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Posted on: July 20, 2017


I have been a sick Widdershin, my fellow Widdershins. Summer colds are the worst, and you can’t turn the AC off because it’s too hot and humid. So the cycle of cold, dry air at home and office vs. smack-you-in-the-face heat and humidity outside. There’s only so much a body can take.

Plus, a couple of days ago MadamaB asked how long it has been. I can inform you that we just passed the 84th anniversary of Donald Dump becoming president. Ok, it’s only been 6 months, but I think we’ve all aged 84 years, give or take. So my post will be a bit more rambly than usual. Blame it on the fever and, of course, Dump.

One story that caught my eye this week is the shooting of an Australian woman named Justine Diamond by a police officer in Minneapolis. Diamond called 911 to report a possible assault and was somehow shot and killed herself. She was shot through the door of the police car as she was leaning over to speak to the officers. Both cops were wearing body cameras, but they did not turn them on. Another fatal cop shooting in a long string of fatal cop shootings. One would expect the usual reaction: Right-wing forming a protective wall around the cop. Cops can do no wrong. Except this case was different. The victim was a blonde caucasian. The cop: a black Muslim. Imagine the reactions from the alt-right…

In an interview with Ari Melber on MSNBC, Bernie Sanders was asked a question he was clearly not expecting to be asked.

“Did you know then that this might have been part of [the Kremlin’s] design?” MSNBC reporter Ari Melber asked Sanders Wednesday. “To leak these emails precisely so that there would be more riffs in the Democratic Party?”

“Well of course we knew that,” Sanders replied. “Of course we knew that they were trying to cause divisiveness within the Democratic Party,” the senator continued. “That’s no great secret.”

This should, of course, be a bigger story. Sanders admitting that he knew he was acting as a Kremlin-puppet is a big deal. But in our current endless news cycle of endless breaking stories it got somewhat lost. By now if you ask a Bernie Bros about it, they’ll tell you they never even heard of such a thing.

The Senate Judiciary Committee is going forward with its investigation of Russian interference into our election. How it’s going is hard to tell. Chuck Grassley is the chairman and I wouldn’t trust him as far as I can throw a Russian. But they have scheduled an open hearing (with Bob Mueller’s permission) to question Donald Trump Jr. and Paul Manafort. (Also to be questioned is Bill Browder, the man who hired tax lawyer Sergei Magnitsky to look into missing money…the rest is the Magnitsky Act seemingly at the center of Putin’s anger at the West.) The most interesting part of the letter the Judiciary Committee sent to Junior and Manafort, asking them to preserve all communications with people like Carter Page and Sergei Lavrov and that ambassador nobody remembers and Alfa Bank… is the inclusion of Dr. Jill Stein.


Stein is right there between Michael Flynn and Michael Cohen. Let the fireworks begin. The hearing is scheduled to take place on Wed, July 26th.

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Oh my. Every day is more and more insane. What will happen next?!

The Sanders and Stein stories will soon start breaking through. I am sure they were and are fully aware of their roles in Clinton’s defeat, and the disastrous consequences that have ensued. I believe Bernie is more of a useful idiot than an agent, but Stein…who knows?

I’m so sorry you’re sick, D. I am too, and I have to get on a plane to go to Minneapolis tomorrow for my niece’s wedding. Ugh! It sucks!

@1 madamab> Yes I agree. Bernie is more of a fool (although Tad Devine may not be.) Jill Stein, however, is more sinister in some ways. People point out that her rhetoric during the campaign was actually far more pro-Kremlin than Trump’s. Trump’s obsession was (and remains) with Putin personally, not Russia. Stein, however, was far more Russia/Kremlin policies driven.

Also from this article posted on the previous thread about a close associate of Rohrabacher’s being fired from the committee he serves on. What’s interesting to me is that it seems like they didn’t even bother telling Rohrabacher about it. They just fired the guy and Rohrabacher is all “I’m sure it’s just a misunderstanding, I’ll talk to them about it.” They’ve obviously just cut Rohrabacher out of the loop.

Just heard Exxon was violating the russia sanctions, the best part: Tillerson was CEO at the time.

DYB and Madamab, sorry to hear you are under the weather. Hope you both recover quickly, we need your batteries at full capacity!

Ditto on the health of DYB & Madamab! I agree on the agony of summer colds. We have to keep all WIddershins healthy – my only sanctuary from the crapfest our government has become. 836 lies or misleading statements in 6 months

I was tweeting the post and saw this. Hysterical.


Recovery and get well wishes to our two sick Widdershins.

We are in a heat wave down here and have had code orange air alerts the last two days. Big high pressure system parked and it just keeps the air clamped down. I wanted to catch the local weather to see when this might abate but they had the O.J. stuff on. Puhleeze.

@4 catscatscats> And they made Exxon pay a $2 million fine. Million. Not billion. Million with an M. That’ll teach ’em!

I hope this sounds better in Russian. (It doesn’t.)

@9: Well! Sure path to victory right there.

@6 Fredster that’s hilarious!

DYB, enjoyed the post, and hope you feel better soon! And MB! Poor thing having to fly with a cold.

These cop shootings are becoming so frequent, I’m afraid people will start getting used to it. I’ve become quite afraid of cops for my family and I tell laker to try to stay off their radar as much as possible. I’ve been wondering about all the shootings–make that murders, because that is what they are–is there some kind of psychological phenomenon going on with cops around the country? Do they keep shooting people unnecessarily because they subconsciously want to see what it feels like? Or are they really so cowardly that when they see people make normal moves, their twisted minds view it as a threat to themselves? I don’t know, but this shooting of innocent civilians is fucking out of control. So this poor woman in MN calls the cops cuz she thinks she hears a sexual assault going on, she goes outside to talk to them, and I think she was wearing jammies and a robe, and the jackass cop views her as dangerous?!? You know what, if you’re terrified of dying, don’t become a cop. They’ve reached a point where even commonplace situations (like a black guy running away from them, or black guy selling ciggies), they think their lives are in danger. You don’t see this issue with firefighters. They know they will occasionally be in danger, but they go about their business helping people, saving lives and property, without shooting innocent civilians. Cops nowadays are like Barney Fife, always hoping or thinking that every situation will be dangerous and he’ll need to put bullets in his gun. I don’t want Barney Fife-type cops. I want the nice, non-violent common-sense Andy Griffith types.

This is lovely of tRump and his crew. May they rot in hell.
Trump administration pulls health law help in 18 cities

@12: annie, somehow your comment got caught by Mr. Spammy. I restored. it.

I’ve been following this blog lately and the guy is pretty good. This could go along with that tweet at 9 which Vox has now deleted. Anyway, check out this blog piece.


Lock your doors and hide your knives, OJ is going free again.

Now to read today’s new thread…

DYB, indeed. It seems like decades that we have had to deal with Dump and his nitwits. So much drama, so little time to end their reign of terror.

Well, we all saw Stein and the Sandcrab run gleefully to Russia and the little Poot………..get um, Muller!

@8: DYB, I heard that later and loved the commenter who said, “Exxon spends more than that ($2M) on toilet paper.” She heartily agreed with you! I wonder if Rex included those efforts in his resume for his current job….

@21: I would still say same reaction I had before @10.

I saw this over at Shakesville, Melissa’s place.


Fredster @15, read the post and I agree it seems like the Dem enthusiasm has worn down a bit; in fact, I feel it myself. Hopefully its just a temporary thing, I think most of us have careers and/or family obligations, and resistance people in general are just “recharging their batteries” after months of angry protests. I agree the Dems need to find some creative and energetic messaging though. Also, agree with whoever said that they need to forget trying to change the coal miners and other wwc insane conservatives, and focus on gotv.

Oh thanks for fishing me out of spam, I figured you would eventually, but since it was just my monthly cop rant, didn’t think it was worth mentioning. Oh, here’s an article about the poor woman that was shot. The family hired an attorney, and the cops story is that “it was reasonable to fear an ambush” Yeah, we middle-aged women in jammies are always ambushing people:

“Harrity said he was startled by a loud noise around the time Damond approached the the pair’s police cruiser. That’s when Noor, sitting in the passenger seat, reached over his partner and shot Damond through the driver’s side window, Harrity told the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension.

Harrity’s attorney Fred Bruno invoked the recent murder of New York City Police Officer Miosotis Familia, telling the Star Tribune “it’s certainly reasonable” for an officer to fear ambush.”

I think Dems decrease in enthusiasm right now is mainly from stress and drama burnout from all the bs that is going on with the Dump.

The MSM reporting the same thing, 24/7 until the 75th shoe drops. People have to shut down or unplug for a while to keep their sanity.

My phone actually went off with a “bulletin” that OJ was getting out! It rarely bleeps news alerts like that, but thought OJ getting paroled was urgent news! I told hubs and he thought it was funny and reminded me that OJ was one of two customers that I would actually hide from when I worked at that LA area Country Club in the 80s & 90s, which I have mentioned before. He creeped me out way back then.

I hope more reporters do this…

Reporter Hailed A ‘Patriot’ For Defying White House By Live-Streaming Press Briefing
Since June 29, the White House has banned live audio and video coverage of its press briefings.

Fredster @24: Wow, off the charts evil. I hate republicans. I’ve been thinking lately that we’d be better off with a straight democracy. And while I’m not a big “The Nation” fan, look how it begins the article linked to in that tweet:

“The United States Senate is an undemocratic institution. Just do the math: Progressive California Senator Kamala Harris was elected in 2016 with 7,542,753 votes. Yet her vote on issues such as health-care reform counts for no more than that of conservative Wyoming Senator Mike Enzi, who was elected in 2014 with 121,554 votes.”

@28, Yes, I saw that today! Wish they would all defy that ban.

I agree that dip in “enthusiasm” is exhaustion. That may in part be Dump’s design (or Bannon’s design.) Wear people out.

But also – reaction to the Healthcare reform bill shows that there’s activism, led by Democrats, especially women. So there is a target, not just general activism per se. So I think the dip in enthusiasm is somewhat misleading. The enthusiasm is just narrowly targeted on specific issues. And, of course, with the midterms far away…it’s just impossible to say what will happen in a year. We can’t really say what will happen next week!

To change the subject: Honestly, I can’t believe the OJ news is being treated as such big news. Apparently all the networks were covering the hearings. Talk about desperation for sensationalized ratings! Sheesh.

I just had a very brief discussion with a co-worker. She’s a nice woman, mother of a young daughter. Brooklyn hipster in every way. Love, peace, rainbows and unicorns. You won’t be surprised that she is a Bernie Sanders supporter. I wouldn’t call her a Bernie Bros. But everybody else is a corporate shill. She wouldn’t say “whore.” She hates Trump, she did vote for Hillary while holding her nose. She’s convinced Democrats rigged the election for Hill. All this I knew.

So today she brought up the Junior e-mails and meetings with the Russians. And she said the only possible explanation for all this is the CIA. The CIA is behind all this. That e-mail to Junior is too convenient and too explicit, there’s no way the Russians could have written it. It’s the CIA setting them up because they want regime change in Russia and the USA.

I said: “How does setting up Trump make regime change happen in either place?”

She said she didn’t know, but there’s no other possible explanation. And how, she continued, would the Russians know to target specific places in the US during the election to influence? Obviously the only way they would know to target MI, WI and PA is the CIA. The CIA led the Russians to all this. Trump couldn’t because he’s too dumb. It’s the CIA colluding with the Russians.

“CIA colluding with Russians to set up Trump to bring about regime change in the US and Russia?”

Yes she said. Everybody hates Putin and they want him out. “It’s the CIA, man.”

I said: “Ok.”

The end.

DYB @33, your co-worker is not wrong. She just misspelled “Cambridge Analytica” and “Mercer.” 😦

@34 and she heard the prophecy from Johnny Enlow that 45 is Gods’ man

@35: Shows you how uninformed I am contrask about some of these folks. I had to google his name to see who he was and what’s his grift.

@33 and 34: And don’t forget Jared’s little data operation in Texas, but probably tied in with the other two.

@32: abt O.J. Yeah I wanted to watch the mid day news to see how high the heat indices were but noooooo..had to see the parole hearing.

@40 Fredster – I had to google for his name, but my whack job sister told me about the prophecy on the same day she tried to loan me her Bay Buchanan Hillary slam book.

Watching Lawrence O’Donnell now and hearing about the Wapo reporting on Trump asking about pardons. I’m afraid to hope, I kinda think we will have to really lose democracy to get enough dummies awake to make a difference.

33 DYB


I laughed when I thought about the rant you probably wanted to give your coworker and then decided it just wasn’t worth it.

When I was on vacation with my family last week, we were all trashing Trump. My niece somehow missed the memo, my wearing a ‘Hillary’ signature pin on my jacket…and said, “We wouldn’t be in this mess with Trump now if WE had just written in Bernie’s name on the voting ballot.”

You can imagine the look on my face, my eyes drilling holes in her forehead, and I said to her. “Well, that could never have happened since Bernie couldn’t even win the primary against Hillary. Hillary did win the majority of votes over Trump by 3 million voters!”

That ended the conversation, instantly. We both changed the subject.

@44: poor baby. He should hide under the bed so Hillary can’t find him and remove his balls. Contrask, I hope you found that on twitter and didn’t have to watch it in real time. Honestly, Fox and the people who watch it scare the shit out of me.

@45, well played Shadow!

Hell no, Cats – I won’t watch FOX live. I leave the channel on MSNBC in my gym every time I go 🙂 it’s always on faux news when I get there. I find it encouraging to see these tweets in my feed.

@44 re: Fox> From what I’m seeing people say on Twitter, Fox is basically wall-to-wall Hillary coverage. It’s almost as if they thought she was president. But if you think about it: what else can they show and say?? Even Obama no longer gets the vitriol she still does.

The stories tonight in WaPo are very disconcerting. And even tweets from people like Preet Bharara and Eric Holder are suggesting that there is a real real real risk of Trump firing Muller. And/or issuing pardons. And then… I don’t know what happens then. We know GOP in Congress will do nothing. Which means Trump just gets away with it. (Even Trump-shill Ari Fleischer tweeted today that the president should not pardon anyone, that Muller’s investigation must be completed. I mean, if you lose Ari… But we know he won’t lose GOP in Congress.)

On Jill Stein: one interesting thing I found is that in some journalists’s post mentioning that Senate wants correspondences with Stein preserved I tweeted back a photo of Stein at dinner with Putin and Flynn (Peskov, Putin’s spokesman (also on the list) is next to Stein.)) What shocks me is the number of responses my post got from people saying: “OMG what is she doing there? Is that Jill Stein? When did this happen? What is this?” And tagging friends with messages like “Did you see this? How do you explain this?”

And what I’m stunned by is: do people literally not know she was sitting at that table???? How is this news?!?! The lack of good journalism throughout the election cycle is astounding to me. The fact that people didn’t know Stein was at that dinner is yet another indictment of just how awful the media’s coverage of the campaign was.

@43 contrask said: but my whack job sister told me about the prophecy on the same day she tried to loan me her Bay Buchanan Hillary slam book.

You should have taken that book and set it on fire. The explanation to your sis would be “I don’t know what happened. I exposed it to the light of day and it burst into flames!”.

I think this is true… horrifying, but true. 2018 midterms is the red line.

Contrask> Or conversely, in exchange for the Bay Buchanan book, you should have sent her Hillary’s autobiography.

@53 & @56 Sis snuck the book into my mom’s things and I found it when I was unpacking her things in the assisted living apt. I took great pleasure in carrying it to the dumpster. Thanks for the great idea for Christmas gift for sis!

I took great pleasure in carrying it to the dumpster

Perfect disposition for it. LOL


@58 OMG! Mind blown actually!

I tell y’all honestly with all of the crap going on with tRump, talk of pardons for everyone (!), possibly firing Mueller and all of it, it’s depressing.

Then I got a couple of messages from a college friend’s husband. She has liver cancer but has been doing “okay” with it. They had gone to see her oncologist and while there she started having one of these episodes where her ammonia levels rise and she gets very incoherent along with other issues. So they admitted her to the hospital there at The James cancer center and are working on trying to resolve the problem

The thing is they were scheduled to leave next week for a trip to Scotland and to see the Edinburgh Military Tattoo. They even had accommodations to stay in a castle while there and she was very excited about the entire thing. Being a retired music teacher Sara was really looking forward to the Tattoo.

So bottom line, just a depressing day for me. Not one good thing about it. I took myself to the bed and just said to hell with it all. Slept for maybe an hour or so.

Addendum: A clip from the Tattoo from a prior year.

Feeling for you Fredster – sending positive thoughts. We have a friend about to undergo a tumor removal near brain stem. Don’t know how serious it is yet. Another friend has both parents in-laws on death bed watch. We must be strong enough to handle it all, but sometimes it’s a lot. The extreme heat doesn’t give any inspiration either.

@62: Thanks contrask. Sara is a friend from my college years and we’ve been great friends all this time. She and her husband made a couple of trips to nola and one time I was able to get a woodwind quintet she was in added to the performers at an Anne Rice Gathering of the Coven. That was a hoot! They were a quintet of vampires! LOL

Very sorry to hear that Fredster about your friend! That really is a bummer. 😦 I hope she is at least physically comfortable right now??

More naps are important! I need to get more sleep. I feel like i haven’t had a decent night’s sleep since November.

We should all be taking care of ourselves!!!

Fredster, sorry to hear about your friend Sara. Is she eligible for transplant? Is she on the list?

@61, that’s sad about your friend. (Damnit, I hate that Trumputin has wrecked use of the word “sad.”) Glad she’s getting prompt treatment — elevated NH3 is not good. Hope her treatment goes well.

@62, hope your friend has a good prognosis, and that your other friend’s in-laws have a peaceful passing.

Life is hard sometimes and the pain of losing people is one of the worst times.

@33, @ DYB, Your co-worker is obviously not gifted in the analytical thinking department. I’d find it nearly impossible to avoid bursting out in laughter at those declarations.

@52, What??? I saw that Stein, Putin, Flynn & Co. photo dozens of times during 2016 at various news sources. Most of the media were biased and/or derelict in their duty during the campaign period, but were these people living under rocks without internet? Gah! And then we have to live with the bad consequences of these apathetic people.

@45, shadowfax, excellent comeback to your niece. They seem to always forget about Sanders’ huge primary losses until we remind them.

@64: Thanks very much D.

@65: No GAgal, not eligible for a transplant. It’s something about the several tumors she has. They aren’t growing but something with them precludes her from a transplant. She explained it once but it’s confusing to me. She and her husband have been to many different medical facilities to research treatment; I know they’ve been to Pitt, Hopkins, Cleveland Clinic and I believe a few others.

@69, Fredster, I don’t fully understand myself, oncology not being my specialty at all, but liver transplants only work very early in the disease and if the tumor is small. So unfortunately having more than 1 tumor would preclude a transplant.

Although after a transplant you have to be on immunosuppressive agents long-term to stop rejection of foreign body organ, so that itself has some serious risks.

@66: Luna, her oncologist was treating the NH3 issue with lactulose but then the admitting doctor at the hospital did not order it. So they now have that doc consulting with her oncologist and they’ve restarted the lactulose and she’s responding to that.

Her husband gave us her phone number at the hospital but I didn’t want to call her until I knew she was feeling a bit better. From her husband’s last message (they have a “blog” on caringbridge) to us sounds like she’s doing better so I’ll try calling her later today.

@72: Luna she underwent several sessions of T.A.C.E. treatment at the James Cancer Center at Ohio State and those went very well. Stopped the growth and in several of them reduced the size of the tumors. Since then she’s been taking an oral cancer med and I think has tolerated it well. I think the only serious problem she has had is the issue with the ammonia build up.

I suppose if this was going to happen though it was better to happen here than in Scotland. At least they were in close proximity to her docs.

@70: He would certainly fit in with that crew.

@72, Fredster, yeah, if her NH3 levels are still off she’ll not want to hold up a conversation. Lactulose helps block production of NH3 in the gut. Usually levels can be lowered within a day or less.

DYB @52, that doesn’t surprise me. My family didn’t know it either. The msm is a lot to blame for putting dump in the WH.

Fredster @53, LOLOL! Bay Buchanan! Omg! Contrask–well everyone here–all have the funniest stories.

@76: Her hubby sorta indicated she would be there another day or two. I know he went on back home to put their two fur babies in the kennel and then he headed back to Columbus. He also mentioned the oncology doc and the hospital doc trying again to get a PET scan approved by the ins. The oncologist wanted one but the ins. company turned it down, they appealed and that got turned down so they were going to go to arbitration. Perhaps this latest episode will make them change their minds.

@78: Hey laker!! How is our resident thespian, musician and all around renaissance man doing? Are you enjoying your summer?

@78, was me, annie. Forgot to change name.

Fredster @61, Fredster, am so very sorry. I remember your talking about her. I hope she can still make the trip.

@79, Fredster, have I said recently how much I despise insurance co’s? I despise them.

Oh, loved the kick Trumputin off the cliff. Hmmm, we need a Russian version — slip polonium in his coffee or push him out a high-rise window.

@81: Well just pass that along to laker then. No, I believe they’ve already cancelled things. And I hate that for her because, you know, will there be another chance?

@82: I completely agree with you Luna both on the despising ins. cos and the Trumptin thing. Love the suggestion!

Rude Pundit has an analysis of tRump’s “interview” with the Times.

(if by “interview,” you mean, “a lunatic scrawling in shit on his rubber room walls”)

@80, Hi Fredster! I’m sorry about your friend and I hope she gets better from the ammonia issue soon and has a remission. I lost an aunt from liver cancer a year and a half ago, so I can relate, I wish I could give you a hug.

I’m having a peaceful summer, working on my health, hanging with friends. I still play guitar and writing some music, and planning for future auditions.

@85: Aw, thanks very much laker.

That sounds like you have the formula there for a perfect summer!!

Hi Laker!

Here’s a funny story. Sean Idiot Hannity was going to receive the William Buckley award for journalism. Until Buckley’s son heard about it and was “dismayed” by the idea. Hannity is no longer receiving the Buckley Award.

Hannity is fighting with Jake Tapper on twitter over that article. It’s hilarious.

Lavrov is an interesting individual.

@87 Who the hell nominated Hannity for any journalism award? Oh, wait. we have Trump for president. Never mind

47 Thanks Cats.

My friend is a nurse practitioner in a cancer hospital. She just wrote: “So at work when we assess mental status in patients we always ask, what year it is, where they are and who the president is.. today, ‘an orange douche bag’ seems like a reasonable answer.”

She had another patient once who said: Look, I know who it is but it pains me to say it, so ask me another question.

Maggie Haberman was saying this. (Paul Krugman re-tweeted Marshall’s tweets.)

51 DYB

There is a part of me that is worried that Rump will fire Muller and pardon the traitors, but I am also pretty impressed by the men and women that have moved all these investigations forward, including our spooks and geeks. Our system of checks and balances is still working and there are more patriots behind the scenes than there are DumpLovingbros.

Also, only 34% of our country believes this Dumpbo, and the majority will not shut up if this happens. Sharpening our pitchforks, pink hat with ears at the ready.

I think things will get much worse as the investigations go on, and Muller and teams must be preparing to save our nation if they fire him.

Fredster, sorry to hear about your friend and I hope the best for her.

68 NW Luna – thanks.

Seemed like most people I ran into in WA when I was there thought Bernie was some sort of hero, more so than here in the Bay Area.

Some great highlights from that Dump interview with the Times, showing just how awful Haberman and her 2 colleagues are.

70 NW Luna
No one would even be surprised at this point. 😉

NW Luna

…oncology not being my specialty.

Are you a doctor? If so, what is your speciality?

73 NW Luna

Absolutely. I am sure that Muller and his people are looking over it with a fine tooth comb. He has financial dealings with Russia, debt to Russia…the public just doesn’t know how much, YET.

Haberman never blows an opportunity to fellate Donald Trump.
Fredster, sending your friend, her husband and you good wishes and healing thoughts. Bless you all.

100 contrask

I really liked this one, he has a good voice.

Spicer is out. He just resigned.

Scaramucci is the new press secretary.

Correction: Scaramucci is Communications Director.

Spicer resigned after telling Trump he didn’t want Scaramucci as communications director.

Think about it. Spicer resigned because he didn’t want Scaramucci, not because he’s been lying for Trump for 6 months.

Nooooooo, Spicey. SNL will not be the same without Spicey

I hope they still do Spicey. There’s a lot of potential with Spicey in retirement, still seeking Donald’s approval. There could be a whole skit of him sneaking into the White House in other jobs, like a waiter, and a janitor, etc.

Scaramucci is scum, he will fit right in. Hope SNL does a farewell for Spicey.

Spicer is staying on for another month.

110 DYB

Haha, yeah, Spicey could be trying to communicate to staff from outside Dump’s window on SNL. Or stealing his mobile podium and searching NY for another job.

NY Post says Flynn is of his part with Russian…doesn’t mean that Muller isn’t using him to connect the dots.

I don’t trust the NY Post nor the Spicey replacement.

I knew NY post was a nothing, so no surprise Scaramucci tweeted it. I’ve seen him in action on talk shows.



Word Origin: noun

1. A stock character in commedia dell’arte and farce who is a cowardly braggart, easily beaten and frightened; or

2. (lowercase) a rascal or scamp.

Nothing more appropriate for planning the communications strategy of an ambulatory Circus Peanut suffering from elephantiasis.

DYB — buddy, so sorry you are feeling poorly. Summer colds are the worst. You never seem to feel worse than sweating from the heat and a fever at the same time while having chills.

Thanks for your post. Sorry it has taken me a couple of days to comment. I’ve been traveling and out-of-pocket.

Hope you are feeling better.

Well, there is hope Sarah Huckabee Sanders is now press secretary, Rosie – you’re on! Come on SNL

Woah, so Susan Rice met in a private meeting with House Intelligence committee. Afterwards Burr, the Republican chairman, said: “The unmasking thing was all created by Devin Nunes…”

@122 DYB Dang – I hope the media gets around to talking about this tonight!
Mooch just oozes used car salesman

@123 contrask> Yeah that’s getting buried under a steaming pile of Scaramucci. Maggie is in love. And she’s writing tweets defending Spicer, who had a really tough job so don’t be too hard on him.

@122 – That’s amazing, that Burr admitted that.

Fredster, all good thoughts to you and Sara. It’s been a rough go. 😦

DYB, hope you’re feeling better. My Upper Respiratory Whatever is improving, but hubby and I didn’t go to my niece’s wedding because of it. 😦 😦 Hubby had it too.

Now the Scaramucci nonsense has quieted down, more people are tweeting out the Burr quote about Nunes. So this is picking up steam.

I wonder if Burr will “clarify.”


@98, Shadowfax — urgh, the Berniebros around here. They were nearly intolerable at my caucus. Lots of the recently arrived tech guys have well-paid jobs, dress like they live in their parents’ basements, and act too cool for anything fell right into the Sanders’ trap of Free stuff! No planning! Screw policy! Oh yeah, a few women wearing “Hot chicks for Bernie” T shirts — I kid you not. (rolls eyes) Invariably white. I still have mental shudders thinking about that caucus. Sanders won the caucus, but Hillary won the state’s Dem primary in which at least 10 X as many people voted. Unfortunately our state’s Dem party only goes by the caucus results.

@102, Shadowfax, I’m a nurse practitioner with a doctoral degree. In WA state NPs have been independent providers for decades. I started out practicing in primary care and then moved into neuro-rehab, which I love because it uses physical medicine therapies as well as pharmaceutical treatment, and focuses on helping people improve functioning, or to slow down impairment in degenerative diseases. I like the long-term relationships with patients, and get to have longer appts with them than the 15-20 min so prevalent now in primary care. (I could blither on more but had better stop now!)

@129, DYB, Love Rep Schiff! Of course that resolution hasn’t a gnat’s chance in a bonfire of passing, but it’s so good to see fighting spirit in Dems. Let’s have more of this, please.

@131, Hah!

@129: wasn’t overturning Citizen’s United on Hillary’s to do list?Sigh,what might have been. I love Adam Schiff more and more each day, I hope he succeeds against all odds.

@132: Luna, amazing career path. Wish there were more like you, patient-oriented, competent and caring. You clearly love what you do, I bet your patients adore you!

@115: Look at the datelne on the NY Post piece:

January 24, 2017

@97: Thank you for the kind thoughts shadow – much appreciated.

to all, I just spoke to Sara’s husband a short time ago and things are getting more and more complicated. So I probably won’t be around very much. The post is getting kind of complicated to follow and to be honest I just don’t want to bother right now.


@138 Still sending prayers & positive thoughts to you, Sara & her husband, Fredster!

@138, Fredster, my thoughts are with you. May Sara have a good outcome. She and her husband are fortunate to have a friend as caring as you are.

I’m not sure how I understand how this works, but it appears the Parliamentarian in the Senate has found that defunding Planned Parenthood requires 60 votes… which Mark Meadows (French Fries Caucus, I mean, Freedom Caucus guy) says makes the healthcare repeal bill almost impossible to pass.

@118, LOL, I thought of that definition the first time I read the name “Scaramucci”! Really? That’s his real name and he didn’t change it?

@142, DYB, should that be “defunding” instead of “defending” Planned Parenthood in your comment?

Ah, how upset the Repugs will be if they really need 60 votes!

…or maybe the cowardly braggart will just put it in a “blind” trust.

Bad punctuation, good observation:

Hi Prolix! I hope your journeys have been ok.

It’s been a slow news week!

@144 Luna, yep, I think faster than I type. Or autocorrect does things I never intended. Then I hit send – and THEN I look over spelling as it posts… too late! I fixed it.

@146> NO seriously, why do Democrats continue to tolerate Bernie??

Good multi-part thing with Al Franken and David Letterman on Funny or Die. It’s called “Boiling the Frog”.

So the Spicer story wasn’t even the big story of the day ya’ll! This is WaPo’s big story of the day. (NY Times’ big story is that Kushy-poop has revised his financial disclosures to include a whole lot of money he forgot he had… Must be nice.)

@140 & 141: Thanks y’all.

I actually spoke to Sara for a few minutes when she got the balloon bouquet I ordered. She sounded very weak but “with it”. I made a light hearted comment to her about being a “tough Scottish lass” in my awful Scottish accent. I’m not sure which she laughed at more.

Fredster, accents are hard. All of my accents sound the same. Unidentifiable.

DYB @87, Laker says Hi DYB! I enjoy your writing.

DYB @90, I saw that. Hilarious!

Oops, @156 was me, socal.

LOL! so was 157. Finally got it switched.

I love it that KY must pay the couples atty expenses, but wish they could have sued Kentucky Kim herself.

Luna, ditto what Cats said about your career. What an interesting and worthy choice!

@143, I had the exact same thought!

As long as I live, I’ll laugh at Prolix’s description of Kim Davis as “noted hair farmer.” Can we add Sara Huckabee Sanders to the list?
Has anybody ever seen both of them in the same room?

Aaaw, Cats3 and annie, thank you. I do love my job, though not the paperwork (computerwork these days). I enjoy being useful. Taking time to listen to patients works remarkably well for getting them to like you, lol. Though not all, like the one I had to disappoint recently by not writing him a steroid prescription when he didn’t need it, and instead educated him on the adverse effects, with special emphasis on the effects of downsizing certain parts of the male body.

@161, Sue, and they both have the same type of disagreeable expression!

Oh SARAH HUCKABEE SANDERS! I loved somebody’s tweet once that her name sounds like something our grandmothers would say instead of cursing. And yes, noted hair farmer – LOLOL. It applies to both Davis and Huckabee Sanders. I also maintain Huckabee Sanders has one of the most glorious and perfect names of all time.

Philippe Reines, who was Hillary’s senior advisor at State Department, tweeted today that Huckabee Sanders looked like someone who dressed for work knowing she was going to get a promotion, even though the promotion didn’t happen until noon. (He specifically noted her choice of pearls.)

Hate to tear us away from DYB’s most successful post, but new post upstairs.

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