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Better to laugh than cry

Posted on: July 11, 2017

Good Tuesday Widdershins!

Yes, things are so bizarre, so out of the box, so batshit crazy that I thought we could take a look at how some of the cartoonists are seeing things.  Well that and to give us a new post since the Sunday thing was getting very long.


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And the best for last:

Okay Widdershins, wide open thread and post for y’all to take wherever you want.



96 Responses to "Better to laugh than cry"

A fresh post to continue discussing whatever is on your minds today.

Will wonders never cease? Democratic low watermark and SuperCuts spokesperson Joe Manchin, is being critical of Dolt 45’s campaign and in particular errant sperm survivor Fredo for taking the meeting with the Russian cutout. If Manchin is critical, that is a signal for like minded psuedo-Rethug quislings to sit up and take notice.

Can you imagine the shit show if Chelsea Clinton asked the Russians for dirt on Dump??

Don Jr., just released the e-mails…

@3, if there was a Dem who had the least bit of testicular fortitude, this would be a “rallying cry” move: Call a press conference and say, “Since Republicans now have no problem with Russian interference with our politics, I’m calling for the release of the pee tape. I will be at the corner outside the Russian embassy tonight at 11:02 hiding behind a tree. Drop the tape by the trashcan, I’ll take it from there. Search youtube under — ‘T’s PP party’.”

@4, Fredo saying he wants to be transparent is like trying to pass off concrete as a picture window. This is his fourth pass at “transparency”. Someone said this is espionage run by the Three Stooges. That is an insult to the Stooges.

He is told a representative of the Russian government has damaging info on Hillary because they want to help Trump’s campaign. And he says Great, let’s meet! And then they meet. OMG. OMG. E-MAIL!

The question is: is this collusion? Prolix? Give us the legalism!


If for a moment you wondered what Republicans would do:

@10> How does he find that?!

@8, forget the word collusion. Collusion is a descriptive word without legal significance. It is not a crime. The crime is conspiracy. This meeting is conspiracy. There is intent. They knew it was information from the Russian government delivered by a Russian agent. They were warned. They took the meeting. It was in the furtherance of the underlying crime, be that crime hacking, breaking campaign finance laws, various computer crimes, various financial transaction crimes, i.e. laundering. Any activity by two or more persons in the furtherance of an underlying crime, with the requisite intent, is conspiracy. Mueller is barreling full speed ahead on the RICO aspects of all this encompassing both the underlying crimes and conspiracy.

I’ve started tweeting people about the difference between “collusion” and “conspiracy” because everyone on the Right wants to focus on what isn’t a crime. I think it is more accurate to focus on what is a clear crime — conspiracy.

@12, I guess either CNN or CSpan from a congressional hearing. Is it a screen grab or a photo? I don’t know how to tell the difference.

Mike Pence is basically saying: “I just work here people. I’ve never even met Don Jr.”

@13, CNN is right now making the mistake of not having anyone with a law degree trying to talk about the law. They are off on a tangent of “dirty politics” instead of realizing conspiracy isn’t dirty politics, it’s felonious behavior punishable by decades of rest in a government facility.

Thanks for clarifying Prolix! I didn’t realize “collusion” wasn’t a thing. You’re right “conspiracy” is the word to use then. And it looks like conspiracy… I mean…. explicitly says so. “We got stuff on your opponent and it’s coming from a foreign government. Let’s meet.” “Ok!” And then they meet. That’s pretty simple…

@13, Prolix, thx for the explanation on that crucial important legal definition.

The latest Russia revelations lay the groundwork for a conspiracy case

The first line of defense against a conspiracy allegation typically would be: “That’s ridiculous — I’d never agree to meet with someone from Russia under those circumstances.” That line of defense appears to be gone. Members of the Trump campaign didn’t call the FBI to report a Russian national’s offer to dish dirt about the former U.S. secretary of state — they took the meeting.

I agree.

@15, like hell Pence didn’t know.

@16 Prolix – wish we could get the Australian reporter that summed up the G20 to explain this to folks. I’m sure FOX is planning on having him on, lol.

@23, yes, he was about to be “pantsed” so he put on a belt.

What’s interesting inside the emails is that there is an email the day before the meeting changing the time. So Manafort and the Kush knew of the meeting prior to the day, had been briefed on it, knew the sensitivity of the meeting, and went to the meeting anyway. They are so screwed.

But not ‘conspiracy.’ Sigh.

@24, Fox has gone completely dark about this. They are concentrating on Dems slow walking some nominees and calling it anti-Murican. You see, it is patriotic to relieve Russians of the burden of stolen emails because obviously everyone wants to repatriate emails that have been hacked and that great patriot Julian Assange helped repatriate the emails. #MAGA — Make Arseholes Get Attorneys!

@18 Luna, thanks for that lead!

Anne Applebaum at WaPo also has good background on Veselnitskaya and the people she works for, and who want sanctions in general, and the Magnitsky Act specifically, lifted.

“Nevertheless, a lot of very rich, very influential Russians remained angry. They deployed Veselnitskaya — she represented one of the companies accused of laundering the Magnitsky money in the United States — to lobby against the Magnitsky Act, to attack Browder personally, to even make a scandalous film about him and his crusade. [Browder was the man who hired Magnitsky to investigate crimes in Russia and then after Magnitsky was murdered convinced US Congress to pass Magnitsky Act.] Given how far they went and how much money they spent, it’s not at all hard to imagine that they would deploy her in a far more audacious project: an offer to help Donald Trump become president, and to ask him to lift sanctions in exchange.”

Now this is funny:

Oh my, Rancid Penis might be getting a sequel. Rancid Penis starring in Pee Tape II: Home Alone. It appears the Justice Dept.’s Office of Inspector General is deferring to Mueller on Rancid sticking his “body parts” in places where they definitely don’t belong.


@32 Prolix, is that the right tweet?

It’s fixed, thanks for catching it. Don’t know how that happened other than my lack of technical know-how.


I’m sorry, but this is hilarious. This guy is still complaining.


Fredster, cartoon post is always a good idea!

Prolix @ 32, Oh please, please, go after RP! I can’t stand that smug little worm. (Well actually, I can’t stand any of these people)

DYB @36, that is funny!

I can’t believe how much the story has changed while I was gone. Its taking me all day to catch up.


What Fredo did to himself.


#socklessdeadintern is jumping more than #drunkmika — he’s jumping ship on the Rethugs.


@45> Uhm….ok? Joe looking to take the spotlight back?

I saw a few tweets saying that apparently Mueller didn’t know about Junior’s e-mail… How is that possible?!

This is an excellent question and the answer is: LOL NO.

@47, I nominate this clever guy who lives in NYC, he’s good at Twitter, editing, and likes dogs. His initials start with a “D”…

@44, is that real? The Orange Trumpino is really trying to ‘Fake News’ his way out of this?

OTOH, he didn’t deny it.

@40, we think about that a lot too.

@49, it’s a parody account or someone has dumbied it up. I thought it was funny because it is like him saying, “Bannon is some guy who works around here.”

@48 Prolix> LOL I’d do it. But my messaging would contain a lot of 4 letter words. I might even go German and start combining the 4 letter words into 16 letter words.

June 15. The day after the news broke that the DNC had been hacked, Ryan, McCarthy, etc. held a meeting with the Ukraine PM who was discussing Russia’s interference in other elections. After he left, they talked about Russia hacking the DNC and paying Trump. Remember they denied it until they were told it was on tape. Then they said they were joking.

Love the cartoons, Fredster!

@54: Thank ye GAgal.

@53 GAgal, I already forgot about that! That was a few days after the meeting….

@56: Congrats to Oklahoma. And in the state lege! They can make differences there.

@56, tremendous! These were in traditionally Republican areas, too.

@52, Oh, I think you would be perfectly understandable to most of us!


The state Rep is a retired school teacher- Karen Gaddis. The State Sen. replaces the Oklahoma head of Rumps campaign. He’s the lovey man that got caught with a teenage boy in a hotel. Yay Dems!

Who will it be?

@63: Guffaw!!

@64: Contrask, are they prosecuting that guy?

Yeah, because more of us are headed into mental illness thanks to the Rethuglicans and the Orange GreedMonster.

Senate GOP Bill Aims To Add Psych Beds

A little-discussed provision in the Senate health care bill is designed to boost the number of hospital beds for psychiatric care, providing a long-sought victory for mental health advocates.

The provision would amend an obscure Medicaid funding rule that has sharply limited the number of beds for those with schizophrenia, bipolar disorder or other mental illnesses.

Yet leading mental health groups say they see no reason to celebrate. That’s because the Senate bill would also wring out $772 billion from Medicaid — the joint state-federal insurance program that is the single-largest provider of care for people with serious mental illness. …

The loss of those funds would devastate health care services for people with mental illness, who are some of the most vulnerable and disadvantaged people in the country, said Bethany Lilly, deputy director of policy and legal advocacy at the Bazelon Center for Mental Health Law, an advocacy group.

@68: They’ll have the beds but no one to treat people?

To follow-up on our earlier discussion. This is from a Vox piece:

Jens David Ohlin, a law professor at Cornell University, is even blunter: “It’s a shocking admission of a criminal conspiracy.”

Prof. Ohlin was just on Brian Williams’ show and made a point that is important to understanding the illegality of this madness. There doesn’t have to be fruit at the end of the action to be illegal. Even accepting Fredo’s excuse that there was “no there there” in the meeting with the Russian cutout, that doesn’t make it not a crime (sorry for the double negative). In other words, you don’t have to be successful in what you are conspiring to do to make the act of conspiring illegal. In short, you can go to a conspiracy meeting like the Kush, Manafart, and Fredo did, come up short without any information, and it’s still a crime.

Here’s the article.

One thing with which I take issue is this: The people in the article are focusing on the immediacy of election law violations. They are correct in everything they say, but it is my strong belief that Mueller is looking at a much broader range of conspiracies based on a myriad of underlying crimes. His eclectic patchwork of prosecutors strategically tells us he’s going to bring a smorgasbord of criminal indictments.

Now I return you to regular programming. Sorry for the interruption.


he’s going to bring a smorgasbord of criminal indictments.

Oh goody!

@74 Prolix> Krauthaumer was on Fox earlier and he said that if you get a call about picking up some stolen goods in the woods at night – and you go to pick up the goods. Let’s say the goods don’t show, but the cops do. That’s not going to be a very good excuse to give to the cops that the stolen goods you were gonna take didn’t arrive… The cops will want you. Krauthaumer said he’s been defending Trumps all this time becuase there was nothing there. With this e-mail from Junior, he believes there’s something there.

Also, someone reminded me of a story from 1999 that I forgot. Some private book of Bush’s that he used to study for debates or something was given to Gore’s campaign? And he didn’t keep it, but called the FBI. Is this true? I have no memory of this if it’s true.

Somehow I missed that part about “I could send it to your father….” This line should get a helluva lot more attention.

@78, Re: Bush’s debate prep book — yes, that’s true. Will try to find ref. Saw one w/link but my TL is overwhelmed today, lol. Here is one without link, but Adam knows what he talks about.

Ah, here’s link to story in 2000. Downey recused himself from the Gore campaign too, IIRC.

@74 Good. The next time someone says there was no collusion, I’ll say “You’re right!! It’s not collusion, it’s criminal conspiracy!!”

@78 & 80, yeah, I remember that debate prep book debacle. It was a big deal at the time. Downey recused himself from the campaign and Begala took his place and played Dubya in the debate prep.

Luna, thanks for finding those tweets. I’m just learning Twitter and I’m not sure I’ll ever get the searching dealio.

@82, absolutely GAgal. Conspiracy is like an oversized t-shirt — you can drag it out any old time, throw it on, and it covers a multitude of sins. I have loads of oversized t-shirts.

Who would have thought this possible? Dolt 45’s lawyer is rumored to be an unfaithful, womanizing, drunk, and those are his good points.

Maybe there’s a problem beyond not getting along with the Kush that is causing him to reconsider his relationship with Dolt 45 like not being able to get a security clearance.

@73: I loved in the clip “this two-legged brain foreclosure”.

Prolix @48, I second that!

Contrask, thanks for the wonderful news! Go Blue Oklahoma!

God knows what will happen tomorrow.

Fredster, yes, that was hilarious!

@86: That lawyer just seems to fit in perfectly with the Trump clan.

Well, what a coincidence! Meanwhile, work continues on slashing healthcare for the rest of us.

In rare move, FDA reverses course on drug developed by CEO with ties to Trump

The Food and Drug Administration has changed its tune on an experimental drug for a deadly rare disease, withdrawing a request that the company developing it run another clinical trial. The unusual move comes after President Trump met with the company’s CEO [Crowley] — and promised to speed up what he called a “slow and burdensome” process for drug approvals.

Crowley, who has been repeatedly mentioned as a possible Republican candidate for Senate, dismissed the idea that Trump’s rhetoric had any bearing on the FDA’s Amicus decision.

The list price in Europe is about $260,000 a year, according to Biocentury.

Luna, check this out:

Of course it will never happen with this crew in charge.

@93: Isn’t that the truth!

But I read somewhere that Mc Turtle is about to cal for the vote on health care. Surely not


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