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Lazy Sunday~musical goodbyes

Posted on: August 6, 2017

*All* kinds of goodbyes

No no, not gonna dwell on my sad news.  Although, I appreciate everyone’s kind thoughts.

No, today I thought we might look at some musical goodbyes.  Goodbyes can cover many things in life from a person passing away, to a change in your location, to a change in jobs or even a change in martial status.  So there are lots and lots of types of goodbyes and even, maybe soon a political goodbye to certain people. (wink-wink)

Here are some songs that I found that I’ll share here.  And of course your choices are welcomed in the comments below.

(1)  Hello, Goodbye~The Beatles

(2) Friends Never Say Goodbye~Elton John

(3) Good Riddance (Time of your Life)~Green Day

(4) Farewell~Rihanna

(5) You’re Gonna Miss This~Trace Adkins

(6) Don’t Forget To Remember Me~Carrie Underwood

(7) Na Na Na Na Na Hey Hey Goodbye~Steam (The Band)

(8) When I Get Where I’m Going~Brad Paisley

(9) See You Later Alligator~Bill Haley & the Comets

So there you go Widdershins.  A nice selection for y’all to build on.  Open thread of course.







113 Responses to "Lazy Sunday~musical goodbyes"

We must begin with Madonna, of course.

It’s a “See You Later, Fredster!”

Aida and Radames have been sealed in an underground tomb, where they are suffocating (all that singing probably speeds up the process.) The priests and Amneris chant above them.

Wotan bids farewell to his beloved daughter Brunnhilde. He is putting her into a coma (!), on a rock surrounded by fire, where only the bravest hero can find her.

@7, DYB, I once saw the entire Ring of the Nibelung cycle back when the Seattle Opera put on their yearly production. Boyfriend at the time was trying to get cultured IIRC and bought us tickets. He slept through most of them, so I got to listen and watch uninterrupted.

@9 Luna, Seattle’s current “naturalistic” production is really gorgeous (from the photos I’ve seen.) They do a good Ring cycle. I’ve seen it at the Met many times and it’s such an extraordinary work of art.

Roz in NJ/NYC

Love that Everly Brothers song! Oldie but goodie

Here is a great article to give us some hope:

@10, DYB, the Ring performance I saw would have been in the early-mid 1980s. They used to do fantastic posters for each year’s Ring cycle, which were hot items amongst graphic designer and design students. Then they stopped for a while (and didn’t do posters anymore). I didn’t realize they started to put it on again, but then I wasn’t paying attention to opera. Just checked their website archives and saw some wonderful pictures of that amazing naturalistic set. Their last production was in 2013 and it’s not clear when they’ll put it on again, but they do intend to. Saw they offered recordings of the complete cycle, but alas, no video.

Oh my, everyone is on a roll today. Very nice selections.

{{{Sophie}}} !

@14: Interesting piece contrask. I’m sure the total number of Dems in Bama, excluding B’ham, could probably fit in a meeting/conference room in a small to mid-sized suburban hotel.

I’m slow today – this has to be included:

@20: We’re all slow today. That’s why these things are titled “lazy weekend…”.

DYB @1, of course!


So here’s an interesting chart that ranks progressive members of Congress. Kamala Harris scores higher than Saint Bernie!

How many ways to say goodbye can one man fit in a nomad life…

A little sadder than I would like but it follows the theme of the post.

@30: I liked that! He summed it up in four words.

Corgi meets dolphins.

@34: That *was* funny.

Come for Ms. Gaynor, but stay for the sequined onesie fringed jumpsuits at 3:00. It.Does.Not.Get.Any.Better.Than.This. Full stop.

And then it’s time for some high church from the priestess Ms. Houston.

Yikes! Forgot to like my own post. SAD!!

Nice selections Prolix.

I have this album “Gone Gone Gone”

I was glancing at your lead picture Fredster & thought is was this one:

@33, Fredster, that was cute. But if that was my dog, I’d have a harness on it instead of trying to hang on to the collar. An energetic pupper can generate a lot of force, especially when falling!

@42, contrask, oh yes, didn’t Piglet say things like that, though in, uh, much less acute language.

For you, Fredster!

All, I’m going to let this post stay up for a little while. I’ll have something new on Tuesday. Fredster and Prolix deserve a little more love!!! We’ll so miss their posts.

This may cheer us up:

@45: I had to look up the translation for the aria, my bad. 😉

I’m going to be hanging around for awhile but if I can get things moving along, I’m going to attempt to get moved back to my home area in nola.

It’s going to take a lot of advanced work. I have stuff in storage that I’m probably going to have to repack to make it suitable for a mover to handle it. I’ve got some leads on a place to rent so then moving, getting down there a day or so ahead of the movers and then the mess of unloading and the unpacking. Ugh. Then it will be the hurry up and wait to get cable, internet and the rest. That’s when I may be in limbo for awhile regarding being online.

Fredster, other than all the work, moving back to nola sounds exciting! How long has it been since you were there?

@48, Fredster, whew, I thought you were quitting posting, like prolix. Urch — moving. Such a pain: deciding what’s the minimum you can live with and keep with you while moving, when to change addresses, the utilities, the packing, then the unpacking. I don’t envy you. I hope everything connected with moving goes smoothly.

You are going to arrive in NOLA after the floods let up, I hope!

Fredster, that’s so exciting! I so hope everything goes well.

@50: No, not quitting posting, I’m going to try to keep my Sunday gig, but there may be interruptions. Add in also Luna, making sure I’m up to date on meds because I’ll have to find a doc down there. And because I’m moving to another state I have to go through what the A.C.A. calls “life changing events” and I’ll have to find a health policy down there. I kind of gave the ACA policies the once over at health sherpa. A friend of a friend recommended a doc for me. I checked the plans there and he’s only on the Blue Cross plans.

Also Luna I thought of the theme of goodbyes mainly because of Sara and thought “well there are other types of goodbyes”.

GAgal, I made the trip down for the funeral when my mom died and then made another quickie trip to take care of some property issues. Both times I stayed in the parish we lived in before Katrina. It’s a suburb of the city and pretty quiet for being there.

>You are going to arrive in NOLA after the floods let up, I hope!<

Yes, but give it a rainy day with 8 inches of rain in a couple of hours and there will always be flooding somewhere there. Goes with the territory. And contrary to popular opinion the whole place is *not* below sea level. But it is definitely flat and it takes pumps to get the water out. Gravity drainage isn't going to work. LOL

@51: Annie it’s going to be a huge pain in the ass but at least it will get me back to where I call home. I know I’ll probably have to hire someone to help me with the unpacking, placing furniture and stuff because my back simply won’t last long enough to get it done. I’ll probably wake up and go to bed taking Flexeril and in between those, popping an Aleve or two.

@53 – Fredster, getting help with your move is a really good idea. We only moved from one part of NY to another, and it was a TON of work! We even had them pack for us, as we had very little time to prepare for the closing. I’m not sure I recommend that packing thing…if you have time to do it yourself, it’s better. But it helped us a lot.

(((Fredster))), I am so sorry for your loss. Best of luck with the moving, getting help is well worth it and back to your roots should help fill some of your current loss.

OMG, I hope I didn’t mistake the ‘Goodbye, loss’ post today.

I haven’t been around all weekend and if I did, I am very sorry.

Fredster, Glad to hear you’ll be back to a place which feels more like home! Help with moving is an excellent idea if only for the time you’ll save. Humans weren’t made to move heavy stuff for hours at a time. Definitely getting a supply of your regular meds is a good idea. If you have refills available, you should be able to get those filled even if you’re in another state. Sometimes I’ve written Rxs for patients outside my home state and they were honored. Also, dak lives in NOLA; you might ask her for suggestions about health plans and providers.

He’s acting more and more like a dictator every day.

I’m tempted to get one!

I’ve been busy today on the phone talking with moving folks and such.

@56: Shadow, no biggie. With Sara’s passing I also realized there were many different goodbyes we have in life such as a move, changing jobs, retiring from a job, etc. After I got the post written I realized I might not have made it entirely clear but I also didn’t feel like rewriting the thing. LOL

@57: Luna I have refills on most of the meds and from I understood from the mail order place they can send them to a “temporary” address. Also, a cust. rep from BCBS-AL said my health insurance will cover if I’m out of state and have to see a doc or go to a hospital but the reimbursement will be less. That’s another reason I’ve been paying the premiums a month or two ahead. I can always say I was just traveling and visiting folks.However once I’m “officially” a resident back home I think I have 30 days to change to a La. policy.

Gawd tRump and Repubs, pls don’t mess around with this thing. You tried to repeal and replace and you lost. Just leave it alone.

@58: It would be funny if the “media” hired some choppers to fly over and get some pics but you know the Secret Service and D.o.D. probably have a no-fly zone over the area.

{{{Contrask!}}} I just saw some video of severe weather (tornadoes?) in your area. Hope y’all are okay.

@62, they do. Trump’s visits shut down business for the small and medium airports for miles around. The locals are not happy about that.

Whenever President Donald Trump visits his golf club in Bedminster for a weekend, life in the township goes on normally. Though there may be extra security at his country club and a protest rally at the library, most people are not affected.

But the effects of the president’s visits are being felt and are having an adverse impact miles away. Prompted by security concerns from the Secret Service, the federal Aviation Administration (FAA) imposes “temporary flight restrictions” (TFR) that prohibit all air traffic within a 10-mile radius of Trump National Golf Club and strictly restrict air traffic within a 30-mile radius whenever Trump is in town.

Business at private airports as far away as Hunterdon County is suffering because the FAA restrictions mean that the airports cannot conduct flight training, and pilots who want to fly must load a transponder so their planes can be tracked on radar, and be in constant contact with New York-area air-traffic controllers. In addition, no skydiving flights are allowed and all balloon flights are grounded.

@64: Oh I can only imagine how p*ssed off they are.

Edited to comment on 65: And you know he could totally care less about anyone else. Not a biggie for him.

I learned better so not going to put in the moment but this tweet from #socklessdeadintern schmoe got a lot of replies.


And I don’t recall his kids volunteering to serve in the military. Hell I don’t think he did either.

@67, Doesn’t apply to him, of course.

Oh my. Looks like Hillary beat Bernie in book sales as well as votes. Guess there aren’t as many Berned progbros as they tell us!

60 Fredster

I was confused, when I came on this post I thought you were talking about your friend, so I posted the ‘Angel’ song for you, but then I read more into the comments and thought maybe you were just talking about moving…and so I freaked out that it would be taken the wrong way.

@67 Fredster, I read some of the replies and they were great. Morning Moe, who never served anywhere, needs to shut his trap. Typical Rethuglican.

Hillary looks absolutely gorgeous! Wow. They’ll NEVER be able to break her spirit. That’s why they hate her.

1-2: No, do NOT answer the door.

2-2: Apprehension and arrest. This was in Breaux Bridge La. The “rolling” behavior is what a gator will do when it captures a prey.

@75/76> Uhm….NO! We have rats in NYC, but that’s a few steps above!

@76, A couple of brave bar bouncers tried the same technique on me one night in the Quarter. Luckily for me, no buttinsky bystander had extra duct tape for my “mout” (mouth/snout) and I was able to continue edifying the good folks of the Big Easy unabated. It did teach me a lesson: Must remember to moisturize so there won’t be instances of future mistaken identity.

@70: Shadow, no problem at all.

@72 & 73: They look great together.

@78: But Prolix, did you try the “death roll”? I mean, on the streets in the Quarter that would be nasty. LOL

@74 No way! Gators that big shouldn’t be anywhere near houses!

@74 madamab> Here’s an article about that event (fancy wedding; Tiffany Trump was also in attendance.) There are a lot more photos of Hillary.

@78 LOL Prolix.

@75, 76, Fredster — Are you in your right mind? You are going to move to a place with those??!!

LOL, handcuffing the gator! Then what do they do? All 3 heave in unison to put the gator on their shoulders and then in the paddy wagon to be dropped off in the nearest swamp? And who gets to untape the jaws?? I’d want gator anesthesia, double dose!

@ 72, 73, The First Couple.


@88, Argh!! Why doesn’t it show the picture! Hope this posts:

@82: No way! Gators that big shouldn’t be anywhere near houses!

I think they tried eviction notices but the gators can’t read.

There are probably wetlands nearby or a swamp and the gator probably came out from there.

@85: I won’t be living near Breaux Bridge – thank goodness.

I thought the handcuffing was brilliant. Apparently they ran out of tape. In the 2nd video I saw a pickup truck with a trailer behind it. They’ll probably haul it off to a swamp, yes. And what I’ve seen before (not in person!) is that one of the wildlife guys will sit on the gator behind the head and remove the tape. They ‘ll be right by the water and the gator will beat a path to that water.

@83: From the link:

Can we also talk about how Bill coordinated his yarmulke to match Hillary’s caftan? That’s one supportive husband.

89 NW Luna

God, do I love these two American’s. Intelligence at it’s best.

Hillary with her pretty little heels and hanging on to her Big Dawg….ahhh.

Fredster, when I was in Florida I saw two gators on land. One was really big and one was young, a bit spindly. I gave both a very wide berth!!!

Thanks for the Hillary pix, I will go check them out!

Prolix, I hope one day you post about your life. I am sure the stories are epic!!

@94: I’ve seen a lot of pics from Florida with gators on golf courses. Guess they just loved the water hazards. LOL

Gators are, like, dangerous! Do they just wander the streets? The worst thing we have wandering the streets of NYC are tourists!

And I hear gators can run really fast when they want to.

@97: No they don’t wander the streets. Generally if they get into a populated area it’s because there’s some type of watery area around and the gator has wandered from that area.

98: Personally I don’t know Luna. The only place I’ve seen them in the wild was on a swamp tour I took some family from Cali on. Of course we were up in a boat and safely away from them. LOL That’s as close as I want to get.

MB @95, I bet you’re right! I’d pay $ to read that.

Love those pix of Hillary and Bill! They look so relaxed and gracious. They’re amazing.

This is interesting:

Luna @86, Ditto that!

I have a short gator story: I was just nineteen years old, when I went with my boyfriend to some park, (I think it was in FL or some other southern state, on our way across country). There were women were dressed up in big hoop skirts, looked like they were right out of Gone With the Wind. I was shocked to see huge gators just laying around on the grass where everyone was walking, fairly close to them. At one point, I thought they weren’t real, never moved, and thought somehow they must be tame since they were in the partk in a very public place, no fences or anything.

I admit, I was young and pretty dumb when it came to something like this. I finally decided to go up and tap one of his feet with the toe of my shoe, although my boyfriend tried to talk me out of it.

Let’s just say, I learned one of the biggest lessons of my life that afternoon. Quicker than my mind could even register it, the gator turned his entire body around and went after me at full speed. Adrenaline shot though my body and I ran to save my life, luckily I decided to run down hill, which gave me a boost from gravity and I ran so fast that my feet barely touched the ground. I kept running entirely across this huge park and only stopped when I could see that the gator had finally given up about 100 feet behind me.

Huge life lesson, gators are fast, they are agile and they don’t fool around.

Also, did you guys see this today?

Apparently dump trashed Blumenthal for referring to himself as a Viet Nam vet. Blumenthal was a Marine for 6 years during the Viet Nam war, but didn’t go to Viet Nam. Blumenthal apparently apologized, but I don’t get it. My Dad joined the army in early ’45, then transferred to Army Air, then the USAF after it was created and stayed in the AF til after Korea. He never went overseas during WW2 or Korea, but the VA considers him a WW2 & Korea vet. He got benefits that are for WW2 vets only; plus, we had him buried in a National Cemetery and they gave him an “honors” service with the guys shooting off a bunch of bullets in the air (can’t believe I’m writing like such a hick, but I’ve been sick all day and took some wacky Rx for migraine and some other stuff and can’t remember anything); also, his grave marker says World War 2 and Korea. They (the National Cemetery people) did that–created the marker. So, according to dump, my Dad is not really a WW2 & Korea vet–even though the VA & military say he is?

And really…who the fuck is dump to question anyone who actually served?

@103: Now that’s interesting. I’ve never seen them out and about like that. ( and not sure I’d want to)

@103, Omg! I’ve heard from various Southerners that they can haul ass.

@105: Annie, you dad served during what the VA calls recognized periods of war Because he did he was eligible for the things you listed. (ignore what that says about pension but these are the war time periods)

Both gators I saw were when hubby and I were riding bikes in Sanibel, FL. There’s a big wildlife refuge there, and lots of water everywhere. We saw a ton of them in the water when we were canoe-ing, but they were always far away. (We also saw a manatee!)

The first big gator was just hanging out in the middle of the road. It was blocking our way back to the hotel, so we literally just waited for it to move and did not approach. 😀 While we were waiting, I noticed the younger one hanging out in someone’s back yard. It was right near a small creek. I was like “OMG we’re doomed!” But we didn’t bother them, and they didn’t bother us. We lived to fight another day!*

*Please note this is more danger than our chickenhawk Presnit has ever faced

@105, so he is a Vietnam War vet. He was on active duty during the Vietnam War. The military needs people back on the mainland taking care of important intelligence, planning, support and administrative responsibilities which are necessary to coordinate and support troops in the field. He knew at any time he could be sent into the field.

Trump, on the other hand, whined about bone spurs although he played sports in high school. Sounds like daddy knew the right physician to bribe for his son.

@103, yikes! Doesn’t really surprise me. Large predatory animal? Most of them didn’t get that way by being slow.

Reminds me of tourists watching the bears which are slowly browsing about chomping blueberries. Get too close, though, and they’ll charge. Watch them from a far distance, leave them alone, and they’ll ignore you.

New post up!

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