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Posted on: July 22, 2017

This clip explains where we are. The media – print, television, e-media, Twitter, you name it – are galloping off at breakneck warp speed on a contrived snipe hunt. Dolt 45 is setting the media agenda and the networks, led by accountants sporting green eyeshades, are more than happy to oblige.

But for today’s installment of prolixous prognostication, I’d like to keep the “external initial dampner” engaged and take a slower, more nuanced view of the deconstruction of democracy.

Trump on his way to latest dumpster fire…

The media chases squirrels because there are squirrels to chase. They are genetically predisposed to chase squirrels. What is vastly more important are the issues affecting real people’s lives. These issues will rid us of the toxic orange fungus faster than media posses chasing shape-shifting political squirrels.

Just look at where we are – somewhere between 22 million and 32 million people losing health care. Deductibles exploding to $13,000 for someone making $26,000 a year. No longer requiring banks to adequately capitalize. Allowing credit card companies to reinstitute modern forms of indentured servitude. Companies polluting without consequence. Record corporate profits without ze-effing-ro paid in taxes. Give the poor $40 in tax cuts and the ultra rich $940,000. Halting lawsuits of those who have been cheated, maimed, or killed by those more powerful. In short, restructuring policy to resemble the golden gilded age of robber barons.

Who would profit? The Mercers of Breitbart, Kellyanne Conjob, and Steve “Pickled” Bannon fame are fighting a tax bill of $6.0 Billion. Where I come from that’s plenty of money to incentivize Cambridge Analytica and its data mining operation to target angry white guys in the Midwest to vote for someone with the intellect of orange toe jam. Or how about the half-trillion dollar oil deal between Russia and Exxon? Something more redistributive perhaps? How about a trillion dollars being wrenched from the poorest Americans so the wealthiest can wallow in obscene tax cuts? If that doesn’t conjure enough grotesque fuckery, try thinking about two-thirds of the nursing home elderly being turned out on the streets because of draconian cuts to Medicaid.

I tend to see the similarities in people and not the differences, but for the life of me, I can’t see much difference between McTurtle and Mr. Burns — both cartoonish greedmeisters.

You will hear OMB Dick(head) Mulvaney or HHS Tom “insider trader” Price talk about “sustainability through reordering priorities”. There is no reordering of priorities. There has been and will continue to be only one priority of the Republican Party. It is greed. Greed first, last, and always. There is nothing else to understand about the GOP platform – it’s the “Greed Only Party”!

Let’s depart from the usual analysis. Calling the modern Republican Party greedy and ending there is like saying water continues to be wet. Why would someone place a price tag on their soul?

Why are people greedy? Psychologically and unsurprisingly, greed goes hand-in-hand with narcissism.

Both narcissism and greed have their roots in profound self-doubt. Narcissism is self-aggrandizement of the emotional kind, while greed is self-aggrandizement of the materialistic kind.

Narcissism and greed have other aspects in common. They both arise as disorders in people who, in their unconscious mind, are aligned with the conviction that they’re lacking in importance, significance, or value. Such people have difficulty feeling or accessing their own essential value. Instead, a deep negative sense of “self” contaminates their emotional life, and they resonate or identify with this inner default position.

Here’s the kicker. You don’t have to be wealthy to be greedy. Greed is an aspirational characteristic of the Horatio Alger set. You can be thread-bare, broke, and still be greedy. According to one study, the feeling of grandiose entitlement has grown since the 1980s. Who would have thought that Raygun would usher in a “me first” generation?

What does this mean for the country? This “I’ve got mine, sorry about your luck” philosophy means there is no interdependence among the classes unless it is to fight the wars of economic convenience. Put another way, if you can helicopter to work, you don’t need roads traveled by the little people.

A common refrain by Republicans is that our country is weakened by the moochers and the hangers-on, you know, the lazy people. Here’s something to stick up the arse of the next person who says that to you.

By large measure, the wealthy behave less ethically than those of modest means. In reality, the lazy takers are the tax avoiders who are getting away with $2.2 Trillion without having to work for it. They are simply avoiding taxes and sticking it into their pockets. The entire social safety net for children, the elderly, the disabled, and the poor costs us $370 Billion or six times less than the tax avoiding takers.

One last thought about narcissism and greed:

Narcissists deny or cover up inner truth by believing, as they shower themselves in self-admiration, that they truly want admiration from others. Greedy individuals, meanwhile, believe they really want to feel value and worthiness, yet they go chasing after an illusion of value—materialistic self-aggrandizement—that can only deepen self-alienation.

The greedy are unhappy, angry people. Their souls are empty chasms where self-worth should be. Here’s the not so hidden truth – Dolt 45 isn’t an aberration. That orange blob of disgust and perpetual ego masturbation is the perfect Republican totem. His need for self-esteem and validation are symbolic of the Republican Party.

Big hat, no cattle…

The Republicans have been designing the perfect ticket for almost forty years. Unfortunately for the country with help from the Russians, this banausic, predacious, crowd of angry greedy wannabes got their perfect ticket and punched it.

Sorry this isn’t the good stuff Fredster usually posts on the weekend. Please don’t let my self-indulgence deter you. Post anything you might desire – videos, strange weird news, self-preservation meditations, whatever you want – it is free range at the Widdershin’s.

Have a great weekend.


115 Responses to "Punch it…"

Great post Prolix!

Whatever one might say of the Democratic party, and the original ACA. But there are Democrats who literally voted Yes to extend health insurance to people knowing they would be voted out of office. They actually sacrificed their cushy government jobs to give people health insurance. Health insurance that was a compromise in the first place. This wasn’t the sweeping reform they really waned, but to get Republicans on board they compromised. And Republicans repaid them by voting against it and turning it into the most evil bill that has ever passed. And there are countless deplorables who voted for Trump with a song in their heart because they hate Obamacare. Until now. Now suddenly doubts crept in…”wait, will this affect me? What is Obamacare anyway?” It’s like people who were googling Brexit the day after voting for Brexit. Now some have doubts. But unlike Democrats who sacrificed their Congressional seats to pass healthcare, Republicans are risking their Congressional seats to take away healthcare. I remain puzzled by some of the rank-and-file Republicans who want to vote for this bill. It was the same in the House, they passed a bill saying they expected the Senate to fix it…but hey, you voted for a bill. Whatever the Senate does (and the Senate did worse), you put your name on this bill that might get you tossed out of office. Why do they vote Yes? They are afraid of McConnell? They are afraid of a primary from the Right, like they have been for 8 years? Perhaps…but if voting Yes gets them thrown out anyway, why not take a principled stand? Are there principles? I keep hearing pundits say things like: “Behind the scenes Republicans are really concerned…” but what does that mean? So far we have seen their concern translate into nothing. Nothing. Even mavericks like McCain. He has done nothing except vote for the whole Trump agenda.


Anyway, today someone dug out a 56 page memo written by Ken Starr’s office all those years ago arguing that a sitting president can, in fact, be charged with crimes. So that’s fun!

Which brings me to the question of pardons. Dump can pardon Junior and Jared and Flynn, etc. (His base will love it.) But – if he can’t pardon himself, can he then be the one charged with a crime? (Until Pence pardons him, I guess.)

Most excellent and probably precisely accurate post, Prolix. And good questions DYB. Maybe this means something, but I gave up truly hoping a long time ago

@1, DYB, interesting that on page 2 the letter points out that Clinton felt the investigation would clear the air and did not attempt to block it. Contrast that with Trumputin’s firing of James Comey, yelling “witch-hunt,” talking about pardons, and hunting for ways to shut down the inquiry.

The media chases squirrels because there are squirrels to chase. They are genetically predisposed to chase squirrels.

Hah! So true, though there are a few exceptions of the bloodhound type of persisting journalist who tracks the quarry despite squirrelly distractions.

Great post, prolixous!

Don’t look in that shed! Don’t look there! Why look there?

@1, thanks D, how are you feeling?

I agree with every word you wrote. The initial negative response to the ACA was a “Tea Party mob” response. No thought, no reason, and no considered thought — the way they tend to live their lives outside of watching Fox which makes them less informed according to the studies of such things.

On your other point and this hasn’t gotten too much air play yet, but there is a Supreme Court case that says, “A presidential pardon means the person receiving the pardon is — GUILTY.” That means Fredo, Jr., Flynn, and whoever else he might pardon, are dog-farting guilty.

Here’s what I believe on the indictment and prosecution issue — no one knows yet. It has never happened. I believe it is about to happen though. The team Mueller has assembled is heavy on prosecutors. In any analysis of this, there has to be a division between federal and state crimes. Dolt can pardon on the federal crimes, but not on state crimes. Fredo, Jr. and Flynn could walk out of the federal courthouse on a pardon and be picked up immediately by state prosecutors on state crimes and taken directly to jail pending a bail hearing.

While I’ll never be a Supreme, this is where I believe they would come down on Dolt himself if he were charged. The Supremes would not stop the indictment or nullify it. They would hold it in abeyance until his term ended, whereupon he would be prosecuted, unless he was pardoned by his successor. The Supreme Court would not hold a President can pardon himself. It would run counter to the Constitution’s provision about pardon being unavailable for impeachment.

Just my guess.

@2, thanks Contrask. How’s your weekend with Luna Tic Fringe?

@4, thanks Luna. I’m hoping some young enterprising journalist will become a star. Bob Costa is having his day, but he’s a straight reporter, i.e. a transcriptionist. I would love to see a new Woodward and Bernstein — they have become, especially Bernstein, holier than a drunk pope and that is quite tiresome.

@5, what do y’all think of this — the leak about the yard gnome Sessions is just a little too convenient. The only people who would have this Kislyak intercept would be NSA and Dan Coates as DNI. Mike Rogers at NSA has been particularly obsequious toward Dolt to keep his job because Obama wanted to fire him.

So all this yammering about a leak — Dolt doth protest too much?

@9, oh yes, definitely too much and being clumsy at at. I rather doubt the intelligence community would leak this because apparently it tells the Russians what communications channels have been/are being intercepted. However, Dolt wouldn’t care, since he’s incapable of thinking things through. Most of the people he’s picked for his staff administration don’t care either, as long as they can ingratiate themselves with Trump and knife someone else — they’re not concerned with honor and patriotism. Nor are they very concerned about Russia.

@8, Fahrenholt is good, and Kurt Eichenwald, but I haven’t really been keeping up on who’s doing what in journalism. I’d like to think there are a handful out there with keen noses and brains to match. And a workplace which enables this kind of investigative reporting — that’s the catch.

@10, yes, no one around Dolt really cares about much outside of room rates at those bed bug havens he has his name on.

I saw something or read something, these days who knows, about McMaster telling his friends and colleagues he has serious doubts about Dolt and his actions. If that gets much play, bye bye McMaster. He might have some good stories to tell.

@13, McMaster looks like he knows he’s sold his soul.

@11, yes, absolutely Farenthold. For some reason, Eichenwald doesn’t seem to be respected by his colleagues — lots of snide asides remarks about him on the Twit gossip line. Any idea why that is?

@15, sold it at a discount.

@12 & 14, both good ones.

[Clap, clap, clap!!!] Love your post Prolix!

You nailed it again.

Thanks Shadow. As we say around here in the hills, “even a blind hog finds an acorn every now and then.” Thank you for your kind words.

@16, I don’t know. I haven’t seen those gossip tweets; must not be following the right (wrong?) people. He was saying a lot of “I’m willing to listen to both sides” and saying he was neither Dem nor Repug a few months ago, but not anymore.

Personally I love that he’s pressing charges — and they’ve been filed — against the thug who sent strobe tweets to him to cause a seizure.

Wonderful post, Prolix. I’ve known many people in my life who led miserable lives, so they wanted to make everyone else’s was miserable too. Even though I could never see why they were so miserable.

Just scanning the comments right quick. Did y’all notice Trump’s tweet at @5 says… “the only crime so far

That’s like KellyAnn Conjob’s “no collusion…yet”.

Be back later!

Prolix, wonderful post and comments. Agree with your comments on greed and narcissism and appreciate your explanation about pardons and presidential pardons.

@16, re: Eichenwald. I like reading his articles, but he does have kind of a snooty holier-than-thou attitude himself.

Side issue but a huge thing just happened, for me. I saw a new word, a totally new word. Not one I’ve forgotten, or seen somewhere before without knowing what it meant. One I’ve never seen before. Banausic. And it’s perfect for the greedbots at 1600 Penn Ave.

Thanks, Prolix! 😀

@22, agree 100% about Eichenwald pressing charges. Hope the perp goes to jail for attempted murder.

Quixote, also never seen it before, will look it up. Sounds like Banaue in the Philippines.

Prolix @9, also agree about Sessions being set up by Russians, so Dump can give him the boot. I saw this funny tweet last night, Sessions really does look like Granny!

Luna, when you have a chance, check email. Thnx.

@1, DYB, great comment and thanks for the tweet. I’m so angry at faux journalist Haberman and her ilk that I hardly look at nyt anymore, but they do come up with good stuff now and then. Hope your feeling better everyday!

I am liking Adam Schiff more and more. Would love to see him as future prez! He’s brilliant, fast on his feet, and has a good sense of humor.

(socalannie @28, is the secret to figuring out Prolix’s megavocabulary. 😀 )

@32 I love Schiff too – hehe. For wit it’s usually Ted Lieu, though. He gets some good ones in.

From the last portion of your post Prolix about the Repubs having been designing this ticket for the last 40 years…

I’ve been reading this guy’s blog lately and this sums up a lot:

The problem isn’t that Republicans lack the imagination to foresee an all-out Trump attack on the rule of law. It’s that they can’t imagine what would be so terrible about that — it wouldn’t have an obvious direct impact on them. It wouldn’t take money out of the pockets of their donors. Their voters would cheer.

It’s been obvious all year that Republicans have no abstract notion of what would be best for the country, and would have no interest in implementing such an agenda if they could devise one. All they want to do is check off items on the wish lists of Randian plutocrats, Christian-conservative theocrats, and Fox/talk radio revanchists. How else to explain their near-universal willingness to deprive tens of millions of people of health insurance, to slash non-military programs, and to hand the country over to an arrested-development bully who knows less about governance than a smart eighth grader? Some of this would hurt some of their voters, but would delight others. The cuts thrill their donors. And if the result is blood in the streets, who cares? It won’t reach the tidy homes of GOP officials themselves. Their lives will go on as usual.

@26: quixote I frequently run into that situation when I’m reading Charles Pierce.

Joseph Rago, Wall Street Journal Editorial Writer, Dies at 34
Pulitzer Prize winner was known for his well-reported pieces and policy influence

– Asked about Mr. Rago, a spokeswoman for the New York City medical examiner’s office said, “The cause and manner of death are pending further studies following today’s examination.”


and comment from Matthew Miller:


Let’s see if this will resize.

@39: Looks good to me.

How about a video of hummingbirds?

Crystal Clear Collusion –

@22, the reporters who seem to have the biggest problem with Eichenwald are those who are younger and given to being contrarian in nature. They seem to feel he overstates his facts and basically lives out beyond the tips of his skis. I have no problem with his reporting or his stories, but I’m always eager to have the opinions of others.

@23, thanks GAgal. I notice those who are constantly in distress about everything in their lives are not satisfied until they try and bring everyone to their state of sadness and despondency.

@25, thanks Annie. Isn’t it appropriate that narcissism and greed go hand and hand together? How better to feed off one another?

@37, Trumputin’s going to blame that on Hillary.

@26, thanks Quixote. I found banausic about 30 years ago when I was writing an appellate brief over an environmental permit having been given to a polluting corporation through unbridled administrative discretion. I won. The permit was recalled, revised, and a beautiful stream is viable today. I’ve always kept “banausic” in my quiver since then.

It is exceedingly nice of you to notice. Thank you.

@41, Fredster, amazing! I didn’t know their lovely neck feathers were so long until I saw that slow-motion shake.

@29, Annie, that is the funniest thing I’ve seen this week. I’m going to save it.

@32, Schiff is getting some buzz as a Presidential candidate.

@35, that guy gets it. We should invite him to guest cross-post.

OT: Conversation I had with the 8 year old today… he walks in the room, sits down and out of the blue says:

He: You know, I know the secret that Santa Clause isn’t real.
Me: Oh? Who do you think brings your presents?
He: Parents.
Me: Hmm. Maybe the Easter Bunny brings them.
He: Naw… (pause, puzzled look) I don’t think the Easter Bunny is real either.
Me: Hmm… (I’m good at hmm)
He: Now that tooth fairy lady… she’s a reaallly nice lady!
Me: She sure is.

earlynerd posted this over on SkyDancing — thought I’d repost here. If you’re eligible (62 or older), get one now.

Next month, seniors will be charged $80 for lifetime passes that get them into national parks and federal recreational lands.
Right now, the passes are still only $10, the price they’ve been since the program launched in 1996.

The lifetime passes waive entrance fees for national parks and federal recreational lands under six agencies: Fish and Wildlife Service, The Forest Service, The Bureau of Reclamation, Bureau of Land Management, National Park Service, and Army Corps.

The lifetime passes also give seniors half price camping and boat launches.

@42, Stein’s been using the “Fake News!” claim too.

Another interesting biology item for today:

@41, hummingbirds are one of the most marvelous creatures in the world. I love to watch them.

@42, I agree with Elliott.

32 socalannie

I’m liking Schiff a lot these days too.

@51, Ted Lieu looks good for higher office too.

@43, that is the product of talent.

@53, LOL. That really did make me laugh out loud.

@60, Ted Lieu strikes me as a take no prisoners fighter. I really like him. He’s the type of Dem I wish we could replicate.

Schiff & Lieu are both in Dem leadership future. I’m so thankful for light-hearted jabs at GOP right now. We need some comedy. I got really disturbed with the twitter feed this afternoon. Rethugs trying to pass taxes to hurt blue states only and crap like that. They are so vile.

@64, I’m all for the jabbing, but I’ll vote for hardheartedness. I know I’m in a distinct minority, but believe me when I say, you can’t count McTurtle out on the TrumpDontCare bill. He has corralled Flake and Capito has blinked. McT has the capacity to make this travesty happen.

@Luna & Prolix, I watched that short clip several times. Of course we’ll never see that much detail in real life, too damned fast. LOL


Can I see a show of hands on this please? Now, who among us hasn’t forgotten $1.0 Billion in loans when asked? Completely understandable. The angry, greedy guys in MI, PA, and WI don’t care about this type of thing. Now if it was something important like email retention policy, that would certainly cause them to lose sleep.


@68: Nah, won’t bother them in the least because, you know, one day they too could be sitting on vast sums of money and overlook something like that. There’s no way in hell to reach that group of people. As the Vox piece said they’ll just harden their position.

GAgal@53: That was just precious.

My stepdad has hummingbird feeders all around the house. There’s a river below us so I’ve never thought about putting a birdbath out for them. Of course, right now we would have to add ice cubes to keep from boiling the poor things. It is so frickin’ hot and humid.

I love Schiff. We need him to be serious, stern and stoic, but I sure would looove to see him go off on Trump… just once. 😀

Actually, I’d love to see him question Trump under oath.

@53, kid must have been paid off for a tooth recently!

@71: Isn’t this weather just miserable right now??? Ugh!

@68, “not legally required to disclose those loans” when it’s a whole fcking billion? Actually more than a billion? Riiiiiight. Totally slipped his mind.

Just sank her political career: (Good)

(R-Ariz.) —Kelli Ward said this week that “the medical reality of [McCain’s] diagnosis is grim,” and he should consider stepping down and having her take his place.

“Senator McCain has an aggressive brain cancer that is both devastating and debilitating. When the time comes that Senator McCain can no longer perform his duties in the Senate at full capacity, he owes it to the people of Arizona to step aside,” Ward said in an interview with an Indiana radio station this week.

Ward continued, saying that if McCain does leave office, Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey would be required to appoint a replacement senator to serve until the 2018 midterm election. When asked if her name was being considered as a replacement, Ward responded: “I certainly hope so.”

@66 & 71, one time when I was standing watering the garden with a spray nozzle on the hose, a hummingbird came right up about 4 ft away and hovered in the spray. The sun was at the right angle and lit up the sparkling hummingbird and the sparkling water drops. I tried to hold my breath and not move and to keep the hose steady. The hummingbird hovered for not quite a minute to get a nice cool shower and then zipped off. Nature is amazing.

I’m just gonna say this one thing about McCain, then I’m going to delete this memory from my brain.

I see lots of Dems sharing the video of McCain in ’08 where a woman in his audience said Obama was Muslim. He took the microphone and said no no no. Well, I remember much earlier when the primaries were going on, a woman at one of his events (referring to Hillary) asked him “How do we beat the bitch?” McCain just grinned.

It irks me because I know damn well McCain respects Hillary, but at that time everyone assumed he would be running against her and he let it ride.

@76: What a ghoul.

@77: That had to be an amazing moment.

From that Hill article:

Kelli Ward — who lost to McCain last year in Arizona’s Republican primary and is now running to challenge Sen. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.) —

Hope she loses to Flake and is passed over when time to appoint a successor for McCain. Ambition is fine but sheesh!

contrask @ 34: Haha! Good Ted Lieu burn! Lieu and Schiff are both L.A. guys!

Fredster, I love hummingbirds, I’ve had one coming around this summer that’s mostly light green. Thanks for posting that!

It’s been entertaining to watch the twitter bigshots going after Jill Stein. She deserves it, the nasty witch.

@82, Schumer’s scared of strong women so he makes up shit. Either that or he’s not been reading the news the past few months.

About Dem slogans:

Sorry guys was away today. Hanged out with friends, we went to see “Book of Mormon.” A lot of fun. Then watched “Chinatown” (less fun) and “Ratatouille” (fun again!)

Catching up on posts now.

@11 Luna> I’m trying to figure out who the good reporters are today. Fahrenthold is good, his investigations into Trump’s charities were great (got him a Pulitzer.) And he’s low key, tends to not do a lot of opinion-offering on twitter, which I think is good. Compared to someone like Thrush and Haberman – who are really just unbearable because the endless defensiveness and sarcasm directed at everyone is insane. Haberman had more Clinton-bashing today.

Of the people who deal with domestic journalism (unlike, say, Christiane Amanpour) – I’m not sure I can even say who I like right now. People like Charles Pierce and Josh Marshall are more opinion driven. Eichenwald is a really odd man, but does some good journalism. And Prolix is right, a lot of weird sarcasm directed at him. I’m not really sure what it is. While they universally worship at the altar of Maggie.

@35 Fredster> That’s a good rundown on what GOP might be thinking!

@37> I never read Ragin. He won a Pulitzer for opposing ACA?

@39 Ugh orange turd!

82 > Ugh….what the fuck is wrong with Democrats? One reason Democrats lose is because of shit like that from Schumer!

@86 uh, sorry if that’s too in-your-face with the language. I find myself talking that way more and more since Nov 8th.

Fredster @82: What ridiculous claptrap. He actually blathers about appealing to Dems who voted for Dump!?!

@88, Luna, me too. The tweet is spot on.

nyt has an editorial out by Peter Baker that says that dump is copying a strategy of Bill and Hillary’s during the 90’s. In essence, he accuses the Clintons of hiring a team to go after Ken Star’s integrity!!! Omg, I absolutely loathe nyt. I won’t link to it.

@91 socalannie> Yep, that’s the article Maggie was retweeting earlier. Baker was one of the 3 Times “reporters” giggling with Trump during the interview.

@91, NYT’s neurosis about Hillary and Bill Clinton gets worse every day. They are creepily fixated on Hillary, and sound like they’re channeling Rethuglican talking points.

@92, interesting. I never learned about him in school. George Mason must have been a principled man. Will have to find out more about him.

Schumer… Before you convince me that we need to get back to the “Obama coalition that voted for Trump”, you need to tell me who these same people voted for in 2000 and 2004. Many people who voted for Bush changed their party affiliation to independent after his disastrous 8 years.

Furthermore, Obama’s “coalition” didn’t even hold through the first mid terms, let alone the second. Remember ‘we got shellacked’? There was no Obama coalition after 2008. That was probably one of Hillary’s mistakes – running for his third term when he had no coalition anymore.

@92, that’s amazing. Thanks for sharing that.

@94, yes, exactly!

@96, GAgal, Love! You should tweet it to Schumer. Seriously, its a brilliant observation.

Dolt’s “mini-me” is getting off to a great start. And when I say “great start” I mean he’s a full-blown idiot. Believing you can be “Communications Director” because you like to see yourself in mirrors is like believing you can be a brain surgeon because you like to be healthy.

This will not end well for anyone other than Pootie.


@99, Lol!

@78, I remember that too — the 2nd McCain incidence. For him, it was OK to denigrate a woman opponent. And he rarely shows any “maverick” side when dealing with Trumputin.

Oh that SNL video – I really hope they do a few Spicy skits.

I had forgotten about the McCain/bitch moment. Glad you reminded me! There is no Maverick there. It’s never existed. It’s a PR stunt that sticks, I don’t know why. He’s done very little to suggest he’s not a Republican shill.

So Chuck was just on Stephanopoulos and said the same shit.

I’m done. I’m out. I am very very very very literally considering changing my Democrat affiliation.

@104, Nooooo! We need to jump on these DINOs and shut them down.

@11 & 87, just thought of another good young reporter — Gabe Sherman, who was hounded, followed, and investigated by Roger Ailes, but he persisted.

Schumer and anyone else who is talking about pardon should say this first, “The Supreme Court has said, ‘If you are object of a presidential pardon, you are guilty of a crime,’ so if Dolt is talking pardoning himself, he’s guilty of a crime. Impeachment is not pardonable according to the Constitution.”

Instead of Mooch, he should be called Smooch, since he has his lips planted firmly on Trump’s ample bee-hind.

Prolix, yes, Gabriel Sherman is good and he survived assaults by Ailes and Fox. Even Maggie had to admit it. A few days ago, and I can’t even remember what it was, but he tweeted something relating to an article of hers. Which, naturally, prompted a sarcastic “Well, actually” reply from Maggie. (There’s something to that, Maggie’s “well, actually” tendencies.) That prompted someone to push back at Maggie, saying she was blasting Sherman for something he didn’t actually say. The comment went something like (I’m paraphrasing): “…in which Maggie, an important journalist, blasts Sherman, who she doesn’t think is good enough.” She responded by conceding that yes, Sherman is a good reporter, but actually she didn’t say what that person was now saying she said.

@109, not that she would actually care, but I have tweeted at “the Mags” — “Defensive much?”

She is extraordinarily thin-skinned. Were she and Thrush Siamese twins or something? Someone will say something to one of them and the other answers. It is like defective artificial intelligence bots have taken up residence in two ventriloquist dummies.

77 NW Luna

I like to think of those times as little gifts of nature, where we are the only ones that are able to experience this type of beautiful moment.

Rainy days and Sundays always got McTurtle down especially in a week were his TrumpDontCare bill is swirling in the porcelain punch bowl.

Turtle Window

Why anyone would be stupid enough to defend Ken Starr after all that has come out is beyond me. Whoever this Baker person is is apparently stuck on stupid.

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Simply Put


Awrite! Here’s your damned wall

Dems are coming for ya