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A crazy week…   

Posted on: July 30, 2017

Just six seconds, please play.


That was McTurtle about 2:00 a.m. Friday morning. He was not amused at the reappearance of the mavericky ways of Sen. McMaverick.

Amazingly, it was just a mere eight hours or so after Sen. McMaverick, the Lady Lindsey, and RoJo (Dodo – Cheeseland) called a press conference to say, “We hate this hateful bill that we are hating on because we hate it so much we can’t hate it near enough, therefore, we hate it that we can’t hate it more because we only have so much hate to go around, but, we are going to vote for it if Paul Ryan sends us a note saying he hates it too.”

McTurtle’s “shellacking” came only a couple of hours after releasing the text of cobbled together legislation affecting one-fifth of the economy. Mind you these legislative scions wrote the bill after lunch so they could give it the full attention it deserved.

Meanwhile, The Mooch was exhibiting textbook June bug craziness in keeping with his amalgam of hummingbird/mako shark/honey badger genetics. His characteristic enthusiasm was directed toward the orange man baby he’s tending these days instead of his own baby born last Monday while Dolt 45 was corrupting the Boy Scout Jamboree.

The days of Rancid Penis being 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue’s most expensive fly wrangler mercifully ended Friday. In bidding adieu, Rancid said he was going “To spend more time with his family.” When contacted, his family said, “Don’t bother.”

With this crazy Dolt Administration just hanging on by a thread, it is a wonder Newt Gingrich isn’t trying to divorce it.

Rest assured, no matter how crazy this week seemed — it will get crazier. There is no bottom for these lunatics.

In a moment of fleeting optimism, Machiavelli said, “Always assume incompetence before looking for conspiracy.” Having faced all manner of immorality, Machiavelli never envisioned Dolt & Sons, Grifters Extraordinaire — conspiratorial incompetents serving Mother Russia since 2000.

Here are some “CRAZY” songs, but don’t be constrained by just music or “craziness” as a theme. Feel free to post anything you want — tweets, jokes, songs, or stories about adorable new puppies.





This is a gaping maw of an open weekend thread for self-care and maintenance of our mental health. Giddy up!



58 Responses to "A crazy week…   "

Awesome wit this morning, Prolix!
(The vertically challenged corgi pup is in laundry room/jail for playing with the bowl of big dog water on my wood floors)While sipping my joe (after incarcerating afore mentioned canine) I snorted over this; I think the Pundit himself must have designed it:

@2, the “rollover — up close” view is quite entertaining. Someone had some time on their hands.

Can I send the vertically challenged pup bail money?

Ha – shoe donations would make her happy. Only, I think they have to be ones you want to wear to be totally chew worthy.

@1 Loved the National Review piece also!

You know, if I’d thought about this, it makes sense. How better to grift off of criticizing a policy than to take advantage of the policy? Is there such thing as auto-victimization?


From the Nat’l Review article, I loved this:

He isn’t smart enough to do the job and isn’t man enough to own up to the fact.

Does Trump have it or are we getting it from being exposed to him?

Thanks Prolix for doing the post today – appreciated very much.

From what her husband wrote it seems like my friend Sara had a pretty good day yesterday – still lots of people coming by to visit and share.

Then overnight her legs were bothering her so the hospice nurse gave her a shot of morphine. She hasn’t had any pain meds to speak of and this one just knocked the f*ck out of her. Lordy what a mess.

Let’s caption this picture.


Upper West Side Story

Bridge over the River Cry

Five Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

Das Bootie

The Big Lewandowski

Grease Balls

Star Whores

It seems that yahoo mail has picked up on Prolix’s theme today and has gone absolutely bonkers. Grrrr!!

@10, glad to do it Fredster. Don’t hesitate to take all the time you need. Know that we care. This is a bad time for your friend and you. Get plenty of rest.

Apparently CNN announced that Bernie is starting up his 2020 campaign. The overwhelming NO! Gawd NO! responses in this thread are entertaining, lol

@10 Fredster – thanks for stopping by. Wish there was good news about your friend. Still thinking of her & glad she has family & friend support

@14: Aw Gawd! And I saw a brief headline that Biden is thinking of 2020 also.

If Hillary is out (and I’ll take her word for it), I cannot see what either of these two have to offer. SAD!

@15: Thanks contrask. I hope they can keep her comfortable without knocking her out as it appears they did with that one instance.

@11: I’ll have nightmares from that. Yikes!


Madonna, of course.

Mario Cantone playing Scaramucci.

Prolix, excellent Sunday post! Love the songs. We saw Nancy Wilson at a small club a few weeks ago and she did a fine job on Crazy on You.

@2, oh gosh–that cup is so funny! One of my in-laws has a corgi–its the sweetest thing. Is pup out yet? I put my Mom’s bratty little dog in time out last summer, after he snapped at her. To my amazement, he stayed put where I told him to stay until I told him, and then he ran to me and put his tiny paws on my legs and looked up at me as if to thank me (!) for releasing him, he was so excited. Then he ran to my mom, leaped onto her lap, licking her hand, waggling his tail and giving her the pleading-est “I’m sorry” look ever. He was good as gold for the rest of my week there.

Fredster, so sad about your friend. All good thoughts to her and everyone around her.

(They gave me morphine once for pain, and all it did was put me straight to sleep. Total 100% zonk out. Which, given the pain, was a good thing, but why anyone would get addicted to that is unclear to me.)

Love the comments. Will check out that President’s Show later.

When my sis-in-law died from liver cancer, her main problem at the end was massive bloating with fluid from the liver being completely non-functionable. They drained it a couple of times, then said there was no point in doing it anymore. She died a few days later, poor darling. All of her friends and family were able to see her and say goodbye, so that was comforting in a way, but still tragic to see her die before her time.

In honor of Mitch:

I watched 2 favorite aunts & my dad waste away with cancer. It’s painful to think about anyone going through it.

Just got an update from her husband. She can no longer eat and barely drink. I hope it won’t be long now because I don’t want to think of her like this.

@30 – Ah Fredster. Sending you and Sara good thoughts, my friend. I hope they can make her comfortable.

@31: Thanks MB.

@29: Contrask I hope this isn’t bringing unpleasant memories to you.

Prolix, loved the post!

So let’s review which pillars of GOP-Dumb have rebuked Drumpf just this week:

The New York Post
The National Review
Peggy Noonan and the WSJ
The Boy Scouts of America
Right-Wing Congresscritters
Only Somewhat Right-Wing Congresscritters
The Military

I think what became very clear this week, was that Drumpf’s base is not energized by, or supportive of, the things Congressional Republicans want to do. No one was showing up in DC with signs reading, “Kill the Bill!!” They want to build the wall, deport as many “bad hombres” as they can to Make America White Again, and generally mooch off the gummit as much as possible. (Like Tomi Lahren. That was hilarious!)

This is leading the Republicans in Congress to realize that they actually don’t need the Mango Meerkat after all. I am sure they are absolutely thrilled that he wants to go and set up his own White House independent of the Republican Party. Don’t let the door hit ya where the Good Lord split ya, Donnie boy. It will just make it easier for them to get him out, as soon as possible.

If I were Ryan and McTurtle, I would definitely be considering the 25th Amendment. Screw impeachment. Just get him out NOW.

@23, thanks Annie. Heart has been around as long as I can remember. True talent is enduring. They are true talent. What was she like in that setting? Engaging? Funny? Warm? Listen at me, those are all the things I want her to be — LOL.

@27, Contrask, perfect. Some of the Resistance groups down here have bought mighty unflattering billboards. I’ll try and post the picture they are using of him.

@34, thanks MB. If he follows through on the split with the GOP (Gross Old Pigs) there will be an unholy jihad. There’s no one left in the West Wing who can even spell GOP — it is really Lord of the Flies land.

@27, here are the billboards KY Indivisible have bought in Louisville. Welcome home Mitch.

Mitch Billboard

There are now multiple examples of artificial intelligence computers going off the reservation and developing their own languages… “Terminator” is here.

Uhm, Chris Christie – holding a hot dog – yells at a baseball fan who teased him.

DYB @39. Not just swans. Lots of water birds. Eg dabchicks, other grebes, loons. Always a massive cute overload!

DYB @40, that’s scary.

Fredster @43, I’m not surprised, that seems scary also.

Prolix, Nancy was very charming, sweet, and funny. She announced that she had just signed a deal with Bob Seeger to tour together and she seemed excited about it. She has formed a new group that doesn’t have her sister in it–it’s called Roadcase Royale. The singer is from Prince’s band (she was amazing), and also the bass player and drummer from Heart. Nancy played both acoustic and electric guitars, and was on top of her game.

This is too good!


@44, that is nice to know about Nancy. I wanted it to be true and sure enough it is.

@44 – Annie – I am so jealous about you getting to see Nancy Wilson! I saw Heart 2x’s when I was in college. Once in Stillwater & once in Tulsa. Bob Seeger also has Tulsa connections. Always loved Seeger. SOunds like potentially great band.
@33 Fredster. Cancer will never be easy for anyone. I had a friend – she was a bridesmaid in my wedding – her husband or 2 years died of stomach cancer. She called me from the hospital to meet her for coffee across the street and by the time I got back home she called and he had died while we were gone. That was hard on both of us. Hoping your friend has a peaceful ending.

@45, LOL!

Contrask, I’ve also seen Heart a few times. My favorite was Cal Jam 2, which I think was 1978. Gosh, that was so much fun. Am so glad I got to go to that. Hubs & I also love Bob Seeger. Hubs & his bros went to see him not long ago, and said it was amazing.

Quixote @42, aww, that pic was cute also. Weren’t you the one that posted pix of a trip to New Zealand?

@50, OMG! Hilarious!

@50 didn’t post a preview. It’s an Austin Powers spoof video clip – must see!

Annie @49, yes, that was me a year or two ago. (Don’t even remember. :shock:) I’ve actually seen the dabchicks carrying their chick on their backs, but I can’t seem to find my own pictures of it. The funny thing was that as the chick got bigger, it still wanted rides. It got to the point where mom was so low in the water, she wouldn’t tolerate it any more. Dad was more bouyant and went a few days longer with this whacking great fluffy bird on his back.

Quixote, I remember looking at your pix on one of those photo websites. Lucky you! I hope I make it there someday.

We are living in a reality show.


We are on a crash course towards reality as soon as a crisis hits. I hate the GOP for enabling him. And the media needs to do a lot better.


Most excellent new post upstairs.

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