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Music for a lazy Sunday & Monday!

Posted on: July 16, 2017


Obviously this was a week where we could barely catch our breath before the next revelation regarding the T.C.O. (tRump Crime Organization) slapped us in the face.  There were no twenty-four hour news cycles this week.  It was one, unending, continuing news cycle.  Vladimir Putin and his cohorts played a big part in it.  When a former counterintelligence officer shows up for a meeting at Trump Tower we’re talking serious spy shit stuff.  Also, it seems our “friends” on the other side of the aisle are not overly concerned about Russia’s helping hands in our elections.

And that continues to amaze me because who were the ones that constantly railed against the former Soviet Union and its leaders?  (Mr. Gorbachev tear down this wall).  Our Republican friends don’t seem to understand there is very little or no difference between the new “Russia” and the old U.S.S.R.

So with that thought or theme I found us a nice selection of “spy songs”.  These would be obvious “spy” songs but also some with just inferences of spying or watching. I will leave out some of the most obvious ones from my selections so y’all can add some of those on your own.  My selections are below.

(1) Every Breath You Take~The Police

(2) Somebody’s Watching Me~Rockwell

(3) Secret Agent Man~Johnny Rivers

(4) Spy of Love~inxs

(5) On Her Majesty’s Secret Service~John Barry

(6) Spy In The House Of Love~Steve Winwood

(7) The Spy~The Doors

So there you are Widdershins, a half dozen plus one of songs about spies or watching or being sneaky.  Add some of your choices in the comments below.  Of course, open thread.






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Fredster, couldn’t have chosen a more appropriate theme.

I was hunting for the themes for the United Network Command for Law and Enforcement and I found this compilation. Much to my surprise, within it is a fleeting picture of a very handsome, young Rip Torn. Who knew?

Of course, I have to add Ms. Adele from Skyfall.

From the previous thread, it really is very interesting how quickly McTurtle jumped to delay the vote and McCain is resting for a week. I know he’s an older man, but still, the “surgery” doesn’t sound that traumatic and voting doesn’t require a whole lot of effort. So – there’s something sinister there. I say that because, well, it’s McTurtle and McMaverick. Really, two people I do not trust. I don’t care what McMaverick did 50 years ago.

D, you and Austin Powers share a love for Madonna.

Great thread Fredster, and love all the music everyone has posted. Looks like most of our favorite artists have done some type of spy song, or movie soundtrack.

@13: Thank you shadow!

Here’s one from a tv show that was also used in The Blues Brothers”.

Theme music and credits from the tv show Get Smart.

Eh, this one fits.

I liked the original tv show The Avengers with Diana Rigg as Mrs. Peel.

So Big Frankie in Rome is gonna get involved regarding some of Trump’s supporters?




Fredster, love the post and the song picks! Also the Spy vs Spy pix–I love Spy vs Spy. One of my favorite short films that laker did in film class was a goofy rendition of it, the two spies try to poison each other in a tropical bar and keep blowing it in their bumbling way, and in the end the gorgeous young woman waitress manages to poison them both and gives the camera a saucy smile as she sashays off and the spies fall off their chairs.

@22, I saw that! LOL!

You have to go read all the replies to this.

DYB @9, ooh, we all love that!

@23: Thanks annie! When I was thinking of doing this theme, the Spy vs Spy idea hit me and I thought it would be perfect.

Is there a vid clip of that film or maybe a link to it that’s available?

@27, no unfortunately!

@9, besides being the best rendition of that song I think I’ve ever seen, it has Bill and Hill at the end!!! 🙂

@28: Awww, would have loved to see it.

@29, I know, I’d like to see it again myself. He’s not in it, he wrote and directed it. It was a few years ago, so I don’t know if he can get a copy.

@30: Even if Laker wasn’t in it, it would be funny to see.

Did y’all see the Ann Coulter rant with Delta? They took away her (her words) “pre-booked seat.”

Fredster @ 25, those comments were great, many lol funny!

Fredster, yes, I saw that. I bet it was bulkhead seats, which can be given away to disabled. When I booked our flight home from WA, I paid a few bucks extra to reserve us the 3 starboard bulk head seats, which were called “premium coach.” It said that we could be asked to move to other seats if there were disabled people, so I called them and talked to customer service and told them that my dudes both had one of the milder muscular dystrophy diseases and had disabled placards, but that I would certainly give up my seat with them for any disabled person and that they would as well for those more disabled than they are. The woman thanked me and said she was marking the dudes as disabled. Anyway, two people across the aisle for us were given different seats so an elderly couple (woman in wheelchair) could sit there. The two people who were reseated moved politely, without making a scene or snapping pix of the elderly couple to blast all over the internet. I told the flt attendant that I could also move If necessary, but he said no thanks, they didn’t want to split us up. I love flying Alaska, they’re so nice and always let my kid bring his guitar in the cabin (it’s smaller, what they call travel-size.)

Yikes! GoT is playing The Battle of the Bastards right now and the new season starts after that.

@34: She may have booked a seat with the emergency exits located in the row. There’s usually extra room in those. However the airline will usually ask if you are willing to assist in evac’ing the plane if need be. Can you imagine Coulter saying yes? I can’t imagine Coulter having any disability other than being bulimic. (snark off now)

@36, LOL! Oh right, I forgot about the emergency exit seats. That was probably it. Maybe the attendants or gate agent couldn’t stand her or something and just decided to screw with her for the fun of it.

Enjoy GoT!

This is part of an interesting thread:

Fredster, the thread to this tweet is funny:


Martin Landau, a young 89, RIP.

@39: I’ve been reading that. It’s hysterical.

@42: I saw that! And also George Romero.

Ann Coulter is bananas! I love that Delta told her off on twitter, telling her that shaming their other customers was unacceptable. I’m glad they didn’t just roll over and let her bully them. Pretty much 98% of twitter is siding with Delta. As someone pointed out: it’s an extraordinary achievement for someone to force everyone to side with an airline.

RIP Martin Landau and George Romero.

Great theme & song picks! But I didn’t see this one:

Prolix thanks for the Madonna video! I wasn’t going to post that one because I didn’t want to overload everyone on Madge. LOL.

I’m waiting for the CBO report to come out…

@53, love Carol Burnett!

I saw this over the weekend, pretty bizarre!

DYB @48, adorable little pup!

@48 I agree! Beagles are about as cute as they get!

@57> Steve King is in the top 5 worst people in the country today.

Yes He is DYB. I haven’t forgotten they caused that woman running against him to drop out because of death threats. I’d love to see him lose

@48: Now that is definitely a chow hound. LOL

@57: And then the Dems should announce they would like to reopen the Watergate investigation to check out some additional items. Also, I think there are some more things in Teapot Dome that need more investigating.

This is very confusing and odd and disappointing. I wrote about Pussy Riot just a few weeks ago as paragons of courage. Now the founder is defending Putin? I don’t know what’s what anymore.

@63: Strange indeed. Maddow mentioned them the other night.

@57 that must have been part of the interview where Steve King was asked how he planned to pay for the $1.6 billion wall and he said we need to cut food stamps. He was proud of it, too.

DYB, check email when you can. GAgal, same for you. Thnx!

It looks like the bill is dead…for now. Mike Lee and Jerry Moran announced on twitter they would not support it. (It’s too liberal for them.) Plus that rethug Johnson earlier saying he wouldn’t support bill moving forward because it’s too liberal and McTurtle lied to him. So they don’t have the votes right now.

But it’s really only mostly dead.

Watching the 11th hour right now. I think Steve Kornacke is doing meth. He’s really wound up tight!

68 DYB

Yup, RumpCare fails, fails, FAILS again.

Melania had better run for the hills because her clown is blowing his stack tonight…

and the CBO isn’t even out yet.

54 socalannie

They look like ‘I’m with her!’ buttons.


Not only is that little beagle adorable, but he acts like they have starved him.

@71: Yep as the link at 67 showed, they don’t have the votes now. McTurtle will have to retreat to his lair to figure out his next awful option.

@66 Gotcha Fredster. Thanks for reminding me. I am the world’s worst at checking email.

@70 I think Steve K is mainlining Red Bull or something.

@75: Well at least the Red Bull would be legal!

@63, Huh???

@69, good to see them admit this, not that it changes anything.

An excellent piece by Mr. Pundit where he takes on those media folks who just love going out into the hinterlands to continue to interview tRump voters. Enough! We get it!

You can read that piece right here.

Here’s a good article to check out. It’s written by a retired military officer and has some very good points.

Rude Pundits piece tells it like it is: “Trump Voters Were Wrong So Fuck Their Opinions”

Here’s a snippet:

“The thrust of the piece is that Trump voters couldn’t give a happy monkey fuck about the Russia scandal. In fact, they think Trump is being maligned and Don, Jr. is awesome. This is the newest wrinkle in the genre: What do stupid people think about something they don’t understand at all?”

He’s so funny!

@80: annie, can you imagine him having a talk show? Hee-hee!

@80: And he’s right: I don’t give a shit anymore about what they think. It’s almost as if these news channels (CNN is really bad at it) and print journos don’t have anything better to write about.

The only thing I want to see from Drumpf voters is their poll numbers, saying they no longer support him. From what I’m seeing, I think Hillary was right about at least 50% of them being lost causes. But when you’ve got 150 people coming to a town hall in a Kansas town with a population of 277, to tell their Republican Senator not to take away their health care, that is a very good sign.

The worst thing Republicans have done to hypnotize their supporters is to convince them that non-political issues are political. Like, whether or not people should be guaranteed health care. Regardless of political party control, all other industrialized countries have agreed the answer is “yes” to this question. Practically speaking, taking health care responsibilities away from business and putting it in the hands of the federal government is the only approach that contains costs and guarantees a base level of quality coverage. I really don’t know why businesses even agreed to provide insurance to their employees in the first place. It’s expensive and very challenging from a maintenance perspective. If we just expanded Medicare and filled that donut hole, it would benefit every sector of the population, both economically and physically. This is factual, not political. I think Americans are finally getting that.

@83 Americans at the corporate level are going to have to start pushing for the federal expansion of Medicare for the Rethugs to get it. They sure don’t care about individual poor people. But if their corporate donors started screaming for that, they would finally see the light.

Thread by a former Harry Reid staffer.

These are funny. People trying to take panorama photos – things escalate quickly.

89 DYB

They look like typical Rump voters and pets, to me.

Music to my ears ~

6 months in, Trump’s presidency is teetering on the brink of disaster

– The biggest takeaway then from Trump’s first six months in office is that there is no new Donald Trump, no Trump 2.0, no “presidential” pivot. What you see is what you get. And, unfortunately for Trump and the Republican Party, large majorities don’t like what they are getting.

New post is upstairs…

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