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Running like a Fine. Tuned. Machine.

Posted on: July 28, 2017

Yes, we tan!

Remember the picture on the right? Remember what a sensational scandal that was? “Yes we tan.” It ran on a loop on the Fox Ailes-o-vision for weeks. Good times!

By now you’ve seen the rant by “The Mooch”.  He was a reject from MTV’s Jersey Shore because of his lack of sophistication. The producers decided to go more upscale with the genteel steroidal “The Situation” and a puking drunken Snooki.

Like all instances of world-class stupidity, The Mooch seemed to get a jump-start. While this is just an opinion, it wouldn’t be a surprise if The Mooch had convenient nose attachments for hoovering up unsightly mounds of Colombian cha-cha powder. Just think: The consummate twofer – cleanliness plus manic jags to contemplate Steve Bannon pleasuring himself in Cirque du Soleil style.

The dysfunction he represents isn’t a fish rotting from the head. This White House is one of those fermenting, beached whales rotting itself into an IEC – interspecies exploding carcass. It’s now too tiresome to even engage in the threadbare apothegm of, “What if it was a Democrat?”

Jim Collins is unsurpassed as an author on leadership and management. He writes based upon scientific research animated with anecdotal examples. One of his more famous observations is:

The old adage that people are your most important asset is wrong. People are not your most important asset. The right people are. We found that the great leaders got the right people on the bus, the wrong people off the bus, and the right people in the right seats on the bus. Then they decided where to drive the bus.

The personnel of this White House are made in the image of their coppery-hued leader – they are dolts, ignoramuses who are enjoying the pinnacle of their incompetence. To pick up on Jim Collins’ metaphor, this White House bus has two stops – the first at the home for the criminally insane and the second at the penitentiary for the insanely criminal.

Who could be surprised? This orange phlegm from a thrice used Kleenex is an abomination. He has assembled a coterie of weak-minded slugs better suited for long aimless strolls while muttering “made another grunt again” – MAGA for short.

Bannon conducting West Wing Staph training…

There is open warfare among administration personnel. Personally, pissing on that racist garden gnome Sessions makes no difference to me. Sessions hanging on by his percale sheet is just delaying the inevitable constitutional crisis on the horizon.

What is worrisome is this: Do you think the likes of Rick Perry or Betsy Devos are ever going to take a principled stand on any issue given the treatment of Sessions? Pruitt is out looking for ways to pollute, Zinke is threatening Alaska, and Rexxon is listening to the echoes of an empty State Department. We passed lawlessness about ten miles back – these people might as well have Cyrillic labels, “Putin’s automatons for crippling America.”

And on the other end of the alimentary canal known as Pennsylvania Avenue, old crusty hangers for colostomy bags called Senators proclaimed, “We hate this law so much we are voting yes.” Fortunately, three Republicans put a shiv into McTurtle while pouring kerosene over his shell and torching him.

For all that is right and holy, if these people weren’t so ghoulish and jacked-up looking, this would be like living in an Inception world.

There is no need to belabor this confederacy of doltish dunces, but I want to leave you on a positive note.

Since August of last year, I’ve been sharing my thoughts about the Umber Ulceration’s behavioral characteristics. You have listened patiently and courteously.

As I have said, Dolt 45 gets every ounce of his self-esteem from the way others see him. His reason for being is to perpetuate his illusory stature. Every waking moment is but another scene in the epic stage play that is his life.

During the G20 I noticed two things – both of them were instances of Dolt bottoming for Putin. Once was the handshake where Dolt bottomed and the other was Dolt walking around the massive table to go sit at the feet of Putin during the dinner. Dolt was the subservient submissive partner in both acts.

So what? In Dolt’s ghost written books he made mention of both practices calling them weak and for losers. So whatever Putin has on Dolt, it is of sufficient quality to cause Dolt to suffer ignominious public debasement by his own volition. It must be of sufficient weight to cause this tub of Orange Offal to deviate from his 70-year charade. As has been amply demonstrated this week, neither Dolt nor anyone working for him is deft enough to conceal it much longer.

What’s on your mind today?

For your entertainment, a little known Jersey Shore audition video — don’t know if it is The Mooch.




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Fabulous post, Prolix, although I may need both eye and brain bleach for that picture. 😀

Something else I’ve heard/noted about leaders: they tend to surround themselves with people like them. (This is one reason for the lack of gender diversity in government and the corporate sector.) I think this is another reason for The Mooch’s appearance on the scene. May he disappear very soon!

By contrast, a good leader will resist this urge and create a diverse team that has the right skillset to do what needs to be done. Bill Clinton, for example, had a Cabinet that was 50% women. He got a ton of sh*t for it at first, but after a while people got used to it.

By the way, you know that letter from “Pickle?” It’s real. What’s really sad is that a 9-year-old boy gives Drumpf so much validation, his press secretary devotes 15 minutes of a briefing to reading the letter.

Oh and McConnell is suddenly A-Okay with working with Democrats. I’m sure THAT will go well. I trust him, don’t you?

@3 he was so condescending, though! I listened to his speech after the vote. What a jerk. And I do not trust him or Ryan. And even if they do go to honest work together, we still have drumpf in the background, trying to sabotage ACA in other ways

Another great post, Prolix!

“Dolt was the subservient submissive partner in both acts.”

I was watching the same cues, and also noticed that it was Rump that bowed his head to Putin and leaned over to Putin with an excited smile while be photographed. He was like an awkward, preteen little girl that was attempting to flirt with the 6th grade class President, at the sock hop.

Dump was gushing, almost giggling with delight.

One of your best, Prolix:

“By now you’ve seen the rant by “The Mooch”. He was a reject from MTV’s Jersey Shore because of his lack of sophistication. The producers decided to go more upscale with the genteel steroidal “The Situation” and a puking drunken Snooki.”
That was Charlie Pierce worthy. You need a larger audience.

I consider this a very good day for American’s that have worried about their health care being taken away, and those of us that worried about how we could support them when they had no health care.

Maybe this isn’t the end of the GOP attacks on health care, but I for one am a little less stressed for my loved ones today.

I also am grateful to the man that walked into the senate from his sick bed and gave a thumbs down. He did the right thing and showed real courage, in my book.

@7 – I agree, Shadowfax. I feel a lot better about the Republicans standing up to Drumpf, and I am so happy that they were not able to destroy our existing health insurance system.

McCain strode in and grabbed the spotlight at the last minute, but don’t forget that Senators Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins held out for months. That took even more courage. Of course, they’re wimminz, so whatevs, according to the press.

Congress should start talking about the 25th Amendment again, IMHO. Dence would be a dreadful President, but at least Drumpf and his Kast of Krayzees would be gone.

@1, Eugene Robinson has been more aggressive with his pieces than usual. That’s a good sign.

@2, thanks MB. You are exactly right about unsuccessful psuedo-leaders and mini-mes. Omnibus talent is as rare as hen’s teeth. Blind spots are as common as colds — a variety of talent represented by a variety of people is necessary and smart. Some of the smartest leaders I’ve ever met told me they wanted to be the least intelligent people in the room when they met with aides.

Dolt 45 is such a fool. He’s so low courage. Turning The Mooch loose to terrorize is what the least successful do on the last stop before Failure’ville.

The reason that the defeat of the Skinny bill was monumental to me is that it also reflects the possible defeat of defunding Medicare, social security and Medicaid.

Look out GOP, Dems have a much better chance now of taking some of your seats away in Congress.

The Congress forced to work together for the American public, what a novel concept.

‘Stronger Together’
Hillary Clinton ❤

@3 & 4, I’ve watched McTurtle his entire career. HE.CAN’T.BE.TRUSTED.EVER! This wasn’t about policy or health care or even the taxes. This was just another notch in power and winning. McTurtle’s shrine at U.ofL. is just about winning political battles. There is not a whit of policy or high-minded philosophy. It is a paean to winning elections. That sums up that sad little man.

don’t forget that Senators Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins held out for months. That took even more courage. Of course, they’re wimminz, so whatevs, according to the press.

Absolutely MB. Those two women did not waver and bravo to all three of them.

@5, thanks Shadow. It was so telling when watching for it — Dolt 45 was the submissive personality in every encounter. Why aren’t more people talking about that? It was so obvious. His handshakes were “bottoms” each time with Putin — in Dolt’s books he makes such a big deal about that — Putin has something big on him.

Turning The Mooch loose to terrorize is what the least successful do on the last stop before Failure’ville.

I love the way you string together your thoughts. 😉

@9 – Totally agree!

You want to see something really, really scathing? I don’t read Peggy Noonan, but OMG. She pointed a nuclear needle right at Drumpf’s weakest spot: his perceived strength as a man.

Keep him away from the button today, folks. He’s going to be blind with rage.

@6, thanks Sue. That is so nice of you. The Mooch is so disgusting just like his biggie. Someone yesterday said, “The Mooch wears girlie sunglasses.” You know that kind of thing drives him insane or more insane if that is possible.

Prolix & @5 the observation of his submissiveness – did either of you read Sarah Reese Jones insightful comments here?

@7 & 8, I agree, but don’t also forget Sen. Maize Hirono who is also currently under treatment for cancer. She has quite a story.

Andy Slavitt says, and I wholeheartedly agree, “Health care will be fixed when Congress is run by women.” Can’t be soon enough for me.


IMO, Dump is trying to be Putin’s mini-me right now, but subconsciously knows he is too inept to be any more than a pretender.

I think all his bad behavior is because he knows deep inside that he is a failure. “I am the most Presidental, the most loved, the strongest, above the law. I could shoot someone in the street and my supporters would still love me.”

He is trying to convince himself as much as others.

He only surrounds himself with people that praise him, kiss his ring and never call him on his lies and mistakes. The second someone calls him on his bs, he goes nuts.

He is insecure, dishonest, distrustful and his company is build like a house of cards. This is why he is never going to release his tax forms. He knows he will be stripped naked…and that won’t be a pretty site.

@15, LOL — the sign of my weak mind, all my thoughts are just in a jumble, tumbling out my fingers.

@16, Dolt will be glowing nuclear. I will break my solemn code to not read Noonan on your recommendation.

Oh, and another thing about Dump’s persona that drives me nuts, is one minute he is talking like a loud mouthed bully, and the next, he waves his little hands and talks in a smoldered baby voice.

21 Prolix

I call bs on that!

Weak mind, nah…you’re brilliant.

I like that you are humble though. 😉

@18, thanks Contrask that is a good article. From Ms. Jones:

This is what they have become: Everything they loathe.

Everything Republicans assure themselves they are not, Trump is. He is entitled, spoiled, lazy, whining, immature, nasty, vulgar, obscene, and ignorant.

So true!

@23, and Dolt thinks he’s funny and has a sense of humor. His entire life has been a study in bullying and using the misfortune of others for his gratification. If you were doing a case study in the worst of human characteristics, you would have to go no further than putting him in a room and say, “Go”.

Peggy Noonan

That was great, buckle up Peggy…



We should all take note of this tweet and be a little more confident in our abilities and talent.


The address where Dolt 45 is going to be speaking on Long Island is, wait for it:

Crooked Hill Road

Now I think karma is just messing with us.

McCain’s vote gets the Zapruder film treatment

Loved it. One shot gif looks like a female senator is banging her head on the desk. 😉

madamab, loved your comment at the end of the last thread:

“the right thing. It’s not much to ask human beings to do, but it appears that there are only three of them in the Republican Party.”

So glad they did — now we can take a breather. Then, back at ’em!

That “fell repeatedly” in his hotel room and covered with appalling bruises and crush injuries story that sounded so suspicious? Yep. Cover-up. Also in the U.K. with at least 14 cases.

@31, “Crooked Hill Road” Ahhahaha!

@30 – Agree!

I have decided that I can totally drive a tank. If I run over a few people on my way to realizing my super-awesomeness in this heretofore unexplored capability, so what?!

@34 I’m concerned about the cover-up on this. How many connected to the campaign in any way have been killed already? Are we really ever going to get to the bottom of it? It’s like the entire country rests in the fate of Mueller.

@31 Oh the irony

Lesin died alone in his room due to a series of drunken falls “after days of excessive consumption of alcohol.”

Yeah, don’t we often see people that are alone, drinking so much that they keep falling down causing fatal injuries to their head, neck, upper body and keep repeating the same behavior until they are dead?

Heck’a way to commit suicide.

Can’t decide whether to watch this or not. It’s sure to start a flood of tears.


I have decided that I can totally drive a tank. If I run over a few people on my way to realizing my super-awesomeness in this heretofore unexplored capability, so what?!

Haha, yup.

@31 Great post Prolix. Now to check out the links.

So, a large group of cops gathered on Crooked Hill Rd to applaud a sexual predator and crook. That sounds about right.

@38, the body bag total is now at 14. Knowing anything about this Russian covert op is almost as deadly to someone’s career as working for the Dolt.

I don’t think Rick Perry or Betsey DeVos will ever have to take a stand on anything. The only reason Sessions recused is because he was caught lying under oath. And now that we know he had other meetings he lied about, he’s trying to cover his own butt. Remember he never said he was recusing because of the Russia thing (or his lie under oath) He said it was simply because he was on the transition team. He recused because he’s in up to his neck. Plus, he’s got to get to discriminating now!

Frankly, I wish Trump would fire him. The nut job right would go crazy. Yesterday, a pundit said ‘Sessions is more Trump than Trump is Trump.’ I agree.

@42, thanks GAgal. You summed it up quite nicely and the head cheerleader was Trump knob-gobbler Peter King. According to The Mooch, his name alphabetically has Bannon fascinated. Oopsie, my inner 12-year old is in control again.

One of the smartest people I’ve ever known, just brilliant behavioral scientist, always said, “Guys never really mature beyond their 12-year old selves, we just learn how to manage it.”

Pretty much true. Checks out.

Gold rush fever in Calif

Wish I was retired and could spend a couple of weeks trying this. Did it for fun one afternoon a long time ago.

@44, Sessions is going to be so rabid he is likely to need a bib because of all the frothing from his mouth.

That video is hilarious.

Perhaps more good news, especially to Native American’s.

The company behind the Keystone XL pipeline has not yet determined whether there is enough demand for the project to justify actually building it, a top executive said today.

It was the strongest acknowledgment from TransCanada to date that the nearly decade-long Keystone saga may end in failure — despite President Donald Trump’s overwhelming support for the project, which he green-lit as one of his first acts in office. The company says it remains confident in the project. But it has been struggling to find enough customers, and it still needs approval from Nebraska regulators for the pipeline’s route, which landowners and activists in the state have been fighting since the project was first proposed.

Strong language advisory.

@40 NW Luna – kleenex out. Loved it! The conventions was uplifting. We need to watch it again and get hope back. Whoever is our 202 candidate needs to carry the message forward, build on it.

@50 – Trey was in Tulsa a few weeks ago and we managed to miss it. He had a good audience, friends said

I actually read a whole Noonan article. (I am so impressed with myself! 😀 ) It’s funny, and it probably means the White House janitors better get their industrial strength solvents ready to clean an explosion of orange guk off the walls.

But, really, she’s just as wrong as always. The John Wayne model of the Real Man™ is lethal. The further away we get from that to real human, the better. (Woody Allen isn’t it either, just to be clear. He’s a model of Self-Absorbed Bespectacled Nebbish, and that’s before you get toward his heart of darkness.) Noonan worshipping at the altar of dumb Real Man stereotypes is actually revolting.

Except that it is roll-on-the-floor funny picturing the Dump infuriated by her saying he isn’t one.

@40 – oh boy. That video was terrific. It reminds me of my husband and me, crying during the convention with sheer hope and joy that it was finally happening. We were expecting love to trump hate. And you know what, it will. I still completely believe that. Even though we don’t have Hillary as President, her leadership and example will always shine, and that glass ceiling has now been broken.

@53, can there possibly be a more apt description of Woody Allen than “Bespectacled Nebbish”? Here’s a confession — I have never watched a Woody Allen movie. He makes me anxious and nervous. He’s just tiresome. Plus he’s creepy as all get out.

@52, do you know Trae’s back story? He’s had an amazing life. I find him much more compelling than J.B. Vance, for whom I have developed a deep and abiding dislike.

Trae is a testament to hard work and enough confidence to fail — repeatedly.


I like that guy.

@53 – Quixote, I couldn’t agree more. Noonan is still and always worshiping at the altar of the Great Raygun, who in her addled mind is the ideal man. I just love that she’s espousing the conservative idea of manhood and womanhood, which so many of his base buys into, and taking such wonderful jabs at his “weakness.” She is 1000% right that he’s weak, not because of his resemblance to Woody Allen, but because he’s a bully and a liar. No strong person, male or female or in between, is either of these. It’s like an educated expansion of the “tiny hands” insult.

The Woody Allen movies I like best are the themed ones, such as “Bananas,” “Sleeper” and “Love and Death” (probably my favorite, since I read several Russian novels as part of my education). I found “Annie Hall” unwatchable.

Welp, I have heatlhcare for a while longer at least.

Also, Rancid P*nis is out as Chief of Staff.

@59, in the event that there is a change in the casting for the Grey Worm, Rancid is now fully flaccid and capable of auditioning for the part.

Prolix, excellent, funny post! One question that will make me look dumb–is the mooch really from that mtv show? I never watched it, so don’t know. I hope dump keeps him so he can continue to debase the dump administration. I know that also debases America, but that ship sailed last Nov. Let dump’s be the worst ever.

MB @2, Am sorry, but just can’t buy it! A lot of us on twitter yesterday said the dump’s would come up with a “real” boy called Pickle. I think it was pure propaganda. We dissected it word by word on twitter yesterday, and I laughed myself hoarse, but there are waaay too many red flags. I cannot believe a 9 year old would write such revolting drivel, or could spell or write so badly. Laker never wrote anything even close to being that awful, even when he was first learning to write and he has muscular freaking dystrophy for crying out loud, and holds his pen/pencil in the most awkward way possible. My friends who have autistic kids all said their kids never wrote like that. I was trained to take care of babies/kids at age 10; started babysitting for money at age 13; raised my nieces during the day (and worked graveyard shift for 7 years!), and was very involved in education. With the exception of a couple of glamour jobs, most of my life has been spent raising and/or educating kids. If that letter was genuine, then his school/teachers/parents should be embarrassed that he is that illiterate. And a 9 yo wants his birthday party to revolve around a weird old man? So not buying it. The letter reads and looks exactly like some moron adult would imagine a kid would write. “ho much monny Do you have? I don’t now why people don’t like you.” Please. So lame.

My iPhone just beeped me that rancid penis just got handed his ass.

@61, wickedly funny.


Quixote @ 53, well said! That type of man has essentially ruined the world.

60 Prolix

Gray Worm, haha, I am just listening to a detailed recap of GoT.

Pubes doesn’t have a nice body like Gray Worm.

Kelly, who starts his new job on Monday, is a retired four-star Marine general whom Trump frequently credits for dramatically reducing the number of undocumented immigrants coming into the U.S. from Mexico.

Dump sure likes to be around Generals…

Luna @34, So tragic. I’m starting to become a little afraid of what I post or retweet online. Putin and his collaborators are seriously scary.

I don’t know if y’all noticed this – when McCain walks onto the floor, they are calling Perdue and Peterson. That’s David Perdue from Georgia. The dumbass says “no”. There’s a pause, then he says ‘wait! I mean yes’ and you hear laughter. Idiot voted the wrong way. It would be easily overlooked, but it is now immortalized by this clip. Forever and ever. LMAO.

I wonder how Kelly will get along with KKK Bannon and Neo-Nazi Miller. Wait, is this the beginning of a military coup?

What, Scaramuchichi didn’t get the Chief of Staff post he was panting for? Poor, poor man.

I can’t read the WSJ Noonan article. Google Chrome has fixed the incognito window cheat.

@62, Annie, the Jersey Shore was a collection of reprobates who found a rat’s nest to infest on the shore. The main characters, The Situation, was a steroid-crazed, washboard abs, idiot whose whole life revolved around tanning, working out, and laundry while getting s*it-faced drunk. There was Snooki, who would sleep with anything or anybody who would pay attention to her because she was always s*it-faced drunk. There was a couple, don’t remember their names, but they fought all the time because they were always s*it-faced drunk. You get the drift. The Situation made tens of millions, committed tax fraud, and is going to prison. The Mooch wasn’t a part of the show, but I’m betting he could have been. Someone on teevee just now said The Mooch’s advice in one of his self-help books (what an oxymoron that is) is to, “Watch television, find a character you want to be, and then emulate the character in real life. In short, be a derivative of a derivative of a derivative.” Holy smokes you can’t make this crap up.

@69, GAgal, I missed that. That is good to know and I hope it gets played on a loop in Georgia.

Hmmm. I will have to read up on this whole reconciliation stuff.

Re: Lesin

This is a downright Godfather level hit. “Leave the Rancid Penis, take the cannoli.”


@78, Pathetic and humiliating, but he got what he deserved. Hopefully they all will, sooner rather than later,.

@79, and they can’t figure out why they have leaks. Anyone who revels and enjoys this level of humiliation does not inspire loyalty. It is a lower brain stem reaction to fear. Leaking is a form of self-preservation in a strange sort of way. It is a way of saying, “I still count.”

Did y’all see this from Upps?

I think the main reason Stump brought in Kelly is not to restore order, but to find the leakers.

Dang, I can’t figure out linking to tweets. I thought her embedded link would show if I posted her tweet.

@82 Then Kelly will be out soon, because I don’t think he will last in the chaos that goes with Trump.

@81 & 82, I saw that video this morning. It is splendid. MacNugget or whatever his name, is a pretty pathetic excuse. I think his qualifications consist of going to the same upper East side parties that Kush-n-Boots attended.

Dolt is day-trading in reputational piracy like he always does. He bolsters his abysmal behavior by associating with people who have stellar reputations. Why Kelly would take this job is beyond me? Dolt will not change.

GAgal @ 81, I love that! Maxine is badass!

Prolix @ 85, yes, I see why dolt would want Kelly, but why would he want to get involved in dolt’s dirty admin?

Saw that video of Ms Waters schooling Munchin earlier! “Reclaiming my time” is the new catchphrase now for “Shut up & quit wasting my time.”

@85, @87, here’s one hypothesis. Not exactly sure how it could be pulled off, but Trump is twisted enough to try it.

Sorry folks, I’m on vacation and largely offline. I didn’t even know about Priebus for hours! Cray-cray! Just cray-cray!

On Woody Allen: Prolix, I actually really like his movies. I can certainly understand someone who may not like him as a personality. There are a number of superb Woody movie that he is not in, so you don’t have to deal with his presence. Perhaps my favorite Woody Allen movie that he does not appear in is “The Purple Rose of Cairo.” I very very very highly recommended it. It’s beautiful, funny in parts, but very bitter-sweet. It was his love-letter to cinema. “Match Point” is brilliant as well. “Bullets Over Broadway” is hilarious. “Vicky Christina Barcelona” is superb. And “Midnight in Paris” is just lovely.

I agree with MB on “Annie Hall.” I do not understand why people love it. Same with “Manhattan.” But some of the movies he is in that I think are brilliant are “Sleeper” (for pure slapstick genius). I think “Crimes and Misdemeanors” is his masterpiece. “Manhattan Murder Mystery” is fantastic and very underrated. “Deconstructing Harry” is disturbing, but brilliant. “Broadway Danny Rose” is a forgotten masterpiece, with a sensational performance by Mia Farrow. “Hannah and Her Sisters” is also brilliant.

@87, Annie, from everything I’ve heard and read about Gen. Kelly is that he’s a really fine public servant. He’s a gold star father having lost a son in Iraq. Jeremy Bash, someone I trust on MSNBC, calls him one of the finest people he has ever known. Outside of being the consummate public servant, I got nothing. I don’t see it. I don’t believe he will put up with the shenanigans of Dolt for very long.

The Priebus firing story is unreal. He deserves every second of the humiliation. He helped bring us Trump. This is what he deserves.

People point out that he is one of the few people who did not sign a non-disclosure agreement. So he is free to talk…

And that Maxine Waters video is brilliant. Just brilliant. She gives zero fucks and Mnuchin is a whiner, and she wipes the floor with him.

@91, okay, DYB, I’ll reconsider my Woody Allen quarantine. Won’t promise since he still seems mighty creepy.

@94> LOL Prolix, that’s ok. The movies in the first paragraph are movies he does not appear in, so you may not think of him at all. A movie like “Match Point” I don’t think bears any resemblance to a “Woody Allen movie” if you took his name off the credits. Give those a try.

@89 This is what the Repubs have been hoping for. They want to separate themselves from Trump. Next, we’ll start hearing his base say he was a Hillary plant all along. RINO!!

I think the only one of the Nebbish’s movies I’ve seen is Mighty Aphrodite, which you don’t mention, DYB. Possibly because it’s not memorable. I don’t remember anything about it except Mira Sorvino’s wonderful portrayal of the main character. (WA is it, and probably creepy.)

When you think about it, Rinse was the only half-sane person there. Spice kinda was too, until he had to go out and lie all day everyday.

Also think Allen is creepy, and didn’t much care for Annie Hall. I haven’t seen many of his movies, but I remember liking Manhattan Murder Mystery and Midnight in Paris.

Oooh , just thought about something else. I can’t wait until Kelly meets up with Sebastian Gorka in the WH. Or Boris Epshteyn. To be a fly on the wall.

@100, when they are putting together a creepy list for the White House, comrade Gorka will be mighty high on the hit parade. That freak is so phony and hyped up on his own BS I bet he has to sleep in kitty litter.

I second DYB on the Woody Allen movies he’s not in. Match Point is the one I’d recommend too.

I think Kelly won’t last either.

Priebus (like Spicer) sold his soul to the devil for power. It didn’t work out. They all thought they could attach themselves to Trump and feed off him like parasites, and push their selfish agendas through. But he doesn’t share food. How do they not see it? How did they not see it before? Willful ignorance and naked ambition. Same with McTurtle and Ryan. They thought Trumpism would let them do whatever they wanted. But Trump is his own worst enemy. Because he’s so undisciplined he sets all of their carefully laid plans on fire, and then blames them for it. They deserve all the fires that rain down on them.

@99 socalannie> I really love “Manhattan Murder Mystery.” It’s one of Allen’s most enjoyable late films, and a great mystery to boot!

On Gorka> How does Gorka still have a job? It’s astonishing.

Lolsob. The Brits do have a different way of looking at it. A UK journalist asks this rhetorical question, sure that the answer will be “no.”

Do you want to live in a country where the quality of your fellow citizens’ medical treatment depends on how much money they have?

Not that I have tried to engage any 45 supporters recently, but I found the perfect comeback to end discussions with dolt fans:
You are receiving this message because you posted in defense of Donald Trump. I no longer provide individual responses on this matter. It has been my experience that Trump supporters are universally incapable of accepting verifiable truths about him and by extension, themselves, and thus rendering discussion pointless, and, therefore, a waste of time.
I wish you all the best in your ongoing battle with reality.

Yours respectfully, a logical person”

One interesting thing about the image from the Senate floor when healthcare votes were cast (like when McCain voted) is how McTurtle is standing. He’s in the middle of the floor, his back to the entire Democratic side of the chamber. Now that’s an message.

Yes, McTurtle is not about to engage in any bipartisanship, IMHO.

@106, love it!

Does anyone think Trump will actually fix healthcare? Not because he wants to help anyone, but to try and save his political skin? Would GOP actually do it to save themselves?

@110, the real battle is over messaging. The question? Who owns health care? The Democratic challenge is to elevate Trumpcare as the reason for skyrocketing premiums. I think that is the key to finally fixing the “cost sharing reduction” payments. The estimates I’ve seen is that 70-80% of increases are because of the uncertainty around the CSRs.

@99 & 104: Coincidentally I saw that Manhattan Murder Mystery will be showing on TCM I believe this week.

Just stopping by for a minute.

A cartoon by @kuperart. #TNYcartoons

A post shared by The New Yorker Cartoons (@newyorkercartoons) on

Hi Fredster! I hope you’re doing ok!

Thanks for the heads up on “Manhattan Murder Mystery!”

That cartoon is great. And it’s funny because it’s true.

@114: Hi D! Hope your vacay is going great.

I’m hanging in here. Today wasn’t a good day for my sick friend. I was going to try talking with her but that’s not working out day. I think from here on out it’s going to be a day by day thing with her.

@115 Fredster> Aw I’m sorry to hear that. I’m sure it’s a very very tough situation for everyone there. Hang in there!

Hugs, Fredster!

William Browder’s testimony. (1 hour 45 min) Try not to let Grassley put you to sleep in the first 5 minutes. Note Grassley’s swipe at Bill Clinton for giving a speech in Russia 7 years ago and Hillary as SOS and the uranium deal. It’s just a throwaway line that means nothing in this context, but it’s what they do.

Also, I wondered the whole time who was sitting behind Browder in the bright shirt and frumpy khakis. At the end, I see it’s Charles Pierce!

So sorry to hear that Fredster.

@111 Prolix – I agree, Dems need to get that message out! He is absolutely sabotaging HC at this moment. He’s a real multi-tasker.

I know this will fall through the cracks in posts, but I reported Gov Huckabee’s tasteless “joke” to Twitter. Anyone else agree?

Contrask @ 122, I reported it and blocked the s.o.b. and love your funny comment @ 106.

DYB @ 103, very well said.

Fredster, thinking of you everyday. Am so sorry.

The New Yorker cartoon is hilarious! And spot-on.

Hope you’re all having a pleasant weekend.

Great tweet:

@122 contrask> I just reported that too. He’s an awful man with awful children. (Son tortured a dog to death, daughter is Dump’s new professional liar.)

@125 contrask> Love it and it’s true! Stop inviting him to give speeches. What do they expect him to say? Of course he’ll say insanity.

@127, Wow! What an asshole to give up his family to be around dolt45.

New post upstairs.

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