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Orange you glad it’s felony Friday…

Posted on: August 4, 2017

Good morning Widdershins. Happy Friday.

Times are tough for the MAGA gear crowd. Did you know now you can get MAGA overalls? Who knew? I figure they might also start test marketing MAGA Opioids to take the edge off all this bad news. Of course the only way the Trumpkinites would hear about it is if Fox has to shut down in order to focus on their primary business – pimping sex for old men.

Over the past few days, I’ve been noticing how consistent the Trumquats are when it comes to things they care about passionately. Percentage feeling “proud” that Trump is Presidenting – 26%. Percentage wanting The Mooch to stay after his profane rant – 26%. Percentage who think the Sun orbits the Earth – 26%. Such consistency even puts a twinkle in the dead eyes of Baby Goebbels as he dreams of being a roadie on an American Apartheid tour.  (That guy is only 31-years old and unless he’s Benjamin Button he was taken to the cleaners in his deal with the Devil.)

Last night Dolt went to “wild, wooly, wonderful West Virginia”. That used to be the official tourism slogan. I know that because I did a 5th grade report on the state with an obligatory refrigerator box diorama complete with a papier mache map.

This week has been difficult for the Trumpkin menagerie. Just imagine their consternation last Friday when they got up and discovered they still had health care. Big Daddy Orange, McTurtle, and Paul “Fountainhead” Ryan weren’t able to keep their promise to the faithful MAGA-heads that “they have the right to die penniless due to health care bankruptcy.”

Just imagine the righteous Trumpkinesque anger over not keeping two womenzie-Senatorettes and a guy with brain cancer in line to vote for a simple thing like depriving 32-million people health care. Honestly, the shelf-life of bought politicians ain’t what it used to be.

To heap another insult on the orange loyalists, that cute little pocket-sized Pomade Pez dispenser, The Mooch, got the boot this week. How unfair! He is really the first person who spoke Oranganese in a manner the tried and true Trumpkins could understand – no words over four letters and always screeching like a howler monkey ordering peanuts from the cheap seats at a ballpark.

The Mooch was retired by that new Dolt “Chief-of-Staph”. General Kelly seems like a good choice to the Trumpkin hordes because he tried to outlaw the Mooselimbs. He was in charge of keeping us safe for a whole 27 minutes on that January Friday night way back when before those librul judicial buttinskies got their thobes in a wad.

When it comes to a pedigree, there’s not much wrong with General Kelly. Everyone talks about him like he is a half-priced golden doodle, but that kind of talk makes Trumpkins suspicious. If someone was that good, why in the hell would they work for a two-legged cantaloupe with liver spots?

The Trumquats all have a turd sideways about Gen. Kelly trying to take away Don Il Dumb’s tweeter machine. All the Trumquats agree it is the only way to reliably hear from their dear leader outside of the voices in their heads. If you asked the Trumquats how many people are on Don Il Dumb’s twitter list, they’d say it is between 20-30 Billion give or take a few Mooselimb Kenyans named Obama.

Speaking for myself, I want Gen. Kelly to leave the Mango Macaque alone when it comes to the tweeter machine. Let him tweet. First, it’s additional evidence for the competency hearing; and two, I sleep a little better thinking he might have opposable thumbs.

If that wasn’t enough, the Trumpkins then got all torqued up by the efforts to besmirch the hallowed name of Fox News reporters. It seems as though there was a little problem with a story about a murder in Washington, D.C. and Fox reported about it. It now appears they got some aspects of the story wrong. Like all of it.

That nice man Sean Spicer tried to help Fox with the story by editing it or spell checking it or something like that. He had them come over to the White House and sit with him because he’s always been so very helpful to reporters. Just like his suit coats, Spicey just wasn’t a good fit for his job. You know what they say, “If it don’t fit, that’s another SNL skit.”

Then yesterday the Trumquats had a “come to Mueller” moment when it was revealed he is throwing a grand jury party in D.C. and lots of Trumpies are going to be invited. The Trumquats shouldn’t get their catheters clogged over this because a grand jury is a natural progression in this Coen brothers movie, No Country for Old Sin.

What should worry the Trumquats is that Mueller, like a big cat, is playing with his food. Great prosecutors and let there be no doubt, Mueller is a great prosecutor, like to mess with the minds of potential defendants and their attorneys. No one is talking about this on the teevee, but why would this grand jury information be conveniently leaked the day before Dolt goes on vacay? As they say, “Nothing so wonderfully focuses one’s mind as a hanging.”

Finally, the Trumpbots are most heartened by a Commander-in-Chief, who despite his disability of Vietnam disqualifying bone spurs (the bestest bone spurs the world has ever known), roughing it in a real dump like the White House. The Trumpbots naturally feel sorry for Don Il Dumb or anyone who has to live in a house without the mobility wheels provide.

Now that I’ve insulted everyone with this feeble attempt at satire, I want to leave you with a personal note. I’m taking a step back from contributing here. When I first started writing it was never meant to be in perpetuity. After well over 400 posts it is time to step back and give it a rest.

Thanks to everyone for their patience with my pedantic ways, thanks to MB with affording me this opportunity, and Fredster for all his support and technical expertise.

Good things are on the horizon.

Take care and what’s on your mind today?


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“…that cute little pocket-sized Pomade Pez dispenser, The Mooch, got the boot this week. How unfair! He is really the first person who spoke Oranganese in a manner the tried and true Trumpkins could understand – no words over four letters and always screeching like a howler monkey ordering peanuts from the cheap seats at a ballpark.”

I laughed so hard I almost choked on my morning coffee.

Lovin’ this post, Prolix…

No Prolix no don’t leave us no! SAD

Oh my God, I am still laughing though is glorious post…

I needed a good laugh, thanks Prolix!!!!!!!

Thanks Shadow. The Mooch is an easy target. There’s so much material.

What a bummer…after laughing through that post, you are leaving…Prolix?

Do you have a more fun gig?

I think you’re one of the best writers on the Internet but your life comes first. I’ll miss your posts and hope you’ll drop in to comment?
Best of luck.

I think you’re one of the best writers on the Internet
I agree with Sweet Sue.

So while Dump is on vacation, is he still president*?

I concur with all the comments that Prolix is one of the finest writers on the cyber. The insight, the turn of phrase, the endlessly inventive insults (calendar!!!!) are second to none.

Prolix – I agree – you are the best! Being able to laugh in the midst of agony has helped me through this dystopia we have become. But, if you need a break, I do get that. @1 Those corgis are all future Luna!
Do not become a stranger!

Thanks everyone for the nice comments. The writers here are all fantastic. I just dragged along trying to keep up. Things will be a lot crisper and not as pedantic with me stepping back.

Contrask I saw those Corgis and thought of Luna Tic Fringe — I love that name.

@9, unfortunately D, he’s still watching teevee in a Barcalounger in the Map Room of the White House. He has gone full Bette Davis with declaring it, “A dump.” According to that bastion of journalism, Golf Magazine, he said it in front of at least eight people which means in Dolt world, “It never happened.”

Prolix, I would hope that you still top post when you want to, (and for our sake too), and continue to blog with us when you feel like it.

I think that maybe the schedule of having a new post on certain days of the week might cause undue stress for you and others? I propose, as an outsider, that those of you post when you feel like it and the rest of us will just keep blogging?????????????

If threads end up being too long, they could just be called something like, ‘Tuesdays new thread’ and hardly anything need to be written or just a photo of someone, like Hillary. 🙂

@14 I agree. Just to be able to talk with like-minded people helps. I love your posts, Prolix & others who write, many good minds here. We need each other – no pressure on posting

Wonder if they found a cache of .jpgs of good Christian women modeling burkas while eating a meal with their strong men folk?


Do you thing they washed those emails?

Worried about election hacking, L.A. County officials are turning to hackers for help

Prolixious, nooooooo!

You will still comment, won’t you?

@11, contrask, at first I thought you were comparing me to the corgis! Then I realized it was about your pup Luna Tic Fringe, lol. That is a funny vid. Luv those short-tailed doggies.

@17, washing the emails — bet Mueller’s team can find traces of detergent, haha.

@17 & 21, here is a little seen video of Mike Pence preparing to read his email from his favorite message board — dinner with wommenz folk not Mother.

@22 — No wonder Pence is such a hateful person. Hard to care about others when you despise yourself and cruelty is seen as the answer to all problems.

Pence needs to stay off that porn message board! And can we get an indictment on Jeanine Pirro before it’s all said & done?

@23, Pence is someone I would think about when I read the first quote above. He’s a self-righteous pandering hatemonger who tries to hide behind his piety. Those are the preachers and teachers who are the subject of “Don’t touch me here” puppets.

He and his ilk are the scariest kinds. I spent 20 years with a group of people in a home bible study. The woman whose home we met in, talked about the former study leader who she thought was a true Christian – until they caught him with child porn and then discovered he had been exploiting a disabled adolescent in their group. They turned him in and she did testify against him. OK – I thought this lady was with it, but made a mistake in judgment until she admitted to voting orange. I’m done with these people. I won’t go back. I never want to be associated by choice with anyone that could cast a vote fore him, even if or especially since they did because Hillary was the “lesser of 2 evils”

So I’m sick over personal friends & family that voted for him. How can anyone still be supporting him?

Like this one:


@26, I’ll never understand them, and I won’t try to. Their actions are so different from their words. They wouldn’t recognize Jesus the liberal street preacher saying things like “As you do unto the least of these, so you do unto me” and “You without sin cast the first stone” and “Sooner will a camel go through the eye of a needle than a rich man enter heaven.” My parents sent me to bible school as a kid (though tellingly, they didn’t go to any church) and yes, I can still remember some of the stuff they made me memorize. They are brainwashed. If god is love, why are they so angry and full of hate?

What was it Gandhi said? “I like your Christ; I do not like your Christians.” Some are good people — they are the ones out there protesting and standing up against the Rs stealing healthcare.

Prolix! No!! You can’t leave us! *sigh* Well, okaaay… if you must. *sniff* You’d better drop by often. *pouts*

I, for one, am glad Stump is off to his resort for 17 days and Congress has been sent out to the playground for recess. Those drama queens have me worn out.

Prolix, brilliant post! Laughed my ass off…until the last part! I hope we will still see you here, and ditto what Sweet Sue says @7, I couldn’t say anything better than that. Thank you for your years of entertaining us! {{{Hugs}}}

@30, agree. This has been a weird week.

Love the Corgi clip–can’t stop watching it.

@1: OMG, that’s a Corgi orgi there!

@26 & 28, my take is a little different, but not much. When I look at my friends who are deeply religious, they know Dolt is absolutely worthless as a human being, but they could not, for whatever reason, see the way clear to vote for the wife of that sinner Bill Clinton. Now mind you, they forgave all the two-dollar-no-holler hotel preachers, but not the wife of Bill Clinton. So it wasn’t theology or ideology, it was tribal. The godless, abortion loving Democrats who dared nominate a wommenz would never get their vote because it would be traitorous to the tribe.

While I don’t understand their logic, they aren’t that unusual. Susan Sarandon and the BernieBots are the same excuse from the other side. By the way, has anyone heard from Ms. Sarandon or any of the other worthless bilge filth since North Korea started pumping fireworks into the Sea of Japan? Wonder if they want to amend their remarks on “no difference” between the candidates?

@29 & 31, it just seems like the right time given the talent of the writers here, but I truly appreciate your kind words no matter how much I fail to deserve them. As Mark Twain said, “I’m humble because I have a lot to be humble about.”

@34, I expected to see Queen E do a mosh pit dive into the middle of them.

This right here makes me HAPPY!

Martin Shkreli has been convicted of fraud. He had become infamous for raising the price of a lifesaving drug 5,000 percent.

I bet his new prison friends won’t care too much about the Wu Tang Clan album he has unless he keeps it in an inconvenient trough.

I was watching MSNBC last night and each show had a clip or two from Trump’s WVa “rally”. (WTF is he having rallies for?) Anyway they kept showing a press pool video of Trump and there was this skinny white older guy behind him and to Trump’s right. I swear, perhaps the guy had just sampled a batch of primo Walter White blue meth or something but he was just ecstatic to be there and to cheer on his great leader.

I wanted to know so badly just exactly what he thought Trump had done or will do to improve things for him there in WVa. Bring back coal jobs? Nah, as leader McTurtle said after the election, that’s up to the private sector. Improve air or water quality Not with this E.P.A. head. Pretty much Trump wont’ be doing shit for this guy but the guy hasn’t realized it yet. And that…is…SAD!

@37: Now <i<that would be hilarious.

@38: Now that is great news about Mr. Shkreli . Could not happen to a more deserving fellow.

Shkreli is evil and hope he spends a lot of time in prison. And someone charges him $1000 per cigarette, because hey, why not.

I still have not been able to understand the Trumpkins. The million articles about them don’t work because Trumpkins don’t make a coherent case for him. It was about misogyny and 30 years of anti-Clinton smear. All the economic anxiety nonsense is just that, nonsense.

The big problem is that it is so easy to break things. Trump and Co. are destroying the government and America’s place in the world. Taking it down with a wrecking ball. And the damage can never be fully undone.

Prolix, see how much everyone loves you! Hopefully you can do a guest post when you get inspired. And we all expect you to be here commenting like you always do! We will not take no for an answer. Like Liam Neeson, we will find you…

@39 Fredster> Those rallies are bananas! Does CNN carry them live and uniterrupted, like they did during election?

@24 Judge Jeanine is the most obnoxious person on FOX. A few weeks ago heard one of my parents turn on her show. The kid was in the room and started yelling ‘Muuute it! Muuute it! They muted it. That made me giggle. Even a kid doesn’t want to hear that hateful bile.

Did you see Shkreli’s press conference? He was absolutely thrilled that he was only convicted of three of the eight crimes he had been charged with. All smiles.

Why weren’t those people at Trump’s WV rally holding signs that said “Where’s our damn coal jobs?!”

@43: I don’t think they carry them live now but I don’t watch CNN very often. I saw the clip on MSNBC shows. I’m just guessing that they had pool coverage of the “event”.

@46: They were just orgasmic that he did this (warning: Trump youtube)

@44, I just saw a clip on MSNBC from Fox where they are so far up Dolt’s poop shoot that they are calling for an end to the grand jury system. Basically calling for the end to the rule of law for that orange sludge to, as DYB says, “Take a wrecking ball to America.”

Remember how they exploded their Depends when Hillary was talking about justice reform to make sure innocent people got a shot at release? Here they are willing to 86 a key portion of the Constitution to keep a Russian puppet in power.

@49: That is frightening.

@49 Prolix, I saw someone post a clip of Ken Starr saying Mueller shouldn’t be fishing. Ken Starr! Ken Starr! Did I mention that it was Ken Starr????!!!!

And there was a headline on Fox saying: So what if Trump is guilty? Who cares?

This is where we are now.

Also, an article on Hillary hiring two former staffers, including Adam Parkhomenko, to her PAC.

Oh, and another Fox host may have sent a bunch of lewd messages to female coworkers.

@49 I didn’t see the clip, but heard about it. Surely they are not getting a proper understanding of what a grand jury is – I mean, this is from FOX. Still scary. Some of them will wake up, but some will go down believing, just like I knew people that always thought Nixon was OK, even if they did acknowledge he should step down. Only now we are so much more polarized. It will be worse when Trump does go down.

@51, D, is that the same Ken Starr who ignored six female Baylor students as they reported sexual assault? Same Ken Starr who continued to ignore the young women after the football players were convicted of rape? The same Ken Starr who whines and mewled about not knowing exactly what he had done wrong? I wouldn’t think it would be the same Ken Starr because anyone with that lack of self-awareness should have their name sewn into their underwear along with arrows pointing to the back and front.

Fox news is just ‘et up with sexual harassment. Do y’all remember Scottie Nell Hughes who used to be on CNN all the time? She was having an affair (both married) with Charles Payne (gross) of Fox Business for three years. After she broke it off, Payne had Bill Shine push her out. So she’s also suing FOX.

@52, what do you mean, “May have sent lewd messages,” — how else would someone communicate at Fox? Like I said in the post, the teevee stuff was secondary to Roger Ailes’ primary objective — getting all his crusty old guy friends laid.

Not as cute as the corgi-orgi, but still this goose takes no sass or trumpeted water from this elephant.

Geese are mean! Loved it!

Here is a corgi puppy orgi

Okay, here’s the best idea I’ve had this evening. What about Baby Goebbels and Shkreli in a sitcom “Pukes of HazMat: Unleashed”. They drive around in a KKKmobile visiting superfund sites where they arrange childcare centers and picnics for Bible study groups. Hilarity naturally ensues. It should be a hit with the Trumpkins.

Ack. Prolix. Do guest posts, willya?

I was going to second DYB and point out that you better not make us come and find you, but then I remembered you’re in Kentucky. Up in a holler, no doubt. Carefully screened behind a healthy growth of ‘sang. Oh well. We’ll just have to throw ourselves on your mercy, I guess. You do realize how much all the extra Xanax will cost us if we don’t have the relief of laughter, don’t you?

@60: LOL! Who knew a cardboard box could be that much fun.

@62, Quixote — I’m so fer up a holler, I only get sun from 11:55 to 12:05. The hills are so steep when I walk to town it is uphill both ways. Trouble is when I’m gone for more than an hour the kudzu grows so fast that I get lost. Once I had a really lazy dog and I never found him after he decided to take a nap outside. What I did was call the kudzu and fed it where it wiggled the most.

@58 Prolix, do you know lewd? Private parts lewd!

@66,obviously the lewd email pics were, “Bolling Balls”.


How do people like Flynn and Kushy-poop forget so much money?

Bolling in 2011. Problem with the cyber is, it’s always there to remind you.

Because of course he is.

@71: Beats me. You know he knew he couldn’t really hide it. Or at least you would think so.

My take on Flynn has been that he was so eaten up with rage since getting removed by Obama that he would do anything and everything to get back at “them”; them being Obama/Clinton and anyone around their periphery.

@74: Speaking of her pac and such, I of course signed up. But I haven’t really gotten any emails or anything since. Has anyone else received anything?

@74, no. I haven’t heard much about her PAC. I suspect now with Adam onboard that will change.

This article came out in June, but I missed it until now. Worth a read if you haven’t yet.

Hillary voters weren’t looking for a friend or a peer, but for an experienced leader who could get things done, and who could speak for them. They knew who cared for them.

@71, Kushy-poop is more problematic than Flynn. Kushy-poop had to have a regiment of lawyers fill out the forms. Lawyers just want to get it right — the first time. To purposefully get it wrong, someone had to make that decision. In most instances in this space/time continuum, that decision would rest with the client — Kushy-poop. Oopsie poop.

“Those entrusted by our nation … and those entrusted with enormous sums of tax payer money must set an honorable example…” Huh. Lots of emphasis on ethics and even ethical dilemmas here. Should this be read between the lines or not?

Has anyone figured out how to get Prolix to stay yet? How about bribes? Fine chocolates delivered to the door. Omaha Steaks arrives monthly. Donation to his favorite charity. Think people, think.

Luna, how are you managing with the heat wave in the NW?

@42, YEAH!!! What he said!

DYB @51, Ken Starr is the biggest hypocrite on the planet. I was delighted when he was removed as prez of Baylor U.

@76 Fredster, no I haven’t heard much about her PAC either. It may still be too early. They announced its formation, now to actually fundraise, etc. It might take a bit of time to get rolling. These two hires are the first hires I’ve heard about.

Feature this: These two guys, one a microbiologist, the other a finance guy at Oxford, allegedly killed a third guy. He was only 26. Here’s the unbelievable part — they made a $1,000 contribution to a library in his name. Don’t worry, if we kill you, we will make a contribution in your name so no worries.


@81 Luna, I saw that letter and have no idea what to think of it. I feel like it’s too random not to have a real purpose… But what purpose?? Who is he talking to? It’s like those random statement from people like Eric Holder to DoJ employees to do what is right, seemingly out of the blue. And Comey’s public comments to FBI agents to do what is right… Who are they all talking to?!

@82 GAgal, I agree with you. I’ll send steaks and chocolates. (Ok I might eat the chocolates myself…) if that’s all it would take!

@86 Prolix, that’s weird… But I guess it was a nice thought to make a contribution!

There’s a bizarre and very organized effort to attack McMaster on twitter.

Y’all know “the book” is coming out soon.


@88, it’s just so weird — let’s go on the lam after committing a brutal murder, but pull over here, I have to call in a contribution for our victim and I don’t want to text and drive.

Public service announcement: don’t put your kitchen sponge into the dishwasher or microwave it. Just throw it out. It has as much bacteria as a human stool sample.

@90 Fredster, I would read that book! I saw a tweet saying that Hillary really goes after Bernie in her book. I hope that’s true. But I’ll be honest, I won’t be reading it. I don’t want to relive the election yet again.

@92: I bleach mine and then nuke them wet for about a minute and 10 seconds, although I did set one on fire one time in the microwave, leaving it in too long. LOL

@93: Just buy the book and put it on the shelf for later. You know you’ll want to get it signed when she does a signing in NYC.

There’s a heat wave in the NW? My bro texted me that it was 85 w/humidity; however, that seems mild compared to what its been here this week.

@DYB, did you see the spine of the book?

Doesn’t Prolix like whiskey or bourbon or something?

OMFG, this is the guy I was talking about in my earlier comment!


He’s a cardiologist in Ashland Ky.

@98, his indictment was big news down here. Not only were the procedures medically unnecessary, he put “at risk” patients further at risk with the unneeded procedures. When I saw him behind Dolt at the rally, I thought he was a meth-head given the way he was acting.

Prolix, mon fiancé, you know you can’t quit us.

“when I’m gone for more than an hour the kudzu grows so fast that I get lost.”

Hahahahahahahahahaha-ha-ha-hee-heee-heeee. Man, I’ve lived in places like that. N’Awlins, to be precise. There are house-shaped mounds of cats-claw there.

This is exactly what I mean. For the sake of all of us, hang around in comments, at least!

@99: Those were my thoughts too: the guy was hyped up on meth or something. Of course that could still be true.

Good morning!

@103, Dolt is such a copycat, Putin goes to Siberia and Dolt mimics with NJ.

Baby Goebbels is auditioning to play The Mooch in the road production of Les Miserables. The inspiration for the director was going to a fish market and seeing the dead-eyed fish — he immediately thought of Baby Goebbels.


@104 & @107 Truly unbelievable. I can’t tell that any rethugs ever had any input on his choices for positions, but Miller has to go along with dolt and the rest of them. Someone said #trumpsarmy #civilwar were trending tags by the rwnj’s. Putting Miller out there more would make me want to do violence.

@83 GAgal & 95 annie, Ugh, I hate heat! I’m a Seattle native and if it gets over about 78 it’s too hot for me. (yeah, go ahead and laugh) We’ve had nearly a week of high 80s and low to mid 90s, which would be about 5 degrees hotter if it weren’t for the awful smoke.

We’re getting lots of smoke from the wildfires, mostly in southern BC and only a few in WA state. Usually we have offshore marine air flow coming in from the west, but not lately — a strong heat wave and northern winds from BC is pushing the smoke down over our region since Tues afternoon. Eyes burn, lungs tighten. People are advised to stay inside with air on recirc & A/C on. Most of the houses here do not have A/C, including ours. Wednesday our air quality was worse than Beijing air. Today it’s much better with a weak westerly wind, but is forecasted to get worse again. Only plus is the wonderfully red moonrise and sunsets.

There’s a great informative website by Univ of Washington meteorology professor, Cliff Mass: which has maps, graphs and nerdy details on current weather — including a photo of “Smokezilla” — if weather is interesting to anyone here.

@112, LOL! Good! Fox is a cesspool.

@108: If Miller is Comm Dir. I guess he would be in the back most of the time. I think Sarah Huckleberry would still be the one you see at the podium in the briefing room. At least I hope so Couldn’t stand seeing that fish-faced thing Miller every day.

Luna @110, I had no idea it was that bad. Haven’t heard from the fam in over a week, except my bro who loves it! The females in my fam have all acclimatized to the weather there, but not crazy brother.

“Working vacation” riiiiight. Does he even know what work is? And possibly more rallies because he’s starved for attention.

Trump, who knocked his predecessor’s work ethic and said he probably wouldn’t take vacations as president, has settled in for 17 days here at his secluded golf club in New Jersey’s fox-hunt and horse country.

Aides are billing Trump’s time at one of his favorite properties as a “working vacation”….

And it’s possible Trump’s time away could include a couple of day trips elsewhere to highlight initiatives or rally supporters.

“The president will continue to work over the next two weeks,” said deputy press secretary Lindsay Walters, who is among the White House staffers on site this weekend.

@114, I think he might be the vilest of all the nitwits they have in communications. I think I’d rather see the mooch there.


@90, 93, don’t know if I can stand to read it yet either.

@119: As I said, buy it and put it on the shelf for later, or if she’s doing a signing in Seattle, buy it at the store, get it signed, put it on the shelf for a later read.

if she’s doing a signing in Seattle

Please please please…

@121> That’s just silly!

@122: And hey, even if there’s a signing nearby it’s worth a road trip isn’t it?

@121: Okay if you really want to know why manspreading here it is. (Yes it’s crude-no I can’t help it)

@124, Any Widdershinners are welcome up in Seattle if there’s a signing! And even if not.

As far as Stephen Miller goes, I say bring him on! The crazier the better. Expose him for what his and maybe Kelly will get rid of him too. I don’t really care because I don’t watch the press conferences anyway.

Did y’all see the ex-prez of Mexico on New Day? He said again they weren’t gonna pay for the fcking wall. The look on Alisyn’s face was hilarious.

@125, Riiiiight. @128, Brilliant. Bless that armadillo.

@130 And you *know* there are guys who would use something similar as an excuse. LOL



Charles Pierce had a good article yesterday about how the Dems can seemingly make a mess out of a perfectly good opportunity.

I swear to god, if you invited 20 Democratic and/or liberal partisans to a four-star, five-course meal at the finest restaurant in all Provence, at least eight of them would get up, cross the room, and start fighting over who gets to eat out of the dog’s bowl. Presented with a legitimate national crisis in the White House, and presented with the golden political opportunity that said crisis is almost entirely the fault of the Republican Party, which has demonstrated that it is wholly incapable of handling it, the Democratic Party has a chance to realign the electoral map over (at least) the next four years. All that’s required is shrewdness, patience, and the ability to resist cannibalizing themselves long enough to watch the dry rot collapse the other side entirely.

Fat fcking chance.

Color me unsurprised by this video of Baby Goebbels surfacing. At some level it is nice to know he’s been this way from an early age since for people like him, life changing events never do.


@134 Hah!

But, for the love of George McGovern..

@134, Can we kick the Berniebrats out? And anyone else who demeans rising young stars in the party. Then we need to work on the guys in the DCCC who think the key to winning is to throw away women’s bodily autonomy and move right.

@137: That would work for me.

When you get about eight inches of rain over a three hour period in nola this is what you get:

Fredster love the cute pic @ 135! I think I’ve watched the corgi vid about 20 times now. Poor Nola! We saw that on the news tonight.

Prolix @ 135, {{{shudders}}} eww! He is such a creep.

@137, 138: me too!

Armadillo story is a hoot!

@140: The pumps there can pump out an inch of water the first hour and then a half inch an hour after that. When it comes down that fast they simply can’t handle it. I was reading some of the comments and people were saying that now, hours later, there’s still lots of water and that may be due to clogged catch basins People there are notorious for throwing chit out of their car windows and naturally stuff will clog the basins.

@143: ROTFL!

Someone made a point earlier that if the biggest issue was Hillary being a terrible candidate…well, alt-left problem is solved because HRC isn’t running again. That means Democratic strategy was good, no changes needed except removing THAT woman from the ticket. Done. All the fighting now makes no sense. Removing HRC solved everything right?

DYB, I think I saw that, if what you’re referring to was on twitter. I’m afraid nothing is solved for these alt-right assholes. They won’t accept another woman, or a normal democratic man. They’re gonna want Bernie all over again, probably with someone like Tulsi for vp.

@145: Done. All the fighting now makes no sense. Removing HRC solved everything right?

Oh yes…indeed. Clearing a way for Bernie ? (gag)

NOLA rain and flooded streets — dakinicat posted some photos of that over on SkyDancing (scroll down).

Poor little Google company, barely making ends meet.

Accused of underpaying women, Google says it’s too expensive to get wage data

Google officials testified in federal court on Friday that it would have to spend up to 500 hours of work and $100,000 to comply with investigators’ ongoing demands for wage data that the DoL believes will help explain why the technology corporation appears to be systematically discriminating against women.

Noting Google’s nearly $28bn annual income as one of the most profitable companies in the US, DoL attorney Ian Eliasoph scoffed at the company’s defense, saying, “Google would be able to absorb the cost as easy as a dry kitchen sponge could absorb a single drop of water.”


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