetoric on North Korea, saying his earlier statement may not have been ‘tough enough’

@94, omg.

@93, Only 14 since 1962. They probably don’t know what causes it then.

@98: What he said.

@63 Shadowfax, I spit out coffee at that! LOL

So Jeffrey Lord tweeted out “Seig Heil” earlier today. He says he meant it ironically, but please. Just please.

CNN has no comment.

This guy really gives Sen Slanders the ass kicking he deserves:

Oops, it’s a thread (102)

Jeffrey Lord has been fired from CNN. After tweeting the Nazi salute. That’s the bar. How-low-can-you-go?

@103, Dump is playing a dangerous game. Hopefully it will be dangerous for him and his, and not the rest of us.

@105, Finally, some cheerful news!

oops, meant @104 not 103 in above comment.




@110 Fredster> Finally we found CNN’s read line. The red line is “Sieg heil.” Good to know!

What’s interesting to me is that they are saying they “severed” ties with Lord. But Kathy Griffin was fired. I wonder why the discrepancy…

@112; Good catch there DYB. Probably because they got more social media outrage over Kathy than the Sieg heil. Just a guess on my part.

Lord is male; Griffin is female.

@104, Putin’s got Trump by the short hairs and Trump’s thanking him for it.

@109, WTF?

@116: Could it be that the people polled for that were the same ones who couldn’t find N. Korea in the Kimmel piece?

@114: Good point.

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