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Lazy Weekend Music~Resistance and Solidarity

Posted on: July 9, 2017

Good Sunday and weekend Widdershins!

There you have it, right there in the photo.  The word we need to keep shouting to the vulgar yam, Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell and the rest of the Republican oligarchy.  Just one…big…NO!

NO, you won’t take away our healthcare.  NO, you won’t take away our voting rights.  NO, you won’t take away our equality.  NO you won’t steal our elections. Just one big freaking NO! 

And what is one of the best ways to signal our protest, outrage and solidarity to those who would take these things away from us?  Through music of course!

Below are some of my choices for songs dealing with protest and solidarity.  Please add some of your own choices in the comments.

(1) Factory 1978~ Bruce Springsteen

(2) Solidarity Forever~Pete Seeger

(3) Tiny Hands~Fiona Apple (DJ Matt Bailer Remix)

(4) I Give You Power~Mavis Staple & Arcade Fire

(5) Revolution~Nina Simone

(6) Guns of Brixton~The Clash

(7) Alright~Kendrick Lamar

(8) Ohio~Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young


So there you go Widdershins, eight…count’em eight songs of protest, outrage and solidarity.  Please add your choices in the comments below.

Open thread of course.


97 Responses to "Lazy Weekend Music~Resistance and Solidarity"

Excellent theme and reminder Fredster.

If I queen could be king, her first name would be Carole.

This one is from the D.C. Women’s March.

From Funny or Die

Those were good ones Prolix. There’s no such thing as too much of Carole King and that last one was hilarious.

Gotta have a little ole revolution.

Love these songs. Luna, liked your comment last thread re: Ellison.

annie, go check your email. You have a jacquie card.

@GAgal: Nice selections!

11 & 12 not usually the kind of music I listen to, but they were great!

@17: Well…I wanted songs of rage, anger, protest and I thought they fit into those categories. Also wanted something a bit more contemporary.

OMG! What is wrong with these people? People that are well-respected in my horse breed are nuts! This was actually the remark of a woman who jumped in on a persons page. (The original post was sharing the comments about the Der Speigel take down of Trump. Several of us tried to support the poster ) “You are all just so sick. Obama did all could do to destroy this country and he still refuses to let go of the power he had as president. He is a terrorist. Yet you seem to over look him. He is our first gay/ black weirdo president and will end up where he belongs. So shut your divisive hateful comments to your self as no one listens to the fake news.” SIgh

Sorry guys was away all day! Great choices!

@19 contrask> Did they forget that Obama was also Muslim Kenyan in addition to gay??? LOL. People are bananas!

Did everyone see today’s NYTimes follow-up to yesterday’s story that Dump Jr, Kushy-poo and Manafort had a meeting with a Russian lawyer in Isengard? Today’s follow up says the subject of the meeting was the Russians promised damaging info on Hillary. Boom!

Dump Jr already released a statement saying it was nothing and he changed the subject to adoption of children. LOL.

Interesting thread fro William Kristol. (I know, but…) He makes the point that June 9th – when the Dump Jr./Kushy-poop meeting with the Russian lawyer happened – would have been a very busy day for the Dumps. If they took time to take this meeting – it must have seemed important.

@25: Yes! I saw that and Donnie Jr. came up with a load of b.s. about it.

@22 DYB – they foam at the mouth when talking about Obama. The hatred is amazing. And the original post was about how well the Der Speigel article defined Trump and his capabilities. She just had to get some Obama hate in there along with dissing me for being a “librul”

Oh the Trump Jr. admission looks great! Please let this be the chink that brings the whole wall down!

10 days after Dump Jr./Russian lawyer meeting, major spike in communications between Dump Tower and Alfa Bank. 3 days after Assange announces WikiHacks has Clinton e-mails.

This is the meeting we have been talking about since last October as fishy and stinking to high heaven. Finally, after today’s revelations, people are dusting it off and taking a second look. This bunch of people would make a barrel of fish hooks blush when it comes to being crooked.

@34: Wow! And “they” kept saying before “oh it’s just a coincidence, had to do with old Trump Hotels adverts”. Yeah right!

@35: From the B.I. link:

“and [Kassis] was present for that talk and at a group dinner for 30 people,” Conway told The Journal. “This event featured a number of opinion leaders from all over the world who were interested in the US elections.”

Oh I bet they were interested in the U.S. elections.

@32: that’s how that Act came about. Incredible.

@37, and who in their right mind, Russian or otherwise, would pay over $50K to hear little Donnie Trumpito give a speech about anything. What could that little cockatoo in a pants suit give a speech about — hair gel as a work around when running out of lube? Give me a break!

My,my,my… drawing Stump Jr into the web. Good. Get him. But, this is on Manafort and Kushner I would bet. They needed Junior to tell Daddy, so they set him up to do it. Just wait ’til this pans out some more. Stump Jr will lawyer up next.

Also, remember the WikiHack dump was right before the Dem Convention then it was just a few days after that Trump encouraged WikiHacks to hack into Hillary’s State Department emails (well, actually her personal emails that she had every right – no – was required – to delete) right in the middle of the timeline of the Alpha Bank spikes.

@39: True dat!

@40: Good connecting of the dots GAgal.

@35: Incredible that the article was written in November 2016 and folks have been ignoring this crap all this time.

@43 It’s incredible the media ignored it in July. We knew long before. We knew in June the Russians were aiding and abetting. Robby Mook was laughed at by MSNBC. Podesta got a sneer from Jake Tapper.

Best idea I’ve seen for a bumper sticker lately…

“When will someone give this guy a blowjob so we can impeach him?”

@44: Totally correct. But: EMAILS!

@45: Hahahahaha!

@45 GAgal, I spewed my coffee on that one!
@34 DYB, I was hovering on the key to post that graph – thanks

@35 Prolix, yes as soon as the new Dump Jr. meeting with the Russian lawyer came up, I remembered the Paris meeting and hoped someone would talk about it.

Just wow.

Crook and a grifter. Imagine what Dump would have done with this.

The other fun story today: some of the Comey memos he leaked – were classified after the fact! LOLOLOLOL. That’s precisely what he bashed Clinton for and held his damned news conference. Retroactively classified e-mails. He was so prissy about those damned retroactively classified e-mails (both of them) that he wrote the damned letter 11 days before the election. Now here he is, potentially leaking classified info. OMG these fucking people!

Ohh and Kushy-poop tried to get massive loan from Qatar and failed.

Glenn is either high or Paul Krugman did this on his phone while he he was in the bathroom.

@52: D- do you have a link to the Jared loan thingie?

@58 Fredster> It originated at The Intercept! That’s why I didn’t link to it. But it seems to have been picked up by other sources since.

Some fascinating info on the Russian lawyer Dump Jr./Kushner/Manafort met with. She’s not your garden variety solicitor.

@59: Thanks D. Hope I don’t get cooties by going there.

@63 Fredster>

@62: Oops I misread the link at first D, and thought it was Intercept. Glad I didn’t have to go visit that place.

I’m home…yay! except for the pipe leak and mold under my sink. Always sumpin’.

From the link at 51:

Jane Sanders hired a D.C. law firm this spring because she and her husband fear that President Trump’s Justice Department could use the investigation as a way to derail a potential 2020 challenger.

I swear to God if he’s the nominee I’ll sit the freaking election out.

@68: Bleach – lots of it. And check ur email for ur jacquie card.


@68 socalannie> Oh no! The one benefit of living in (a small studio) in Manhattan is that I have a super. If there’s a leak, I call someone and they fix it. (This is, of course, reflected in my maintenance charge.)

Shut up, I’m not crying, you’re crying!

@73: Awww, that’s precious.

OMG there’s an e-mail. Dump Jr. got an e-mail saying Russians had dirt on Hillary. E-MAIL!!!!!!!

The Russian lawyer and Trump on January 21, 2017.

@75: OMG – EMAILS!!!!!

I wanna go to bed!

@83 and 84: Simply incredible isn’t it?


Ooooh. Myyyy. Gooood. How did they get the email? (haven’t read all the links yet) Is Manafort flipping?

Chris Hayes thinks it’s Jared who is throwing Junior under the bus. The sources are said to be White House people. So Jared… Ivanka? To protect her husband and father.

@88: Now why would that *not* surprise me in the least?

@87 & 88, Jared had no choice, but to update his SF 86 form. He was already in hot water about the omissions. His concern seems to be the loans he was trying to bilk for the 666 5th Avenue building.

Something that is not lost on any of the criminal defense lawyers who are now enjoying full employment courtesy of Dolt 45, is that Mueller is hiring conspiracy and financial crimes PROSECUTORS, i.e. money laundering, financial fraud, RICO conspiracy, etc.

Damien Kushner is probably seeing the omens right about now.

Got back from a Sun & Mon out in the backcountry trying to forget about the Orange Tyrant Traitor. Lots to catch up on, I see. An email! Bwahaha!

Yeah, “general talk” about campaigns. Uh-huh. Sure. Trumptini Jr. Traitor says so many fishy things in that NYT article that you could nearly drown in the ocean.

Bring ’em all down!

Uh….Prolix, who is that ugly P.O.S. in Andrea Chalupa’s tweet?

@91, that is the guy who has been introduced in Act II as the comic relief of this whole farce. His name is Rob Goldstone who set up the meeting, sent an email, and then checked into Trump Tower the morning of the meeting.

There are all kinds of pictures of him. One has him in a gold baseball cap with capital letters C*NTY across the front.

(Tangent to DYB. My family were from the once and future St. Petersburg. They had to flee during the Revolution. I was born and grew up in English-speaking countries, mainly US, learned English in nursery school at about 3, and had very determined parents. “Ve haff vays of making you study your Russian after school” type of determined :D. So I was reading Tolstoy or Chekhov while the other kids were watching Bonanza. Then at school I never had a clue what everyone was talking about. The clueless condition has turned out to be chronic.)


Heard Ana Marie Cox on either O’Donnell’s show or 11th hour talking about Junior and mentioned that during the campaign the campaign staff referred to him as “Fredo”. Hmmm, any boat/fishing trips planned Junior?

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